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America's Got Talent The Champions Episode 6

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Tonight, the 10 acts put through will compete in the finals for the title of Champion. We’ll find out who won next week. But this is AGT and there is a big surprise. Simon says they decided they’d bring in two wild cards. We’ll find out who they are throughout the night.


Cristina Ramos is first up. When she sings rock she unleashes the beast inside of her and she never thought in her life she’d be singing for all of the world. For the final, she’s going to try something special that will be her best performance. Winning would prove that she belongs here.


Cristina is directly in front of the judges on stage and she performs Call Me by Blondie. She begins opera style and then she transitions into the rock performance. The audience seemed to love it and she gets a standing ovation. Mel B says that combo is brilliant and exciting. Heidi says that was a wow performance. Howie says tonight it’s going to be impossible. She just set a bar. Simon says that was vocal was insanely good and she may have just thrown this whole show up in the air because anything can happen after that.


Preacher Lawson is up next. Preacher got to a point where he thought he’d quit and then he made it on America’s Got Talent. He decided to push a little harder and now that’s paying off. He thinks in his heart that he can win this show. He says I’m coming for you Darci Lynn and then says even though she didn’t make it. Preacher is informed Darci was added as a wild card.


Preacher takes the stage to perform his set. He finishes his set and he has the crowd on their feet and Simon says wow. Mel B says he is just funny, no matter what he says. Simon felt tonight like he wasn’t at a competition, he just felt he was watching a star. Simon says he was brilliant. Howie says he gives them everything and that’s why they love him. He’s so proud a comedian has made it this far.


Darci Lynn has been invited back as the first wildcard. Darci says she was so excited to get the call to come back. She really wants to show them what she can do and win the title of Champion.


Darci takes the stage with her friend Petunia. Petunia has decided to sing opera. They get a standing ovation. Simon tells Howie that was amazing. Simon says wow, wow, wow Darci. He thinks this is her best ever performance. Simon thinks she may win tonight. Mel B agrees. Her delivery and confidence, and she deserves everything. Howie says it was truly amazing because they didn’t know she sang opera. He thinks she has a shot at this tonight.


The next act is Heidi’s golden buzzer, Deadly Games. They knew they had to come back even more dangerous before and it was something really special to get that golden buzzer. They feel like they have a chance to win. They are going to shock the judges even more for the finale. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be the Champions.


Deadly Games begin their act with him throwing knives at her as she moves back and forth in front of a door. She then grabs two balloons, and he throws two knives at once and hits both balloons on his second shot. He then grabs some cutlasses and throws them at the door with her standing in front of it. One of them bounces off, but the rest stick in the door.


Deadly Games then shoots a crossbow at an apple on her head. She then gets on a wheel and he spins and he throws knives at her. Next, there is a balloon over her head on the wheel and he shoots the balloon with the crossbow. Deadly Games gets a standing ovation and they announce they are not done yet. They ask the judges to grab the balloons in front of them and bring them on stage. We go to commercial…


We’re back with Deadly Games and they have requested the judges to join them on stage with each judge holding a white balloon. Each of the judges will be holding a line of balloons and he will shoot all of the balloons with his crossbow. He tells them please don’t move. Mel B is freaking out a bit. He lines up his sights but then stops and says he can’t really do this…not without Terry. He tells them not to move again. Howie wants to go home. Here we go…he shoots and goes through all of them. Heidi runs to give him a hug.


The judges return to their seats. Heidi says can they talk about her sweaty armpits? That was so scary and she kind of loved it. Mel B says she did get a bit worried because she noticed a couple of things didn’t go as planned. She thinks that worked in their favor. Howie says he’s just happy to be alive! Simon says he thinks this is the best danger act in the world.


Simon’s golden buzzer is next, Kechi. Her mother says Kechi is very special. Kechi says she feels like being a champion is choosing not to stay in darkness, but to step out and take chances. She says to win this would be so incredible.


Kechi takes the stage and performs Opportunity by Sia. The crowd goes crazy as she finishes. Simon says she is one of his favorite contestants and she’s inspirational. Howie says she made his heart burst and he loves watching her mom’s face while she performs. He thinks she’s a champion inside and out. Mel B says she’s become one of America’s favorite acts, but she thinks this song…they lost her. She felt like they lost her personality.


Next is Brian Justin Crum. Being on stage was the first time he felt like he was celebrated in a good way. Music became his escape. He started singing Broadway when he was 13. AGT was the beginning of him finding his confidence. For Champions, he wants to go back to his roots and sing something theatrical. He thinks singing these songs could be his chance to win.


Brian takes the stage and performs Never Be Enough by Loren Allred. He gets a standing ovation as he finishes. Mel B says that was massive. He takes them somewhere and that’s how you do a proper slam dunk. Simon says he’s come back and proved a point that he is a Champion and he believes this performance may change his life.


Jon Dorenbos is our next performer. He was brought back as the second wild card. He feels like he is doing what he is meant to be doing. He is back and he is ready to win the title of Champion.


Jon takes the stage and he has four chalk boards labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4. Simon wants #1 and Heidi wants #2. Mel B wants #3 and that leaves Howie with #4. Jon goes to the judges table and he has a book of cities where Howie has performed and he shuffles through them and he asks Howie to let him know when to stop and he selects a city. Mel B is next and she selects a card and he rips a corner of the Queen of Hearts.


Jon hands the corner to Heidi and it disappears. He has Heidi pick up some pictures and underneath is the corner of the card that has disappeared. He then shows Heidi some pictures of Heidi on Halloween and red carpet events and he wants her to tell him when to stop. Heidi takes a picture and doesn’t look at it. Simon selects a card and Jon gives him a chance to change his mind.


John has Howie reveal his city selection and Howie reveals Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jon asks Terry to turn Howie’s chalkboard around and it says Tulsa, OK. He has Terry turn Mel B’s chalkboard and it says Q of hearts. Heidi has selected a picture of her dressed as a butterfly and Terry turns the board and there is a butterfly drawn on the board. He has Simon reveal his card and it’s a 3 of clubs. He has Terry turn the board and he has written a 3 with a club symbol.


Jon then shows previous clips from episodes and we see Howie throw a football and it hit Oklahoma, Mel B selected a word to describe him and she chose heart. Jon shows Heidi’s drawing of a butterfly and then he shows a clip of Simon picking a three of clubs, just like he did today.   


Heidi says Jon is so entertaining and so good. Simon says he came back and he blew the roof off with what he just seen and he thinks he has a shot. That was amazing. Howie says he is just stunned. There are two words to describe what he did tonight…Wild Card.      


Howie’s golden buzzer is ready to take the stage, Angelica Hale. She’s competing against Susan Boyle and Paul Potts, but she believes in herself. She’s a fighter and she’s going to do as much as she can to win AGT The Champions.


Angelica takes the stage and performs Impossible by James Arthur. She finishes and she gets an ovation. Howie says she is living up to her name of being an angel. He doesn’t know how the 50 states can choose a winner. Mel B says that was an improvement from her last performance. Simon says she deserves so much respect just for coming back because it showed him how much she really wanted this.


Terry’s golden buzzer is about to take the stage. Simonova is a sand artist and she never expected to get the golden buzzer. Tonight, through sand she will show the world what can save the right person. She wants to represent her country and she wants to do what she has to do to win.


Simonova is already behind her sand table and she begins her art. She begins with a man and a woman on a park bench and we hear sirens and war and then we here Taps. We then see a woman embracing a man by a reflecting pool. We then see a window and a woman lying with a tear on her cheek, then we see a sailor in a window. Simonova then adds a child holding her arms up to the window reaching for the sailor. Simonova writes Life always wins, then changes Life to Love and puts a heart around it.


Mel B says everyone is giving it more than their all and that was a full on story and she left everything right there on the sand. Heidi says she really is a true artist and it’s amazing to watch her do it right before their eyes. She loved it. Simon says he never thought he’d be saying he understands the power of sand, but this is one of the most creative things he’s ever seen.  


Next is Britain’s Got Talent Champion Paul Potts. He says he would have been disappointed in himself if he hadn’t made the finals. He cannot walk away from the stage with something left to give, so he has to step up to the plate as a winner.


Paul Potts takes the stage to perform Nessun Dorma by Andrea Bocelli. Howie says he loved it. He’s not an opera fan, he’s a Paul Potts fan. It was perfection. Mel B says he stands and delivers such a stellar, killer performance like it was nothing. Simon says he was more than moved. The underdog who was written off by the music business won the finals on BGT. He thinks he has a chance of winning after that performance.


Shin Lim is our next performer. He’s much busier than he was before and it’s all because of his girlfriend. He’s here to test himself alongside the best in the world and he’s always wondering how far magic can take him. He thinks with his girlfriend by his side he can win this thing.


Shin has Howie and Terry on stage with him and he has Howie pick a card and it was 10 of spades and he asks Howie to sign it. Shin takes the card back and it has disappeared. He has Howie stand up and it’s underneath him on the chair. Howie sits back down and he shows the audience has nothing up his sleeves. Howie’s card is face down and it starts smoking and when he turns the card over it is blank. He has 10 of spades on his chest, then smoke comes out of his mouth along with the card. Shin puts the card in a baggie and sets it to the side where everyone can see.


Terry picks a card next and Shin has him show the camera it’s a two of hearts and he has Terry sign it. Shin has made the card disappear and it’s in his back pocket. He then flips his hand up and it has the card and the card behind his back is blank. More smoke comes from his mouth and he turns it over and it’s the 2 of hearts. He then picks the bag up with Howie’s card and shakes it once and it’s the 2 of hearts. When he geos to reveal the 2 is back in his hand and Howie’s card is back in the bag.


Shin hands the card to Howie and he then asks for it back and places both cards inside. He wrinkles the bag and it is empty. He takes the deck of cards in the card box and stands them up and they are smoking and he presses his hand down and the cards disappeared. He gets a standing ovation from the judges.


Terry asks Shin where the cards went and he says a lot of people ask that. He asks Howie to open up his cup at the judges table and it has the box and he opens the box and it has his and Terry’s cards in it. Heidi says Shin did it yet again, another jaw dropping performance. Simon says he doesn’t think many people having won the show would have the guts to come back and do what he did. He says he is the best of the best and he was amazing!


Our final performer is Mel B’s golden buzzer, Susan Boyle. She’s always loved to sing, but she was very nervous when she was young and very underconfident. Her mother was very supportive. Susan says she was pleased when Mel B gave her golden buzzer, but she was shocked as well. She’d love to win.


Susan takes the stage and performs I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Mel B says she is so classy and elegant and effortless. She’s just brilliant. Howie says the word Champion isn’t enough to describe her and how she performs. Heidi says Susan Boyle is in the building! She gave her goose pimples and she loved her. Simon says to end the show has been an amazing night and she was seriously fantastic.

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