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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Pov Competition and Ceremony

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Chelsea says neither Damien or Kiera are her target. She doesn’t want to give Kailyn a chance to campaign for longer. If she pulls off the backdoor, she can eliminate a huge threat to her game. Damien says his life is on the line, he needs to win that power of veto.


Kiera says she’s been waiting to be nominated the whole time. The best case scenario is to win POV and see where people’s heads are at. She tells Kailyn and Kyra in the SR that it’s exhilarating to be nominated and she feels like part of the show now. Mama K says that’s a beautiful way to look at it and Kiera says she knows Mama K is able to rally votes and that’s the kind of person she wants in her corner.


Sam and Adam come into the SR with Kiera and make small talk to comfort her for being nominated. Kiera tells us Adam and Sam think they are running the house. Sam and Adam leave and she whispers that she hates them and she’s going after them.


Kyra tells Chelsea what Kiera says about it being exhilarating to be nominated and Mama K’s response. They talk about how sneaky Kailyn is and how dangerous she is. Chelsea says she has to get her out. Chelsea says the plan is on lockdown and only Sam, Mark, Kyra, and Adam are the only ones who know about the plan. Chelsea says it could be really dangerous if Mama K finds out she’s the true target.


Damien says he can’t get backdoored this week. He’s talking to himself and says he likes the underdog story. He just needs to pull this off because he doesn’t want to be a sheep. Hopefully, he just needs to win the veto or he has to campaign and do all that fake stuff. Mark comes in and Damien says he doesn’t know who to trust and he has to watch what he says to who in the game. Damien says he has to play it smart and not have the slightest slip up or it could be the end of him.


Adam and Sam are talking about having been there for two weeks. Sam says they’ll be married soon and Adam says on the show? Sam laughs and Adam says whoever goes against them is not invited to the wedding. Canada is invited to the wedding. Mama K asks if they’ve had their first kiss yet and they say no. Mama K says they spend half the game planning their wedding. It’s very obvious. Adam says if they kiss, he’s in trouble and it’s not happening.


Kiera is in the SR and she is saying she is going to win the POV. They think they are so smart and she’s going to think she’s not the target and if she wins and pulls herself off, then they’ll say they had a backdoor target all along. Kiera says they don’t have the right to mess with her game. She struck first and she needs to strike back. She says Kiera, if you want to do this you have to do this for yourself. She’s not a damsel in distress, no one needs to come and save you, you need to save yourself.


They’re going to do things a little differently today for picking players for the POV. They will scratch one square on the veto ticket and if they reveal a veto symbol they get to play in the veto competition. Eddie scratches first and no veto symbol. Mark and Dane follow and no symbol. Kyra is next and they have a symbol and they will be playing. Este, Adam, and Kailyn scratch next and no symbols. Sam is up next and she finds a symbol and she will be playing. Cory scratches and she also finds a symbol. Playing in POV will be Kiera, Damien, Kyra, Sam, and Cory.


Next, they will spin a wheel and the highest spin will win an advantage in the upcoming competition. Sam has the highest spin and she will receive the advantage. The BY is set up as a lottery style competition. There is a huge machine blowing balls and Mark is the host. First up is Big Brother instant bingo. They each have a giant bingo card and they’ll scratch off the numbers they need to find. Then balls will shoot out of the ball machine and they will have to find the balls they need. The first two to finish their card will advance to the final round. And Samantha’s advantage gives her two balls to start with.


Sam feels good and she’s confident everyone playing will make this backdoor happen. Sam does not want Cory to make it to the next round. Sam finishes first and the balls are shot out. Cory is running around and says this is driving her insane. Damien says this is second time on the block and he doesn’t want to go through a vote.


Kiera says she doesn’t have time to memorize her numbers so she runs out picks up a ball and see if it’s a match. Everyone else is memorizing her numbers. Kyra wants to be the one to make the backdoor plan to come to fruition and they’d be honored to seal Kailyn’s fate. No one has completed a bingo yet. Kiera is one number away and she says if Damien finds N34 to tell her. Kiera thinks she has her card full, but Kiera has one number wrong and she has to figure it out.


Sam and Kyra and Cory all need one more number. Damien has several balls left and he needs to fill this card ASAP. Damien now has only one number left. All HG only need their last ball. It’s anyone’s game!

Mark reminds the HG that only two people will move on to the final round. Kiera thinks she has found her last ball and she calls bingo and she has finished her card and will advance to the final round. Kyra finds Sam’s ball and tells Sam where B3 is and Sam grabs it and runs it back and calls bingo and she will advance to the final round.


It’s time for the final round where Kiera and Samantha will go head-to-head in an Instant Crossword. They’ll start by scratching off their squares that will reveal letters to help them out. They’ll then use all 43 blocks to complete the words that are all Big Brother related. The first to finish will win the POV!


Kiera says she doesn’t trust Chelsea and she needs to gun for and win this veto. Sam says she wants to throw it to Kiera because she doesn’t want to expose the plan or the alliance. Kiera has gotten veto and now she’s trying to get some of the bigger words.


Sam is working hard and she is moving kind of slow. Kiera starts struggling and Sam ends up finishing first. Sam says it didn’t go as planned, but the plan to backdoor Kailyn is still in place and it’s nice to have some power in the house. Kiera is devastated and she is so disappointed in herself. She’s crying and Chelsea hugs her to comfort her. Kiera can’t believe she lost and she comes in with Este and Sam and Kyra are in there and they leave. Kiera says she’s trying not to take away from Sam’s moment and Sam gives her a hug and tells her everything is going to be ok.


Sam and Kiera sit down to talk alone and Sam tells her to let her work some magic. Sam says maybe she can use this POV to her advantage. She tells Kiera if she saves her then she would owe her own. Sam says she has to think about her game and she doesn’t want Kiera to worry. Sam says she has to talk to Chelsea and Kiera says Sam won it fair and square. Sam leaves Kiera alone and sends Este in.


Kiera tells Este she couldn’t believe she couldn’t do that. Este asks if Sam mentioned she would use it and Kiera says she said she has to work some magic. Kiera says she doesn’t trust that. Este says they can convince them to use it on Kiera. Kiera says she doesn’t deserve it. She says if Sam does use it on her then it’s like she’s selling her soul to the devil and she would be indebted to her. Este says it’s a game and Kiera says she’s so scared.


Este and Dane are talking and flirting. Dane is rubbing her leg. Kiera comes in and interrupts and Kiera says it’s clear Dane has a thing for Este and they are so cute together. We see clips of Dane giving Este a kiss on the head and him saying she has a nice body. Kiera says Este will not admit she has a thing for Dane. Kiera wants Este and game to get together and Este says she can build a bridge and get over that dream. Kiera says they are perfect for each other.


Este, Dane, Damien, and Kiera are talking about reserve. Damien says they made a thing called a reserve and they created Indian agents and if they wanted to leave they had to get permission to leave. He discusses the history and he’s saying they have their land and they are grateful for where they are, but there were some rights that were given away.


Damien says he’s proud to tell them what happened and how they can move forward and bridge the gap of misconception and ignorance. Damien begins talking about his teammates and how they didn’t know the history either. Damien says he’s very proud to represent where he’s from and discuss Canada’s past.


Chelsea and Sam are talking and Chelsea says she’s trying not to give Kiera too much reassurance, but she feels good. Sam says she wants Kiera to be super grateful. Chelsea says Sam having POV could be great for their game but she wishes she had more to hold of Kiera’s head because she does not trust her at all.


Kiera goes to talk to Chelsea and Sam and Kiera says she holds no ill feelings, she knows being nominated is part of the game and she really wants to stay. Sam wants to trust her and if Kiera will keep to her word, she’d love to work with her. Chelsea thanks Kiera for the conversation and agrees they could work together. Sam look at Chelsea and Chelsea heaves a sigh.


Kyra is in Chelsea’s HOH room listening to music and Chelsea is nervous that Mark told Kiera about the plan to backdoor Kailyn. Chelsea just doesn’t want Kailyn to know and Chelsea says that Damien already knows and Kyra says you told Dame? Chelsea says Adam told Damien. Kyra says they have a lot of things they are no longer saying to anyone. Chelsea says her plan is leaking out more than she wants it to and it’s BS. Chelsea says it’s time to start thinking about being strategic with who knows what.


We’re on Day 17 and Kailyn goes to talk to Chelsea. Kailyn says Chelsea is more interested in having a perfect image rather than shake things up. Kailyn says Kyra asks if she was open to voting out Kiera. Kailyn says if she’s in power next week, what’s the next move. Kailyn says Kyra is an option if they are trying to get out floaters. Kailyn says if she had veto, then she would honor Chelsea’s wishes. Kailyn says if Sam were to use it veto it, it would force Chelsea to get more blood on her hands. Kailyn says Chelsea’s HOH will be the most forgettable of the season, she guarantees it. Chelsea says she thought Kailyn was a psychic, she should see this coming.


Sam and Chelsea are talking and Chelsea says she thinks everyone knows what’s happening except Eddie and Kailyn. Chelsea will tell Kiera she was always a pawn because she doesn’t want Kiera to feel like she was disposable to her. Chelsea says her and Sam are close and Kiera are Este are close. Chelsea says Sam using veto will make it clear they are working together. Chelsea says she’s asked herself if this plan is messy or stupid.


Sam heads to HQ to decide if she’s going to use the veto or not. Sam says their plan this week is to backdoor Kailyn. Sam says it’s not about if she’s going to use the veto or not, it’s who she will take off the block. Sam says she thinks Damien is easily manipulated. Sam says Kiera made a deal with her but she doesn’t know if she can trust her. She says she has to make a smart decision because this move is pivotal for her game.


It’s time for the POV ceremony. Damien congratulates Sam and says he’s been up there 2 out of 3 times and it’s been stressful. He’d appreciate it if she’d use it but he respects her decision. Kiera says she’d be eternally grateful but she respects whatever Sam decides.


Sam has decided to use the power of veto on Kiera. She says they connected early on in the house and they may not always be on the same page but how she fought in that competition shows she wants to stay. Sam hugs her and Kiera says thank you. Since Sam has vetoed one of Chelsea’s choices she needs to replacement nominee.


Chelsea says her replacement nominee is Kailyn. Chelsea say her ability to lie and manipulate people is a danger to the whole house. The veto ceremony is complete. Kailyn says they are something and it’s time for her to drop a bomb on this house and let these people know who they’re dealing with. Chelsea says she’s made her move and she knows Kailyn is going to campaign, and campaign hard. She just hopes she has the votes to get her out of the house.

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