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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Show recap - It Smells Like Success

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May 8, 2019


Episode 12


Previously on Survivor: At TC Rick saves himself and Ron goes to EOE. Night 31, Gavin says he felt guilty voting Ron out, now the focus is on Rick. Rick tells them he got the HII from EOE, he wants to be the only one looking for a HII. Aurora says her alliance now is her, Lauren, Gavin and Victoria. Aurora feels connected with her alliance but Rick is target #1. Rick gets up in the middle of the night and goes off looking for the HII. Day 32 Rick is looking or it. Lauren doesnt believe Rick got the HII from EOE. Lauren goes looking for the HII too. Rick continues to look for the HII, he finds it. He knows his family will be very proud of him. 


Time for Reward Challenge, they race out with a ball, toss it over a track then catch it on the other side, under a beam then toss it onto a beam. Reward is helicopter tour of the island, pool side at a resort with food. Ready...Goo. Gavin has his first ball over first. Aurora gets her second and is on the way to the beam. Rick and Victoria have their second balls, Gavin gets his second. Aurora thru the beam and shooting at the narrow beam. Gavin gets his first ball on the beam, Victoria has her first, Auror has her first ball. Gavin gets ...nope it fell. Gavin shots and gets his second ball up to win Reward. 


 Gavin picks Victoria to go cuz she hasn't had much food. He also takes Lauren. Rick say wow, he thought it would be Aurora, Victoria mouths she is sorry. Aurora says she is just hungry. Aurora tells us she is upset, now she feels she isnt good enough to be in a group. 


Day 32 and the helicopter flies around the islands. Gavin says it almost feels like a rollercoaster. They fly over the camp and see Aurora on the beach. Gavin says this 3 has to stick together, they talk of Rick having to go followed by Julie. Lauren says she doesn't want to take Julie out. They get back to camp and Victoria talks to Aurora telling her that nothing has changed and they should stick together, first vote out Rick the Julie. Aurora says she isn't making decisions. At this point Aurora has to stick to her plan.


 EOE Day 32, they get a special delivery: they get the letters they wrote to themselves before the game, they seperate to read them and be encouraged. Julia reads us part of hers. Joe reads us part of his. Chris says he has grown and changed so much, thats priceless. They read parts of their letters to us. Reem says it took her so long to be proud of herself and to realize she is a survivor, she is still there she doesn't give up. 


 Day 33, 6 days left. They are around the camp fire, Rick walks away pretending he is looking for the HII. Gavin follows him. Rick runs away lol. He is having fun with them, they think he has gone crazy. Rick says it mentally and emotionally exhausts them. 


Time for Immunity challenge: They have to Race to slide letter tiles into a target, then use two handles to get those tiles thru obstacles then use the tiles to make a 6 word puzzle. Aurora is shaking, she HATES word puzzles. Ready, Set, Go! Victoria gets her tiles clogged up. Lauren gets all hers into the target. Lauren takes to many over the obstacles and drops them. Aurora is over the first beam but drops on the second beam. Gavin and Rick drop their tiles. Lauren had a smaller stack and has them across. Everybody is picking up the pace. Rick is on his last set of letters to get across


Rick is the first to start on the words followed by Aurora and Lauren. Gavin only one still on getting the letters over the obstacles. Rick thinks he has it...he does. Rick wins Immunity. Rick says he hopes he finds a way to keep Julie in the game. 


Day 34 Rick and Julie go to talk in the "family room". Gavin says no way Rick will give Julie an HII if he has one. Rick and Julie talk about voting for Aurora. Julie says. she does have a good relationship for Lauren so she talks to Lauren about voting for Aurora. Lauren talks to Gavin about Aurora. Gavin wants to talk to Victoria first. Victoria trusts Gavin but feels Julie is working with others so maybe Julie should go. Rick says he will have one or two tricks up his sleeve at TC. The more confused they are the better for Rick. 


TC night 34: Rick says there were some unhappy faces when he got back to camp with Immunity. Julie says its very clear there is a 4 person alliance her and Rick are not part of. Aurora says she has been vocal that she wants Rick out. Victoria says they arent not playing the game focusing on Rick. Gavin says Rick is hiding every where. Rick says he can find a lot of interesting things while hiding around. Aurora says Rick is giving 100%. Rick is going to help out Julie tonight by giving her his HII and then they are going to vote for Victoria, Lauren, Gavin or Aurora. Lauren says she doesnt feel as comfortable as she did. Se says its a fake HII its in a red paper like his last fake one.


Rick says they want to bet a million dollars he wont play it on Julie. Rick says this second chance has changed him, now he is playing with house money and there is some freedom being on the bottom. Time to vote, we see Rick vote for Aurora, Aurora vote for Julie and Rick fiddle with the HII. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use  a HII? Rick  does not play it. Votes: Aurora, Julie, Aurora, Aurora, 14th person voted out is Aurora.  How do you fall for reverse phycology. She walks off and get her torch to  EOE. 


Next time on the Season Finale of Survivor: Five are left and one will return from the EOE. Who will out last the rest and claim the title of Sole Survivor? 

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May 15, 2019


Episode 13, Season Finale


Welcome to the season finale of Survivor: EOE. One person from EOE will join our F5 for the battle for the sole survivor. After 35 days only 5 remain but there has never been a season of Survivor more open than this one. Who will battle their way back into the game? 


 Day 35, The castaways from EOE come in. Today they have one goal...defeat everbody else to get back in. They will be attached to a rope, go thru obstacles with the rope, then use pieces of rope to make a bridge, then get 2 balls thru a maze to win their way back in. Ready Go....Eric is thru and on the second stage of the rope challenge...(round and round a post) Audrey stuck, Reem struggling. Aurora off the rope first, now to untie the other set of ropes to make the bridge. Eric is at the bridge, quickly followed by several others. Wardog and Ron still on their first set of ropes, Aubry still working hard. Aurora over bridge on to the balls maze.


Joe, Eric and Aurora are on the maze followed by Chris. Aurora has her first ball. Joe gets his first ball, Chris gets his first. Joe and Chris neck and neck.....Chris in and out, Joe drops it...Chris gets it. Chris is back in the game. Joe gives him a hug. Reem is crying. Chris gets his buff. Jeff says EOE was also part of the social experiment. Reem was there for 32 nights. Reem says her lowest time was the first night there. Reem says she is proud of herself and hopes her family is too. Joe says this game represents everything, he is playing for all the kids in his family and he just blew it, but no he didnt he rose from all  that, he did it. 


 David says everything you bring to EOE is mental, its ok he didnt win. Julie is grateful she got to play and go to EOE, on the EOE she finally realized how strong she is. Eric says the first night he was on EOE he didnt think he could do it, its all about his kids tho. Aubrey says she has been thru some terrible losses but Survivor is a reminder of who you are and what you do with your losses. Kelley says Survivor has been about game not people but its about who you are and what you do with your life, she has had the adventure, she found what she was missing. 


Chris joins the castaways and the others leave. Chris tells us it was his 28t. h day and now he is going to give it all his power to win this game. In Hollywood: Joe joins Jeff on stage,  Jeff says he has won 38 games, can a player like him win this game. Joe says its very very hard but you can. Jeff asks if he is promising to come back until he wins. Joe says he wants to hang up the hat but not sell the farm. He has the feeling he will be back. Jeff has a feeling....Joe's achilles heel is his hair. Joe says so if I cut it off......Jeff says keep it.


Day 35, They congrat Chris, he meets Julie for the first time. Chris tells them he has info so if anyone wants it come see him. He says if he goes tomorrow its fine. Vicotria says nobody sits on EOE to win their way back into the game and saying if they go tomorrow its ok. Rick and Chris talk. Rick says he cant blow this. Chris says they are cool, they got to stick together. Rick says he hopes Chris didnt spend his time thinking about how to get revenge. Chris tells Lauren that Kelley she needs to do well and play her HII correctly. Lauren doesnt know what her read is on Chris yet, should she trust him or is he her best option. She says he should trust her, she is willing to use the HII with him. 


Day 36, Time for Immunity challenge. They have to race thru obstacles, cross a beam collecting a bag with numbers, use the numbers to open a combo lock with puzzle pieces in a box, put the puzzle together to win immunity and reward. Reward is steak with chocolate for desert. Ready, go! Rick is thru the ropes, Chris has to go back, Rick and Chris work on the bag. Rick gets his, Chris has his, Lauren and Julie are good. Gavin is cross...all are working on the combo. Victoria is first to get her pieces. Chris is the last to get them. Julie, Victoria, Julie has only one piece left, its jammed, Chris coaches her thru it. Rick says he doesn't know what Chris is doing. Julie wins immunity.  Julie choses Chris and Lauren to eat with her. Rick is disappointed. 


At camp the food is waiting for them. .Julie says she knew if she won immunity today there would be reward and she knew she was taking Chris with her. She says they wont let Rick have another chance to win, he needs to go. Chris says the two threats from jury stand point are Rick and Lauren. Victoria and Gavin talk about getting rid of Chris today.  As much as she doesnt want to go against Rick in F3 she needs to get rid of Chris first she thinks Julie and Chris  are working together. Rick says as much as he doesnt want to go against Chris again, what she said makes sense. Rick will be playing his HII tonight. 


 Rick and Chris talk, at EOE they made up and that will get them to the end, if it doesnt he will be all for Rick. Chris received the split HII in his bag earlier in the day. Chris give half the HII to Rick. Rick says he can trust Chris tonight. Chris says Vic will go home. Chris says the only way he is 100% safe is to get Lauren to play her HII on him. 


 Time for TC: Chris grabs a torch and gets fire, he is back in the game. Jury comes in all cleaned up. Chris says its like a rollercoaster, he is figuring out how to play the game and its scary. Lauren says Chris jumped into his roll. Julie says she picked Chris for the reward because he hasnt eaten. Rick says he thought Julie would take him for the food, he tears up. Being on the bottom every day for so long breaks you down after a while. Victoria says they all agree on someone and why rock the boat. Chris says there is always someone at the top and someone at the bottom. Lauren says you have to take what Chris says with a grain of salt, why would you believe everything. 


 Its time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Chris hands Jeff an HII and plays it on himself. Lauren pulls out her HII and plays it on Chris. Votes: Rick, Rick, Rick, Chris, Victoria 15 person voted out and 11th person in jury is Victoria. She says she is not sure which one of  you did it, Rick good play, Gavin vote for you man. 


Night 38 Rick gets up and looks for a HII, he makes a fake HII along with instructions from a previous HII and hides them. He is looking for the real one and finds it. Rick gives Chris back the other half of the HII, they are going to F4 together. Lauren cant believe she played her for Chris. They go looking for the other HII played last night. Julie finds an HII (its the fake). Lauren finds a clue to a HII, its hidden above the shelter. Rick watches Lauren look for it and is LOL.She finds it (its fake)


Immunity Challenge time. They have to  race across 6 different obstacles over the ocean collecting puzzle pieces along the way. first to complete the puzzle wins. Chris and Rick get their first bag. JUlie and Lauren get their first, Chris gets his second. Everyone has their first. Rick and Julie have 2. Chris has 3. Gavin gets 3, Lauren gets 2, Julie 3, Rick has 3. Chris has 4. Gavin has 5, Chris has 5, Lauren 4. Gavin has all his bags, Chris has all his. They start on the puzzle. Julie and Rick start on the puzzle, everyone on the puzzle now. 


Gavin is on fire. Just because someone has a head start doesn't mean they will win it. Rick and Gavin making a run at it. Rick thinks he has it....he does. Rick wins Immunity, guaranteed a spot in F4.  


At camp they congrat Rick. Rick says he can see the Million dollars. The only person there that feels they are in trouble is Gavin. Gavin asks Rick if he can have his HII. Rick says if he plays it on him will he take Rick to F3. Gavin doesnt think he can win against Rick but he doesnt have another option. Gavin says if he might have to go back on his word, he didnt come her to keep his word he came her to win. Julie says Chris made friends at EOE, he has to go tonight. Lauren says its hard to believe that there were 3 HII on the beach this morning. She hopes hers isnt the fake.


Lauren tells Chris that Rick will take Julie to end. Chris thinks he will be voted out. Chris says he has the better shot at making fire the Rick. Rick and Chris talk about getting Lauren out. Everybody thinks they are safe tonight, it will be fun tonight. 


Time for TC night 37. Rick says he felt like he was going home if he didn't win Immunity. Chris says he needed to win, he is nervous, he hopes the relationships he has made are good. Julie says she doesn't want to sit next to Chris in firemaking. Chris says Lauren using her HII on  him was game play. Lauren says she thinks she has trust with Chris, but does he have trust with her? Chris says if taking me out is better for them thats ok. Gavin says he is willing to go against the best of them. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Julie gets hers out, Jeff says its fake. Lauren gets hers out, Jeff says its fake. Rick gets his out and plays it for Gavin, its real. Chris gets his HII out and plays it on himself, its real. Votes: Chris, Chris, Chris, Lauren, 16th person voted out and 12 person in Jury is Lauren. She that was really well played. Jeff says you have made it to F4. 


Day 38 Immunity Challenge time: They have to negotiate a rocking beam while taking letter blocks across it, first to spell out Final 3 wins. Julie and Chris on their 2nd block, Julie with 3, Rick and Gavin drop their blocks. Julie 5, Chris has 3. Julie drops her blocks. Chris is in the lead with 3. Chris gets 4. Rick and Gavin drops. Chris has 5, Gavin with 3. Rick has 3. Chris has 6 he just has to get back to the finish line. Julie has 5. Chris still inching towards the finish line, one foot over, two feet over Chris wins Immunity. All they way back from the EOE to a chance to win the game. Chris is guaranteed a spot at final TC. Who will he choose to take and who will have to make fire.


Day 38 Rick says the Immunity challenge didnt go as planned. Chris will be deciding who is safe and who makes fire. Rick says he worked to take the random out of his game and this isnt cool. He has to convince Chris to take him. Chris opens up the porch for them to plead their case. Rick is first, I either secured my game or sunk my game. Chris asks if he practiced fire. Rick says yes, he goes to practice fire again. Gavin talks to Chris. Chris says taking Rick would be the stupidest player ever. Chris is going to help Gavin and Julie to make fire and wishes him luck against Rick. Julie says she is happy to step up and take on the fire challenge. All but Chris practice fire. Chris tells himself  to trust his gut. 



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Jeff asks Julie what her pitch was to Chris and she said she didn’t really have one. She practiced fire making. She says if she gets chosen to be safe, she’d be grateful, but she’s ok stepping up to the challenge of taking out Devens. Gavin says he doesn’t want to be chosen, he wants to earn it. Jeff asks Chris if he’s made a good point and Chris says yes. Chris says he’s learned something from EOE, that it’s ok to be alone. Chris says he stared at the waves and he knew what he needed to do. He has to take a risk. He decides to give his immunity necklace to Julie and he will take Devens on in the fire challenge.


Devens and Chris go with Jeff to be separate for the fire making challenge. They both start and Devens gets a little flame, but it goes out. Chris gets a flame going but it goes out as well. Devens gets a little something again, but as he leans to blow on it the flame goes out again. Chris finally gets fire and he starts building it. Devens has not given up and he is continuing to try and get fire. Chris is building his higher and Devens finally gets his going. Devens’ fire is burning fast and getting high but Chris’ fire is hitting the rope. Chris’ fire finally burns through the rope and he has won.


Jeff goes back to talk to Devens and Chris and he tells Chris that was probably the biggest game move in Survivor history. Chris says he knew he had to take a risk. Jeff asks Devens about his thoughts and he says he didn’t come out to learn something about himself, he came out to win. But the game has a way of teaching you something about yourself whether you want it to or not and he’s going home a better person.


Jeff has Devens bring up his torch and he snuffs it and sends him off. He says Julie, Gavin, and Chris have gone as far in the game as they can go. The power now shifts to the jury. Devens says this just in…Chris’ fire burned the rope sending Devens home. Jeff calls Devens out and he wants to know why he returned that half of the idol to Chris and Devens says he was worried about Chris and he couldn’t betray him again. Jeff says so you wanted to heal that wound and Devens says yes, he wouldn’t have been able to withhold it from him.


Jeff asks Devens if when Chris gave up immunity to take him on if that’s game play or betrayal? Or can it be both in Survivor? Devens says it can be both. But Chris promised him final four and he got him final four. Jeff asks Devens if he’s happy where he is with his job and he says he’s open to move and he’s open to anything.


We’re at Vata and it’s Day 39 and the Survivor’s have the final three breakfast. Julie can’t believe she made it to day 39. She came out here to have an adventure of a lifetime and she wanted to prove to herself and her kids that she was strong enough to do this. She wanted to be a role model to them and accomplish something on such a bigger level. She’s been playing the game since day 1 to day 39, but she’s been playing it her own way. She’s leaned on everyone for support and given support back and that’s how she made it to final three. She knows the jury will be brutal, but she’s played a game worthy of the title of sole survivor and she will prove that tonight.


Chris says Julie and Gavin are trying to outlast, but they don’t know what that means. He says he is the player he is because of EoE. It took will and grit and he had to fight hard the last few days. He knows in his heart he’s done everything he could to plead his case to win this game.


Gavin says he made vows to his wife left that he would protect her and he’s going to seize every chance because he doesn’t want to go back home and say what if. He doesn’t want the jury to think he just went along with vote. He was just socially aware of which path would be best for him and he had to move around to get to this stage of the game. This is the biggest battle in 39 days and he’s ready to bring it and win the title of soul survivor.


It is now time for the final tribal council. Jeff brings in the jury. Jeff congratulates Julie, Gavin, and Chris and he tells them they have one final task to convince the jury they are the winner. We’re starting with the outwit part of the game. The alliances, the relationships outside of alliances, and morals. David wants to know who was the most valuable to their game. Gavin says Victoria was his strongest ally. Chris says his strongest ally member was Devens, but he got sent to the EoE and he could have been bitter and he went with Devens and said they’d get final four together. Julie’s closest relationships were with Eric and Ron and a secret relationship with Lauren.


Aubry says there were some social politics at work on EoE and she wants to know how that factored into Chris’ game. Chris says the game was always on even at EoE. Whenever he cooked rice or caught fish, that was being social. Devens asks Gavin what social situations he had to navigate. Gavin says building bonds and trust and having them come to him with information was what helped him. Chris asks Gavin if he was building the relationships as someone in charge or as a goat. Gavin says he was in charge of his own game. Kelly wants the jury to ask the questions.


Devens wants to know how Julie dealt with alliances throughout the game. She says she used her emotions as a weakness and a strategy. Joe says the emotions do play a role, but do they affect how you make your next move. Julie says she can’t turn them off or on, but she used them as a strategy. Victoria says maybe we’re not giving you enough credit, can you name a move you did? Julie says she swayed the vote when Julia was voted out. She had a specific idea of how she wanted that vote to go. Devens says that vote might not have switched if he hadn’t said something and Wardog got it going. Wardog says so your move was to throw out Julia’s name and then let Wardog save the day? Julie says no.


Gavin says his move was taking out Aubry. Aubry says Gavin is the only one to come up to her and pretended to want to work with her. Kelly says of the three of them, Gavin was the one she trusted most. Chris mentions that Julie didn’t go to tribal council until day 17. Chris tells them about his move to get Lauren to play her idol on him. Kelly says so you claim that as your move? Chris says yes, I knew she had an idol thanks to you, Kelly. Lauren says he played her like a violin.  Jeff wants to know how many people are willing to admit they are undecided and several raise their hand.


The outplay part of the game. The part where you have to build shelter, deal with idols, and edge of extinction. Devens says there were a lot of idols out there, why wasn’t anyone else looking? Julie says she was looking a lot, but they might have heard her scream from all the bugs. Gavin says he was in the side with the numbers, but he looked but it wasn’t a big deal. Devens asks Chris if the information from EoE was an advantage? Chris says that was actually a disadvantage in the game he had to play. He says the biggest move of the game was to give up his necklace to take Devens on to make fire. Because he had to build a resume quickly. Gavin doesn’t think Chris having that second idol was a big deal because it was given to him.


Chris says his relationship with Devens was real and when he said he wanted to go to final four with him and he meant it. Gavin says he thinks classic Survivor is living on EoE and then coming back. Julie says the game evolves though, and if you played 39 days and didn’t do more than Chris in the few days he played, then what did you do? Gavin says he built the bonds and trust to make sure I didn’t get voted out. Wardog says sometimes this game is about a player making a better player to you. Devens says can whoever had their name never written down raise their hand? Gavin raises his hand and Devens says pretty good.


Jeff says time to move on to Outlast. How your journey was different than everyone else. Gavin says he was playing with his heart for his wife. He says Chris asked him what his dream was and he says his dream is at home and that’s what he played for.


Chris says most of them know his journey because of EoE. He says when he came in he wanted to have control and play a perfect game and when he got voted out he had to learn how to give up to control. He says he knew he had to give up immunity and take Devens on in fire for a chance to win and he respects their decision.


Julie says they all had an incredibly personal journey and hers has been life changing. Her goal was to get to day 39 and win and she never lost sight of that goal. She says she may not have been as aggressive, but why does that make her less worthy? She says she has clarity and she already proved who she. Jeff gives the jury a moment to take in everything they heard.


The vote is finally turned over to jury. They vote and Jeff will see them at home. Jeff thanks everyone for the unique season. Time to reveal the votes. First vote…Gavin. Chris. Gavin. 2 votes Gavin, 1 vote Chris. Chris. Tied again. Gavin. 3 votes Gavin and 2 votes Chris. Tied again. Chris. Gavin. Chris. Tied at 4. Chris. Chris. The winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction…Chris! 9 votes for Chris and 4 for Gavin. The f for Gavin were Devens, Aurora, Lauren, Kelly.


Jeff asks Chris if there was a Survivor’s guilt for doing what he did to Devens? Chris says he knew he had to do it from a game play vantage point, but they are all such good players he knew it was what he needed to do. Jeff asks David to make an analogy from being on extinction and then going home and he says it’s like going to a restaurant and realizing you had a full belly. Jeff says he feels like they watched David mature. David and Cochran are writing for Star Trek.


Jeff wants to know what keeps Kelly coming back? Kelly says she wants to be a positive influence on women. She doesn’t want to give up and she does it to represent them. Kelly says she wants teenage girls to feel like they can do whatever they want to do. Kelly says you can be strong and emotional, you don’t have to fit in a box. You can be who you want to be.


Jeff says he feels like Julie went from soft to tough, does she think she did that? Julie says it was the most amazing thing she’s ever done. She wanted to prove she could push herself farther than she ever had and that’s what she did. Jeff says Gavin was so obsessed with Survivor that he moved his wedding. Is the obsession gone? Can he move on? Gavin says the obsession isn’t gone, but now he can shut up about how he’d play. He knew he was a winner leaving tribal council because his family was waiting for him at home.


Jeff says Sia is a superfan and she loves Survivor and she created her own award. She gives the award to the person she was most entertained by and she gave it to Devens this time. It’s $100,000. Jeff says Sia says she’s had so much success and she wants to share and she’s such a fan of the show and that’s why she wants to give this gift.


Jeff goes to Wendy and he says so many people talked about one aspect, not the chickens and not the flint, but her being vulnerable with Tourette’s. He asks if she’s heard from people she is helping them? She says yes. She says if she inspired people and given them the courage, that’s cool. Jeff says it’s tough to be a teacher and come on Survivor and be basically a villain. Was there any kickback at all or did they embrace it? Ron says he talked to them before the first episode and he tells them to go for it and go big. He wasn’t trying to be a villain, he was trying to play hard.


Jeff goes to Julia and he says her story connected with him. He says Survivor was kind of full circle. Julia says the beauty of EoE was that was the last thing she expected, but that experience brought internal peace and recognizing her own strength. She says there might be one soul survivor, but there can be multiple winners if their experience taught them something.


Jeff says Lauren pulled a Joe and passed out and she says he looked better. Jeff says people always said they forgot about Victoria and that’s an interesting take on her stealth. Jeff says he felt like Aurora struggled to find a bond and he says a lot of people were connected by her story as well.


Jeff says after one great season Edge, we have another great season coming up. We’ll show you what we’re doing next.


Jeff is back to show us a preview for the new season. Two legendary winners return to the game: Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine. But for the first time ever, they won’t be competing for the million dollar prize. They’ll live on a separate island and be mentors. It’s a survivor bootcamp where every visit is a dance with danger. Coming this fall…Island of the Idols.

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