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Big Brother Canada Season 7-HOH and nominations 2

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Chelsea and Kyra locked to the block, Dane and his pretty boys was posed for greatness, but one of their own was ready to rebel. Blissfully unaware of any descent, the pretty boys flash their sign in front of Kyra. Then Chelsea used Kyra’s intel to try and rally Youngblood. But in the end, nobody would break ranks from Dane and a unanimous vote sent Chelsea out the door.


Then Big Brother dropped the deuce and the next first HOH competition, Adam delivered a four out of 5 HOH wins for the pretty boys. Adam put up Kiki as his target and Eddie as his pawn. But at the POV competition, Kiki’s balance ballgame got her the win. With a replacement needed, Kyra and Sam hatched a plan to test Adam’s loyalty, but when Adam balked at putting up a bro, he raised a red flag. And when Kiki stepped down, Kyra went up. Then in another pretty boy approved unanimous vote, Eddie was deadie. Tonight, can anyone win and end the pretty boys streak. Will one mysterious veto rupture the house?


We pick up with Eddie getting evicted and Kyra says tonight was double eviction and it was chaos and she managed to escape the block twice. She was hoping to get in Sam’s ear to get Adam to put up a guy, but something went wrong and this just shows Adam’s loyalties. Mark says he does want to take a shot but he missed his shot in the d/e and now he has to wait in the caboose of the pretty boys train and wait for another chance. Sam feels like a big bullseye because everyone has mentioned her name. She feels like she’s in danger and she has to win this competition.


Adam is outside hosting the HOH comp. BB has added some eye-catching views to the house. When Adam says go, the HG will have 2 minutes to inspect the house. They will then come back and stand in their booths for a true/false question comp. Adam gives the go and they all start running around. Time is up and they all head back outside. Este is freaking out because she didn’t see half the things she needed to see.


True or False: all of the spa goers had eye masks on? Everyone answers true and they are all correct.


True or False: there were 8 jellyfish in the blue bedroom, true or false. Damien and Anthony answer true and they are wrong. Everyone else is correct.


True or False: there were 6 presents for Kailyn’s birthday in the pantry. Everyone is right except for Mark.


True or False: Eddie could be seen on all three gifs playing in the LR. Sam and Anthony answer true and they are correct. Dane says he can’t have sam win this competition and he feels threatened by her. Sam has 4 correct answers is in the lead.


True or False: Adult swim can be seen on the TV in the HOH room. Anthony, Dane, and Kiera got it right and everyone else is wrong. Sam knows everyone is gunning for except a few people and she cannot let this win slip through her fingers.


True or False: the writing on the mirror in the pink bedroom spelled cleanl up your room. Sam and Damien and Este are correct.


True or False: one of the spa goers had toe dividers. Mark and Kyra are wrong and everyone else is right. Sam is in the lead by one followed by Dane, Anthony, Este, and Kiki.


True or False: there was a note over Laura’s photo that read agent. Sam and Anthony answer true and everyone else said false. There is a three way tie between Sam, Dane, and Este. Time for a tie breaker.


Dane can’t believe it’s coming down to a tiebreaker. Watch out Sam, Este and Dane are coming for you girl!


Tie breaker question-During the comp beast POV, how many attempted ring tosses were there in total? Sam answers 315, Dane answers 171, and Este answers 120. The answer is…573. Sam is the new HOH! Sam says she can’t believe it. She pulled out a win exactly when she needed it the most. Dane is feeling pissed. He really didn’t want Sam to win. He’s cracking his lip balm out because he’s got a lot of butt kissing to do this week.


In addition to winning HOH, Sam and a HG gets to watch a movie from adult swim. She immediately chooses Adam. Sam and Adam go to the WA and he says she just turned the house upside down. Adam says he’s pretty sure everyone’s tripping right now. Sam definitely wants to put a guy up for nomination this week. She’s pretty sure there’s a guy alliance and she wants to break it down. Sam says she has to be strategic.


Dane goes into the blue bedroom and is very angry and hitting the bed. Kiera comes in and Dane is slamming pillows around. Kiera says so the worst has happened and Dane says the worst has happened. Dane says he could easily get backdoored. Kiera thinks it’ll be her and Este and Dane says but if one of them wins, then he’ll backdoored. Sam and Adam come in and they say a very awkward hi.


Este is in the red bedroom and she’s crying. She says she’s crushed. She feels like she let Kiera down and she’s afraid Sam is going to target her this week. Kiera comes in and comforts Este and Este says she wrote down the stupidest possible answer. Este says she’s scared they will try to get Kiera out again. Keira says we are not going to roll over. This is Sam’s HOH and she wants to make a big move. Kiera says Dane is freaking out right now. Kiera says getting Dane out is the biggest move other than Adam. Kiera says if we get Mark on the block, then he can go home.


Sam and Adam are in the SR and Sam is pondering who to put that will set her up for next week. Sam says she knows there’s a guy thing and that’s fine for Adam, but she wants to break it up. She says she can’t talk to him and he wants to know why? She says because he’s trying to sway her in a direction. Adam says he’s just thinking who he’s good with and he wants Sam to be good with them too. Sam says she doesn’t trust Anthony and Mark. Sam wants to work with Adam, but she has to work a fine line of his manipulation of her but her doing what’s best for her game.


Arisa calls the HG to the LR. She says you are living in a house of spies and things aren’t always as they seem. Within the walls of BBCAN HQ, there IS a secret room. Good luck! Damien says he knows exactly where the room is and that’s where he’s headed. Him and Este both go into the archives and Damien calls Este in. The door shuts just as Dane, Adam, Kyra, and Mark come in and Este and Damien hold the door shut. Este goes over to the veto and tries to lift the glass and the alarm sounds.


Adam and Sam can hear in the archives and Este sends Damien over while she holds the door. Damien says they can’t keep themselves locked in the room forever. They have to find a way to get the veto. Este tries to grab it again and the alarm goes off again. Este is crawling around and she says is there a key in here is there something she has to say. Adam can hear the alarm go off again and he’s telling everyone to be quiet. They finally open the door and everyone comes in. Dane touches it and the alarm sounds again.


Adam doesn’t want to touch the POV. Sam wants to know if there were any other voices they could hear. Everyone is taking turns touching the veto. Adam has found the TV’s. Sam thinks they’ll play clips of surveillance. Kiera says the secret room is a game changer. Everyone seems to want the veto, but they don’t know how to get it and they don’t know what it does. We see Dane make a run back and try to lift the class again and the alarm sounds.


Dane is counting boxes in The Archives. He says 183. He then pushes the door open to the lounge and some boxes fall on his head. Who wants to see Sam’s HOH room? Sam has been waiting 5 weeks for this and the pictures of her family are putting her over the edge.


Sam’s video is from her mom and they are so proud of her and they are all hoping she’ll go right to the top. Kisses from home, have fun! She thinks her mom is extremely proud of her and having that little piece of home allows her to refocus and get her mind in the right place.


It’s Day 28 and Dane is up and he’s ready to get this thing. He goes in and the Blood veto is gone. Dane immediately runs upstairs and into the HOH and says the veto is gone. Sam says no it’s not. Are you serious? Dane thinks Adam has it. Sam and Dane look for Adam and Dane is telling everyone that the veto is gone and Adam has it. Sam and Dane head downstairs and they head back to the lounge and they can’t find Adam and Dane says he has it. Adam comes in from outside and they want to know if he took the veto and he says no. Adam goes to look and confirms it’s gone. Cory comes in next, followed by Damien and Kyra.


Sam says she has to nominate knowing someone can veto it. Sam says who has the veto? She’s HOH and stressed as it is, she doesn’t need someone coming in and flipping her game upside down.


Dane is trying the slop and he says it’s so gross. He throws a napkin with an ugh. Sam heads to the HOH with Anthony. Sam thinks she needs to get closer to Anthony so she invites him for Wendy’s. Sam heads down to get their order and Rozina delivers her food. Lots of hugs and kisses.


Sam says she needs to build relationships regardless of who is aligned with who. She tosses out Mark’s name as someone she doesn’t trust and Anthony likes Mark and he thinks he’s hilarious and he really, really trusts Mark. Sam is trying to find out where Anthony’s head is at and he’s not giving her a whole lot. Sam tells Anthony she’s trying to keep people safe who will keep her safe.


Dane is very worried about Sam being in power this week and she’s a huge threat to his game. He thinks he’s on her hitlist. Adam tells Dane he needs to make Sam believe that he trusts her. Adam says he keeps telling her there is no boys alliance. Dane is worried about the boys being broken by her. Mark comes in and then he heads out and Dane says Mark has been acting sketchy. Dane says Mark is playing every side and Adam asks if there are cracks and Dane says if we get past this week with all the boys then it will be good.


Kiera goes in to talk to Sam and Kiera says she needs to get in Sam’s ear and get off her radar. She just got put up by her ride or die Adam, and she’s praying Sam won’t put her and Este up. Keira says she needs Sam and Este here in the house and she promises that Sam is not her target. Sam says she’s trying to believe her and she wants to be honest with her and she doesn’t believe her because of conversations with Adam and other people and they haven’t talked game. Kiera says Mark is way more dangerous than she is because no one will ever go against Mark and he will ride to the end and that’s a great game. Sam says it’s hard to find out what’s truth and what’s not. She’s in a hard spot.


Sam is called to the HOH room. The door raises to the outside and the backyard has something covered and there is a series of red buttons. Sam can watch them on the TV screen. They all walk to a button and the cover is lifted and it’s the blood veto. Sam says oh my God!


Everyone outside goes to take a close look and they are talking about how beautiful she is. Sam is freaking out. There is a card the veto. Kiera says they must decide unanimously who will receive the power. This person will be safe for the week, cannot be nominated, and will not play in the upcoming veto competition. Kyra says they’ve been on the block three times and they probably won’t get nominated. Adam says Sam would want that. Dane says you’re not going on the block and Kyra says that’s why I’m the easiest, safest person to take it. Mark and Dane aren’t comfortable with the plan. Adam doesn’t want to go against Sam and he’s ok with Kyra getting it. Kyra says it’s not really an advantage because she’s likely not in danger this week. Mark says what if there’s another twist and you change your mind.


Adam says who wants it, raise your hand? Este raises her hand and Kiera bows out and says she’s ok with not having it. Mark says if it’s her and Kiki on the block, they all know what Este would do. Este says why would she go against what Sam would want. Mark says come on Este. Este says she won’t use it. Adam, Kiera, Cory, Dane, and Mark vote Kyra. Este says it’s fine. Dane says if I get backdoored…Kyra says they swear. Everyone lines up and the lights are red. The glass to the veto is lowered and Kyra gets the blood veto and puts it on.


Kyra says they hope it’s a good thing. Sam is still watching and says Dane is pissed. Adam comes in and asks if she seen it and she says yeah. Dane says they just gave someone who has proven they don’t deserve a power to have a power. Este says they shouldn’t have done that. Mark says he wanted it and Este says she should have fought for it too. Este thought by her stepping up, she thought others would speak up. Cory doesn’t think Adam would have agreed.


Adam tells Sam that no one really fought for it. Sam is really starting to think hard about her nominations because the way people are acting has her confused. Adam says if he thought he was going on the block, then he’d have sat there all day. Like what are they doing?


Sam heads to HQ. She says if she hadn’t won this HOH, she is 100% positive she would have been going on the block this week. But now she’s in power and she calls the shots. Seeing how people react to this veto shows her who feels safe, and who doesn’t feel safe. Her instinct is to make big moves, but she’s got to be smart and strategic.


Sam says mark is sketchy and she’s not sure he’s working with the guys. But she doesn’t think he’d vote to keep her. Sam thinks Kiera would look her straight in the eye and lie to her face. Sam says Anthony only talks to her when he has to and she think he’s sliding by and she doesn’t like it. Sam says she thinks Dane is running the house and she doesn’t like. She’s not sure if she’ll go after him now or later, but she is coming after him. She wants to get the target off her back and on someone else’s.


Time for nominations! Sam heads to the LR and her first nominee is Mark. Her second nominee is Kiera. Sam says she nominated Mark because she doesn’t know where his head is at and that’s someone she doesn’t want to work with and he’s repeated conversations. Sam says she nominated Kiera because she tried to build trust with her but she knows she’s thrown her name out for eviction so that’s why she’s nominated.


Kiera says surprise, surprise, guess who’s on the block again. She’s going after that veto. Mark says Sam has sparked a fire and she has messed with the strongest alliance of all time. She is in way over her head. Who will win the POV? Will Mark or Kiera fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

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