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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:05AM BBT: Ricky is talking to the girls in the HOBR about his first marriage, Dina is finding something to eat in the KT, and Kandi and Tom are playing pool upstairs. 

12:18AM BBT: Tom and Dina are talking about the veto upstairs, Kandi tells them they're "worry warts." In the HOBR, Natalie is telling them about not drinking. She says her life has gotten a lot better and she doesn't have the urge to drink anymore. 

12:30AM BBT: The pool game has finished and now Dina and Kandi are getting ready for bed. The four in the HOBR continue to chat. BB takes a few minutes to record video of Orwell in his POPTV Tux. 



12:39AM BBT: Tom is in the HOHR listening to music with Orwell. Dina is showering downstairs. 



1:15AM BBT: Dina gets into bed in the 5BR and builds her wall of pillows. The lights are out everywhere in the BB House and all is quiet. 


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10:05AM BBT Tom to Dina in the kitchen:  the s**t disturber in me in showing so much restraint.  Dina tells him to just chill.  (Lolo got heated before she ever got out of bed this morning because of Tom "using the fact that winning BB would help her since she doesn't have health insurance and the fact that the money would help her train for the Olympics to mess with her head).  She was talking very loud where at least Dina and Kandi could hear Lolo without even trying to outside of their room.  Tom was in the kitchen. When Lolo finally came out, Lolo told Tom she was very irritated by him and he said let's talk out here.  Feeds cut.

Tom: If Natalie wins the veto and uses it on herself, she's basically using it on herself

Dina: or she'll put up-

Tom: no, no, i put the replacement up

Lolo is in the bedroom telling Natalie, Ricky and Tamar that Tom said yesterday he wasn't going to put her up and now he wants to back door her. (that's not what happened. his intentions were to get out Ricky.  the second option would be Natalie.  Kandi told him to put both of his targets up to ensure at least one of them stays. Lolo is getting to her own head by thinking he's backdooring her.)

10:11AM BBT Tom to Dina: Ricky is the one who's organizing the whole thing

Dina: he's a player

Tom:  Ricky will come to me if he's here and he'll end up trying to work with me.

Dina: oh i know, he tried it once before

Tom: i actually don't care who goes. that's the good thing. 

Tom to himself:  i literally, LITERALLY, don't care.  Well I care a little bit (laughs).

10:13AM BBT:  Tom to Tamar who's talking fast past him in the kitchen- "What's up?"

Tamar: Diary.

30 seconds later while Tamar's getting something out of her bedroom, Tom goes to try to get into the DR.  Tamar goes back to the DR door and asks Tom if he's going in there.  Tom says he just has a question but  moves out of the way so Tamar can go in.  Tamar says it's interview time.  Tom tells her to have fun.  He goes to his HOH room.

10:15AM BBT:  Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are talking in their bedroom.  Lolo asks Ricky why does Tom have it out for him, just because of the patio conversation? (referring to where Ricky was giving him a hard time for not being able to do his stand up right there on the spot.  Ricky says it's that and a while back when they were in the bathroom when ricky told Tom that everyone changed when the cameras came on, including Tom for becoming a prick.


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8:45AM BBT Good morning! Tom is in the KT for his morning Coffee. Natalie is brushing her teeth.  Lolo feels sick from lack of sleep. Tamar also feels sick but had plenty of sleep. The conversation changes to health insurance; neither she nor Ryan have health insurance because they are athletes - it's too expensive. 

9:00AM Lolo enters the KT and Tom tells her good morning. Lolo replies she's frustrated with him. Tom offers to talk, but before we can hear Lolo's response, FOTH.

9:40AM BBT Feeds return and Lolo says she didn't get picked to play. Which means Dina, Kandi and Tamar will play Veto with Tom, Natalie and Ricky.

9:45am BBT Tamar tells Natalie that keeping noms the same and voting out Ricky would be the best bet for the three of them - if she won Veto and saved Natalie, then Lolo would be the replacement and probably be evicted. Tamar assures her she has the votes, then concedes that Lolo would have the same votes and agrees to play for Natalie.

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10:25AM BBT: Natalie: One thing I know for sure, I do not like Tom Green.  He's a prick.

Tamar joins Ricky, Natalie and Lolo in their bedroom.

Natalie: how was it (DR session)?

Tamar: where is everybody

Ricky: i feel calm and peaceful

Natalie: i'm just really irritated  agitated and i want to smack him

Tamar: who

Natalie: tom

ricky to Tamar: what you got?

Tamar: caffeine candy. you want some?

Natalie: it's Tom's candy (He got from POPTV)

Tamar: first of all, it's expired.


Meanwhile, Tom is asleep in the HOH room.  Not sure what Dina and Kandi are doing.


10:45AM BBT Tamar and Natalie are talking to Dina and asking if she would vote to keep Natalie over Ricky.  Dina says yes.

Tamar: Tom's playing to win

Dina: he gets the last vote, right?

Natalie and Tamar: If there's a tie (Dina really doesn't get the game)

Ricky comes in. Dina's called to the DR.

Natalie: Kandi left her (Dina) high and dry.  Kandi's pump ass

Ricky: that's strange to me that Kandi would-

Natalie: well it's just good for her game

Ricky: no it's not

Tamar: no it's the dumbest s**t

Ricky: kandi's not the target at the point

Tamar: she is now

Natalie: true. well to me i think she showed her true colors when he picked me in the comp

Tamar: i don't know her like that. do yall think she's just being nice?

Natalie: to tom? girl take a f**king seat

ricky: she is nice, so that's part  of it

Tamar: that's what i'm saying

Natalie: she doesn't need to be that close to tom. since yall have been friends for the past two decades. then for kandi to be that close to tom-

Ricky: i'm proud of Kandi for starting to play the game. she's being more aggressive.

Natalie: the numbers are not on her side

Tamar: she doesn't realize that though

Ricky: how can she not, though?

Natalie: tom can't compete for the next HOH. If i'm still here depending on how the cards fall, I'm winning HOH. no question about it.

Natalie:  I just want to smack him so bad.

Tamar: Why??

Natalie: Because he's an idiot

Ricky: I just try not to take it personally.

Tamar: he's definitely not like kato.  Kato is rotten for what he said to her (Dina.. i think referring to Kato saying "thanks a lot, dina" as he was being evicted).  Did Kato not want to leave this house? remember how he backed up? i don't think he wanted to go

Natalie: i do have compassion for them. because they're in their older years.

Ricky: tom is going home to his mom's.

Natalie, Tamar and Ricky speculate that Tom's girlfriend broke up with him.  All feeds cut to Tom in his HOH room, still sleeping.


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11:20pm BBT It's been quiet in the CBB House. Tamar and Natalie are in the SR. Tamar says if no one wins Veto, then I'm safe. Natalie says someone has to win Veto. Tamar is sure that Natalie will be safe. They return to the BR where Lolo and Ricky are napping. Tamar coughs while eating her cereal in bed.


11:40AM BBT Tom comes out of the DR and gets back in bed in HoH. Lolo seems to have nervous energy as she, Natalie, Tamar and Ricky chill in their BR. Kandi and Dina chill in the other BR (Dina is doing her hair). She says hi to the camera, which catches her yawning. It's weired, she says, she sees production people in her dreams.

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11:50am BBT In the WA, Lolo tells Natalie she's nervous to be the only HG not to be on the block. They are trying to decipher Tom's nomination speech. I think he loathes us both, Lolo says. They try to figure out what the Veto comp will be. Natalie thinks spelling. Lolo says Tom thinks go karts.  

11:55am BBT In the WA, Lolo tells Natalie that winning CBB would help her but it would not change her life. Kandi and Dina joke that they should have watched Game of Thrones to prepare for CBB. The small talk is light and happy. In the WA, Natalie and Lolo are grim and serious. Lolo leaves the hair dryer on and blowing at the paper towels as she heads into the KT to get some food. Nat is in the WC.

11:59pm BBT Dina wants to hug her kids when she gets out of the house but they are all in other countries working. Natalie turns off the hair dryer and BB says Thank You. For what, Dina and Kandi wonder. Like a choreographed ballet, Lolo and Natalie return to their BR as Dina and Kandi emerge from theirs and go to the WA.

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2:35PM BBT We have feeds. Tom is in HOH and is holding the Veto.


2:39PM BBT  Tom yells down that his room is available for anyone who needs it. Tom tells Lolo that he would like to talk to her and Natalie tonight. He says he likes talking to them but he has a plan. The comp was messy everyone says.


 2:46PM BBT Lolo and Ricky talking. Ricky telling her that if Tom wins the Veto, then he stays but otherwise he is gone. Lolo says that she feels Tom made deals with everyone except them. 


3:03PM BBT Natalie talking with Ricky, Lolo and Tamar. Tamar tells Natalie that Tom can't do anything else to her. Natalie says she is winning HOH and nominating Tom and Kandi and they need to vote Tom out. Tamar agrees. 

3:20PM BBT Tom is in the lounge talking to the feeds. He says there are people in the house that want Natalie out more then they want Lolo. He says that he can take Natalie off and put up Lolo. He feels that would be less of a close vote and still get Ricky out. He says that he can tell them that Ricky has failed them. He doesn't want to be the tie breaker. He wants it to be unanimous in the house.


 3:27PM BBT Tom telling the viewers that his parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage and asked people to go leave comments for them. He does a shout out to Kato telling him that he was a great partner in crime and when he gets out he will buy him the beers. He says if he doesn't win that he had a great BB experience.


 3:32PM BBT Kandi asks Tom how he won the Veto. Tom tells them that he raps the colors to memorize it. He hugs Kandi and Dina and tells them they are in it to win it. Dina asks him if Natalie was after Ricky. He says she is. He tells Kandi that he is listening to her but he wants to talk to her and Dina.

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 3:42PM BBT Ricky tells the girls that Tom isn't going to save him. He says that they need to fight and move forward. Natalie says she doesn't need to talk to Tom because it won't change anything. Lolo tells them that Tom said he wanted to talk to her and Natalie. Lolo says it wasn't sketchy when he said it. She says Tamar was walking by. Tamar says she is going to bed at 6PM. All 4 of them are lying in bed chatting.


3:53PM BBT Tom talking with Kandi and Dina in the KT. He tells them they have to win HOH or they are in trouble. They all agree.


4:05PM BBT Tom tells Kandi that he may still use the veto. He is worried that Ricky won't go. Kandi tells him that it's going to bite him. He says that he can not chance Ricky not going. Kandi trying to get him to listen.


4:25PM BBT All 4 cams on Tom and Kandi playing pool. 

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4:45PM BBT Tamar goes to Kandi's room. Kandi tells her everything Tom told her. Tamar says she can vote her out. Kandi says she isn't going to. BB cuts the feeds to Tom in his room..


5:01PM BBT Tamar comes out to the KT and yells at Tom that he has to stop threatening to put people up. She starts to yell and we get FOTH.


5:44PM BBT Feeds are back. Tom has on the Veto necklace and is listening to music in HOH. He is dancing around. Downstairs Tamar and Lolo in bed. Natalie and Ricky talking about a TV show.



5:59PM BBT Tay goes to Kandi and is upset at her for talking game to Tom. She says she told Kandi to lay low. She is is done with Tom.

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6:25PM BBT: The feeds have been on the WBRB screen for about 25 minutes.


6:28PM BBT: Feeds are back.  Tom is listening to music in the HOHR, Kandi is filing her nails in bed, Dina is sleeping.  


6:36PM BBT: Tamar is in the SR looking through what she can make.  Natalie is in the KT eating lunch meat.  Natalie tells her to join her and Tay says she doesn't want to "engage".   All cameras go back to Tom sleeping in the HOHR.


6:50PM BBT: Kandi is tinkering with her stuff in the hallway and Tamar walks by.  They talk about food, and Tamar asks her if she's going back to sleep.  Feeds move to Natalie in the KT before going back to Tom in the HOHR.


7:07PM BBT: After about 20 more minutes of the cameras focused on Tom's sleeping face in the HOHR, they move on to Kandi shuffling cards in her bed.


7:37PM BBT: Feeds have remained on Kandi playing card in her bed.  


7:47PM BBT: Ricky is stirring, as he heads to the gym to workout.  It's chilly in there, so he heads back down to put on some pants.


8:26PM BBT: All cameras are still on Ricky in the gym.  He is mostly meditating on the floor.


8:45PM BBT: Feeds finally off of Ricky and onto Kandi talking with Lolo and Natalie in the BR. Lolo says that they need to stop using Tay as the middle person and listen to her directly.


8:47PM BBT: The girls ask Kandi if she wants to continue to work with Tom and she agrees that he does sometimes get obsessed.


8:48PM BBT: Nat, Lolo and Kandi seem to establish a new understanding of how to work together.  


8:51PM BBT: Kandi tells Natalie that she has her vote to stay, and then Natalie moves on to Dina, who has entered the room after a long nap.



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6:27 pm BBT- feeds back and all four on Tom in HOHR. He is silent and sitting on chair wearing headphones and sunglasse. On a couple of cameras the HOH video screen is seen above him and no other houseguests are visible in the kitchen area. 

6:50 pm BBT- Kandi standing in front of mirror doing makeup. Ricky walks by on way to bedroom. HE asks her something and she responds 'I'm all right" and then he asks if she wants to play chess later. Ricky goes into bedroom and closes door. Then Tamar walks past and asks Kandi if she got the food out in the kitchen. Kandi said no, (?) was thawing it. (I couldn't understand who she said) Then camera switches to Natalie in kitchen. 

6:51 pm BBT cameras back to Tom in HOH. He hasn't moved since the cameras left him. 

7:04 pm BBT nothing has changed. Still Tom silently listening to music and wearing sunglasses. No other houseguests visible on HOH screen showing kitchen area. 

7:05 pm BBT  all cameras now on Kandi sitting on her bed and playing cards. Silence.  ( I checked to make sure I didn't accidently mute my computer. I did not. It is SILENT in the BB house!)

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7:36 pm BBT- still Kandi playing cards on her bed on all four cameras

7:46 pm BBT- feeds follow Ricky through house up to exercise room. He was there a few seconds and went back down to his bedroom. He passed the kitchen and Natalie was in the kitchen. A minute or so later Ricky passes back through with a blanket around his shoulders. 

7:55 pm BBT- all four feeds now on Ricky in exercise room. He is silently lying on the floor with the blanket over his torso. 

8:30 pm BBT- all cameras on Ricky in exercise room going through his yoga routine. Now doing a headstand. 

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All cameras are on the lavatory door.


Silence in the house.


All cameras are on Dina refreshing her hair and make up.


A few minutes later we see Ricky napping while Dina is in the bathroom area.


Still silent house.


Camera moves to Tom in HOH room, he is staring into the dark


Kandi has joined Dina in the bedroom.


Kandi tells her all hell broke loose when she was sleeping.


Cameras go back to bedroom with Natalie and Ricky.


Natalie says “Things are crazy around here.” Ricky asks if she is upset, and she says she is not. He wonders if “she” will get put up.{she is not identified} Ricky seems to think he is being voted out.


Cameras move to Lolo at table fooling with deck of cards.


Dina, Kandi and Lolo begin a game of Crazy 8s.


Cameras move around other rooms in the house where house guests are napping.

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Camera moves to house guests playing cards.


Patio opens and they check the temperature outside. Natalie and Lolo say it is cold, but the pool is 100 degrees. Tamar tells them to shut the door. Natalie says she doesn't care, she wants to run in the pool.


Natalie goes to the pool and shouts for Lolo to come out with her. Lolo tells her she is coming out soon.


Ricky comes in and takes Lolo's place in the card game.



Ricky joins the girls in the pool, the card game is over, and Kandi is on twitter in the lounge.


Dina joins Kandi in the lounge. They discuss tomorrow's activities.


Dina wishes Tom would come down and join them.


Dina whispers to Kandi.


Kandi says Tom started it, Dina says it is his personality.


Kandi says Tom is probably up there because Tamar cussed him out earlier, she says she did not hear what happened, she was in her room. She thinks if Tom puts Tamar on the block it will not go well.


Dina wonders what Tom will do about the veto. Dina says she thinks he feels alone and does not trust anyone. She thinks Tamar is with Lolo and Natalie, but she is not sure.


Kandi says no matter who he picks they all have something against him. Kandi says Tom wants her to vote for Ricky to leave, but it sounds like she plans to vote for Natalie to go. Kandi thinks Tom is mad at her because Tamar went against him.


Dina asks if Kandi will vote out Natalie or Ricky If two people vote out Natalie and two vote out Ricky, Tom will break a tie. Dina says Tom did not have to do “that to us at all”. She wonders if she should have a conversation with him because both Kandi and her are cool, they have no alliance with the girls and Ricky.


Kandi says Tom is preying on their loyalty to get what he wants.


Dina wonders if he will flip back to Natalie. She says they need to decide what to do because both people on the block are strong players. She is upset because “anyone” sits alone in a room, she believes that is a form of bullying. Dina says the girls hang out and talk to Ricky, they are buddies.

Dina says “no one likes the block. Kato put me there.”


They laugh about being put out on the street and making real snow angels in New York.


The competition name was “color blast”. Dina says she got 7. Earlier Tom said he rapped the colors so it must have been a Simon Says type of game.


Kandi says they can only hope one of them isn't going on the block tomorrow. Dina laughs, she says Tom felt like he had extra time in the house and was surprised that Kato left instead of him.


Dina and Kandi say they have to play the upcoming HOH like nothing they have ever done before. Dina says she needs to focus, she says she has always been a “crunch time” person, and it is “crunch time” now. Dina thinks Lolo is feeling insecure.


Kandi says Lolo wants to make the most of this opportunity, it will help her a lot.


Dina says that neither Kandi nor herself would want Kato and Tom to be mad at them. She says Tom is a better player, Lolo comes close. Dina says Lolo needs to build confidence in her personal life.


Kandi says she will tell Tom she will do as he wants this time, but she does not believe it is the right thing to do.


Dina says Tom has a thing about Ricky and Kandi agrees, saying Tom is not thinking clearly. Dina said Kato was good for Tom's game, he could get him out of his own head.


Dina, “but we are still here” Dina wonders if Tamar is tight with Ricky, Natalie is not sure, someone told her that Tamar was going to put her on the block.


Dina says “don't believe what you hear.”


Both of them wonder if there is another twist, and they better win HOH and veto.

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Dina and Kandi are still in the lounge discussing the game and the alliances.


Both of them agree that if Ricky stays he would want to get Tom out.


Dina says it would be a three to two vote if they could trust Tamar to not tell they were voting Natalie out. Dina says people have lied right to her face and she is not capable of doing things like that. She thinks if Ricky stays the girls would not want her here.


Kandi says she had it figured out yesterday, but Tom threw a wrench in it today.


Dina insists it is because he is isolated in the HOH room and alone with his own thoughts.


Kandi says Ricky is easier to beat than Natalie. Kandi says talking to Ricky will not be helpful, he is on the block and has no weight on this situation.


Dina tells Kandi if they ask, we should tell them we are voting Natalie out, and has already told her, she was trying to be honest when asked. If she changes her mind, Natalie better keep her safe.


Dina says they should go play pool to see if Tom will come out of the HOH. They decide to go by the bathroom area on their way up.


The others have come in from the pool, the cameras are in other parts of the house but we can hear them in the background using showers.




Ricky is alone in the pool, he is relaxing in the jets. Tamar and Natalie are showering. Lolo isgetting her things ready for a shower.


Dina is in the kitchen, she is making a snack, Kandi is also in the kitchen area repackaging the playing cards and cleaning the sink area. They are wondering if Kato is watching to see what happened. Dina says she is not sure she will watch.


Lolo tells Natalie she will pack with her.


Tamar found a gift for the house guests in the storage room, she says it is toys. Natalie calls them bracelets, they leave them there so I am not sure what it is.


Natalie wonders if Ricky and Tom are working together, Lolo thinks it is a slim possibility but Natalie does not think that is the case. She says she only cares about getting off the block.


Lolo says she works better under stress. She has freak out moments, and when Natalie says her athletic performance is under her control. Lolo says it is not in her control, that the Olympics has its own politics.


Dina is eating a tuna sandwich in the kitchen. She has pickles and few chips with it and it looks really good.


Lolo and Tamar say they are hungry, Tamar says she ordered lamb chops but they gave her the wrong thing. Natalie tells Tamar she feels sorry for the personal assistant that has to run around town to get her “lame a%% cookies.


Natalie says they are in the home stretch, and they can't tell what Tom will do.


Cameras move to the kitchen.

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Kandi is still cleaning up, Dina wonders if they should take Tom some food, she worries that he has not had anything to eat. She coaxes Kandi to go up and play billiards to lure him out, she doesn't like him being alone up there. She realizes the girls have their reasons, but she can't go along with that.


Kandi and Dina go to the sky walk and set up their billiards game.


Cameras go back to the bedroom.


Tamar asks Ricky if he has the votes, he is not sure but plans to talk to Dina. Tamar says to be careful she will tell everybody. Tamar goes looking for Tylenol.


Cameras return to the sky walk where the billiards game has started.


Ricky comes up to the sky walk, says something to them, says thank you and leaves.


The girls are yelling for Kandi to come and make bacon, she says she is finishing her game. She tells them she just cleaned up down there and not to make a new mess. Tamar is yelling for grits. She calls them liquid ambien. It looks like she is making them herself.


Kandi wins the game, and they decide that the others are trying to split them up, so Dina racks the balls and yells that the game is over if anyone wants to come up and play.


Lolo and Natalie join them at the billiards table.

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9:00PM BBT: All cameras are in the WA as Dina refreshes her hair and make up. Ricky is napping.

9:22PM BBT: Tom is sitting in the dark HOHR. 

9:30PM BBT: Ricky and Natalie are in the HOHBR, Ricky is awake and talking to Natalie while she does her make up. Natalie says, "things are crazy around here." Ricky asks if she's upset, Natalie says she's not. Ricky thinks he's going home. 

9:40PM BBT: Dina, Kandi, and Lolo are in the KT playing cards.

10:00PM BBT: All four cameras are on Tom napping in the HOHR. Tamar, Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are playing cards while Lolo makes cookies. Natalie walks in, she and Lolo check the temperature of the pool. Lolo says the pool temperature is 100 degrees. 

10:29PM BBT: Natalie, Lolo, Kandi, Dina, and Tamar are playing cards in the KT. Tom is still in the HOHR in the dark. 

10:37PM BBT: Natalie gets into the pool and runs on the underwater treadmill. The card game inside starts to come to an end. 

10:49PM BBT: Natalie is singing in the pool, Lolo joins her and takes a turn running. Kandi is in the HOBR, Ricky says he's going to go swimming also. 

10:50PM BBT: Ricky gets into the pool with Lolo and Natalie. Kandi is in the LNG tweeting. Dina joins her a few minutes later. They talk about the veto. 

10:55PM BBT: Dina and Kandi talk about Tom. Kandi says Tom is in the HOHR because Tamar cussed him out earlier in the day. Kandi says if Tom puts Tamar on the block it won't go well. Dina says she feels alone, she thinks Tamar is with Natalie and Lolo. 

11:03PM BBT: Dina and Kandi try to figure out the votes. Kandi says she "doesn't know what to do." Dina thinks it could be a tie and then Tom would have to break it. She doesn't like that Tom has done this to them. She says he's stressed. Dina says she and Kandi need to have a conversation with Tom. 

11:10PM BBT: Dina talks about meditating before the last competition. Dina says she needs to focus, she says she comes through on "crunch time." She tells Kandi, "it's crunch time, girl." Dina says she'll do what Tom asks, but she's going to let him know she doesn't think it's right.

11:17PM BBT: Dina and Kandi discuss the alliances in the house. They both agree if Ricky stays, he'll go after Tom. Dina isn't sure they can trust Tamar if they vote Natalie out. Kandi says Ricky is easier to beat than Natalie.

11:27PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are out of the pool, Ricky is still relaxing in it. Everyone else is showering or getting ready to shower. 

11:31PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are in the KT, Dina is telling Kandi she's afraid to watch the episodes back. She's worried what people will say and then they won't be friends anymore. Dina asks if Big Brother is on YouTube.

11:38PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR chatting, Natalie doesn't think Tom will use the veto tomorrow. Lolo isn't so sure. Natalie tells Lolo if she was on the block, she would be stressing. Lolo says she stresses out before, not during. 

11:43PM BBT: Dina is eating in the KT while Kandi cleans. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are in the HOBR. Tamar is hungry, she says she ordered lamb chops, but didn't get them. Natalie says she feels sorry for the PA who has to run all over getting Tamar's food.

11:52PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are upstairs playing pool. All four cameras are on them. Lolo yells something up to them from the KT. 

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