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Survivor Bracketology


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While waiting for Survivor to come back and (now that my teams got the boot) the NCAA tourney to end, I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the Sweet 16 and final 10. Here's what I've come up with:

Terry is Duke

I don't like either of them and it's because they make winning look soooo easy. Whether it's the sense of entitlement both Coach K and Terry excude or the jealousy from other contestants/ teams. I know both will go far, possibly to the final Championship, but their egos (yes, Coach K, your EGO) could be the Achillis heel everyone is looking for.

Cirie is George Mason

.For George Mason, there was a pre0tourney tiff because Hoffstra beat them twice in regular season and they're playing for the NIT title. But low and behold, this is a wolf in sheep's clothing. GM took out the mighty TAR HEELS and it appears Cirie has takendown the crazy four alliance (though she just watched it happen).

Shane is Gonzaga

Not that I think Shane is all that great, he has that trashiness like Zag's Morrison. Both are entertaining as all get out. When the merge happens and it's official the contestants are playing for themselves, I think Shane's manic behavior will be an asset (take the crazy bastard to final two is you want the money). As with Shane, Gonzaga's strength is a harder to articulate than powerhouses like Duke and Texas, but they're still in the tourney. That's gotta to mean something.

Nick and Austin are Texas and Villanova

Both have obvious stregths but have no media entertainment value. They have excelled while all around them have been weaker players or weaker conference schedules. I am guilty of forgetting which one is which. Oh well. At least you'll make the jury and Elite 8 easier on the eyes.

Daneille and Courtney are Bradley and West Virginia

No one thought you would make it this far because you both seem ditsy. I'm disapointed you made it this far because more deserving teams should've. But then again, that's why it's a competition. I'm ready to see you both go away. Courtney...you are a Pitt-snoggler

Aras is UConn

Snobby as hell, but tries to be a good person. Can talk the talk but not always walk the walk. Again, it will be nice to see a great competitor banished to the jury before you can "make your move". I don't have much to say, I'm not very impressed.

Sally is Florida or LSU

Not a big fan of either, but as a woman and SEC alumni, I'm happy to see them both go far. A little under the radar but have proven their worth. Do you step up the game or choke under pressure. If history proves to repeat itself, make sure someone knows the hymlick.


Bruce is Witchita State

You are a cinderella story
. But as so many "cinderfella" stories play out, Bruce, my love, you will not make it to the ball or the final dance. The clock will be striking midnight for you sooner than later. Oh how I wish things could be different for you. You have so much promise, but the road for you is difficult. As the giants battle eachother In the brackets, you would face off with the mightly Circie. A good match-up but with only one winner. Peace, brother...

Sorry for the lengthy post. My Survivor Madness is getting worse...
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LOL- excellent post, Francis!

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Ha ha ha Terry got beat down by Sally last night! :D

And did you see the hissy-fit Shane...er...Morrison threw? Now Gonzaga gets the boot.

So now we have four of the Elite 8:

Sally (she is now LSU, after she basically handed Dan his walking papers) :D

Austin (he is now officially Texas...I don't know why that took so long to connect...duh) :blink:

hee hee putting the literal SMACK DOWN on Pitsnoggle...lets hope this translates to Austin getting either Danielle or Courtney)

AHhh, I can't believe I didn't name a UCLA or Memphis Survivor!! CRAP

any suggestions? :rolleyes:

Tonight it's Circie taking on Bruce...I can't watch :( ...but I will.

Until next time...keep the hoop dreams and Survivor wishes coming...

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To quote Syndrome from the Incredibles, "This is just toooo good".

Aras (snotty-ass UConn) got OWNED by Cirie (George Mason)! What a game!!

With my earlier suggestion, I now have a double shot of Sally with both LSU and Florida going into the final four!!

So, forgetting the fact that UCLA is unrepresented in my crazed Survivor Bracketology, my prediction for the fianl two is Cirie and Sally.

Let the game begin...

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FYI - Bracketology predicts Sally (Florida) as the Winner of Survivor...

Go Gator Sally!!!

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