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SPOILERS - Exile Island: Week 8


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Yeah Ceci I was about to post the exact same thing... I think Terry has to use the idol before F4 or he doesn't use it at all... Maybe he gives it away or something, but I don't see him using it at F4...

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personally I don't thing Terry uses the idol at all since he wins if not all then most of all the rest of the imunity challenges . I do think Sally may win it this week but will be real close between the two of them.

I just Think that Terry promises to use it to save Cirie along the way if needed but she never needs it either and by the final 4 it is a tie between Terry and Aras on who they want with them.

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I just read this over at Sucks and was wondering if anyone else saw this on the previews... I don't remember it like this...

The promo has Terry offering to give the HII to some unknown person. Now he's trying to use it to bribe someone to flip, but he has more time to work out the strategies. If Terry bribes a Casaya with the HII, then he's down 5-4 and doesn't have the idol.

What I remember is he is telling Sally about the idol and then it showed him digging it up... I never heard him offer it to someone else... No-one over there corrected this statement and usually they are all over any kind of mistake...

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Yana this is the actual freeze frames from TDT of the premere of Episode 8 that aired just after

Survivor last week : Read the captions below the pics of what was being said by everyone.

My Webpage

You will see a freeze frame of just Terry's face and no idea who he is talking to but he says

"I will give you the idol"

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No I don't sorry Wolf... I meant that I didn't hear it Thrusday night... I didn't tivo it this past week either... Sorry I'm not much help...

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I am in the process of downloading the show right now... I will let you know if it has the previews and if it does what is said... I don't think it will let me send it to you to look at too...

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Just for public Knowledge . Every Wed OLN shows survivor re runs . They just finished Survivor Pearl Island last week . This week seems they will be showing three seperate shows from different seasons.

1. Survivor Africa 6pm Central time on OLN

2. Survivor Thailand 7pm Central time on OLN

3. Survivor Austrailan Outback 8pm Central time on OLN

Next week if they follow the schedule they have been keeping should start Survivor All Stars.

Not that you may want to watch them or not , the big thing is there is always a new commercial aired for our current Survivor coming on this week , So that may give us another hint we don't have now.

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I hate that our cable company refused to pay for the OLN... It was only a $ 1.00 a month charge on our cable bill, but we weren't given a choice... :angry:

I just found this too over at sucks... I don't know if they are talking about this coming up show or next weeks show...

Hmm... not really a sound strategy for winning Survivor. Game-wise, denying another tribe food by eating it in their absence is not much different to denying them a reward by winning a challenge. There is even the added bonus of sparing the other tribe hurt feelings and denying them a revenge motive because they are not even aware that it has been done to them.

In contrast, next week's challenge where there is an option of eating in front of others is intended create dilemmas which will in turn produce consequences, such as the anti-Jamie and the axis-of-evil climate in Guatemala. The behaviour of those who chose to eat on that day set in train a series of events which contributed to Rafe ultimately trusting and valuing Danni more than his own alliance.

Have we seen anywhere that there might be a food reward on the show this week?

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I will watch the three survivors but mostly just cause I like them , but although I don't have a way or capturing the comercial other then just recording it I will try to put it all in words for all of you here.

And no Yana as far as I know that particular food challenge is next week not this week and is also the beginning of bruces problems . But losts of the people over at sucks seem to get info they are given by true spoilers confused and they don't listen to others and all think they are right. Thats one reason for this thread , we actually listen to each other , lol.

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I am at 112 meg of a 482 meg file with my download... I have another 1 hour and 24 minutes to go on the download... I have DSL, but that's a very large file... When I finish I will let you know what I see if the previews are there... I was thinking the same thing about the food challenge Wolf...

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Okay Yana I just got this from TV Guide

I thank the reward challenge next causes the beggining of Bruces problems but It is the next week that we see the result of it if the names of the episondes are any clue.

EP9 Title :Fight for Your Life or Eat

April 13, 2006: Fight for Your Life or Eat

Several castaways accept a tempting offer that means they must opt out of the Immunity Challenge; the remaining Casaya members are asked to form a new alliance; and a male survivor decides wear a skirt. Host: Jeff Probst.

source tvguide

EP10 Title: Medical Emergency

April 20, 2006: Medical Emergency

Episode description not available.

source TV Guide

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Great thanks Wolf... that helps... So we do need to expect them to eat this week and then Bruce starts having problems next week...

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I just saw a commercial for Survivor and it said why would Terry give away the idol? Then the voice over said "for bait"...

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Okay this is what I found today to share with everyone : Keep in mind alot of it is still speculation and people like us trying to puzzle out the clues. First I want to share a couple of post I seen at survivor sucks that led me to go back to TDT and looke again.

This is dealing with the title of the 10th episode Medical Emergency

From GlobalCroc aka crocophile Mess Moderator (4/406)

It's possible the title refers to the aftermath of a medical emergency from ep 9. If they have an IC in ep 9 (as the blurb states) then if Bruce leaves it would be after IC, and very late in the 3 day cycle.

Orangeena (4/4/06)

TDT is now doubting that Austin is next! Per his site, "The Power of the Idol" could refer to TerryMe using it and knocking Courtney out of the game, which none of them expect...They really don't understand how it works. But Sally would have to win immunity this time for that to happen. From that obstacle race it looks like she could, Terry uses the idol and a Casaya goes unexpectedly...It would be nice to have a surprise, once in a freaking while, wouldn't it?

The Casayawhackjobs would have to really plan it out to make sure it's ANOTHER La Mina who goes and not one of them. Do they think that much outside of the, er, box, to plan something like this?

So I went to look at TDT's and will post the addy again along with what I saw there , I want to point out the day that episode 8 was filmed -Filmed: November 18-20, 2005, and from WixChix we get the spoiler that Bruce was taken out for medical reasons on Thanks Giving last year which was on the 24th. So I can see what GlobalCroc might be a possibility , and in Episode 10 we see the rest of it.

My Webpage

Filmed: November 18-20, 2005

Airdate: April 6, 2006

Reward challenge: Water challenge - Aras/Sally/? win something? From the CBS web teasers: "At the Reward Challenge, one Survivor demonstrates clever leadership skills, and forges a win with a weaker group." Not very informative about who wins, but it does suggest the challenge will be in three groups of three, and suggests a mechanism for picking the two exiles.

The web promo isn't much help here. There is one shot of a shirtless Terry, jumping, but that seems to be from the IC. There's also a shot of a bikini-clad Sally (who wears a shirt in the other challenge) hugging a soggy Aras. That would seem likely to be an RC shot, but that doesn't tell you much about teams and challenges.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Exile: Two! - Speculation

From the CBS web teasers: "When two tribe members are sent to Exile Island, an unexpected bond forms. Will this newfound friendship affect their alliance and change the course of the game?" Sounds like it's one La Mina and one Casaya. Unless it's just Terry and Sally. Could be just about any pair, actually. Perhaps not Shane and Courtney, though. Then again, maybe it is Shane and Courtney.

Again, we presume, unless told otherwise, that the RC will be run in three groups of three, and that one person from each losing group will be exiled. For what that's worth.

Immunity challenge: Fences, puzzles, obstacles - Terry or Sally wins?

As mentioned last week, ChillOne has heard Terry "wins something like seven immunity challenges in a row." We think it's something like that here - Terry doesn't win immunity, but is still safe from the boot ("The Power of the Idol"). Then Terry gets back to his IC-winning ways next week. Or he could win it again, and just be blowing smoke about having given someone the hidden idol. One of the two.

As for the challenge itself, it appears that it might be a multi-stage, serial elimination event. The first appears to be digging your way under a fence, something all nine contestants appear to do. The first six finishers proceed to stage two.

Stage two is a puzzle stage, just beyond the fence. Shane can be seen crossing a line beyond the fence, with no puzzle stages in view, and it looks like only five puzzle stations are later there (with no Cirie, Bruce, Austin, or Aras visible). The overhead shot of Sally running reveals various nets and other obstacles beyond them. Danielle and Shane are seen traversing the nets, and Terry crawls through some wooden tunnels. Austin is also there, because he's later seen going under the obstacles (or he will be when we get around to vidcapping it). The net obstacle is in the background as Terry falls down in the sand. This section cuts the field from 6 to 3.

We think the final leg of the challenge, which is designed for three people, is the water pit shown at the bottom. Sally enters the water first, but Terry is close behind. Another guy (Shane?) is trailing them by quite a bit. Visible observing from the bank are Aras, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle, and two other people (along with Probst). Terry's jump seems to catch him up with Sally in the water, so one of Terry or Sally should win. Odds are, it's probably just boring old Terry, but it would at least be a bit entertaining if Sally could pull off the surprise win here.

BOOT: Austin? Courtney?

We had (from the title) though that Terry finally uses the hidden idol here. But after seeing the preview, and seeing that the bootee is most likely Austin, we now think that's probably not the case.

When Jeff Probst said, prior to Ep1 airing, "At one point somebody said to me at Tribal, 'you know, we think this has just changed the game too much.' I cracked up," he was probably talking about this episode, and all it appears to be about, on the surface at least, is Terry offering to hand over the idol. Not him actually doing so.

Austin is what we've been told to expect for this week's boot. But we're no longer convinced of that. It could be Courtney, especially in light of the "remaining Casaya members" part of the next episode's description. But more likely, it's Austin.

Okay I think that is more then enough today to think on , We still have tomorrow.

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Good info. So, what if Bruce decides to vote with Terry this week to get rid of Courtney? We know that Bruce can't stand Courtney.

Vote would be:

Terry votes Courtney

Sally votes Courtney

Austin votes Courtney

Bruce votes Courtney

Courtney votes Austin (Because Terry has Immunity Necklace)

Shane votes Austin

Danielle votes Austin

Aras votes Austin

Cirie votes Austin

Terry saves Austin and Courtney is voted out. Then Bruce gets sick and is out of the game next week. This gives Terry the next 6 days to work on Cirie and she can see over the next two "weeks" that Terry has a lot of power and by the following week... she's on board with Terry? She does seem to be very observant of the power plays and she's been great at outsmarting them by doing that. Heck she was supposed to be gone first 3/4 weeks I think... moving to Terry's side should bring her to final four?

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Ceci I can see it happening something like that, but it may happen this week, what if he and Cirie do get sent to exile island and he tells her I will give you the idol for your vote this week, she says yes, then he goes to Bruce and says we have Cirie onboard will you vote with us to send Courtney home? Bruce, seeing that the groups are now close in numbers and he's the swing vote, says yes and Courtney is gone... Now that would mean that next week Bruce is out for the medical emergency making Terrys group lose a member, but Aras' group is so mad about Cirie changing teams that the next chance they get they try to vote her off and she has the idol, but at this point doesn't really need it... One more of Aras' group gone... That only leaves Danielle and Aras and in three weeks Shane is gone WOOHOO! I am just wishing, but it's a fun fantasy anyway... :D

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That's a good theory Yana... you may be right about it too! I would like to see Terry and Cirie be final two so, I hope you're right. (I know it doesn't happen but, they do make it to final four so for the next 5 weeks... doesn't matter who goes home. I'll be fine with it... :D )

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From the Survivor Journal April 05,2006



Terry decides it's time to reveal the Idol to some castaways. How will the power of the Idol affect the game?

When two tribe members are sent to Exile Island, an unexpected bond forms. Will this newfound friendship affect their alliance and change the course of the game?

Determined to expand their alliance, the La Mina group pressures several Casayas. Can they secretly break up the Casaya Six?

At the Reward Challenge, one Survivor demonstrates clever leadership skills and forges a win with a weaker group.

Not much on it we did not know already but figured I would share it with ya'll

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Okay Survivor fans , with the show looming over us tomorrow , I have spent alot of time looking over all the clues and going through all the commercial pics and have decided to change a few of my oppinions. For instance I do expect Terry and Cirie to bond soon how ever I don't think it will be this week on exhile island.

I looked at the pic of Austin and Danelle in the rain under the towell and I notice there alot more foliage around them then where the camp is at , and although it was moved closer to the tree's last week it is still relitivly bare around the camp. With that kind of rain why did they go off alone and why is no one else trying to horn in on them . It could well be that they are on Exhile island.

I look at the pics of things going crazy around camp , courtney snapping twigs , Aras saying you calling me stupid and shane is there and Cirie is there and in one pic you see Terry sitting way behind the group. I am thinking that the crazyness goes on after the reward challenge when Danelle and Austin are on exhile island.

There are no pics of them around camp this week.

I also believe that Sally tells Aras and Cirie about the idol at the reward they get , and Aras trying to tell the rest and courtney or shane argues. Which could be how Cirie eventually decides to side with the others and how Courtney may alienate herself this week. More then normal that is.

I am still not sure weather it is Autin or Courtney that goes , But if Terry wins the Immunity and gives the Idol to Sally and Autin bonds with Danelle and gets her vote is entirely possible that Courtney is tricked into going home this week. Of course Sally could still win the immunity and all know Terry would Use

the Immunity Idol if he had too.

Break Down :

RC---- Aras . Sally , Cirie/ possibly Bruce fantasy score for reward 75pts

Exhile Island---- Danelle , Austin fantasy score for exhile 80pts

IC----- Sally / Terry fantasy score points 25pts

Boot ------ Austin/Courtney fantasy score points -20 pts

Team Morty and Kindalikalaya review what can make you the best points and chose as you see fit.

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Episode 10 : Medical Emergency

A medical emergency forces one castaway to leave the island for treatment and the other players are left to ponder whether the person will return to the game or not. At the reward challenge, the tribe members are required to answer personal questions that have the potential to alienate some players. Jeff Probst is the host.

From TV Guide

Note this week it does not say and another survivor is voted out.

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