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Thursday, February 7, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_2 USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)

5th Avenue Bedroom (5BR)

Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

and let's just call the gym, gym
Here are pictures of the rooms

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:05AM BBT: Kandi and Dina finish their game, Lolo and Natalie join them upstairs for a new game. Dina wants to play teams. 

12:30AM BBT: The game is over, Dina and Kandi chat upstairs. Lolo and Natalie are in the WA, Lolo brushes her teeth. Natalie says she's going to bed. Kandi and Dina play another game of pool. 

12:42AM BBT: Dina and Kandi are finished playing pool. They're in the KT talking while Dina straightens up the KT. 

12:50AM BBT: Tom is awake, the lights are on in the HOHR and he's watching the feeds.



12:57AM BBT: Tom eventually gets up and looks outside his door, he quietly walks out and downstairs to the KT. Tom hugs Dina and Tom says, "I just want you to know everything is fine and you're safe." Dina tells him she was worried about him.

12:58AM BBT: Tom says he doesn't want to talk to anyone, Dina cries, Tom says everything is ok and he hugs Dina again. Dina asks if they're voting out Ricky, Tom says, "everything is fine," and goes back upstairs and locks the door. 

1:00AM BBT: Tom eats and watches the feeds. All four cameras are on the HOHR. 

1:13AM BBT: Tom starts to talk to the cameras, he says, "I love delicious chocolate and peanut butter combined." He uses a "hydrating mist," on his face. He says it's feels "pretty good." He shoes us his "fancy trail mix."



1:19AM BBT: Tom wears the POV and the HOHR Key, he talks about being HOH and getting blood on your hands. He says people are angry with him. He has two allies, one is strong the other is a little up in the air. "It's a tough situation," Tom says. He thinks he'll be on the block next week.



1:20AM BBT: Tom says he intentionally threw the football veto comp so Natalie could win. He wanted to see if Natalie and Lolo would double cross him and they did. Natalie said she showed her "true colors."

1:22AM BBT: Tom says he was sure he was going home last week, but Kato went home instead. Tom tells us that was a "big mistake," because he turned around and won HOH and the veto. Tom says he's not going to tell us what he's going to do with the veto tomorrow. 

1:30AM BBT: Tom says "people in this game get angry." Tom says it's hard to understand how quickly people get angry with one another until you're on the show. 

1:35AM BBT: Tom is still giving his monologue in the HOHR. Ricky is working on Dina's back in the 5BR. Tamar is sleeping, Lolo and Natalie are talking in the HOBR about the veto. 

1:44AM BBT: Tom is in the HOHR telling us what music he got for this HOH. He says he's listening to "A Tribe Called Quest" and that they are his favorite rap group. 



1:52AM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR in bed and talking. Tamar is asleep. Natalie's microphone is off or she's on top of it so it's difficult to hear what she's saying. 

2:00AM BBT: Ricky is still working on Dina in the 5BR. 



2:27AM BBT: Ricky finishes with Dina, Dina says she could feel Ricky's "energy." They talk about it for a few seconds. Dina gets up and starts to get ready for bed. Ricky tells her good night.

2:34AM BBT: Dina is in bed, the lights are now off throughout the BB House and all is quiet. 


4:07AM BBT: Lolo talks in her sleep in the HOBR. 

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9:18AM BBT The house guests just got up for the day.  In the wash room, Lolo and Natalie are sitting and talking alone.  They say today will be interesting.

9:20AM BBT Kandi and Dina are talking about Joey and laughing.  Kandi says she misses ol Joey.  Jamar hangs out near where Kandi does her makeup in front of the storage room.  Ricky comes out of his bedroom and into the storage room.  Then back out and into his room.  Tamar goes to the kitchen alone to make her tea.  Natalie leaves Lolo in the washroom and joins Tamar in the kitchen,

Tamar goes into the washroom where Lolo is.  Natalie follows.  Tamar asks if anyone talked to Tom last night.  Lolo says no, they all went to sleep.



9:26AM BBT Tamar says she hates when she doesn't wake up on the sunny side of the street.

Dina's called to put on her mic. Tamar says EVERYBODY CALM DOWN (to BB).

Natalie in their bedroom talking to Ricky- she asks how Ricky is feeling.  They both say they're doing ok.  Natalie says it's hard to predict what Tom's going to do. 

Back in the bathroom, Tamar asks Kandi why they're up so early.  Kandi says so that they can have the veto ceremony early


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 11:17AM BBT Feeds are back. Ricky laying in bed. Lolo and Natalie eating in the KT.


11:20AM BBT Kandi and Dina talking. Kandi laughing that the girls think Tom wants Ricky out because Ricky beat him at chess. They talk about Tom says lying is part of the game. Kandi says she told him that wasn't her thing.


11:26AM BBT All of the girls are now in Kandi's bedroom. General talking. Tamar asks if anyone has seen Tom this morning. They all say they haven't. Tamar says that is odd. They talk about production and we get FOTH.


11:31AM BBT We have reels

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12:26PM BBT Feeds return and Ricky is wearing the Veto around his neck. 

12:30PM BBT Lolo was the renom. Tamar goes to the lounge and talks to Kandi. Tamar says Ricky knew he wasn't going. He was too calm. Kandi says that Tom seemed so serous. Tamar says that he knows that they are allies.


12:36PM BBT Tamar tells Kandi that Tom couldn't put her up because he is trying to look good to America. Kandi says this has thrown her for a loop. 


 12:44PM BBT Lolo asking Kandi about votes. Kandi tells her that Tom likes Lolo and that his intent was not to BD her. She said that he knows Kandi and Dina will not vote against her and Tom won't either if it comes to him.


12:54PM BBT In the SR, Natale and Lolo talking. Natalie says it is a game move. Lolo says that she was the first to fight for Tom. She still believes in Tom and she believes in the goodness in people. 

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4:02 pm BBT- Lolo and Natalie in the kitchen. Talking about how they will be perceived by the public when they get out. They think they have been honest and done what they said so will be perceived well, although there are always a few that will not agree. 

Ricky and Tamar in the bedroom. He is manipulating  her feet as she is supine on the bed. 

4:07 pm BBT- Lolo and Natalie have moved to the lounge and Natalie is tweeting and Lolo reading the Bible. Dina and Kandi on the other two feeds playing cards at the kitchen table. 

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5:04PM BBT Tom is talking to Dina about newscasters and the assassination of Kennedy. Lolo, Natalie and Tamar talking in the lounge. general chatting.


5:18PM BBT All 4 cams on Ricky telling Lolo and Tamar how he does his healing on others.


5:30PM BBT Ricky continuing to tells Lolo, Natalie and Tamar about the moons and astrology signs. 


5:50PM BBT Lolo telling the lounge HG about a boyfriend she had who bought her a bunch of chocolate. In the KT, Kandi and Tom still talking about growing up.

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6:01PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky finish up their conversation and join the other HG in the KT.  They are writing down their Starbucks order.


6:03PM BBT: They are waiting for a pizza delivery and hope that they also get a salad with it.  Lolo and Natalie talk in the BR about petitioning to stay, and how minds are made up prior to the speeches. Tamar joins them and says that Tom is acting odd.


6:07PM BBT: Kandi and Dina are both playing individual games of Solitaire with Ricky coaching Dina.


6:14PM BBT: Dina gave up on Solitaire and Ricky took over her deck and started playing.  It's just him and Kandi in the KT now.


6:17PM BBT: Lolo is packing for tomorrow and tries on a black cocktail dress to get Tamar and Natalie's opinion.  It's a no from both of them.  Tamar said it's too dressy and she doesn't have the accessories for it.


6:25PM BBT: Dina and Ricky are chatting in the BR about Ricky's healing and how important it is to listen to your body.


6:30PM BBT: Tamar tells Natalie and Lolo that "those three out there" have officially gone to the other side.  Natalie rolls her eyes at Kandi "doing what she wants" and not being swayable.   Lolo said that Tom is mad at them because Natalie didn't use the veto and Lolo is acting.  Lots of trash talking.




6:34PM BBT: Tamar is called to the DR.  Natalie asks Lolo what's on her heart.  Lolo tells her that she's frustrated because the others in the house are not doing it for the money like her.  She wants to fight to stay, but doesn't want to break up the house.

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6:43PM BBT: Tamar comes back from the DR and talks with Lolo, who is now crying.  She tells Tamar that she and Natalie are trying to decide which of them to send home so that the rest of the house doesn't have to.  She's going to go into the lounge later and read/get on her knees and pray on it.


6:53PM BBT: After Lolo leaves for the DR, Tamar asks Natalie why she's willing to die on the sword for Lolo.  She explains that Lolo has nothing to go home to.  Although she feels that Lolo would get the votes.


6:56PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie wonder about how Lolo says she needs the money, but yet has rental properties. Tamar advises Natalie to fight to stay and to not feel bad about it.  


6:59PM BBT: Nat heads to the PBR and asks Dina and Ricky if she has their votes to stay.  Dina says she has not yet decided.  Ricky is quiet and doesn't answer.


7:03PM BBT: Nat reports back to Tamar that Dina is undecided and Ricky said he's at about 85% with keeping her at this point, but will let her know prior to the eviction.  Tamar said she should go talk to Kandi, which she did - but Kandi was sleeping. 


7:08PM BBT: Pizza delivery!  Everyone heads to the KT.



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7:35PM BBT: The HG are finishing up their pizza dinner, with just basic chit chat about drinks that they grew up with and the differences with Coke from around the world.


7:42PM BBT: Tom is upstairs in the gym working out by himself.


7:48PM BBT: Upstairs Tom is playing the keyboard.  Downstairs, the girls and Ricky talk about how to handle pooping/tooting in front of their men.



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7:57PM BBT: Ricky shuffles the cards in the KT and gets back into his astrology talk.


8:12PM BBT: Tom is listening to music up in the HOHR.  Ricky is overlooking the girls in the KT from the upstairs bridge.  The girls all play a card game at the KT table.


8:38PM BBT: Tom watches the others play cards from the HOHR while listening to music..


8:40PM BBT: Ricky is hanging out in the upstairs lounge by himself.

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8:43PM BBT: Lolo is playing with a bowling game while Dina tells Kandi a story about how when Lindsay once lost her passport


8:53PM BBT: The girls are back at the KT table. Tamar says that the voicemail was the way to catch a man cheating back in the day.  That's how she found out that her boyfriend had a baby on the way.  All feeds then go back to Ricky rolling dice in the lounge.

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Natalie, Lolo, Ricky and Tamar are in the hotel bedroom.


Ricky offers that Tamar and himself each vote for one person and allow the house to decide.


Natalie says that Kandi has already told her she is voting her out, but that was before Lolo.


Natalie says Tom has talked to her but does not know the real motivation. Natalie says if she had won the veto she would be safe and one of them would be up.


Lolo is called to the diary room downstairs.


Dina and Kandi are in the kitchen area then Dina heads upstairs.


In the hotel bedroom Natalie says it might be better for her to go than Lolo since it would be difficult for Lolo to handle it mentally. She says the beast in her says she wants to pay.


Dina and Kandi are at the billiards table.


Lolo had a short trip to the diary room, she says Natalie will probably be called, but Natalie decides to go wash her face.


Natalie and Lolo leave the bedroom and go to the kitchen. The counter is littered with pizza delivery boxes. Both girls pass the mess and go to the bathroom area where they begin make up removal while Tamar freshens up.


Natalie tells the others that Dina and Kandi are upstairs, that they are working together, but have no real possibility of winning.


Tamar goes into the bedroom, she asks Ricky if there is something she is not aware of going on. He tells her it is possible. Tamar says “If that is the case, she gotta go.”[she is not identified]


Lolo tells Natalie she would like to go to the lounge and talk and pray with Natalie and Natalie accepts.




Natalie stands at the lounge door and uses the mirror in the door to pick at her face until Lolo comes in.


Lolo tells Natalie not to make any decisions tonight, they need time to pray. Lolo does not want to tear the house apart, she wonders if they should just let people vote how they vote, but she wonders if she wants to know before hand.


Natalie mumbles agreements and I knows.


Natalie claims mixed emotions about this, she feels that falling on the sword is not what she is happy with. She feels like she is good with this, and not good with this. She is questioning if she is quitting or being a team player. Natalie says she is not a quitter, and of all the positions they could be in this is the worst position to be in. She says allowing the house to decide, then having a life interview intimidates her. She says knowing would allow them to compose and digest.


Lolo says Natalie has had the opportunity to talk to the others, she has not.


Natalie believes Kandi and Dina will vote to keep Lolo.


Lolo says Ricky shocked her with his offer, since it would be a possible tie breaker. She thinks they don't want blood on their hands. Lolo tells Natalie that there is only one person in the house anyone has issues with. She adds that losing the Olympics and then this is difficult.


Natalie says they could tell the house to split the votes and let it come down to Tom, but that will allow Tom to decide. Natalie says Tom lies to her, she does not believe anything he says.


Lolo says they need to ask everyone to decide.


Natalie suggests a meeting where they all talk-with the exception of Tom- and ask them what they want to do.


Lolo says”we either petition or we all out give.” Lolo does not like the idea of giving in, but Natalie tells her that could be the purpose of her being here....to do this for Lolo. Lolo wonders if God has put her here for a reason, but it is frustrating because it is out of her hands. She says “this is not the way any athlete wants to go out.” Lolo says if it was anyone but Natalie she would buck up her social game but because it is Natalie she is confused what she should do.


Lolo says God has provided for me, the money is not life changing. She says that Natalie acknowledging her pain has meant the world to her. She does not want to feel like a piece of s^^t at the end of it, but they are stuck in a situation where the house is not decided. She blames Tom for being put in this situation.--[I love Lolo, but she has ended up here all on her own and I hope on retrospection she sees that and learns from it.]




Tamar and Ricky are talking in the hotel bedroom.


Ricky says if they had kept Kato they would not be in this position but Tamar says he was strong and could have worked those dice. Tamar believes Kato was the stronger player.


They are discussing what the HOH will be tomorrow and which one would be more likely to win a question competition.


Ricky says they should let the girls decide, but Tamar says they can't.


Tamar says she thought Tom was

putting her up, Ricky asks if she would go home if she were up against Natalie. Tamar says she does.


Tamar tells Ricky they need to let the girls decide as he suggested and he agrees. Tamar leaves the room.

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9:19PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the LNG. Lolo tells Natalie she wants to pray about the upcoming eviction. They talk about being on the block. 

9:36PM BBT: Tamar is in the HOBR with Ricky, Ricky says if they had kept Kato they wouldn't be in this position. Tamar disagrees, she thinks Kato was a stronger player. They talk about what the next HOH comp will be. 

9:40PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are still in the LNG. Lolo says she wants Natalie to be one of her bridesmaids. Natalie agrees. They agree to visit each other after the show. They talk about their friendship. 

9:42PM BBT: Tamar walked into the HOBR. Tamar is confused as to why Kandi thinks Natalie is the biggest threat. "What does that mean," she asks Ricky. Ricky doesn't know. 

9:50PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky are in their beds in the HOBR in silence. Lolo and Natalire are in the LNG, Lolo is still talking about their friendship. 

9:52PM BBT: Tamar and Dina walk upstairs where Tom and Kandi are sitting and chatting upstairs. Tamar jokes around that all Kandi talks about is money and how much of it she has. They all sit on the couches upstairs near the pool table. 

9:55PM BBT: Tom leaves the girls on the couches. They chat for a few minutes while he's gone. They talk about getting up early tomorrow.  

9:57PM BBT: Dina says she doesn't know what to do tomorrow, because they're "best buddies." Kandi says she was already honest with Natalie about being the "best player." Dina says they can't make this personal. Kandi says hers is. 

10:01PM BBT: Tamar tries to tell Kandi how it works when they only have a few people left. Dina says Natalie asked her what she was going to do, Dina says she doesn't know. Dina tells them Natalie told her and Ricky that it might be better if she goes home. 

10:02PM BBT: Tamar is confused, because Natalie keeps saying she wants to stay, but also that it might be better if she left. Dina says she keeps "contradicting herself." Tamar asks Kandi and Dina if they're going to vote the same, they both say they don't know. 

10:07PM BBT: Ricky joins the girls upstairs. Tamar asks Kandi why she thinks Natalie is a better player. Kandi says Natalie is mentally and physically strong and she's only had arguments with Tom and Kato. 

10:13PM BBT: Dina says this late in the game you can't get "blood on your hands," because at this point "it's just a game." Tamar disagrees with her. Ricky tries to explain to Dina why it matters who goes home and who stays. Dina doesn't think anyone would be mad if she votes for the person who doesn't go home.

10:15PM BBT: Ricky tries to tell Dina that if she votes for someone who doesn't go home, and that person wins the next HOH, they'll probably put her up. Dina disagrees, she says that's now how she plays her game. She and Ricky continue to argue. Eventually Dina says she gets it. 

10:19PM BBT: Dina leaves to change into more comfortable clothes. Ricky asks Kandi if she's "dead set" on evicting Natalie, or if she would be open to a conversation. Kandi says she's already been honest with Natalie about voting for her. 

10:21PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky try to tell Kando how the finally three works and how the finally HOH works. Kandi doesn't think there will be anymore HOHs. Tamar and Ricky tell her there will be. 

10:24PM BBT: Dina is in the KT. Tamar walks through as well. Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR. Ricky walks in and tells Lolo and Natalie that Kandi and Dina are scared of them. "They should be, though," Natalie says. 

10:25PM BBT: Lolo asks Ricky to pray so they know who will go home. Natalie says she just doesn't want it to be a tie and then Tom decides, because "f**k that guy." Tamar walks in and Lolo asks Tamar to pray also. 

10:31PM BBT: Kandi is tweeting in the LNG while Dina sits and talks with her. Dina keeps asking "where's Jonathan" every time they need to decide something. She keeps saying she wishes they could talk to the guys who have been evicted and ask for help. 

10:38PM BBT: Dina tells Kandi that Tamar is "ready to ditch" her because she wants to vote for Natalie. Kandi says she knows. Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Ricky are in the HOBR, both groups in the HOBR and the LNG are talking about "what he said, what she said," over and over again. 

10:41PM BBT: Lolo keeps saying she needs to pray and she wants everyone else to pray. Tamar keeps telling Lolo that Dina and Kandi are going to vote Natalie. Natalie says they're only voting her out because they're scared. 

10:42PM BBT: Lolo stands up and says she needs to use the bathroom. She then asks Natalie to come to the bathroom with her. They leave and walk to the WA. 

10:42PM BBT: In the WA, Lolo asks Natalie to turn the blow dryer on. Cameras switch back to Tamar and Ricky. Tamar is upset Lolo doesn't believe her when she says Kandi and Dina are voting Natalie out. "She's so sensitive," Tamar says, "she needs to grow up, she's 36 years old." 

10:43PM BBT: Tamar is upset Lolo doesn't believe her. Tamar says "that's why Kandi's here." Ricky asks why and Tamar points to Lolo's bed and says because, "shit like that."

10:47PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR again. Ricky asks Lolo how she feels, Lolo says she's "annoyed" because she's losing one of her best friends in the house. She's fired up and upset. 

10:48PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are in the KT now. In the HOBR, Lolo tells them that they have to work together for a common goal. They decide Kandi will go first and then Tom. 

11:00PM BBT: The four in the HOBR talk about Dina and then they talk about previous competition. Lolo tells Ricky that they are her "ride or die," and she wants them to use their anger to win. 

11:01PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie are in the WA whispering. Tamar gets into the shower and Natalie brushes her teeth. Ricky walks into the KT to make tea. Dina tells everyone they need to clean the house earlier because tomorrow is an early day. Ricky tells her they have "plenty of time."

11:05PM BBT: Dina and Ricky argue about when they should clean. Dina thinks the house is too dirty. Ricky says it's not and they'll have time to clean. Dina just wanders around mumbling about how dirty is, Ricky keeps telling her to calm down and they'll clean tomorrow. Ricky tells her not to "cry about it."

11:06PM BBT: Dina continues to talk about how dirty the house is, Ricky asks her what's up with her to make her this upset. Dina says she's tired, they argue some more and Dina leaves to go to the 5BR. 

11:06PM BBT: Ricky walks into the WA. He tells them about Dina being upset about how dirty the house is. Natalie says Dina is "the messiest" and she's "cleaned up her shoes and the mud," so many times. She says she's always picking up after Dina. 

11:09PM BBT: Dina walks into the HOHR and tells Tom she's tired of cleaning everything. She says she can't be stressed and tells Tom about how the other side of the house talked ot her about who to vote out. 

11:19PM BBT: Dina tells Tom everyone is going to vote the same, she tells Tom they want him to think they're on his side, "but they're not," and they're coming for him, "and probably me first," Dina says. Tom says he's not on their side. Dina doesn't want them to manipulate Tom. 

11:20PM BBT: Dina tells Tom about all her conversations today about who to vote out. Tom thinks if they keep Lolo, but vote Natalie and Ricky out then Lolo would work with them. 

11:28PM BBT: Tom says it doesn't matter who goes home and that it "doesn't matter." Dina insists that is is, she tells Tom he doesn't understand. Tom keeps trying to talk, but Dina talks over him. She wants Tom to "have her back," now. 

11:31PM BBT: Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo are in the KT cooking. Ricky walks over. Dina and Tom are in the HOHR, Dina keeps talking in circles. Tom says Kandi is the wild card. 

11:38PM BBT: Dina keeps saying they have to win. Dina wants to bring Kandi upstairs so they can talk to them, Tom says no. He says Dina needs to talk to her somewhere else. 

11:46PM BBT: Dina and Tom watch the feeds. Dina says if they weren't in the Kt, she would go to her room. Dina just says, "I don't want to be in their clutches."

11:51PM BBT: Tom tells Dina about his one on ones with Ricky earlier in the week. Tamar, Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are in the KT chatting. 

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