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America's Got Talent The Champions Episode 5

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The finals are next week and this is the last chance for the acts to grab a spot. We have our final 10 acts competing for the final 2 spots. And the golden buzzer tonight belongs Terry Crews. The final act will be voted through.


We kick off the show with Attraction, the winners of Britain’s Got Talent Season 7 and they are a shadow dance act. They hope Simon can see how they’ve grown and it would be an honor to win again. They begin their performance and it is U.S. themed. They get a standing ovation all around.


Howie says in all his years, they’ve seen some shadow dancing, but never one more concise and more emotional. He wishes them the best of luck. Mel B says that was just brilliant on every single level. Heidi says it was a flawless performance and she loves their imagination and story-telling. Simon remembers the first time he saw them and he sees them in a different context now. Simon says they reminded him once again how amazing they are.


Next is Jackie Evancho and she was the runner-up on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent and she’s now 18. When she didn’t win she thought she was going back to normal life, but her life completely changed. She’s the youngest solo singer to go platinum. Now she has another shot and if she were to win, then it would be a redemption for her.


Jackie takes the stage and performs Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. She gets an ovation from the audience before she is done and the judges join in as she finishes. Howie says welcome home. Mel B says she has the voice of an angel. It’s just stunningly beautiful. Simon says she has gotten better since her performance years ago. He says that was outstanding. Howie says she exemplifies what AGT is and tonight was truly amazing and he hopes she gets voted through.


Colin Cloud is up next and he is an illusionist. He’s been described as the real life Sherlock Holmes. When he lost in the semi-finals he was gutted. He says the missed opportunity still haunts him and he’s excited beyond belief to have this second chance. He wants to prove he not only deserves to be in the final, but he also has what it takes to win the competition.


He begins his performance by asking everyone to put on a Colin Cloud mask he left for everyone in the theater. He wants them all to think about a celebrity at random. He has a piece of paper with an X and he wants the judges to throw out a bowl of pieces of paper and he wants the people to mix them up. He wants everyone to stop when the judges hit their X and he wants everyone to check who has the X.


Colin has Howie thinking of a number and a letter and Colin writes it on his hand. Howie was thinking of L and 3 and Colin has written it on his hand. Colin says that’s a seat number in the room and he asks the person with the paper with X stand up. She is not in L3, but Colin asks the person in L3 to stand up but leave their mask on. Colin tells Howie if he gets it wrong, he wants Howie to immediately hit his button and eliminate him from the competition. Colin then asks the woman with the X to name the celebrity they were thinking of and she says David Hasselhoff. Colin pulls out a handkerchief and it has the name David Hasselhoff. He then has the person in L3 unmask themselves and it is David Hasselhoff.   


Howie really thinks Colin stepped up his game. Simon thinks Colin has absolutely redeemed himself tonight. He says it brings back great memories of when they launched the show with David. Mel B loves him and he is brilliant and he has magical powers.  


Next is Lee, The Lost Voice Guy and he won Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 and Simon says he’s very naughty. Lee has a cerebral palsy and communicates with a speech pad. He’s a comedian and he says winning changed his life and it was an amazing moment. He never expected to be this successful. He’s performed before the royal family and he’s working on a book. He’s just surprised his batteries haven’t run out yet. This is his first time performing in America and winning would be a fantastic honor.


Lee begins his performance. The audience seems to enjoy the performance and he gets an ovation. Howie says he’s been watching him online and he’s hysterical and he wonders why America can’t have a comic win. Heidi says he is teaching them all something today and she hopes the people voting will think about it. Simon says he’s a great guy and really funny and he’s happy the American audience got to experience what he did on Britain’s Got Talent.


Sal Valentinetti remember his time on AGT Season 11 and he is a singer. He was ready to win and he finished in fifth place, but being a finalist changed his life. He says there is some feeling that he was so close, but being part of Champions means he can be the best in the world, not just the country.


Sal takes the stage and performs Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin. Heidi says he is so cute. Howie says Sal is genuine and authentic and real. Mel B says Sal just lit up the entire room. She loved it. Simon says he’s slightly star struck. Heidi loves him so very much and she hopes the fifty states will vote for him.


Tokio Myers is next and he won Britain’s Got Talent and he plays piano. He talks about where he grew up in London and he says it’s been an incredible year and now here is in America. He wants to go out and blow the American people away. Simon greets Tokio and he says it’s good to see him. Howie asks what he’s been doing and Tokio talks about the fire in Greenfell and helping raise money.


Tokio takes his seat at the piano and begins his performance. He also has some drums and cymbals that he plays during his performance as well. He gets an ovation as he finishes. Howie asks what this felt like and Tokio says it’s incredible and the energy is different. Howie says he is a world class musician and he sees him as the next Quincy Jones. Heidi says this is what they mean when they say a one man show. Simon says this is feeling like the Olympics and they’ve all upped their game.


Next is Simonova and she won the first season of Ukraine’s Got Talent. She says that was her first time on the stage at all and her performances went viral. She didn’t have a computer so she had no idea how big it got. This is her first time in America and she wants to show how beautiful the Ukraine is.


Simonova takes to the stage and begins her performance. She gets an ovation from the audience and the crowd is chanting. Simon says she is one of the best contestants they’ve had over all the years and over all the countries. He says that was fantastic. Mel B says that was incredible. Everything she does is brilliant. Howie agrees. He says it’s so emotional and what she does is beautiful. He says in his mind she is the champion. Terry appears from the side of the stage and comes down to the judge’s table and says he’s never been more impressed by her ability to move people the way she did and he hits his golden buzzer. Simonova will move on to the finals!


Next is Cosentino and he was the runner-up in Australia’s Got Talent Season 5 and he is an escape artist. He’s been inspired by Harry Houdini and he says it’s very painful to come in second, but it gave him a platform to have his own career. He’s toured all around the world, but there’s still one place he has to go…America. So here he is and to compete against the best in the world, he has to step up. He’s literally putting his life on the line. Is it worth it? He thinks it is to prove he’s a champion.


Cosentino is ready for his performance and he invites Terry on stage to ensure everything is legitimate. He’s going to be locked to a spinning wheel by four padlocks. He has Terry test the padlock. There are four cross bows aimed at the wheel and he show the audience the arrows, and he demonstrates how dangerous the arrow is. There are bear traps on the wheel and he will be using a lock pick to get himself free. If he fails, then he will be skewered and burnt alive because there will be fire involved as well. Terry gives him a hug and he takes his place on the wheel.


Cosentino has two assistants come out and he takes his shirt off. He steps into the restraints and is strapped in. He has locks around both arms, one around his legs at the bottom, and one around his waist. The arrows are in place, the fire is going on the sides, and the time starts and he begins working with the lock pick. He seems to be struggling with the first lock, but then it’s free just as the first arrow shoots.


The wheel starts to spin and Cosentino works on his other arm. He seems to be struggling with it as well and the wheel has made one revolution but his arm is free. The wheel begins to spin in the other direction and he’s working on the lock on his waist and he’s free and begins on his legs and gets out just as the fire is shot at the wheel.  


Simon says Cosentino is one crazy guy. Howie says he has a dramatic delivery and it was scary. He loved it. Heidi says she thought it was thrilling and she loved the presentation. It was very entertaining. Simon says he loved that it wasn’t an illusion and this was the whole idea of the show and he thinks he has a shot after that.


Only one spot left and only a couple of acts left. Next is Sons of Serendip and they were on America’s Got Talent Season 9. They have been able to record albums, open for John Legend, and they are blessed to have so many great experiences. And now they are back to compete against the best of the best of the world. They can’t wait to show they judges how they’ve evolved and grown and they want to win this time.


Sons of Serendip take the stage and they perform Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Heidi says there is magic in the air when they perform and they make her feel so good. Mel B says that was so dreamy and so angelic and she’s glad they came back. Simon says his voice is stunning and the song choice was great. He says that performance actually got him and he says this was a huge step up.


Our final act is Shin Lim and he is the reigning winner of America’s Got Talent and he’s a magician. He didn’t think he could actually win until he made top two. He says he’s recognized all over and he had to come back because AGT is where it started. He feels like expectations are really high for him and he’s very nervous, but he’s back to defend his title.


Simon says he has absolute respect for Shin to come back and compete because there are others who wouldn’t do that. Shin requests Terry’s help and asks him to come to the stage. He has his sit next to a table he has set up. He starts by spreading a deck out and he has Terry put his left hand out and he puts a card in his hand and tells him not to move. He then puts three aces out and he makes cards appear from the aces, the Kings and queens of the same suits. He has all of them but the spades, which Terry has the ace of spades.


Shin then takes the three cards of the same suit, and makes the aces of each one disappear. He then has Terry uncover his hand and all of the aces are there. He then starts making the kings and queens disappear. He then has all four aces and he shows us the back of them and he turns them from blue to red. He then puts the red cards in the blue deck and the entire deck has turned red. He then has the joker on the top of the deck and a C appears and he fans the cards out and it says Champions. He then turns the aces over and it says Terry, check your pocket and Terry has the four aces in his pocket.


Shin has gotten an ovation from the audience and the judges. Terry is stunned and shakes Shin’s hand. Mel B says she is sitting there thinking…what just happened? Howie says he is perfection and he wants to reach out to the 50 states and he is a winner and he should be in the final. Heidi says this was as expected…mind blowing! Simon says he can see something different in him and now thanks to him, his son thinks he has magic powers. Simon says he’s a true star, a great guy, and a champion.  


Now it’s all down to the results. There are only two spots open in the finals, but Simonova got the first spot. It’s time to find out who the top three are for the final spot.


The first act in the top 3 is…Attraction!


The second act is…Shin Lim!


The final act in the top three is…Sons of Serendip!


Only one act can go through. Attraction won in the northeast. Shin Lim won the Midwest and Sons of Serendip won in Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee.


The act finishing in third place is…Sons of Serendip.


The act that is moving into the finals is…Shin Lim!


Next week is the finals and there’s a big twist coming in the finals.

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