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Reem Daly


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Reem Daly


Age: 46
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Current residence: Ashburn, Virginia
Occupation: Sales

Hobbies: Chess, kickball, and neighborhood security.

Pet peeves: Intolerance, humming, bad manners, nose picking, slackers, and snobs. 
Three words to describe you: Inquisitive, tenacious, and energetic. 

What is your personal claim to fame?  
I don't mean to sound cheesy, but my kids! They are good, caring people and I am super proud of that!
Who or what is your inspiration in life? 
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? 
Hat: to stay warm and my hair will be a mess.
Hoodie: comfortable, warm, and good for sleeping.
Which Survivor contestant are you the most like?  
Stephanie LaGrossa because she does not give up and Rudy Boesch because he just does NOT care.

What's your reason for being on Survivor?  
I need to challenge myself. Bucket list dream.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?   
My social game is amazing and although I am honest to a fault, I know when to chill. I've been watching since 2000—I trust no one. Words mean zero to me. Actions speak louder!



Read her biography at CBS

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