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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Show recap - It Smells Like Success


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Survivor 38 Edge of Extinction


February 20, 2019


Episode 1


These 14 strangers are about to begin an adventure that will change their lives. The will compete along side 4 returning players. And there is a secret game changing twist....after being voted out players will be faced with a decision, go home or go to the edge of extinction where they will be pushed further then ever before to get back in the game. In the end only one will remain to win. 39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor. Welcome to the 38th season of Survivor.  Jeff tells the 14 castaways that 4 will be joining them. Jeff goes over the track record of the returning 4. Four different game styles, 4 different personalities but none of them won. Lets kick it up to the next level, they have 2 minutes to get anything off this boat onto their boat...go. People and things are going into the water with little communication. Keith struggles with swimming. Kama has the early advantage with what they have in their boat. 


Manu day 1. Tribe gets to shore and unloads the boat. They all introduce themselves. Rick says he has watched Survivor since the very first show. They get started building shelter. Kelly gets a bad feeling about Rick, she is going to have genuine relationships this season. David says ppl are coming to him for advice and he is trying to help them. Wendy tells the tribe she has mild turrets and describes some of her ticks.  


 Kama day 1 They unload their boat. Victoria tells us when she was 8 she asked Santa for a Survivor buff. Joe says ppl are asking him what to do. Joe builds fire. Julie says she lives in NYC and has no survival skills. Ron says Kama is off to the best start. Ron says there were 18 ppl on the boat and he found a secret advantage..it says "dig 3 feet east of your tree mail" he heads off to find it. Ron finds and Advantage Menu that allows him to choose one of the following. If they lose a challenge he can steal the reward from the other tribe, or get an extra vote or get individual idol, he has to use it by the 3rd TC. 


Kama day 2 they wonder what edge of extinction means. Joe tells Aubry he gets good vibes from the tribe. Aubry is worried about being the returner that gets her head chopped off. Gavin says he knows the show and is here to win the money. Gavin and Eric talk about keeping Joe for a while to hide behind him. Eric wants Aubry out fast. Manu day 2. Reem is pleased with how the tribe is going. Lauren says Reem is a super helper mom but she wont leave ppls things alone. Keith says he is a mommas boy, he and Reem hang out. Reem  and Wendy offer to help Keith learn to swim. He improves instantly. The rest of the tribe sees them in the water and think they are divided now. 


Day 3 Immunity challenge time: Maneuver thru an obstacle, one person will ring a bell, cross a 3 tier balance beam and get a bar that will make it easier for the rest to cross, then climb to a crows next to pull a lever that drops a slide, then they have to do a puzzle to win Immunity and flint. Ready...go! Over and under ropes. They get thru the ropes, Joe rings the bell, Chris rings the bell. Joe gets across the beam and starts to untie the knots. Eric makes it across, Aubry gets a cross. David is the first across for Manu. David gets help from Lauren. Eric is at the top of the crows next for Kama. Manu  having trouble getting the knots untied. Kelly takes a huge fall. Manu makes it across. Lauren gets up the crows nest. Kama working the puzzle. Manu now at the puzzle. Kama comes to a stop and then restarts. Kama sliding their last piece into place. Kama wins Immunity. Jeff tosses the flint to Joe. Manu heads back to camp with Kelly's head bleeding.


Manu day 3, they are disappointed they lost. Reem says Lauren and Kelly need to be separated. Keith says they are dogging Rick down. Keith is not feeling the well vibe and he needs to play the game for himself, he tells the rest of the tribe. David says he feels they can play without Wendy. Wendy says she is voting with Reem. Wardog (Dan) wonders if he cant work with Wendy. Wendy tells Reem they are throwing her name around. Reem says she is stronger then she looks, she is strappy. 



 Night 3 TC: Manu comes in and gets fire. Reem is talking and Jeff says she seems annoyed already. She says her name was tossed out there and she is annoyed. Kelly says lots of names were thrown out. Reem says her name was thrown out and she is calling age discrimination. They tell Reem she is to much, she says she thought she was being caring and consideration. Wardog says Reem will be hard to handle. Chris says if he had things hanging in a tree it was to dry it out. Reem says a lot of things would have happened differently. Jeff says they haven't had a lot of TC where talk is centered on one person. 


Reem says she is surprised, famous last words..don't be the first voted out. Jeff says someone has to be. Its time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? nope. Votes: Reem, Kelly, Wendy, Lauren, Reem, Wendy, Reem, Wendy...tied...1st person voted out is Reem. As she walks away Reem says she hopes it pours down rain on these ppl. She sees some wooden signs saying she has a decition to make, if she wants does not want to play anymore follow the path to the right. If she wants a chance to get back the game, take the torch and get on the boat  Reem takes the torch and gets on the boat. She is dropped off and finds nothing. She does find what looks like an ancient rotted boat frame. 


Next time on Survivor: When your fire is too bright, a phoenix must burn to rise from the ashes. 

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February 27, 2019


Episode 2


Previously on Survivor: Manu had a few ppl isolate themselves. At TC Reem dug her own grave and was the first person voted out and the first person to face the new twist...edge of extinction. Day for edge of extinction. Reem is bundled up in a tarp. She has no idea what is going on, what does she have to go thru. She finds a sign, she will have to work for everything, if at any point you wish to end your adventure raise the flag and a boat will come get her. She  has nothing but time to analyze why she got voted out, she cries, she is not a quitter. She makes a shelter. She doesnt want to disappoint her family.


 Manu Day 4 Wendy is angry that Kelly is there. Wendy says David is playing a calmer game. The others say they have to keep an eye on Wendy. Kelly says she knows how Wendy feels she has been on the bottom.  They talk about going out and looking for an HII, it would be an open HII for all of them. Kama Day 4 Camp laughs about making a song for next TC. Aurora says dancing has become their thing.    Aubry says she doesnt like kume by ah survivor. Aubry tries to get a feel from the girls about how they feel about returners. They dont talk about it but talk to the boys and they say the returners need to go. 


Aubry goes to each player saying they remind her of....she likes when they.... Victoria says she is trying to grab someone in,  Aubry should go.


 Lauren says Parviti and Wentworth were her roll models and she wants to find the HII so bad. Lauren has found the HII. Lauren rehides it where only she knows.


Day 6 Immunity challenge time: they will swim out to a cage, get over the cage to a long and heavy snake, pull the snake to shore, open the snake to get numbers to combination lock. Open the lock to get rings to toss at oars that have letters on them. The first to spell Immunity wins also up for grabs is either spices, knives and cutting board or a deluxe Survivor fishing kit.  Aubry has played this before she says that is one heavy snake.


 Ready go.... Everyone is in the water. Keith is struggling and getting help from tribe. Kama has snake free and lifting it out of the cage. Manu gets their snake free. Kama is working well together, Manu struggles. Kama dragging snake thru the sand to a long platform and starts to untie it. Manu starts to untie their snake. Kama has their lock open. Joe tosses the first ring for Kama and gets it. Manu ties it up, Kama gets 2 and 3. Manu gets 2. Kama gets 4 and 5. Manu struggles. Kama gets 6, Manu gets 4. Kama gets 7 and 8. Kama wins immunity, they choose fishing gear for reward. Manu will go to TC again.  Wardog wonders if there is a plan C, maybe a new game plan is needed.


Manu camp, Keith says he is sorry, they say its ok.  Keiths before the challenge it would have been Wendy going now he feels like he is on the chopping block. Wardog says Keith is a liability. Kelly says yeah Keith didn't do good in the challenge but Wendy is after her. Keith promises Chris he will stay loyal to him. Chris and Rick talk about taking Kelly out, he tells David and David agrees with it. David says this tribe isn't big enough for 2 returners. Keith is excited to vote out Kelly. Wardog tells Chris that with a bigger target on Kellys back its better to keep her. Chris says Kelly now then Keith. Wardog wants it to be his plan but for them to think its their plan.  Kelly says ppl are acting strange and its making her nervous. If she were in their shoes she would vote her out.  Kelly trusts Lauren but not the rest. If she goes before Keith she will be pissed off. 


 Night 6 TC: Jeff asks Wendy if she is concerned she will get votes again tonight. She says yes. Kelly says being a returner she will always be a bigger shield. Lauren says they cant lose again...ever. Jeff asks Keith if he is worried. Keith says it depends on the relationships you build. Chris says its not just strong in a challenge but strong in votes. Wardog says there is a lot of taking going on and there may be blindside going on. David says there will be blindside. Rick says who doesnt want to check blindside of their Survivor to do list. 


 Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Kelly, Keith, Wendy, Keith, Keith, second person voted out is Keith. Keith says now you guys think you will win challenge? Dang dang dang it!! He gets the signs for edge of extinction choices... reaches for the torch then back off and talks to God. (we dont see what he chooses) 


Next time on Survivor: When the cats out of the bag, you'll need a pack mentality or you'll catch a bad break. (We see Wendy with her foot on her bag and huge purple spot on it. At edge of extinction Reem says she has been there for 3 days and had only a few bites of coconut, she says if someone doesnt show up she may have to raise the flag. 


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March 6, 2019


Episode 3


Previously on Survivor: talk was about getting out the returners. Keith was voted out and had to decide to go home or grab a torch.  Night 6 Edge of extinction: Keith joins Reem. Keith is scared, Reem tells him its rough out there. Reem says she now feels responsible for Keith, she feels she has to stay to make sure he is ok. They get bottles on the beach, the bottles have maps in them. They go off to follow the map. They find steps and finally find a little bit of rice. They have to do this every day.


Reward challenge time: build a wheelbarrow, take it thru obstacles collecting and bags, take the wheel barrow apart to make a sling shot, us the sand bags to shoot down targets. Reward is comfort or chickens.  Ready go! Manu gets the axel in. Kama gets their axel. Manu is out of the gate first and into the obstacles. Kama at first sand bags and on to their second bags. Manu catches up. Kama takes the wheelbarrow apart. Kama struggling. Kama has trouble with the arms of the slingshot. Manu's slips right in. Manu shots and gets their first target and 2nd. Kama gets 1. Manu gets 3. Manu wins reward, their first challenge of the season. They take chickens. 


 Wendy is crying, her ankle started to hurt walking away from the challenge, its swollen and now she cant move it. 


 Manu  day 7. the tribe helps Wendy into camp. She says that when they were disassembling the wheelbarrow it fell on her but she was concentrating on the challenge and didnt really feel it.  They  guys talk about killing the chickens while Wendy tries to deal with the pain.  Wendy doesn't want to kill the chickens. Wendy asks Rick to help her set the chickens free. Kama day 7, Victoria says they havent lost a challenge until now, she says Joe and Aubry are a target and Aurora is with them.  Victoria talks to Ron not knowing Joe was there. Aubry says her and Joe are scared coming in to these new players, she wants to find the HII, she goes looking for it, she has never found an HII....until now. She cries. 


 Back at Manu they are still talking about killing the chickens (her ankle now is wrapped) Wardog is trying to convince her. They tribe is not happy with Wendy, they talk about getting rid of her. Its Kill or be Killed. 


Immunity Challenge day 8: they have  3 members in a boat, 4 members int he water pulling the boat, they have to collect keys from a platform, us the keys to open chests to get puzzle pieces to solve a ships wheel then spin the wheel to raise a flag. Ready gooooo. its dead even. Still even. both get first keys, they have to get 2 more. again its tied. Manu has a slight lead, they have their 3rd key and are headed for the platform. Kama gets their last key and headed for the platform. Manu has their chest open, Kama has theirs open. Kama thinks they have the spokes together and open the second bag that has the rim of the wheel. Manu is struggling.  Manu is wrong again. Kama raises their flag. Kama wins immunity. Manu goes to TC for the 3rd straight time. David tells us this is his opportunity to target Kelly.


Manu day 8, Wendy says she is injured and she still killed the comp. David says it was his fault. They talk about killing the chicken, they look for the flint and cant find it. Wendy walks away with the flint. David and Rick go to ask her about it. She says Chris had it. They talk about making a big move by getting Kelly out. Back at camp they get an ember going and grab a chicken. David and Chris talk about getting rid of Kelly but Chris tells us that he is with Wardog with Wendy. Chris tells Wardog it will be either Wendy or Kelly. Wardog says he trusts Chris more then David so maybe it will be Chris. Kelly says if you come for me you have to go...no more Wendy take Chris. Rick tells David that Kelly's name wasnt supposed to come up,  David says no matter what tonights TC will be interesting, no one will see the betrayal kindly. 


Time for TC: Jeff asks Rick what would he call this tribe, he says losers. Wardog brings up the chickens, he says Wendy is like him, a wardog. Kelly says they are doing something wrong so it comes down to trust. David says tonight is more about getting rid of the social threat. Kelly cant process what David said. Wendy says what ever happens in TC its like a pyramid and she is on the bottom. A tribe that has lose after lose and they seem to be playing a very complex game. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Kelly, Chris, Kelly, Chris, Chris, 3rd person voted out is Chris. Not a word is said, Chris walks down the path to the EOE signs and says screw those guys he is getting back in the boat and grabs a torch. 


Next time on Survivor: You can fly the coop but you cant escape a twist.  Drop your buffs...they are going from 2 tribes to 3 tribes. 

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March 13, 2019


Episode 4


Previously on Survivor:  Wendy ruffled feathers, Wardog had a plan. At TC Chris was voted out and went straight to EOE. Night 8, EOE Chris arrives and is greeted by Keith and Reem. Reem tells Chris to read the sign and tells us he isn't going to come in her to the Holiday Inn. Manu tribe, Wendy returns the flint, she tells David she is not done, its part of her master plan. Wardog talks about Wendy going home next. Kelley says Wendy is not a normal person, she hid their flint who does that. 


Time for Challenge, as the tribes come Kama cant believe that Chris was voted out. Everybody drop your buffs, going from 2 tribes to 3. They pick new buffs, Blue, Yellow, Green. Manu is Blue with Wendy, Aubry, Vickey, Gavin and Eric. Kama is Yellow with 5 original Manu tribe of Joe, Ron, Julia, Julie and Aurora . And Lesu is Green with David, Kelley, Rick, Lauren and Wardog. 


At Kama Joe says there is whole new dynamic, he is trying to build strong solid relationships, he feels Aurora is solid and he fells great with Ron. But Joe doesn't know that Joe told Julia to look thru Joes bag for a HII, she finds nothing. Ron says with Joe not having a HII he will be an easy target. 


At Lesu Wardog says they are looking good. Rick says Wendy is probably telling that tribe everything. David makes fire. Lauren feels like she is going to throw up and tells us Survivor is harder then she thought it would be, she cant eat the rice anymore, she misses her family. 


At Manu Wendy shows her new tribe around. Audry says she is excited about the tribe swap, if they lose they have Wendy as an easy pick off. Wendy says she is really happy to be on this tribe. Wendy tells them everything. They ask about the chickens, Wendy is not happy. Night 9 Manu....Wendy lets the chickens lose. 


At EOE a storm is coming in. Day 10: Keith says it sucks, all he can do is stare at the mast. HIs mind is his best friend and also his enemy. Keith is angry Chris is here. Chris says he has a fear of failure, his idea of playing a perfect game is shot. Chris goes fishing and brings back 2 little fish. Chris says he doesn't know what this island has in store for them. Are they a family? a tribe? what?


Manu day 10 They tribe finds the chickens gone. Eric says if he catches a chicken its not going back in the cage its going under the machete. (as we hear a chicken squawk) 


Immunity challenge time:  They will have to race over a series of A frames while carrying heavy ropes, use the ropes the pull a heavy crate to the finish, in the crate is a puzzle. First 2 to complete the puzzle wins immunity. Kama is quickly over the A frame. Lauren struggles. Lesu falling behind. They all start to make a human ladder to get to the top of the last A frame.  All come over about even. Blue starts to pull the box, Kama and Lesu follow quickly. Kama and Manu get their box to the end. Lesu also has their box. Kama starts the puzzle followed by the other 2 tribes.  Kama thinks they have it and they do. Manu moving pieces down, they think they have and they do. Lesu will go to TC.  Kama remains undefeated. 


Kelley says this tribe is so bad, now they have to cut out one of the family, its horrible.


Lesu Day 11. Its raining. Rick says they cant catch a break, now they have to cannibalize themselves. Rick and David agree to not put each others name down. Lauren hasn't eaten and she threw up this morning. The guys say all in on Lauren. Lauren says she feels they think she is the weakest but she isn't. Lauren and Kelley say Rick, they talk to Wardog. Kelley says Wardog is playing Survivor like Poker. Talk goes back and forth with Wardog being the swing vote. Wardog says its not about a tribe now its about Wardog, who can he dance with. 


Time for TC:  Jeff asks what's going on with the tribe. Rick says you are watching Lesu evening news, this may be his last time. Wardog says affection and respect for each other is all they have.  Kelley says she went thru the wringer in Cambodia and with this tribe they are so close. Rick says he is surprised how fast you can make a family. Wardog says this is a game of games, the social, the physical. David says there things in this experience that re more then the million at the end. Jeff says that is why playing is so hard. Lauren says TC wont be ugly, it will be hard. Wardog says the first 3 TC were easy this is hard. David says it is the most emotional TC he has been to. Time  to vote. We see Rick vote for Lauren and Lauren vote for Rick.  Any one want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Lauren, Rick, Laruen, Rick....tied....4th person voted out is Rick. David looks surprised. Rick says he takes it all back they are the worst, the says he is rooting for them. 


Rick walks off to the EOE sign and chooses to take the torch. 


Next time on Survivor: A diabolical plan and a ray of light can push you over the edge. 




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March 20, 2019


Episode 5


 Previously on Survivor: Wendy made enemies. Joe thought he was making friends. Wardog was the swing vote and Rick went home.....errr to EOE. Day 12 EOE, Rick finds himself gathering wood. Rick says he takes it as a test. 


 Challenge time: They will race thru obstacles collecting bolos along the way, they will then attempt to land those bolos on racks. Reward is  jars of PBJ and trimmings, second place gets PBJ sandwiches. Ready...Go! they are neck and neck thru the ropes. Manu is first thru the ropes. Lesu struggles getting the bolos. Kama has all their bolos, Manu has all theirs. Every tribe member has to land a bolo on the boards. Kama has 1, 2. Manu has 3, Lesu misses. Manu and Kama tied. Kama wins big reward. Lasu scores 2. Manu wins reward. Lesu is empty handed again. David says they are running out of adjectives to describe these defeats.


 Kama day 12. Julia says the Kama tribe is a force to be reckoned with. She feels Joe is the biggest threat and she feels he should go sooner then later. Joe says he trying to make his tribe feel like they need him so he isn't the one going home.  While Joe fishes the rest of the tribe talks about getting rid of him. Ron tells us that camp w/o Joe would be miserable and they will not win all the comps. Julie says Joe can not go to far in this game and she is concerned all 4 of the retuners are still there. 


Manu enjoys their sandwiches and talks about enjoying chickens. Aubry says its so frustrating to talk about chickens (as a chicken walks in front of her) Aubry is looking for someone that will step up and show her they are good to go into the merge with. They tribe talks about getting rid of Aubry. Aubry talks to Victoria about getting rid of the big boys. At Lesu, David wants to go fishing, Wardog has never been fishing before. David says he will see if he can find some snails, he goes looking for the HII instead. The rest of the tribe say David is worthless and cant off by himself. Lauren says if they go to another TC it will be David.  Wardog talks to Kelley about voting out Lauren. Kelley says on this tribe its good to have an A, B,and C plan. She has to have a game plan to get her farther, its kill or be killed. 


At EOE, They have news! A box with some thing for each of them. They are on the EOE, there goal is to get back in the fold. They fold the map to find something. They  make a pact to go all together. Keith takes his rice and walks away, it doesn't take the others long to notice him gone. Reem is disappointed, the rest take off after him. Chris shoves Keith away and finds 3 stakes with string attached.  Rick gets the other advantage that says he can give one person going to TC an extra vote. 


Time for Immunity Challenge: They have to swim out to a raft, climb up, dive down to get puzzle pieces in the form of buoys, then use the buoys to make a buoy pyramid. Kama and Manu sit out one each. Goo! Manu and Kama are first to dive down to release the first set of buoys. Kama cant get it and send another person in, Lesu cant get it either. Kama gets their first piece. Manu gets their second piece, Kama gets their second piece. Lesu in dead last with no pieces. Manu and Kama start working on the pyramid. 


 Lesu sends their last player into the water (Can Wardog the the pieces where the girls couldn't?) They  have no pieces. Wardog gets first piece, David goes down to get the next piece. Lauren give it a try again....she gets the second piece and they head to make the pyramid.  Kama thinks they have it and they do. Both tribes look at Kama's pyramid. Lesu thinks they have it and they do. Lesu wins immunity. Manu will go to TC. Victoria says they all think Aubry needs to go, its a big move and big moves are risky.


Manu day 13 Aubry says it was almost surreal coming back from the challenge, the original 4 came together and the plan is to vote out Wendy but do they make a big move? Aubry and Victoria wonder who should go, Wendy or Eric? The girls talk about taking out Eric but Wendy cant make a decision or have an opinion says Aubry. How can Aubry work with someone who doesn't have an opinion. Aubry is walking around with her bag looking for a place to put her HII when she reaches into her bag and finds an envelope, its the extra vote from EOE. 


 The last time the vote can be used is when there are 7 ppl left in the game. Aubry says this extra vote changes everything, does she use it now or hold on to it.  She doesn't know what to do when something positive happens in this game. She has to have faith that just the little bitty thing can go right. 


TC night 13: 4 of the 5 have to get fire. Gavin says the mood was relaxed when they got back to camp. Aubry says everyone was always talking. Victoria says she was in on some convos. Wendy says she feels ppl are confused about her game play, she is not sad cuz she made it here. Aubry says when you find the perfect black cat to your witch its the perfect Halloween night.  Gavin says he doesnt see Aubry as a returner but as a helper. Wendy has found the transition from normal life to game very had. Eric say he has had feelings wondering if the will get duped tonight. Aubry says some times things are more simple then they seem. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope.  Votes: Aubry, Wendy, Aubry, 5th person voted out of Survivor is Aubry. She is shocked and says you guys are unbelievable players. She says good luck guys and walks off. At the EOE signs she says that's an easy decision, a no brainer as she takes the torch. Day 14 at EOE. Aubry says she got burned real bad last night, like JT embarrassment.  She will pull herself up, its what she does. 


Time for Reward challenge. The other tribes cant believe Aubry is gone. They will have to leap over tables, pull a lever to release sand bags, us the sand bags to hit targets to raise 2 flags. Reward is coffee, pastries, second reward is coffee and cookies. Ready Go!! They are all off fast. Over the tables and got the first levers done and on to the sand bags, they have to have all the sand bags in the bin. Kama is first to get them all  and Joe starts to throw. Lesu and Manu still getting all the sand bags together. Kama is on fire and drops the first flag, Manu gets their first flat. Kama wins reward. Manu gets their second flag. Lesu wins nothing. Kama has won 7 out of 8 challenges. 


Kama day 14, Julie says its to the point where she expects them to win the challenge and that's not good. Julie congrats Joe for winning that challenge, she tells us she is pulling the wool over Joes eyes, she wants him gone. Joe says was hard to see Aubry gone, you got no where to hide and no one to rely on. He says it makes you appreciate the ones at home more. How far can you go, how far can you take it. Joe says the other tribes see them as a huge group of five and will want to get rid of them. Joe talks to Julia they are a threat. 


Lesu day 13, they talk  about Joe being amazing again. They need food, they are going to look for crabs. Lauren says its all crappy, its hell. She has never cried so much before. Lauren says she is so hungry but the rice makes her sick. Lauren and Wardog need food. David finds a huge clam. Wardog thinks Lauren is done and needs to go next, he talks to the others and they agree. Kelley says she understand she should vote out Lauren but cant work with Wardog. David agrees with Lauren, Wardog does nothing, sucks at challenges and only crunches number, if it will get him to day 39 he will do it.


 EOE day 16, they got more info. New maps just like the last ones but with holes. Auby follows the others. This map is harder then the last one. Rick says OMG its on the beach, he starts digging at the mast....and nothing. Reem checks the water  at low tide and her and Keith find something....When the time comes penalize your biggest threat by assigning these knots to them. Reem says she found it first but didn't touch it first. Reem gets mad that Chris said she gave it way, she gave it to Keith. Aubry says its a disaster here, its a dysfunctional family, no one knows how long this train wreck will last. 


Immunity Challenge time: They have to climb a ladder, maneuver a rope thru a bamboo frame, sprint to the finish and do a puzzle.  oh...one extra thing, only the first tribe to win gets immunity, the other two tribes will go to TC. 


All of them are up the ladder and getting the bag thru the rope. Kama is out first, Manu is down. Kama gets the bag off the rope first. Manu is next. Lesu is last. Kama drops the cage followed my Manu. Lesu is struggling but gets the cage down. All tribes on the slide puzzle. Kama thinks they have it and they do. Lesu and Manu will go to TC together and they will vote one person out of the game.  David says strap yourselves in every body its going to be chaotic. 


 Manu camp. Eric says the challenge went horrible and with both tribe voting it could be a 4/4 tie, are they ready to draw rocks? Wendy says David? Eric says they wont want to go to rocks, what returning player would return for a 3rd time to go to rocks. Should they say they are willing to go to rocks and ask if Lesu is willing? Gavin says he doesn't want to go to the next stage w/o Eric, he will to  go rocks. Victoria says they all agreed to go to rocks but she is not, don't ever trust her. 


Over at Lesu: Kelley says if she were them they would try to get out of them. Wardog want to put 4 votes to Wendy. Kelley says they will vote for her. Lauren says she didnt come this far to go to rocks, she is pissed. Wardog goes off to dry is foot out, says does he want to go to rocks for Lauren? he goes for a walk. David says Wardog is creating a war within his own tribe. They all go looking for the HII. Wardog and Lauren stop on the trail and talk, Wardog walks away and Lauren looks past him and finds sees it over his shoulder. Lauren and Kelley talk about whether or not to use their HII or vote for Wardog. 


Time for TC: Both tribes come in and have a seat. Victoria says there were no side convos today, it was one big convo. Lesu agrees, they knew they  had to stay united. Wardog likens it to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Kelley say they will welcome anyone from the other tribe with open arms. Wendy says she is having a flashback, she is in the middle of both tribes. David says they consider Wendy a part of their tribe. David says if it has to come to rocks it will happen, nobody here is afraid of rocks. Victoria says she finds it hard to believe he will come here 3 times to go to rocks. Eric agrees. Eric and Gavin whisper David pulls Wendy aside to talk to her. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Wendy, Lauren, Wendy, Lauren, Wendy, Lauren, Wendy, Lauren...tied. Revote with Lauren and Wendy not voting all others can only vote for them. Lots of whispering between tribes. Time to revote. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, sixth person voted out is Wendy. They say sorry Wendy. She ask Jeff to call her Big Wendy and he does, she also gets a hug from Jeff. She runs off saying cheese burger and shower. She gets to the EOE sign and grabs the torch. 


Next time on Survivor: Its that time (drop their buffs) for another Survivor first. (EOE  tribe come in) 

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It’s Day 17 on Survivor and Jeff calls the survivors in and they see Wendy was voted out. Jeff asks if Wardog seen the reaction and he says yeah the tribal lines are still there. Jeff tells them to drop their buffs, they are merged. They get pink buffs. Jeff says over the years certain moments on Survivor have become iconic. Some take years to become iconic and others become iconic the moment they happen. This might be one of them. Come on in!


The Survivors from Edge of Extinction are all back. Jeff says this season every voted out player had a decision to make. They could give up or stay and fight for another shot. Jeff says they were taken to another island, the edge of extinction. The details will be their’s to share if they want, but he shares they’ve had to work every bit as hard as they have.


One of these 6 is about to earn their way back into the game. They will race through a series of obstacles where they maneuver a ball to a long trap. First to finish earns their back into the game. Jeff says some of them earned some advantage. Chris earned bamboo and string to practice and Keith earned an advantage to disadvantage another person by giving them 30 knots in the final stage and Keith gives it to Chris.


The race is on and they are all neck and neck. Jeff says whatever is in the tank, they need it right now. They all have their bags and are out to the next section. Chris is untying his bamboo with Aubry, Wendy, and Rick are all on his tail. Chris earned the advantage, will it pay off. Aubry is the first to have her stick together and she has her key and she’s in the lead.


Aubry has her ball and she’s in the final phase. Chris and Rick are working on getting their keys and they both have the key. Wendy and Reem have their keys. Chris has 30 knots as a penalty. Keith is struggling getting his keys. Reem and Wendy are all on the final phase. Aubry drops and has to start again. Reem drops. Rick is looking ok. Wendy is doing a good job, but she’s twitching. Rick and Wendy are close and Chris finally has his ball. Keith finally has his key and he gets through to the last phase.


Wendy is the one to beat with Rick behind. Chris is in it and Reem struggles and drops. Aubry played wreckless and she drops again. Keith figured it out quickly but he’s out. It’s Wendy in the lead with Chris and Rick right behind. Wendy dropped right at the top and she has to start over. Chris is now in the lead and he drops and he is out. Rick is now the one with the shot and it’s in and Rick earned his way back into the game.


Jeff says Rick rejoins the merged tribe and everyone is emotional. But now, extinction begins again. Every person voted out will have the same opportunity. They are merging to the Manu beach where their feast awaits. Rick says he’s a whole new man thanks to the edge of extinction. They head out and Jeff addresses Aubry. Aubry says she’s so grateful and she got played and got played hard.


Jeff asks Reem why she’s out here and she says this is her favorite show, this is her dream and she gets voted out and she ended up in hell and she’s proud of herself. Jeff asks Keith how you get through extinction and he says you live moment by moment and he’s so proud he didn’t give up. Jeff asks Wendy what she’s feeling right now and she says she feels bad she didn’t have time on extinction like the others but they should all be so proud.


Jeff asks Chris what the lowest point was for him on extinction. Chris says he wanted to play a perfect game and let that slip through his hands, you realize you’re not perfect. He says it was like therapy for him. Jeff says Reem, Keith, Chris, Aubry, Wendy, they have another decision to make. Who wants to go back for another shot back in the game? Everyone raises their hand and they all go back. Jeff says everyone go back to the boat, their adventure continues. Aubry says when Jeff said they could come back she was jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning.


We are at Manu beach and they are asking Rick about extinction island. Kelly says Rick is the one person she didn’t want back. Rick says there’s definitely a fear he’s the easy vote so he needs to make human connection so they don’t write him off as the easy vote. Julie feels like Rick is a genuine person and she’s rooting for him and she doesn’t want to see him go back to extinction. It sounds like a scary place she doesn’t want to go to.


Chris says he knew that coming back to extinction would be hard, but it’s what he needed. Aubry is emotional while Keith and Wendy raise the sail and they are both leaving the game. Reem, Aubry, and Chris watch and say they knew it was going to be hard. Aubry says she wants to get back in the game. Back at Manu, Kelly is talking to Lauren and they have two idols between them and that’s a lot of power. Kelly says she’s in a minority group and she’s going to need every tool she can and she has to talk to Joe.


Joe tells Kelly it’s like Survivor 2.0. Kelly says it’s a nightmare to be at Joe’s mercy. Kelly asks Joe about how he feels after the Aubry thing. Joe says he doesn’t like it and he feels like it’s on the bottom. Kelly says she sees David and Rick shifting to the majority tribe. Kelly thinks the best plan is to make it an easy vote to take out Rick. All six girls are talking and Lauren and Kelly are pitching Rick as an easy vote and Julie is shocked. She doesn’t understand from a moral stand point how you can do that. Julie says Kelly and Lauren are so brutal, maybe one of them should be sent her merry way off to extinction.


We are at Vata, the new merged tribe. Rick is looking through his bag and he has a little something. He’s trying to keep a straight face and he knows he needs to get away from everyone. He unwraps it and has 2 pieces of an immunity idol. He has to give one half to another player in the game and if they are both still there, then they can combine the idol and it has full power. But it’s not useful until after the next tribal.


Rick feels like David is the one he can trust the most and so he shares the idol with him. Rick says if either of them get voted out, it’s over. He says he feels like he might be on the bottom and he’s scared to death going into tribal council.


It’s time for the first individual immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, they will stand on narrow beam while balancing a statue. At regular intervals they’ll move farther down their beam. If they fall off the beam or drop their statue, then they are out of the challenge. This challenge is on and immediately a huge gust of win comes. Ron is the first one out.


Victoria is moving a little bit and then Gavin drops. It’s time for them to make their first move. Jeff says it’s a live transition so if they drop they are out. Wardog drops his statue and he’s out. Rick drops and he’s out. Another gust of wind comes and Victoria struggles and she’s out. Aurora drops and is out.


We are in the next section and they’ll stay there for ten minutes. Joe is steady and David has a little wobble and he’s telling himself to stay calm. The wind is picking up again. Kelly’s arms are numb and Lauren has a bug on her leg. Kelly drops and is out. 20 minutes in and it’s time to move to the most narrow part of the beam. Eric can’t make the transition and he’s out. Julia also struggles and is out. A gust of wind comes and David drops. Julie, Joe, and Lauren all remain in the challenge.


They’ve been up there 40 minutes. Julie has been very steady and David says Julie has some guns. Joe has been very steady. Lauren has the front of her pole dipping down. Joe tried to move his arm and he drops out of nowhere. The wind is coming again. Lauren is moving all over, but her statue is still for now. Julie is moving her pole too. The wind is really blowing. Lauren tilts her pole and Julie wins the first individual immunity. Julie says she’s been wanting to be here for 18 years and she feels like her kids and husband will be proud of her.


Kelly says the plan to get out Rick has been discussed and everyone appears to be on board. Kelly knows she has an immunity idol and she’s glad she has the cushion, but she knows how crazy voting can get and she might have to bring out the big guns.


Julie is relieved she’s wearing the immunity necklace and it makes her comfortable. She wants to get Kelly out. The story to Kelly is to vote Rick and David and they will pull Rick and David in to vote Kelly out. Kelly goes to Rick and she says he’s being thrown under the bus and she promises Rick he’s not going home, but she won’t tell him names and details.


Rick gives David the half of the immunity idol and he fills David on and David says that’s bad game play on Kelly’s part. David tells Rick they should be voting Wentworth tonight and Rick feels like if he can get through tonight it will be a whole new ballgame. Eric wants to go and try and catch some chickens and Joe is left with Ron at camp. Joe tells Ron to follow them and make sure he isn’t getting voted out. Ron asks Joe who he should vote for. Ron says Joe was very vague and he doesn’t know if he can trust Joe. Ron says his true alliance is Julie, Julia, Eric, Victoria, and Aurora and he needs to convince them to take out Joe. The chickens get away. Victoria says Ron wants to get rid of Joe, but she wants to get rid of Kelly. It’s hard to know what’s the right move.


Victoria fills Eric in that Ron wants to go Joe and she says she wants to go Kelly. Eric says there are a few options and Gavin says they need to figure out which move suits them best. Julie says it’s too soon to get rid of Joe and she’d like it to be Kelly. Julie says they have to come to a consensus. Julie says they can all make a different case for Kelly or Joe and it’s getting tricky. Julie says this vote can dictate the rest of the game.


It’s night 19 and it’s time for tribal council. Those that don’t have a torch get fire and Jeff brings in the members of their jury and everyone is shocked. Reem, Chris, and Aubry and Jeff says they took the option to return for another chance. Jeff asks Julie what was the feeling to merge and she says it was exciting to meet new people and start playing the game. Ron says he loves Kama and he didn’t want to swap.


Jeff asks Kelly if he’s glad Kama stayed together and she’s not super excited and she thinks new relationships are forming. Jeff asks Rick what he noticed. Rick says he doesn’t know what the dynamics are and he hadn’t met anyone from Kama. Jeff asks Victoria if there was talk about taking Rick out and she says no way, that’d be evil. Plus, there’s bigger targets on the table. Joe says he’s concerned when Victoria said bigger threats and Victoria says she didn’t say physical threats.


Jeff asks Ron if they’ve talked about idols and he says no one has talked about it. Wardog says that happens every season until four idols pop up. Rick says no one wants to tell you who they’re close with or who they are going after and he said it was weird that Joe painted all day. Jeff addresses Joe and Joe says he’s relying on his tribe. Ron says when you’re in the majority you don’t have to scramble. Jeff asks Kelly if that’s frustrating and she says yeah because I’m always on the bottom.


Time to vote! If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they’d like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Kelly and Lauren look at each other and neither moves but Lauren rolls her eyes. First vote Rick. Kelly. David. Rick. David. Kelly. David. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Seventh person voted out and the fourth member of the jury…Joe. Kelly says nice play guys and Reem says lame.


Joe says they made a big mistake. Joe gets to where he has a decision to make and he says easy decision. He says they left the door wide open, worst thing they could have done.


Next time on Survivor, when you’re flying high and lose control, prepare for a crash.

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April 3, 2019


Episode 7


At camp they talk about people going back to EOE. David gives hugs for saving. At EOE Joe tears up and says he is just trying to keep it together


Time for Reward Challenge. They will have to race thru obstacles, retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces then race back and use the pieces to put the puzzle together. First 6 win Chinese Takeout.  Blue is out to a fast start. Yellow gets to pieces first but Blue gets theirs untied first. Blue is out front in the second set of pieces. Blue still out front, they are taking their second set to shore. and they start working on the puzzle. Yellow gets their pieces to shore. Blue is working quickly on the puzzle. Yellow gets a piece stuck. Blue thinks they have it and they do. Aurora, Julia, Eric, Rick, Wardog and Victoria win reward.


 Day 20 Vata. The reward winners are enjoying their food while the rest feel so bad, its the first time some of them have lost. Lauren says she is sooo freakin hungry, she feels like she is cursed. Kelley apologizes to David about her vote. Kelley talks to David and Lauren about coming together and taking out a Kama person. They think they need Aurora.  Rick tells Wardog he doesn't want to work with them at all. Wardog says it will get him farther in the game, Rick says it will get him (Wardog) farther. Rick says if he cant trust Lasu the he will get with Kama. 


Rick asks David for the other half of the Idol back. David says no. 


EOE day 21. Chris comes back to camp with wine bottles with a clue. Aubry says she has her shoes on cuz its like Black Friday. Reem says she just wants to find something. Aubry finds a hole in the rock wall, she finds a key and clue that says follow the rocks to the last of the sand where your practice begins. There is a post with a rope, and an extra vote for someone in the game. She straps in and starts working the rope. 


Time for Immunity Challenge: They have to balance in their toes with a block balanced between their head and beam.  Wardog first out after 15 seconds. 22 days on Survivor is impossible to imagine. Kelley is shaking. Eric is out, Gavin is out. Kelley is out, Rick is out. Julie out. Ron out, Julie is out. David wiggles. 25 minutes in, David Victoria, Aurora and Lauren still in this. Lauren says she is dizzy. David out. Lauren says she cant see, she is about to black out and she falls. Jeff yells for medical. Aurora and Victoria keep going. Aurora is pleading for Victoria to give it to her. The ones out are upset with her for doing this while Lauren is out cold. Lauren comes back and says she is embarrassing. Jeff says its the sign of a warrior.


Aurora pleads but Victoria hangs in there. Victoria drops and Aurora wins Immunity. After 22 very tough days someone will be voted out. Lauren says she more pissed that she was on the ground then anything. 


Vata day 22. They congrat Aurora, she looks in her bag and finds a parchment, she gets the extra vote, she thanks Joe or Aubry  or whoever. Back at camp they think loved ones will be at the next Challenge, Victoria and Julia, Eric  talk about getting out Kelley. Kelley tells David she wants to cry, she says well see you on EOE. Wardog talks to different ones about how he wants to make a connection with them and to get David or Rick out. Julia tells us it might be her time to make a big move. Gavin says they talk about taking out Ron. Julia goes to Victoria and she says its too soon. 


TC night 22. Jury comes in. The Kama 7 had a beach front convo and made a decision. Rick says he is doing what he can to get on the Kama train. Eric says they all want to go  to their loved ones. David says there is a lot of blank papers here now. Julia says whether or not to make a move is now or not. Aurora says its not that they have taken control of the game but who is going to decide to do it. 


 Time to Vote. We see a vote for Kelley. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Vote: Lauren, Lauren, Kelley, Kelley, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, 8th person voted out and 5th person in Jury is Eric. He says Lord gives and Lord takes away, what an experience, he hopes to see them again. He walks out and gets his EOE torch.


Next time on Survivor: In a fight for the future the sins of your past can come back to haunt you. 

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April 10, 2019 


Episode 8


Previously on Survivor: Wardog tried to get Kama to turn and it worked, Eric was voted out and went to EOE. Vata Night 22, Wardog says he controlled the vote, they may get the chance to break it open now.  Gavin says Eric was his closest ally but he was keeping him down. David says he and Rick voted differently cuz they are on different pages, they have to figure out how to move forward, they each have a part of their child.


EOE Day 23, Eric says he had a horrible TC, it was horrible blindside. Eric says today is going to suck, he comes in right after the ones he sent there. There is no rewards, no chance of pizza. Things go from a million to zero. Aubry says she will stick it out, Joe says on one side of the sign was burgers but that's not who he is. Chris catches a stingray and some fish. Eric says this gives him a story to tell his kids, he will have to tell himself everyday so he doesn't raise that canvas. 


Vata Day 23, Rick says he was right there were cracks in Kama he just didn't expect them last night. Julie says she was upset she was not in on the decision to vote Eric. Julie, David, Rick and Ron talk, Julie cries she is about ready to jump ship, no one is watching out for her. Gavin and Julia talk about getting David. 


David has flashbacks as they come up the Immunity challenge, its one they did on his season. They will stand on a beam while balancing a ball on a bow, fall off or ball drops your out. Get ready...Go! Gavin wiggles but gets it back, Rick wobbles, Wardog out. Julie out. End of round one, move farther down on the beam....Go. Ron out. Rick out. Aurora out, Victoria out. Lauren out. Kelley out. Gavin, David and Julia still in it. Julia out. David vs Gavin......Gavin wobbles again but recovers. David wobbles, Gavin wobbles. David is out. Gavin wins immunity. He says he has been waiting for this since he was about 8 years old. He could see his family saying come on, he could do it.


At camp they congrat Gavin on his win. Rick says for the first time, they get back to camp and everyone scatters. At camp is Rick, David and Julia. Gavin says now is the time to break up a power trio. Wardog, Julie and Lauren talk about getting rid of David.  Lauren talks to Julia about getting rid of David. Julia says she would rather reunite Kama and get out Kelley. Victoria says 3 is bigger then 2 and if they get rid of the Queen Bee the rest will fall apart. Julie says she is at a low and needs to pull herself together fast. Gavin pushes for David and the game is theirs. Victoria pushes for Kelley. 


David  says he has come up with a spidy sense and its working  no one is talking at dinner. Kelley says she is having flashbacks to Cambodia, she is going to get some votes, she is trusting her guy and its says she'll play her HII. 


Night 23 TC: There is an implicit agreement on Surivor that you don't fully trust anyone. Julie says she was on the wrong side of blindside. Aurora says a blindside is not about each move its about the goal. Kelley says she is not certain what will happen tonight she feels Kama is back together. David says this morning he saw a bunch of minnows and a shark came along.(while David was taking a poop) Jeff asks Rick if he is the shark or minnow and Rick says he feels like the poop.


Julie says she doesn't think the plan will happen as she has been told. (they look around at each other) Jeff says one thing about being in their 38th season is that ppl at home get it. Julia gets what she said but was giggling at Kelley looking at her to ask if they are ok. Aurora says she loves how Lasu is playing the game, they are trying to create mistrust. They totally own being distrustful.  Wardog is confused. Julia tells Aurora she is spilling the beans. Julia calls Rick a passenger. Rick says for the 7 of them they can get thru this vote. Wardog tells Ron he will work with him. Jeff says he doesn't want to ask a question he likes to watch. They are whispering. 


They are split into 2 groups. Jury is shocked. Julie says she is out. David asks Kelley if the plan was supposed to him and she says yes. Julie says she is ready to jump ship and runs over to the other group. Jeff is just sitting back watching the whole thing. 


Julie says no one approached her with any talk today. They take their seats. Wardog says lets vote. Julia says shut up Wardog and the talk is back on. Jeff says its been one of THE craziest TC he has seen. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Kelley bugs her eyes. Rick and David play their 2 halves of the HII on David. Votes: David, Kelley, Julia, Julia, Julia, Julia, Julia, 9th person voted out and 6th person of Jury is Julia. Joe tells jury they all turned on her. As Julia leaves she tells them she knows it a game and to take care of themselves and each other. Julia walks to the EOE signs and takes the torch. 


Next time on Survivor: An empire rises, but with the kingdom in chaos a monarch can fall. 

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April 17, 2019


Episode 9


Night 23, wow that was some TC. David says it was a wasted idol but it got them thru the complete chaos. Wardog says it was a perfect storm of something about to give. Tribal lines are gone. Wardog hates being told what to do,  the talk about getting out Aurora. Aurora says it all went to hell, she put her foot in her mouth and it almost killed her. Aurora is going to see what tomorrow brings but she doesnt know if she has a tomorrow. 


Day 25 time for Immunity challenge. They will have a bar resting on their shoulders forcing them into a squat, if their bar goes to far forward their urn on the end will fall, if they go to high a flag will pop and they will be out. If they feel a level of safety they can sit out and feats on a mountain of pizza, cold beer and root beer. Sitting out are Lauren, Victoria, Kelley and Ron. Ready, Go!! David says he wanted the pizza. Wardog is out, Gavin is out, Julie's legs give out and she is out. David, Aurora and Rick are left. 


 David wiggling, Rick struggles, Aurora is not moving. Rick out. David vs Aurora, 22 minutes in. David trying to stretch. David is out. Aurora wins her second immunity challenge.  Julie says she is not thrilled Aurora won, she doesnt know what she is going to do at this point.


Back at camp they congrat Aurora. Kelley says people wanted Aurora out but there are other options. Lauren, Wardog, Julie, Gavin, Kelley, and Ron talk about taking out David. Wardog says that with a season thats had 5 blindsides you can never tell. David wants Wardog out. Rick talks to Victoria and she agrees. David talks to Aurora and she doesnt see any other options but to work with him and Rick.  They talk to Julie and now she wonders of her and Ron are doing the right thing being with the group of 6. Ron says he feels good with Wardog group. 


Time for TC: Jeff asks if there is tension with now and the answer is yes. Julie and Ron were on the bottom at the last TC but feel better now. Wardog says what more loyalty is him, Lauren and Kelley who have voted together 8 times. Kelley says just cuz they voted together doesnt mean they will stay together. Rick says they will can sit together in a F3, no one is willing to take that on and it will cost them. Ron says Wardog is aggressive and loyal. Wardog calls David a squirmer, he squirms from place to place and thats why he has to go tonight. 


David says wants to be a better position, his plan to help out his others is sinking. Kelley says she has been on the bottom before, there was a group born from the last TC. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: David, Wardog, David, Wardog, David, David, David, 10th person voted out and 7th person to Jury is David. He says no hard feelings guys he had to try but he is going to claw his way back in. He walks off and grabs the torch to EOE. 


EOE DAy 26 they get messages and its clues. David takes off to look for the clue and the others follow suit. All of them are searching but its David that finds it...allows him to sent it to someone  else in the game. Now he can flip his game around. He is endangered but not extinct. 


 Day 27 Immunity Challenge time: They will have to balance a paddle on a stand, they have to get one ball in each of the 5 dimples to win. Rick stops things and says he got a present this morning, big advantage  is he only has to land 4 balls not 5. Ready go! Balls are falling off the paddles left and right. Rick has his first ball in . Ron lands his first ball so does Aurora. Rick gets his second one. Aurora gets 2 so does Ron. No one else has one in. Rick has his 3rd ball. Aurora has her 3rd. Ron has 3. Rick knocks his ball out of place but lands the 3rd one again. Rick gets his 4th ball to win Immunity. Advantage pays off. 


Julie says she is praying tonight is their chance to get rid of Aurora. Day 27 Victoria says she couldnt get one how did they get so many balls. Kelley says that Rick getting an advantage from the other side is dangerous. Wardog says Aurora has no ties to this game, its time for Kelley to go. Wardog says he has to be stealth, he has quick discussions with them all, he just has to convince Ron. Ron cant believe what he is hearing, he is scared by how unpredictable Wardog is. Kelley says its to easy and that scares her. 


Victoria and Aurora talk, Aurora has an extra vote from EOE, she talks to Ron and tells him she has it, she offers it to Ron incase she gets voted out but if she comes back she gets it back. Ron says he could use it to get Aurora out. He needs to make the right call. 


Time for TC: Rick says when its you being blindside things come to easy for you. Victoria says she has been in on very few convos. Ron says once a group of people get a taste of a blindside they want more. Kelley says a blindside every time is not always a good thing. Victoria says you cant always go with who you are comfortable.  Rick thanks the angle who gave him the advantage today, they all think that EOE is where the advantages come from. Ron says some times you have to put the pedal down. Julie says tonight she is backing off. 


Time to vote. We see Lauren vote for Victoria. Time to tally the votes: Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Aurora, Kelley, Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley...tied....one vote left....11th person votes out and 8th person in Jury is Kelley. Kelley says wow guys a lot of lying going on. Good luck see you soon. She walks off and takes the torch to EOE. 


Next time on Survivor: revenge fueled rage could lead to a powerful alliance or another blindside. 



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April 24, 2019


Episode 10


Previously on Survivor. Wardog wanted to shake up the game, at TC Kelley goes to EOE.  Vata Night 27, down to 8. Lauren says it was sad to lose Kelley, she felt like her older sister. The girls say it was Ron and Wardog who flipped. Lauren hopes to get others to rally around her. Wardog and Gavin talk, Wardog says it was time and Gavin says they could have waited. Gavin says the bridge is burned, Wardog just barks orders, he wants Wardog out now. Gavin changes sides. Ron tells Julie he is sorry and that Lauren gave him her extra vote. Ron and Julie trust each other and want to go to the end together.


They cook breakfast then Ron, Rick and Wardog talk about the girls and to not turn on each other. They are each others biggest threat and each others biggest support. They talk about getting Aurora out. Ron says he is playing as every ones ally. Wardog says if they take Aurora out there is no threat against them. 


Time for Reward Challenge, they have to swim out to a platform, jump back in and swim under the platform to get some rings, toss the rings on stakes. The first 4 to get their rings on the stakes win spa day with food. Blue team is Lauren, Wardog, Rick and Julie. Yellow is Ron, Aurora, Gavin and Victoria. Ready Go!! Wardog heads towards the wrong platform. Ron is first over and under his platform. Wardog is first back up on the platform. Yellow sends out their second person, Aurora is fast. Lauren is slower. Aurora doesnt come up for breath, Lauren is slow. Yellow lands 1st ring, Blue gets 1 and 2. Blue gets 3 and wins reward.


Blue gets on the boat for their spa day. Gavin says its time for him to make a connection with the others. 


EOE Kelley and Joe complain about being there. Group hug with Aubrey, Kelley and Joe. Reem says she is glad Kelley is finally there. Kelley apologizes to Reem but Reem is still angry. Reem says everyone is mad at someone there and you have to get it off your chest. Kelley cries. Whats important is whats back home. Vata day 28, Ron says he hasnt really eaten in 11 days but now is a good time to talk. They talk about how dangerous Rick is. Gavin would rather take out Wardog but he has to be flexible. Ron gives Auroras vote back to her as sign of confidence. They argue over how much rice to cook. 


 The girls go crabbing while leaving Ron to make rice. At the spa they are rubbing mud on each other. They rinse off. The girls talk while the boys shower, they toss Ricks name out but also Wardog. Julie wants Rick gone


Day 29 Immunity Challenge time. They will have to race over obstacles with a buoy, a 2nd buoy thru a net and a 3rd under a net then use the keys attached to unlock a puzzle. First person to get the star puzzle with win. They have to jump from obstacle to obstacle. they are all onto their second buoy. Aurora first with Gavin on her tail with Rick fast behind. Auror gets to locks first, she starts on the puzzle. Rick and Gavin make progress, Aurora moving quickly. Rick and Aurora in the lead, no else close. Rick hits a road block. Rick thinks he has it and he does. Gavin says as soon as Rick wins its now got to be Wardog to go.


Vata, Victoria is mad that Rick won Immunity, Wardog and Rick leave camp and the others talk about taking out Wardog. Ron says its a tough choice  cuz it means he would side with the other. Wardog and Rick talk about taking out Aurora. Wardog talks to Julie, she says why would he do that. Julie doesnt trust Wardog. Lauren and Julie talk about taking out Aurora as they know Wardog. Lauren says if she doesnt get her ducks in a row she is sunk. Aurora says her extra vote could come in handy. 


Time for TC: Wardog says as the numbers get down there are less ppl to point fingers at. Gavin says he and Wardog havent talked since the Kelley vote. Gavin says he feels Wardog was talking at him not to him.  Kelley says go Gavin. Rick says every step is precarious now. Wardog says he has a big target. Kelley makes a face. Victoria says the big targets are ones making threats about Jury. Aurora says its about perception and it changes all the time. Rick says every time you win you wonder if you are a threat now. Ron says he tries to find ppl he can trust, he doesnt want a knife in his back. Lauren says if you say you want to take me to the end it means you feel you can beat me.


 Time to vote.  We see a vote for Aurora and Gavin voting for Wardog. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Aurora, Wardog, Aurora, Wardog...tied...Wardog, (Kelley gets excited), Wardog, 12th person voted out and 9th person in Jury is Wardog. Kelley says she got her revenge. Wardog says they all made the right decision, love you. Gavin winks at Kelley. Wardog walks off and takes his torch for EOE. 


Next time on Survivor: In a game of manipulation,...you cant trust anyone... except family. 

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May 1, 2019


Episode 11


Night 29 They talk about getting rid of Wardog, Rick is desperate now, he pulls Ron aside, Ron tells him the others are saying get Rick out. Ron gives Rick his advantage (its expired but Rick doesnt know that). Rick is grateful but doesnt understand why he gave it to him.


Time for Reward Challenge. Its been a decade since they played this challenge...Loved ones come. Rick's wife Becca, Julie;s husband Mark, Lauren's dad Joey, Ron's husband Lloyd, Victoria's dad Rock, Aurora's brother Shane, Gavin's newly wed wife Carly. They will race to the ocean to get water, toss the water to loved one who will then dump it in a bucket, first to raise the flag attached to bucket wins, dinner at camp with loved one. Gavin gives a nice toss, Ron has a nice toss. Aurora has little water. Victoria says she cant breath. Julie hyperventilating. Ron has a nice toss and their flag starts to wobble. Ron and Lloyd win reward. Ron chooses Julie and Gavin to bring their loved ones along. 


 Victoria is upset Ron didn't pick her, who you pick in the loved one challenge can make or break your game. 


At camp with the loved ones. They eat and chat. Ron says he is eating everything when he gets home. Gavin says he cant wait to experience married life, he tells Carly he is never leaving her again. Ron says he is in charge of the game and has a big target on him. Ron says he picked Gavin cuz he needs Gavin to be locked in. They all decide that if Rick doesn't win immunity he is gone.  After loved ones leave Rick goes looking for a HII, Aurora goes thru his stuff while he is gone. Rick comes in and catches them, they say its allowed. 


Aurora says she is fine with being caught, Rick tells everyone that Aurora is going thru bags and to not trust her. Rick takes his bag with him to look for the HII....he finds a clue to an HII in the trees above their shelter. He goes back to camp and see it about 15 ft in air and he doesn't like heights.


Night 30 Rick goes for the HII in the middle of the night, he gets stuck on another tree, the shelter is making noises and some look around but don't see him. He is on top of the moon. 


Day 31 Immunity challenge time: they have to use their arms to brace themselves between two walls while their feet are perched on very narrow blocks. Ready .....go! Rick says if they give it to him he promises all of them F3, Julie says sounds like Rick cant do math. Jeff says its just will power, Ron says its just pain. Rick is down. Rick says when he is gone it will be Aurora. Ron is down. 21 minutes into the challenge. Rick tells Ron he did alot of walking around today, Ron asks if he found anything, he says no. Victoria is out and Julie announces she is done and gets down, Ron goes over and carries her to the bench. Aurora is down and cant walk either. 


 Its down to Lauren and Gavin, Lauren falls and Gavin wins his second Immunity necklace. Ron says Rick will try to play the fake advantage and go to EOE. 


 Day 31, they congrat Gavin on his win. Rick says no one is talking to him, no one wants to work with him. Ron and Julie tell Rick it will be Aurora tonight. Julie tells Ron she feels terrible, Ron says there is a reason its called Survivor. They will all vote Rick and Rick will vote Aurora, if Rick plays a HII then Aurora goes home. Victoria talks to Lauren, they say Rick and then Ron. Aurora tells Lauren and Victoria she has an extra vote and this is the last time she can use it, she will give it to Gavin, he will be the one person able to revote. 


 Gavin cant get on board to vote out Rick. Aurora gives Gavin the extra vote. They get ready for TC. Rick says he will use the HII that Ron gave him. 


 Time for TC: Rick says he still feels its him tonight. Victoria says if anyone has a HII it would be Rick. Ron says its not such a random vote as you think. Ron says he was heartbroken for the girls to not have more time with their dads. Lauren says who Ron chose was telling. Gavin says it could be a disadvantage to be selected for the loved ones reward. Julie says she has had multiple alliances. Rick says no one is having strategic talks with him. Victoria says she doesnt want to sit at F3 with Rick. Gavin says you have to trust your gut.


It is time to vote. We see Ron vote for Rick and Rick vote for Aurora, and Lauren vote for Ron and Gavin pulls out the extra vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play a HII? Rick pulls out the advantage from Ron...it is expired and has no power. Rick says Ron and Julie you are villains I was already going home. He then sits down and pulls out his real HII. Votes: Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Aurora, Ron, Ron 13th person voted out and 10th person in Jury is Ron. Ron says Rick you're a great player love you guys. He walks off and takes his EOE torch. 


Next time on Survivor: When all your cards are on the table, you'll need to find hope or a joker can run wild. 

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