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Classic TV Trivia

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I will... just waiting for blah to ask a question. :D

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Ok Im bored ... who wants to play..

What hit tv series that was based on a movie ,where the actress who played the widow with a son who is trying to overcome one hurdle after another, that won The Best Actress Oscar for that role?

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lllll eeee


*jerking jaw side to side*

oll eee ... olll eee

*more jaw action*

OOLL mmmeee

*Blah helps a rusty tin man out*


"Whew... I'm feeling better all ready!!!" :lol: I'll have to think about this one blah, hope the scarecrow can help me out. ;)

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WOW $500 dollars!!!! Thanks Tracks...I still think your HOTTTERERERERE....Now I can buy some Jimmy shoes ... go me go me go me lol

So now I have to think of another question huh? I'm to sober right now I will think of one later UNKAY :lol:

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