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The Masked Singer - Episode VIII


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All season, these 5 singers have fought to keep their identities a secret. Now with one week left to the Finale, the pressure is on. This is The Masked Singer!

It's double the drama as two celebrities will be unmasked and Kenan Thompson joins the panel to help solve this musical mystery. Who will make it to the Finale? And who will be unmasked before your eyes? Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon!  And please welcome your guessing game panelists, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeoung and Nicole Scherzinger!

First up is Peacock, who is levitating in a therapist's office. Last week wasn't his best, he unloads to a security doctor using a lollipop pen. Last week Robin thought the song wasn't suited to my style. The thing is, I'm a perfectionist and I hate to let my little soldiers of perfection down. I pride myself being the brightest, most well rounded performer of the flock, so this week I'm going to give it everything I've got to be the idol they all deserve (practicing in the BY, blue stick figure on paper). I'm bringing an energy and heat to this song that will have you flying out of your seats. Tonight I'm making it all about you, my beloved PeaHeads, because after all, it had to be you.

Singing Let's Go by Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo, Peacock struts the stage, all about attitude and disco defiance, working the audience, taking one lady for a spin. Kenan has opera spectacles and says Peacock destroyed it. Robin said perfect song, best yet, got down with the people. Jennifer says there's no doubt you are a showman. 

Peacock says I have dedicated my life to show business. This mask transforms me into another character. It's funny, because my partner would look at me and I'd be walking through the house (strutting like a peacock) like this and my partner would say, "Let it go, you're not a peacock at home." With the talent (Pushes Nick out of the way) - I'm sorry, I'm taking over here. 

Peacock continues: I've done this before. That is another hint for you. Robin, on one of my albums, I used Blurred Lines as an inspiration. It's not anybody we think it is, Robin realizes. I think we know each other, Nicole says. We do, Peacock confirms. Peacock tells us he's bringing his P game because he's in it to win it.

Monster is in his cave. I never cared about the rules of the game until I became a player in this competition. I learned the hard way (Monster Life board game) that it takes just one slip to lose your place in the world. I've been vilified and persecuted (in downtown alley) for sounding like a ring tone, but it ain't me. Putting on a front made me angry (back at the board game, swipes a way a stack of burgers) and flips over the card table with the game) and after doing some soul searching, I was ready for something new. It's crazy (now on roof top) that having my identity stripped has brought me the comeback I've wanted for a decade. I've been hiding behind faster tracks until now - I'm finally ready to slow it down. Tonight, I'm putting everything I have into this song. I've come too far (back in cave) to take off this mask.

Dressed in a suit, Monster sings Stay With Me by Sam Smith with a mic stand decorated in carnations. His vocal is raw, emotional (despite the fact Monster has no facial expressions) and has the audience spellbound with the unexpected performance turn. Nicole says his voice cut through his soul, spirit and heart, an honest, beautiful performance. Ken says you're the front-runner and I thought you were Kenan. Jennifer says your voice was so solid. Robin says comedy, a voice, that was a Grammy-worthy performance. 

Monster says I'm a father, husband, son, brother and more than anything, a person. Ken says he has to have an acting/comedy background. Jennifer says he's a DJ. Robin says if a DJ could sing like that, he'd stop being a DJ. Monster squats to the floor and Kenan realizes his feet are disappearing. Robin says he's got a lead singer's voice. Monster tells us the mask takes away his name but it's given him so much more. People aren't judging me for who I am but what I can actually do. Now I just want to stave them off and win this whole competition!

Every time I put on this mask, Lion says, I transform in a way never expected, judged only as a singer for the first time. I'm just a lion (in a living room) who wants to be heard, not the child of my parents (Lion heads outside into what appears to be a southwest yard in front of the mountains. A newspaper called Hailey Times headlines "Gold Found In Hailey!!!"), not the empire I was born into. I was always expected to act the part, but I'm multi-dimensional (USC Trojan pennant waving off a cactus) and like a true Lioness, fiercely independent. Us girls, we run the world, and tonight you better hold on and keep guessing because this Lion mask ain't coming off any time soon.

Singing Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder, Lion is got the Caribbean vibe going with a vocal that demonstrates dynamic runs, control, and even an upper octave. This is someone who knows how to sing, Jenny says, you brought your A game. 

Lion says I am an advocate, not a victim, even through I've been bullied a lot of my life. A daughter, a sister, I've had moments of insecurity, but being seen in a mask that completely changes everything that you thought you know, you just have to believe in yourself. Nicole thinks she's an actress who's a really talented singer. Robin says she moves and sings like she's been on stage before. 

Rabbit says throughout the competition, I've sung as many genres as possible to throw panel off my scent and to prove that I'm a versatile performer in my own right. But I also came to win. It's the semi-finals (walking in a backyard in a mountainous area) and there's 2 unmaskings so I need to perform twice as hard. When I'm under a lot of pressure, I pack up the entire family and head to the great outdoors (Rabbit in grassy camp ground). We hike through the mountains going step by step. And me and my dad go fishing for big fat tuna (making fire, toasting marshmallows )or chicken of the sea. Now after trashing the camp, I'm going to dig deep because I want to win this!

Singing My Girl by The Temptations, Rabbit has the audience before he even starts singing but then his smooth, tender vocal amps up his game. In a surprise twist, he brings in Horse, Raven and Poodle as "his girls". Rabbit works the camera as Alien, Bee and Lion appear in the background. By the end, all the female characters are on the background screens.

Jenny loves his little bow tie for some someone in a straight jacket. Nicole says not my favorite performance. Loved the sentiment but wanted more stage presence. Jenny says she's started to twitch at home. Kenan thinks he knows who it is - look at the calves. Nicole thinks boy band. 

Rabbit says he's very optimistic, always into something 110%, which is why he came out for this. I had to do some sort of character, so this is the character I did for this. Believe it or not, I have done solo work in a costume before in other places, so I'm used to being in it but never singing. Rabbit tells us he chose this song because he hadn't sung a ballad yet but the panel didn't love it. He just hopes he gets a shot to turn this around because this bunny ain't ready to show his face yet.

The Bee is back. Some of the panel are convinced that I am the Queen of the Pips, but but what if I've been giving mixed message all this time? I want to tell my fans (in the kitchen) my recipe for success. You know I like baking and nobody makes a peach cobbler like mine. But after all these years of hit after hit, it's Grammy's voice I'm hoping will lead me to the Finals (Santa Fe model train engine). I'm surprised at how competitive I've become (making her pie) as an insect, but I'm really going for it now, so I'm serving up a powerful song by my good friend, Aretha Franklin. I'm hoping it will give me the sweet taste of victory. 

Singing (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, Bee is all grace and elegance as she stands in a soft fog center stage, belting out the classic anthem. Jenny says she's a living legend. Kenan says that is one of the most familiar voices in the history of music, a gift and a beautiful thing. Ken says it could be someone singing like someone else. Jenny says I thought for sure I was right and was wrong, so I have an open mind.

Bee says I'm a people person. Behind this mask, it's difficult because I'm cut-off in a way from you, I need to see you, touch you, feel you and that's the way it is for me whether I'm performing or just walking down the street and saying, Heeey! That's who I am. 

Our Final 5 singers have now performed. It's now time for the biggest vote ever on The Masked Singer as the panel and studio audiences vote. The two celebrities with the least votes will be unmasked and sent home. The other 3 will face off at our Grand Finale, which means one of them will become the King or Queen of The Masked Singer!

The votes are counted, and the first unmasked singer tonight is...   Lion!  

Before Lion unmasks, Jenny says it is a true star, started off your career in a girl group, Kelly Rowan. Nicole says no, maybe a white Kelly Rowland based on the tone of her voice - Hailee Steinfeld! Dawn Robinson, guesses Ken, from In Vogue (En Vogue, Nick corrects for the umpteenth time). Kenan says you do you. I have no idea what's going on. But I'm thinking Kelly Rowland too. Robin says Michelle Williams. 

The panel has made its final guesses. We all need to know, Lion, show us who's behind the mask!  Take It Off!  Lion is...   Actress & Singer Rumer Willis! 

Hollywood royalty, Nick says. The mention of being from Hollywood Royalty was a nod to Rumer's famous parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The Chicago mention in Lion's package referred to Rumer's 2015 Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Rumer says she knew how to dance but she wanted everyone to know she could sing too. Rumer says she grew up in Hailey, Idaho.  The clue in "My Pride Has A Lot of Women" referred to Rumer's 4 sisters. Rumer says she's going to put "White Kelly Rowland" on he resume. Ken says from now on, Bruce Willis will be known as Lion's dad.

Peacock, Monster, Rabbit and Bee are back on stage. Who will be the second to be unmasked tonight and who will move on to the Grand Finale?  

The second to be unmasked tonight is...   Rabbit!

That means Peacock, Monster and Bee have made it to the Finale and one of them will be the winner of The Masked Singer. But the question remains, who is Rabbit?

Kenan says he thinks it's Nick Lachey because of the muscles. Ken says Kevin Richardson from Backstreet Boys. Robin says it's Joey Fatone. Nicole guesses it's Joey as well given the personality. Jenny says I think I'm being fooled and that's Donnie Wahlberg. She asks him to twitch for her one more time. BTW, honey, if it is you, it's Ken's fault you're leaving. Who do you think Rabbit is?

Rabbit, show us all who's behind the mask. Take It Off!  Rabbit is...   Singer, Actor & Television Personality, Joey Fatone!

What am I doing here, Joey Fatone asks? There's a Monster, a Bee, this is a crazy a## show. Nicole was very impressed with what he did with his character. Joey says he wanted to be a magician when he was younger, synchronized singing referred to his famous boy band, *NSYNC*, and the cooking clues were a nod to Joey's hot dog restaurants, Fat Ones. 

Joey says after his first song singing Living La Vida Loca, he couldn't get out of his mask fast enough; he's very claustrophobic, and this [experience] helped him overcome that. 

So did you guess Lion was Rumor Willis and Rabbit was Joey Fatone? With Peacock, Monster and Bee remaining, who do you think will win the Golden Mask? And who do you think the remaining singers are?  We'll see you next week for the season finale of The Masked Singer!

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