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America's Got Talent The Champions Episode 7-Finale

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Terry welcomes us all to the finale where we will see who has been crowned the champion! Last week, the Top 12 battled it out in the biggest talent competition to become the winner.


We have a clip of Preacher looking to partner with someone. He starts with Deadly Games, but doesn’t catch on to knife throwing and hits a mirror. He then joins Petunia and Darci Lynne and he has a sock, but he doesn’t do well as a ventriloquist either. Preacher then find Paul Potts and Paul gives a sample of what he’d like Preacher to sing, and that didn’t go well either. Paul advises him to stick to comedy.


Preacher tries to be a magician and is trying to guess John Dorenbos’ card and isn’t doing well. Shin is there as well and Preacher neither John nor Shin are impressed. Preacher then goes to try and talk to Terry about partnering with him but Terry is distracted while Preacher is talking and then Preacher turns around Terry is gone. We then see Deadly Games again and they have Preacher on the wheel and Preacher is screaming he changed his mind.


Our first performers of the night are Voices of Hope Children’s choir from the Season 13 along with Tokio Myers from Britain’s Got Talent. After their performance, Terry wants Simon to sum up what it’s going to take to win. Simon says tonight we can say we’re going to crown the best of the best of the best.


We see clips of Terry’s journey on the show thus far. Mel B says Terry brings so much energy and jazz to the show. We see him with several contestants and hugging them and some of his conversations with them. The audience is chanting Terry like they do Jerry.


Next we have a couple who appeared on AGT in 2016. It is the Clairvoyants and they take the stage. Everyone in the audience received an envelope when they came in. They have a randomizer with soft foam balls and it has 100 balls and 4 random balls with each of the judge’s names on them. They have Terry put the balls in randomizer and he’s going to shoot them into the audience.


They ask the audience members who have the balls with the judge’s names on them to stand up and come up and hand their envelopes to the judge who’s name was on the ball. They then have Terry close his eyes and imagine a wheel with the judge’s names on it and ask who’s name it stops on. Terry says Howie and Howie joins them on stage.


They ask the audience to open their envelopes and they show they have random pictures such as swirls and food items. 100s of different pictures. They then ask the judges to open their envelopes and they each have a picture of themselves. Out of all the potential pictures, the random audience members gave the judges their own pictures. They then ask Howie to take a peek and see if they got 4 out of 4, but they did not. Howie pulls out a picture of a hot air balloon. They ask Howie to stick his head in a hole in a Game’s of Chance board and they turn it around and it’s a hot air balloon with his name on it.  


We have a history of AGT and the journey from conception to what it is now and the judges recall when they were called and began their tenure as a judge. Terry says this show is all around the world, and he asks Simon if he ever imagined it would ever get so big? Simon says yes.


Terry introduces the next act, Jackie Evancho. She performs Somewhere from West Side Story. Jackie has a new album debuting and she’ll be on tour.


Terry says you see acts on this show you could never imagine. We see clips of some of the stranger acts such as Yumbo Dump, a huge pig, the cats act, the chicken playing the piano, and the older couple who dirty danced in their audition.


The next act is Circque Du Soleil performing from their Mystere show.  


There have been FIVE hosts since AGT started. Can you name them?


We then see clips of some of our danger acts. They discuss Aaron Crowe, Deadly Games, Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, and the Regurgitator as well as others.


Next, Brian Justin Crum, Cristina Ramos, and Deadly Games take the stage. Brian and Cristina perform The Show Must Go On by Queen while Deadly Games performs some of their danger tricks.


The five hosts have been Jerry Springer, Regis Philbin, Nick Cannon, Tyra Banks, and Terry Crews.


Shin Lim is on stage with Melissa Fumero. He asks her what her favorite card is and she says the Queen of Diamonds. He finds it in a deck of cards and pulls it out. He then puts it in the deck and has her shuffle the cards and split the deck. He then has her select a half and deal cards into his hand until she wants to stop. She slows down but then adds a couple of more cards and he turns the top card and it is the Queen of Diamonds. He then has her kiss the card and fold it up and bite on it. He takes the two of hearts and folds it and bites on it and after a few seconds he puts the card entirely in his mouth and then takes it out and he now has the queen of diamonds.


Up next is AGT 12 winner Darci Lynne with Rowlf the Dog. Darci Lynne has Edna with her on stage with Rowlf. Edna is sad because Simon doesn’t call her anymore and she can’t find her dentures. Rowlf joins them in singing I Can’t Smile Without You for Simon. After they finish their song Simon goes on stage to give Edna a kiss. Terry asks how Edna feels and Rowlf thinks she passed out. Edna says he makes her heart flutter.


We see the finale acts watching their first auditions and seeing their reactions to them. We have the top 12 on stage. Terry asks Brian Justin Crum, Kechi, and Cristina Ramos to step forward. The 50 states have voted and the act taking a spot in the top 5 is…Cristina Ramos!


Next, Darci Lynne, Susan Boyle, and John Dorenbos are asked to step forward. The next act going into the Top 5 is…Darci Lynne!


There are three spots left in the top 5. Let’s see who else is through. Paul Potts, Angelica Hale, and Preacher Lawson are asked to step forward. The next act in the top 5 is…Preacher Lawson!


Only 3 acts left and 2 spots in the top 5. Deadly Games, Shin Lim, and Simonova step forward. 2 of these acts will go through. The first act going into the top 5 is…Simonova!


Deadly Games and Shin Lim remain and only one of them can move on. The final act in the top 5 is…Shin Lim!


Now the five acts will become four as one will leave the competition. The act finishing in fifth place is…Preacher Lawson.


Preacher says this has meant the world to him. He appreciates everyone and he doesn’t think he lost being up with those people. Mel B says she will come see him on stage because he makes her laugh.


Time for four to go to three. The act finishing in fourth place is…Cristina Ramos.


Cristina says she has really loved this show, this place, the stage, and the audience. She’s so proud to be there. Heidi says she’s so happy they got to know and love her and she is a champion, she’s amazing.


We’re down to three and they are the best of the best. But the results are in and the act finishing in third place is…Simonova.


Simonova says she’s thankful to the audience, the judges, and America. Howie says for her to come all the way from the Ukraine was so wonderful for them. He says she has great talent, she’s unique, original, and he thanks her for coming here.


Shin says he’s stressed, but very honored, grateful, and he’s lucky to be there. Darci Lynne says she feels like she’s going to be sick, but she’s grateful to be in the top two.


Now we are down to the top two, Darci Lynne and Shin Lim. We take another look back at their journey to this moment. Now it’s time to find out who the voters have chosen as the winner. The winner of AGT Champions, best in the world, is…Shin Lim!


Shin says he is speechless and he tells everyone to follow their dreams. He is given a trophy and Simon heads to the stage. AGT will be back this summer!     

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