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Monday, February 4, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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10:54 AM BBT.  Ricky and Natalie in the HOBR.  Ricky says what do u think?  Natalie says I don’t know, I need to holla at T right now.  She says if one of them wins the veto then one of us has to go up.  Ricky says ask her what she’ll do if that happens. Ricky says our other option is we have the votes to save Kato if we think something fishy is going on.  Natalie says that would be crazy.  Ricky says it would be an all out war but I like our chances.  Natalie says I’ll go see what she says & she leaves.  

10:58 AM BBT.  Tamar and Natalie in the HOHR.  Tamar says I am tired.  I feel like I gave birth last night, I was pushing for 7 hours.  She says I am tiiiirrrred, like for real for real.  She says I am not making the bed, we have lockdown in here, good luck, find u a seat cuz I am too tired. 

11:00 AM BBT.  Natalie and Tamar are whispering.  Tamar says the goal is to get Tom out.  She says they ain’t winning, calm down.  She says they don’t wanna keep them calm down.  BB tells Natalie to put on her microphone.  

11:02 AM BBT.  Natalie says something about Kandi mentioning something 2 evictions ago.  Tamar says do u know how long ago 2 evictions was?  She says nobody is thinking about u like that at all.  She says they don’t wanna keep them especially Dina and Kandi couldn’t be in a room with them.  She says both their a**es are going this week.  Natalie says even after that we need 1 more to go, who do we say goodbye to?  Tamar makes a noise and says bye bye birdie, they better work they a**es off!  Natalie says for real?  We get WBRB.  

11:06 AM BBT.  Natalie says our bedroom alliance.  Tamar says Ricky better step his a** up and win something, why does he got all those muscles.  Natalie says I don’t want Dina or Kandi to win tonight either.  She says they’ll put me up.  Tamar says u won’t go home, nobody has even thrown your name in the air.  Natalie says we have to win period.  She says dude this game is crazy.  

11:09 AM BBT.  Tamar and Natalie are playing cards in the HOHR.  Meanwhile, in the gym, Kato and Ricky are working out.  Kato says even if Tom’s here, u guys have a great guy too.  Ricky says they may have gotten to Tom already.  Ricky says well if your open, I’ll ask thr girls if they wanna talk.  Kato says either way, I don’t hate.  

11:14 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Tamar says if Ryan didn’t win, my a** would’ve gone to the house.  She says Dina had the votes.  Natalie says no she didn’t bcuz we would’ve swayed Ricky even though u were beefing at the time.  Tamar says I didn’t know we were beefing.  Natalie says me either but now u are fine, it’s weird.  

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11:16 AM BBT.  In the celebrity bedroom, Kato and Tom are talking.  Kato is telling Tom what Ricky said.  Ricky said how about if we decide u (Kato) stay with us.  Kato says Ricky said I haven’t talked to the girls but I will.  Tom says they are playing around.  Tom wonders if Ricky feels that they’ll try to BD him.  Tom says he feels that he is going home.  Tom says the 4 invited him to the room last night and he thinks it was to make him feel safe so it would be more of a shock when I go.  He says it’s possible there is a rift and Natalie and Ricky want u to play with them.  

11:26 AM BBT.  Tamar tells Kandi she needs to work her dizzle with those 2.  She says u gotta make sure if they win HOH that we’re safe.  

11:34 AM BBT.  In the HOBR, Tamar and Natalie are talking.  Natalie says stop thinking.  Tamar says I have to, if nobody is gonna bring me to the final 2, then I need to pack and go home.  Natalie says who wouldn’t bring u to the final 2?  Tamar says she (Lolo) won’t, u won’t, he (Ricky) won’t, Dina won’t.  Natalie says what if u win?  Who will u bring to the final 2.  Natalie says stop blah blah blah who will bring me.  She says be a boss b*tch like u are and win!  

11:38 AM BBT.  Natalie tells Tamar to be quite honest, the smart play, is keeping Tom.  She says that won’t happen bcuz I’m not living the next 10 days like that but nobody would vote for him if he was sitting next to u.  Natalie is doing burpees in the room.  

11:40 AM BBT.  Tamar says she is thinking about this double eviction.  She leaves.  Lolo comes into the room and so does Ricky.  Natalie says she (Tamar?) is solid.  Ricky says u feel good then?  Natalie says yeah.  

11:51 AM BBT.  Dina is doing her hair in the WA.  Tom is in there talking to her, general talk about Orwell.  

11:55 AM BBT.  Kandi goes into the BR to talk to Kato.  She whispers, we’re not gonna put ourselves on the line ok, but if one of u wins veto, I’m trying to get Tamar to put one of them up.  She says but u guys gotta promise not to put her on the block.  Kandi says she’s worries if she does that, she’s a target to them so u gotta keep her safe.  

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1:45pm BBT Tom and Kato are alone in the BR. Tom says says his eviction speech will be the one you give when you'll never get to give another speech. Kato says his too. He says he'll end his with "I really hope Tom wins.".  Tom says no, that will hurt me.  Tom tells Kato that you have a better chance to win if you act like you don't care. Tamar is on the exercise bike in the Fitness Library.


2:00pm BBT Lolo tells Natalie she wants to be on the same page with Ricky but she's tired of him snapping at her. Natalie suggests Lolo talk to him about it.


3:00pm BBT The HG are making their final preparations for the live veto and eviction. Tom and Kato are holed up in their bedroom. Kato practices his speech for Tom. Ricky, Kandi and Tamar chilled out on the balcony.  Natalie is eating a banana, talking with Natalie and Ricky. Tamar heats up some left-over Mexican food for her and Kato. 

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3:30pm BBT Tom tells Dina and Tamar good luck in the live Veto comp. They tell him good luck as well. He says it has been nice getting to know them and he will see them at the end of the season.  Tom heads back to the BR where Kato says he's worried that if he's evicted, he may not be able to get into his house until his GF gets home. And we're on FotH.

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7:08PM BBT: Feeds are back.  Tom paces around the pink BR where Lolo, Kandi and Tamar are coming down from the show. They laugh about the food on them from Gallagher.


7:09PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky are chatting in the other BR.  Lolo talks about how she wants to pull her own weight.   She likes having open dialogue and less backdooring.  She works better with short term goals in addition to long term goals, and wants to make sure they're on the same page and stay on task to get Tom out.


7:14PM BBT: Tamar tells Dina, Kandi and Tom about how great therapy was and how it got her through losing jobs and her divorce.  She then heads to the KT, and Kandi hugs Tom and tells him how happy she is that he's still here.


7:18PM BBT: Tamar talks to Natalie in the KT as they eat the rotisserie chicken. They speculate about the upcoming HOH.  Tamar tells her that she'll tell her as soon as she knows something.


7:22PM BBT: Tom tells Dina and Kandi that if they need any help in LA in the event that they end up out there, that he lives close.


7:26PM BBT: Ricky, Natalie, Lolo, Kandi and Dina are in the KT cooking, eating, cleaning.


7:33PM BBT: Tamar teaches Dina how to make lamb chops.


7:37PM BBT: Tamar tells the others that Kato could've used his speech time to apologize to the house instead of quoting someone they don't even know, and walk out like a class act. 


7:41PM BBT: Tamar is drinking some "Dandelion Poop Tea" to help her BM.  The others joke about her doing it prior to the HOH comp and she says she's not able to compete.  They remind

her that she'll still be out there with them.


7:45PM BBT: Natalie brought out the cupcakes from the party last night and Tamar eats one, reporting back how good they are.  Dina wonders if the Steelers won the Super Bowl and Kandi laughs at her, correcting her that they weren't playing.


7:50PM BBT: Kandi goes upstairs to look for the cards and comes back down to the KT table with them.


7:54PM BBT: Tom is out of the DR, and Tamar is called in.   Natalie joins Lolo in the lounge, where she is tweeting.


7:56PM BBT: Lolo is tweeting, asking that the POV medal be added to her Wikipedia page with her other gold medals.


7:58PM BBT: Lolo tweets for Natalie, congratulating herself on the POV win.  She messed up and put it under her name by mistake.  She redoes it under Nat's name.


8:00PM BBT: In the lounge, Natalie and Lolo wonder if they normal BB is played in a different house because it would have to be bigger.


8:02PM BBT: Lolo said that she told Tom today to go back later and watch the shows to see why their alliance split up and that he'd understand.  


8:05PM BBT: Tom asks Kandi about her songwriting processes.  She said that she will write some lyrics at home and then bring them into the studio, that she records them on her phone to remember the melody.


8:11PM BBT: Natalie and Tamar quietly lay across from each other on the LR couches, seemingly deep in thought.


8:14PM BBT: Tamar says how much she misses her boyfriend and that this is getting to be a lot.  Natalie tells her that they're almost there.


8:16PM BBT: Tom and Lolo talk in the WA about how their tweets work on the outside from what they type in the lounge.  They decide to both ask in the DR if they need to put the hashtags or their names, because they might have more characters available to them.


8:21PM BBT: Tom tells Lolo how going forward, he's not going to focus on winning - just getting along with everyone. He thought he was making good tv and being funny, which was mistaken for a power trip.


8:31PM BBT: In the LR, Dina, Tamar, Nat and Ricky wonder what will happen this week, or if it'll be a lot of nothing.  They expect for the HOH comp to start in 2.5 hours.  Tom says he may take a nap.  There's a lot of yawning from all.


8:38PM BBT: The HG talk about how the house changes from season to season.  Natalie appears to be the authority on answering BB questions, but is typically wrong with her answers.


8:49PM BBT: Nat says that her mom is probably watching the feeds 24x7.  Tom asks where they live and she says San Francisco, and he says that it might be his favorite city in the US, or even world.  


8:51PM BBT: Tom and Dina hit up the cupcakes in the KT, talking about how Julie didn't share who won the Super Bowl.  Tom said he'll start following the Rams now.


8:53PM BBT: Tom gets his suitcase out of the SR and takes it back to the BR to unpack.


8:58PM BBT: On the LR couches, Natalie tells Tamar and Kandi that it's probably easier for them to be in the house than Joey because they're used to putting it all out there on reality tv and Joey was more private.





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House guests are in the living room talking about the Super Bowl. They know who played but do not know who won and that Maroon 5 played at half time.


Tom mentions two and a half hours til HOH competition, says he may just take a nap.


Kandi is dozing on the sofa while Tamar cleans her nails and Tom has gone to the kitchen.


The house is very quiet.


Dina says “they said around 11:30.”


Natalie comes into the living room with peeled orange segments and Tom has wandered away.


Natalie wants to meet Joey's wife, she wonders if she is like Joey. She says she asked but he never answered. She says Joey is very private and being there was torture. She thinks it is easier for “us three” because they are used to putting “it” out there.


The house is still quiet.


Lolo says she had a good talk with Tom. She tells them that Tom told her he just wanted to have fun, and she told him he should not have gone crazy and tried to back door everyone it would have been better, and he told her he was just trying to be funny.


Lolo keeps pointing over her shoulder, not sure who she means. Natalie says Tom never talked to her, she says needs to win HOH tonight. They are whispering now, can't hear them. Natalie says Tom will battle tonight, Lolo says “so will we.” Natalie, “i know”


It sounds like BB gave the house guests Patriot cupcakes.


Lolo starts talking and we get WBRB.


Natalie decides to go lie in her bed and Kandi is still curled up snoozing on the sofa. Tamar is doing her nails. Lolo decides to go lay down, and ricky decides he might lay down too.


Tamar comes into the bedroom. Lolo is in the storage room.


They think the competition will be physical.


Lolo comes in asking if they believe Tom when he says he did the interrogation to make the show more funny. They all says they do not. Lolo says the power got to him. They discuss Tom's antics.





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9:06PM BBT All cams on the LR. Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, Ricky and Kandi sitting there. Talking about Dina liking the Steelers even though they were not in the Super Bowl.


9:10PM BBT In the SR, Lolo is stuffing a cupcake in her mouth and going on and on about the sugar running in her veins. She throws the wrapper back in the box on top of the other cupcakes. She then goes back and gets the wrappers and throws it out. She then heads to the BR to be with Natalie, Ricky and Tamar. She tells them she just made out with a cupcake in the SR. Natalie says she hasn't had one yet.


9:28PM BBT Kandi comes into Tom's BR. She asks him if he wins who would he put up. He says he hasn't thought about it yet. She comes out and whispers with Dina about Tom. Dina thought Tom was with the others. Kandi tells her he isn't.


9:51PM BBT All feeds on Dina and Kandi playing cards. General chatting about the HG. No game talk.

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Tamar is holding her letter and talking about her boyfriend and her baby.


Lolo didn't like the way BB dressed them for the last HOH competition, she says America will think she dresses herself like that. She laughs about Ricky wearing flannel.


Natalie is called to the diary room downstairs. She puts in her earrings and fixes her makeup.


Tamar is talking to her son's photo. Cameras get a close up of him and he is just adorable. He is wearing a chef's outfit. Tamar says he was watching a show while she was working and covered her mouth and the second photo is him in his pajamas after her shushed her.


Kandi has gone to Tom, she tells him they need to break up the two of them. He says okay. [assuming Lolo and Natalie]. She slips back out to the kitchen to whisper with Dina.


Dina says Kato walked out and said, 'Thanks a lot Dina.” She says Tom needs to think for himself.


Kandi is whispering, can not hear what she I saying. I do hear her say, “I just want to walk into that room.” and she points upstairs to the HOH.


Dina says something about “if those girls get paranoid” and “Tom's a better player.”

She says Tom and Kato's ego was crazy. She whispers more, something about approaching Ricky.


Dina and Kandi are talking about the way the show works in the next few days. They are also talking about days and the names of competitions.


Kandi has 20 playing cards laid out in front of her. She is using them to study the days and dates of what has happened so far. It looks like a solitaire game and is not obvious. I don't think the value of the cards is being used, they just indicate positioning of days.


Dina says if one of the others wins it will be Tom and between Kandi and herself going up. Kandi tells her everyone wants to keep her to the end. Dina giggles and tells her she is on a game show, but it isn't Family Feud. Kandi says she was on Family Feud and won the big money. She donated it to Kandi's Kids, her charity for scholarships. She said it was her aunts and mother and another person, and their answers were awful.


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 10:05PM BBT Tom walks through the KT and asks when they are going to play HOH. Sounds like about 11:30 PM BBT. Dina and Kandi still playing cards.


10:24PM BBT Dina and Kandi teaching Lolo a card game. Tom is wondering out loud why the comp is so late. They all agree this seems crazy.


10:33PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Ricky talking. Natalie tells Lolo that she has a nice relationship with Tom. Lolo says that she tolerates Tom how Natalie tolerated Kato. They decide they have to win HOH.


10:39PM BBT We have reels. HOH comp possibly.

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