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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Evictin and HOH competition

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after a split vote rocked the house, it was an all out war for power. In the end, the radio host took over the HOH airwaves and booked her first guests on the block, Kiera and Damien. But she was saving a spot for a backdoor star, Kailyn. In a ball bursting POV comp, the nominees were a bust and Sam tried to be a loser, but she just couldn’t do it and won.


With the gal pals in control, operation backdoor was a go. At Chelsea’s shows, the plan went through and Chelsea smashed the psychic’s crystal ball. Plus, one agent will risk it all for a top secret mission. Plus, can Mama K stick around or will she burn the house to the ground? It’s do or spy!


Arisa greets us and it’s a big night for the house of spies. We’ll find out what agent landed some top secret intel and then we’ll get to the vote. Let’s see exactly what happened after the shocking POV ceremony.


We pick up after the POV ceremony on day 17. Kiera can’t believe it and she feels freaking amazing right now! Canada isn’t done with her yet. Chelsea says this is all going perfectly according to plan and this is playing Big Brother. If it doesn’t work and Mama K stays, she’s in big trouble.


Kailyn is surprised Chelsea had the balls to do it and she has an extremely uphill battle. She needs to take time and figure out what’s next. She’s outside talking to Dane and he says it’s a game eh? Anthony is there too. Kailyn says it was smart. Dane says you have a few days to talk to people. Anthony says here comes the storm.


Adam and Sam are in the SR and he asks how that was and Sam says it was fun. He kisses her neck and Sam says he kissed her too long and he says are you afraid to get caught. Chelsea comes in and they are calm but happy it worked. Este and Kiera are celebrating that they did it, they’re safe. Kiera says they are going to get so far in the game because people think they are dumb. Kiera says do Sam and Chelsea think I’m on their side? Thanks, but she’s coming after them.


Dane is in the BR with Este and they are talking about Mama K. Este says she didn’t like Mama K at first, but she’s a good person. Dane says she’s definitely not 29 though. He says there’s no way a 29 year old can cook like her. He’s not old, but he wasn’t born yesterday.


Adam is in the HOH with Sam and asks where the first place they are going to go when they get home and she says her bed. Adam says he promised himself no showmances and they start kissing. Adam says she’s the first person he thinks about when he wakes up and the last person he thinks about when he goes to bed and she brightens his day. They are making out and he is holding her and Chelsea comes in and he drops her. Chelsea says she doesn’t know who Sam and Adam think they’re fooling, but there is definitely a showmance in the house. Sam asks Chelsea not to say anything.


Kailyn says the shock of being on the block is gone and now she needs to get to work. She talks to Cory first and says she needs to remind her she was there for her when she first came in. She needs 6 votes to stay so she has to get going. Kailyn makes her pitch and Cory says she knows she’s at the bottom. Kailyn says if she stays she’ll always have a target in front of her. Cory says Kailyn is making great points, she’s good. But if she sticks her neck out for her, then she’s throwing her game away.


Cory goes to Sam, Chelsea, and Adam and tells them Kailyn’s pitch because information is power. Chelsea asks if it was convincing and Cory says everything she said make sense. Cory explains Kailyn’s pitch and Chelsea says she thought it would be an easy week, but Kailyn is super manipulative.


This week Canada voted to give one HG to get some massive info and they voted for Damien. This time, Damien is going to have to go into super stealth mode to make it into the lounge. He is outside and finds a message telling him he can’t get caught and he has to look for a clue in a room no one wants to sleep in and there was a bucket and lighter for him to destroy the note outside behind the couch.


Damien heads to the have-not room and he’s looking for a clue. He says it could be in a million places and at any moment someone could walk in and catch him. Damien finds the clue and hides it in his pants and heads upstairs to the RBR and the next package is in the BB master suite. He heads to the HOH room while Kiera is laying on the couch outside.


Damien begins looking around the HOH room. He looks in the bathroom and under couch cushions and finds it above the HOH door. The next package is where he’ll sit on eviction night. He goes to lay down on the couches in the LR and begins stretching. He reaches under the couch and gets the message and hides it in his pants again. He waits a minute and heads upstairs again. The information he seeks is hidden in a secret room inside the BB Canada house. Damien says he has to stay patient and wait for the coast to be clear. He’s waiting and Kyra just won’t leave the room. They tell Damien they would never put him up and Damien agrees. Kyra leaves and Damien makes his move and he’s in the secret lounge.


He reads welcome back and he can look at 2 HG files for information. Does he want information on his enemies or does he want to make sure his allies are who they say they are. All the HG pop up on some screens and Damien starts considering his options. He selects Mark and Sam. He sees a pre-show interview and Mark has seen all of the season of BB and he’s there for the money and he considers himself a great liar. Sam has watched 3 full seasons and she’s there for the title of winning and she considers herself a mediocre liar.


Damien keeps looking at the blood veto and he wants to break through the glass, but he can’t. He thanks Canada and says he’s going to use the information to the best of his ability and he hopes he doesn’t let them down.


Mark and Este are in the SR and Kailyn summons them for a house meeting. Kailyn says she’s been lying about who she was since day one and she can’t leave the house without speaking her truth. She tells them she has four children and a step-son and she’s 42-years old. She had her first child at 18 and she says she’s a survivor and she’s strong. She says she could be leaving tomorrow, but there are four of them and one of her.


Kailyn tells them Adam let Kailyn know he had a final two with Sam and they are going to use Damien as a pawn to knock all of them off. She says they are all playing Sam and Adam’s game and they are going to get all of them out. Adam comes in from outside with Chelsea and they note it’s quiet. Adam says it sounds like a house meeting without them. Kailyn says Chelsea has said she’s said different things behind closed doors than she has to everyone. Chelsea finally finds them in the meeting in the bedroom. Adam says everyone is in there and Chelsea says yeah. Adam says everybody? Dane comes out with Mark behind and they say nothing’s going on. Dane tells Adam to calm down.


Adam goes to talk to Dane and he says that was so obvious. Dane is trying to get him to calm down. Dane says it wasn’t bad about him, it was about Chelsea and Sam and she just helped him out. Dane says Kailyn put a target on Chelsea and Sam. Dane recaps some of what Kailyn says. Dane tells him to calm down and tells him not to bring it up to Chelsea or Sam because he’s a PB right? Adam says the girls are running the game and he’s letting it happen. Sam was standing by the door and may have heard some of the conversation.


Sam goes to the HOH room with Chelsea and she tells Chelsea what she heard between Dane and Adam. Sam tells Chelsea that Adam and Dane are working together. Kyra comes into the HOH and Sam recaps for Kyra. Sam says she’s playing us. Chelsea says this house is crazy. Kyra says they need Adam to think he’s still playing them. Chelsea is so frustrated right now. Adam comes in and Chelsea doesn’t look happy.


Arisa greets the HG and says she knows it was another stressful week. Damien says what you see is what you get and I’m a man of my word. If his time has come he loves them all. Damien says he has so much love and respect for Kailyn. He tells them to grab their popcorn.


Kailyn asks everyone putting out their left hand and she went through and says she took money from all of them and giving it to Sam, Chelsea, and Adam because they are all playing their game. Kailyn says Chelsea called her out in front of her children and Chelsea wants the truth, but she can’t handle the truth. Kailyn says they didn’t sign on for a beauty pageant, and each of them is choosing the easy thing to do.


Time to vote!

Eddie sadly votes to evict Kailyn.

Estefania votes to evict Kailyn.

Mark votes to evict the master manipulator, Kailyn.

Dane votes to evict Mama K.

So far Kailyn has 4 votes and Damien has none. We’ll get the rest of the votes in a few moments.


Back to the votes!

Kyra votes to evict Kailyn.

Sam votes to evict Kailyn.

Kiera sadly votes to evict Kailyn.

Anthony votes to evict Kailyn.

Adam votes to evict Kailyn..Pretty Boys.

Cory votes to evict Kailyn.

By a unanimous vote, Kailyn has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Kailyn hugs Damien and whispers something to him. She says her hope and prayer for them all is they will one day have what she is going home to. Kailyn exits the house.


Arisa asks how did you not see this backdoor coming? Kailyn says she had a dream nomination night that she was giving a speech and she tried to push it back. Arisa says she played, she was a fighter. Arisa asks if she regrets lying on her way in and Kailyn wanted to make a statement not to give up on their dreams. Arisa asks if it’s harder to connect with them and Kailyn says yes, it was very hard to connect with them.


Arisa says it seemed she was rallying the troops for war and she asks if Kailyn knows there’s a 4-guy alliance and she says she figured. She thought there might be another four strong besides Sam, Chelsea, and Adam.


Anthony says she’s such an inspiration and he’s glad to meet her. Kyra says they’re sorry, its not personal but game. Dane says since day 1, she couldn’t fool him and he can’t wait to meet her family. Eddie says she’s not offend people and he likes that and he can’t wait to see her outside the house. Sam says they are on the same level of reading people, but her lies and manipulation came around. Chelsea says she played too hard too fast, she’s a smart woman, and she couldn’t trust her.


HG, time to find a new HOH. Chelsea cannot compete. This competition is called Buzzkilled 2.0. When they hear the alarm go off, hit their button. The last HG to buzz in will be eliminated. This may simple, but rounds can last anywhere from one minute to an hour. They will also be offered temptations that could lure them away from their button. This competition begins now. We see a one minute timer over their heads and everyone is at their buzzers. We hear some whistling and chatter while the timer is still running down.


The timer is at 5 seconds and the alarm sounds at zero and everyone hits their buzzers. Kyra is the first eliminated. Kyra says they pressed it, but Arisa says tough break. Arisa says we’ll find out who will be the next HOH on Sunday. One week from tonight, two agents will be sent packing, it’s a double eviction!

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