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Eddie Lin discussion thread

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eddie-lin-tv.jpgEddie Lin

Age: 25
City: Montreal, QC
Occupation: Cryptocurrency Developer
Relationship status: Single
Describe yourself in three words: Adventurous, intelligent and entertaining.
If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? I’m obsessed with cryptocurrency so I would want to bring my mobile phone in the house to check the Bitcoin price of the day.
Do you have a strategy to win "Big Brother Canada"? I’m going to play dumb in a very smart way. I won’t tell people I am dumb, I will show them and let the other houseguests come up with it themselves. I also want to be in a fake alliance with the girls. As someone who is gay, I’ve seen in past seasons that the gay guys often align with the girls, but I want to use this stereotype to make the girls believe that I am with them but my true alliance will be with the bros — which no one would expect.
What are you known for? I am known for my funniness. Every single person I meet says I am the funniest person they’ve ever met. I also like to tell jokes, but to be honest most people don’t laugh at my jokes but I tell them anyways!
What part of the "Big Brother Canada" experience do you think will be the hardest for you? As I mentioned, I am obsessed with cryptocurrency so one of the biggest challenges for me will not being able to see the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while in the "Big Brother Canada" house.
Who is your "Big Brother Canada" (or "Big Brother") idol and why? My "Big Brother Canada" idol is Sabrina from season 2. I love her! She’s good TV — she’s chaotic but also very genuine too. I want to go on the show without wearing a mask but be genuine and show Canada who I really am. People will either like me or hate me, but I say take it or leave it — this is who I am!
What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win "Big Brother Canada"? I’m from Montreal and it’s a very diverse city and is very culturally rich too. I also think many people underestimate Montrealers and I think this is beneficial for me because I want to be underestimated so I can win the game.

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