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Big Brother Season 7-HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Chelsea scored the HOH, the bros were sitting pretty. Solid in their secret alliance. Feeling safe they spread their tentacles through the house. While Dane made inroads with Young Blood, Alpha Adam tightened his grip on his sweetie Sam and her friend Chelsea. Then the duo doubled down on their backdoor plan. With the girls taking the lead, the boys sat back to watch the fireworks. Then the psychic called a meeting to bring her game back from the dead and then tried to save her game by saying Adam or Chelsea or Sam would win the game


When Adam heard and got upset, Dane worked to calm him down and while the dudes doubled down, they had no ideas the walls had ears. Feeling the sting of betrayal, Sam took the information to Chelsea. On eviction night, the house was shook. Despite her theatrics, a unanimous still knocked mama out and the countdown was on for a super deluxe double agent showdown. Tonight, who will get their buzz on and win the HOH. Will things get ugly for the Pretty Boys or will the showmance hit the skids? It’s all up in the air on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the eviction of Kailyn and Sam thinks she should be worried because she heard a conversation between Adam and Dane. She didn’t hear specifics, but she heard her name and her game could be in trouble. Chelsea says she got her target out, but she is preoccupied by the idea that the guys are closer than her and Sam thought. She extended an olive branch to Kiera in hopes of maybe working together with the girls. We see her pitching a girls alliance.


Kiera says Chelsea pitched a girl’s alliance, but keep the tags on Chelsea, because she isn’t buying it. Chelsea gambled with her life last week and that wasn’t ok. She’s closes with Dane and Este in the house so she lets them know. We then see Dane tell Mark and Anthony about Chelsea’s girl alliance and Dane says he’s winning HOH and Chelsea is gone.


Anthony tells Adam the whole vibe just changed because the girls caught onto Adam and Anthony says Sam and Chelsea are going to plot against the guys and Adam says he won’t let that happen. Adam has been trying to get closer to Sam and bring everyone together on the same page. The only way he can do that is to go out and win this HOH.


We pick up at the HOH comp with Arisa explaining the rules. When they hear an alarm they have to hit their button. The last one to hit their button is eliminated. There will be temptations along the way. In the last round, the first person to hit the button wins HOH. We see the start and the 1 minute countdown over their heads. Dane says he’s seen this competition before on another season and he think his hand eye coordination is better than anyone else’s in the house.


Chelsea needs one of her allies to win this because she’s pretty sure the boys are coming after her. The alarm sounds and Kyra is the first out. Cory says this competition seems very easy, but the feeling of anticipation is excruciating. Mark asks if Anthony and the guys want to do a wave. Sam says focusing is something she’s always struggled with but she’s never been so focused on anything in her entire life.


Eddie doesn’t have trouble staying focused, but so many things are distracting him. Adam has gas and Eddie says he’s gross and to think he’s pretending to have a crush on him? Ewww. Anthony is singing and he says he’s starving right now. The alarm goes off for the second time and Eddie is eliminated.


An hour and a half has elapsed and the gate behind them opens and there is beer and pizza. It’s time for the first temptation. The rule is they can only eat them at the table. They cannot bring anything back to their buzzer. Anthony says pizza is here and he’s in a lot of trouble. He wants to stay in the competition and play for the pretty boys. The timer is back on and the alarm goes off and Anthony is eliminated. He immediately heads inside and says it sucks he’s gone, but he thinks the pizza needed him as much as he needed it.


Kiera tells Dane to go ahead and get a bite and run back. Dane runs in and grabs a slice and runs back. The alarm goes off again and Dane hits his button and runs for another piece. Este is eliminated. The pizza temptation is over and 2 hours and 45 minutes have elapsed.


HG, Big Brother has hidden 9 have cards for the week. You can run in and find them and the three without the cards will be the have-nots. Sam is encouraged to go in because she’s been a have-not for two weeks, but HOH outweighs being a have not. The alarm sounds again and Kiera is eliminated. She says once again she’s a bench warmer for her team.


The alarm goes off again and Mark is the last one to hit his button and he is eliminated. Sam is pretty sure Adam and Dane are working together and she wants to win this competition. It’s a do or die.

Sam, Dane, Damien, Cory, and Adam are still standing. Who will be the next HOH? The HG are dancing and alarm goes off and Adam has been eliminated. Adam is disappointed in himself and he’s worried about Sam. Right now, he’s rooting for Sam to win because he doesn’t want Dane to backdoor her. Damien says this HOH win is so important to him. He wants to win this and make some moves.


4 hours and 5 minutes have passed and Adam is watching Sam intently The countdown is on and Cory is the last to hit her button and is eliminated. The timer is on one more time and it’s down to the final 3. Dane says he just cannot let Sam win because he really doesn’t trust her and he thinks he would potentially go up. Damien hits his button last and Damien is out.


It’s down to Dane and Sam and Sam says she has him and Dane promises the same. Sam says they are promising each other they are good, but she doesn’t trust him fully. 4 hours and 35 minutes have elapsed and Dane and Sam are both intent on their buttons. The timer is back on. Dane is looking at Sam. The alarm sounds and Dane hits his button first and has won HOH. Dane goes to hug Sam and says she’s ok.


Sam says losing it down to a second is a hard pill to swallow. She’s devasted. Dane can save one person from being a have-not and he saves Sam. The HG head back inside and Sam goes to the washroom and cries and Kyra comforts her. Anthony is in the blue room with Dane and he makes sure no one is around and they celebrate. Anthony tells Dane that Adam said Sam has this comp and Dane says he’s so in love with her it’s disgusting. Anthony says Chelsea, Kyra, and backdoor Sam.


Damien and Cory are in the have-not room and Dane comes out. Who wants to see his HOH room? He has pictures of his mother and grandmother. He’s the first double HOH and he gets his Skechers. His video is from mom and grandma and they congratulate him and they are proud of him. They like watching the show. He makes them laugh, cry, and sometimes say what? Dane loved seeing them and he misses them so much. He asks Cory for his Wendy’s date.


Adam and Dane are in the HOH room and they celebrate. Dane says their dreams are coming true. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and they are making the most of it. Adam says he wanted Sam to get it to see her dad but Dane says he was worried about Sam. Dane says Sam and Chelsea are working together and they are very dangerous. Adam thinks he can persuade who Sam would want out and he doesn’t have to worry about her.


Chelsea and Sam are in the KT and they are cleaning up. Chelsea just wants to have a fun week. Sam says Kyra is going to play the other side hard and Chelsea says she has a feeling she has to be worried this week. She thought she trusted Adam, but she thinks he’s working more closely with the boys than she originally thought. Sam thinks she’ll be backdoored and Chelsea doesn’t think so. Sam thinks Chelsea is over thinking things.


Adam and Sam are in The Archives and Sam says she likes Adam but she’s heard her name out of his mouth without context. She’s questioning their trust so she’s trying to adapt. Adam tells Sam to stick close to her. Adam asks Sam if when they talk about things she tells people and she says never. Adam mentions she would have been the backdoor option a couple of weeks ago. Adam says she has to stick close to him because it wouldn’t look good. Sam asks if there is a guy alliance and Adam says no. Adam tells Sam not to tell Chelsea and he makes her pinky swear.


Sam says should she pitch to Dane that if he doesn’t backdoor her that she’ll keep Este safe. Adam tells her yeah because he really doesn’t want her to go home. Kiera and Este are in the SR talk and they are talking about who has their back. They are solid and they have Anthony and Mark and Dane, and they like Cory. All that’s left is Chelsea, Sam, and Adam and one of them will go home this week.


Este and Kiera talk about if there’s a guy alliance. They discuss that if there is it’s Adam, Mark, Dane, and Anthony. Este thinks Dane is more loyal to them than any guy alliance and they just have to focus and pay attention. We then see Sam go to make her pitch to Dane. She proposes a deal where she promises to keep Dane and Este safe and if he doesn’t backdoor her then she’ll keep him safe. Dane says yeah, you’re not going home. Dane says if you swear to me that you won’t go home and she does.


Sam and Dane hug it out and again promise to keep each other safe. Dane says he’s telling Sam the deal is legit, but he’s not fully on board with it. Sam is still a threat to his game and The Pretty Boy alliance and he has to keep her as a backdoor option.


Dane says Cory could be a number for his alliance so he chose her for the Wendy’s date. Kaela from Season 6 is making the Wendy’s delivery this week. Dane hopes to see her again sometime and he says she looks lovely. Dane talks about Cory may be someone he can trust and maybe work with and she says you have me in your corner.


Anthony, Dane, and Adam are outside and they are discussing options. Anthony says if Chelsea has to go or Sam and Adam says he doesn’t want Sam to go this week. Anthony says do you think she’d sacrifice her game for you? Adam thinks they can take Sam as far as they can. Anthony says Sam doesn’t care about you. He says she’s doing the same thing they are doing, but worse.


Chelsea knows Dane is close with Kiera and she nominated her last week and she feels like she needs to talk to Dane and tell him it was strategic. Chelsea tells Dane last week Kailyn was always her target and she made the best strategic decisions she could to make that happen. Dane says he’s holding his cards close to his chest and she says as you should. After Chelsea leaves and Dane says he’s not the smartest man alive, but he’s not the dumbest tool in the shed. Dane knows Chelsea is trying to get a girl alliance going and he can see right through her.


Kyra is talking to Dane and he is telling Kyra there was a final 7 deal with Adam, Sam, Chelsea, Anthony, Mark, Cory, and himself, and he doesn’t want Kyra to say anything. He says he wants Kyra to trust him. Kyra says if Dane keeps them safe this week, then they’ll be his ears. Kyra asks if they’re going on the block and Dane says he can’t answer that. Kyra says how can they trust him if he puts them up. Dane says trust has to be built.  


Kyra goes to talk to Chelsea in the SR and asks if there was a 7-person alliance and Chelsea says there was talk about it, but nothing ever came of it. Kyra says they’re going to let Dane think he shattered their trust. Kyra says they think it’s Chelsea and Kyra. Chelsea is quiet and Kyra tries to comfort Chelsea and Chelsea says then she’s going home next.


Chelsea is talking to Adam in the SR and she feels like Adam went to Dane and told him that. Adam says he was just talking with the boys and he’s been told by many people there was a girl alliance. Adam says he didn’t want to believe it. Chelsea says she 100% trusted him since day two and she still wanted to go with that. She leaves.


Dane heads to HQ to discuss who options. It’s his second time as HOH and he’s not pulling any punches. Alliances are being formed in the house and he has to stamp out any possible threats to The Pretty Boys. He’s considering nominating Chelsea because she got power hungry and tried to form a girl alliance. Not on his watch. He’s considering Sam because she’s been on his radar for a long time and she’s too close to Adam. He could nominate Kyra because he doesn’t know what they would do with the veto if they won. He could nominate Eddie because he’s been alone. He wants to stir things up with his nominations.


Dane heads to the LR for nominations! His first nominee is Chelsea and his second nominee is Kyra. Dane nominated Chelsea because it’s been brought to his attention when she was HOH she made numerous deals with everyone in the house and that’s not good for anyone’s game. He nominated Kyra because they are very close to Chelsea.


Kyra says even though they are on the block, they are fired up to win the veto and keep them both safe. Chelsea thinks everything is being blamed on her because she was in power last week. Who will win the POV? Will Kyra or Chelsea fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

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