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Friday, February 1, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:00AM BBT: Dina wants to know "what's going on," with the game and looks at Lolo and Natalie in their beds. Kandi tells Dina not to let anyone come between them, especially Kato. 

12:06AM BBT: Dina is talking so loudly in the HOBR, she tells all the girls that they need to come to each other if other people start to talk about one of them. 

12:07AM BBT: Ricky walks in, looking confused. The girls agree they're all good, Dina hugs every one and she and Kandi leave the HOBR. Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar try to figure out what just happened. They all claim Dina and Kandi woke them up. 

12:09AM BBT: Tom and Dina walk into the HOHR, Dina says she doesn't like "people talking sh*t about," her. She says it's like high school. Kato joins them in the HOHR. Kato tells Tom Joey wants to be part of their final four group. 

12:10AM BBT: Dina tells Tom and Kato they're both crazy. Dina tells Tom and Kato about what happened in the HOBR earlier. She says everyone was "honest." Tom laughs about how stressed out Kato is. 

12:15AM BBT: Tom explains to Dina that Natalie was supposed to talk to him and Kato before deciding what to do with the veto. Kato says Ricky is smart and they agree he knows what's going on. Dina claims they're trying to get her in their alliance. Dina thinks Tamar has the power. 

12:16AM BBT: Tom believes a power will be used to take Joey off the block and he'll have to put someone else on the block. Tom tells Dina and Kato that whoever he puts on the block to replace Joey, is who he wants everyone to vote to evict. Tom says it will be amusing. 

12:23AM BBT: Dina says she will "win what she needs to win," she says the girls "aren't that good." BB tells Dina to center her microphone, Kato gets frustrated because Dina can't figure out her microphone and he helps her with it. 

12:30AM BBT: Kato tries to get Dina to understand she can't talk about what they talk about with anyone else. "You can trust me," Dina tries to assure them. Kato starts to say Dina, "disobeyed" him. Tom makes a joke. They try to talk to Dina, but she talks over them. 

12:44AM BBT: Dina says she thinks there is an "intelligence factor" with this game. She says Tom and Ricky are smart, Kandi "street wise gets it," and Dina says she gets it and that's it. Dina doesn't like how the others play. 

1:03AM BBT: Tom and Dina watch the feeds from the HOHR. Dina says she can "read lips" and she tries to figure out what Ricky is saying in the KT to Lolo and Natalie. Dina thinks they're talking about her and wondering where she is. They're actually talking about water and Lolo's training. 

1:19AM BBT: Ricky starts to move towards the stairs, Dina runs out of the HOHR to the GYM and hops onto the elliptical machine. Ricky walks in a few seconds later and asks if Dina is ok. Ricky says he's checking in on her, Dina says she's fine and she and Kandi are good. 

1:21AM BBT: Dina claims she's been in the GYM for ten minutes and she can't sleep. She wanders around the GYM while Ricky watches. She asks if Kandi is asleep, Ricky thinks she is. They leave the GYM. 

1:23AM BBT: Ricky walks into the HOBR, he says he went upstairs and heard the door to the HOHR open and then the door to the gym open and close and saw Dina on the elliptical. He knows she ran from the HOHR to the GYM when they saw him walking up. Ricky says Dina is "losing it." 

1:24AM BBT: Ricky says Dina's kids "should have known better," and not let let Dina come on this show. Tamar says it's not their fault, Natalie wants to know who's fault it is then, because Dina is playing with a "bunch of kids," and is getting "mother f***ing schooled" and "back stabbed," because they're "here to play." Natalie says she has no problem "putting a mom on the block."

1:26AM BBT: Tamar wants to know what Dina and Tom were doing up there that they were so afraid they would get caught. Natalie and Ricky think Dina and Tom are drunk, or at least tipsy. 

1:38AM BBT: Ricky, Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are laughing in the HOBR. Joey is reading the Bible in the 5BR. You can hear the group in the HOBR laughing from the 5BR. Dina just keeps saying "keep going kids," and she talks about the power. Dina tells Joey that Tamar, Ricky, Natalie, or Lolo have the power. Dina keeps talking to Joey while he's reading, he looks frustrated when Dina interrupts him. "I was born at night, but not last night," Dina says. 





1:45AM BBT: Joey closes the book and tries to go to sleep. BB turns off the lights in the 5BR and the HOBR. 

2:13AM BBT: Tom is in bed in the HOHR. It looks like he fell asleep watching the feeds. The lights are still on. 

3:00AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.

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10:07AM BBT Tom talks to Kandi alone.  Tom tells Kandi that Lolo and Natalie still thinks he's in an alliance with them.  He tells Kandi that Natalie didn't talk to him all day of the veto ceremony. 

kandi tells tom everyone is mad at him for integrating everyone trying to find out who had the power.

tom: i'm sorry. i didn't intend for you to be in this position.  my plan was the veto to be used and put ricky up on the block. obviously ricky must know this now

kandi: i dont know

tom: i'm sure he does. ricky and i have been pretending for the last 3 days that we're on a team together. basically, the only shot of not going home this week is to find out who has the power and get them to use the power.

kandi: no one's gonna use the power for me. here's the thing, i already felt like they weren't going to use the veto. the whole time tamar and i thought you were gonna put tamar up on the block. last night i was pissed off because it felt like kato was trying to turn dina against me.  dina and i got in a big argument

tom: no, no.  that's the last thing he's trying to do.  

10:11AM BBT tom: is there any way you can find out who had the power?

kandi: they're not going to use it on me.

tom: if he did, kato and i would be very happy and kato and i would work with him next week.

kandi: dina has it or natalie has it

tom: i don't think dina has it. we'll ask her today for sure. 

kandi: my point is, i think the people you think has it, i don't think has it

tom: i think ricky has it

kandi: either way, i don't think they're gonna take either one of us out.  because if they use it, they don't want to risk one of them going up

tom: maybe if tamar has it, you can ask her to use it on you.

kandi: i mean i can talk to her.

tom: so that could be a curve ball, if tamar has it-

kandi: but she doesn't have it.  and i promise you ricky doesn't have it.

tom: in about an hour or so, im going to tell ricky that i don't want to be in an alliance with him. and im going to tell everyone that we're winning HOH next week and going to start taking them off.

kandi: i don't think that's the best idea.

tom: well what else or we gonna do?

kandi: if anything, you can tell ricky that they (Lolo and Natalie) haven't always had his back

tom: i think they have had his back though.

Kato comes in to talk with Kandi and Tom. 

Kandi:  well you made me mad yesterday because you made me feel like you were trying to turn dina against me. 

kato: dina adores you.

kandi: it got pretty heated

kato: well sometimes arguments make people get closer. im just saying she's not lying to you.

kandi: i'm not saying she's lying. she's just confused.

tom: now ricky came in and tried to make us a final 5 (the fun 5). ricky knows we're in an alliance w/ lolo and natalie.

kandi: i don't think ricky knows yall had a conversation about backdooring him.

tom: oooh

kato: here's the other thing.  he had the worst acting yesterday with lolo and natalie (when they went to talk to Tom and Kato about the veto meeting). they've said the whole time they want to get rid of joey and now they don't. so we're very confused.

kandi: so i've prepared myself to leave.  i personally believe that yall made the dumbest decision ever to put me and joey up on the block because we're not in an alliance. 

kato: we didn't know at that point about the power

kandi: but you should have put two of them on the block

tom: but we didn't know they were against us.

kandi:  you got in an alliance with the 3 strongest people on the show

tom: we didn't want ricky to be in it but he inserted himsef

kato: don't count me out- i'm going to win HOH again.  if i win-

kandi: i'm just over it.  we didn't understand your decision to put us up on the block.

10:26AM BBT Lolo and Natalie are in the bathroom while Kato is in the kitchen

Kato: well good news for you guys, i'm going to win HOH

lolo: oh yeah? nice

kato: you're safe.

natalie: what does that mean? why wouldnt i be?

kato: if someone else got it

natalie: why? who have you been talking to?

kato: have you ever gone to an acting academy

natalie: no i haven't. have you? did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed

kato: no

natalie? why are you being weird?

kato: i'm not being weird, darling natalie. all is good.

kato leaves and goes to tell kandi and tom about what just happened.  while natalie and lolo wonder what that was all about.  natalie: did this mother f*er just try to make me sweat?

lolo: yeah. he must have over heard something. it doens't matter.

natalie: what an asshole.

lolo: dude you got punked by dina and then by kato.

natalie: i should get my s**t on and go to the gym (because kato is going there and she's going to use the elipitcal before he can)

lolo: yeah f his day up.

10:31 AM BBT in the kitchen- Tom: what's up buddy

joey: whats up. dude were you playing pool at 5am

tom: yeah i couldn't sleep

joey: yeah i can't sleep either a lot

tom: sorry if i bothered you

joey: i was already up. i couldn't sleep either

lolo comes into the kitchen and tells tom she heard he was putting on the tom green show this morning (playing pool at 5am).

tom: good morning tamar. hello. (i don't think tamar responded)


10:33 AM BBT:  Natlaie tells Kato he can get the elliptical this morning. kato says she can go first. natalie says she was just being mean being he was being an f***ing a*hole to her this morning.   kato says he was just being aware of life and says he was bothered by them not talking to them all day before the veto ceremony. i'm going to brush my teeth. talk to tom.

natalie goes into the kitchen. kato says while walking by, "tom, talk to natalie".  Natalie goes up to Tom and tells him that Kato is upset. 

Tom: oh kato's upset?

natalie: yeah

tom: yeah? well what should we do about it

natalie: i'd say a boxing match.

tom laughs

natalie: he basically was saying i'm not safe

tom asks loudly asks kato if they want to talk about this yesterday

kato: i just didn't like yesterday that we didn't speak

tom asks if they want to talk privately or in front of everyone

tom: maybe we should talk privately

natalie: i'm over it

lolo: i'm not for this BS

Kato : screams at lolo asking if she has ever taken an acting class

lolo is screaming back. saying every day f***ing day they do this. what do yall want us to do? bow down to you guys? if it's not me, it's dina, it's kandi. every day yall want to piss someone off. what's the point of it tom? you're making people who used to like you f***ing hate you.

tom walks off and says "you know what you guys did"

lolo: you guys are a piece of S**t for ruining everyone's morning.

lolo goes into the bathroom and tamar says, "fun fun fun". lolo says "well at least i don't have to pretend to be nice to them anymore."

natalie goes up to the gym where ricky is. she gets ready to work out and tells ricky about what just happened.



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10:40AM BBT Lolo was in the kitchen while tom and kato walked back in.  she keeps saying FUN FUN FUN.  Kato says he's sorry a couple of times.  Natlaie says f*** yall over and over and fun fun fun.

tom and kato decide to go upstairs to talk to ricky (who's in the gym right now w/ Natalie) and tell him that natalie and lolo tried to back door him.

tom:  so i know you know that ive been trying to back door you for the past 2 weeks

ricky: yeah

tom: just wanted that out in the open so we don't have to do this fake thing

ricky: i wasn't faking it

tom: we thought we were in an alliance with lolo and natalie. we asked you to be in an alliance w/ us and you said no

ricky: i didn't say no. time out time out time out

natalie: your gig is up. we know you're a liar.

ricky looks like he leaves but then he's still in there at 10:45am

kato says he's gotta wait for the ellipitcal. natalie gets off and says "you can have it".

kato says he didn't mean to blow up on Lolo like he did.

back in the kitchen natalie and tom are going back and forth saying how kato and tom should have come to lolo and natalie and natalie says the same about them.

tom: you and lolo made us believe we were in an alliance. we just saw through the acting

natalie: the house sees you for what you are. (all of their arguing hasn't been hidden. they're doing it in front of whoever is around. joey is staying quiet. 

10:45AM BBT In the girls' bedroom, Natalie tells Dina that tom and kato are forgetting that no one is going to vote for them for the game because no one will vote for them.

Natalie and tamar comes in. Natalie tells them about tom and kato comes up to the gym starting stuff. and ricky left then they wouldn't leave so natalie left the gym.

lolo tells them about kato saying she needs to take acting classes.  Tamar calls kandi in. 

Tamar says she's so lost.  natalie fills tamar in about how kato says he was going to win HOH and imply that she wasn't safe.

kandi: and they were trying to apologize to me saying yall were going to backdoor ricky

lolo: no, we refused.

kandi: then they tried to get me to find out who has the power to have them use it on me

lolo: when tom was trying to figure out who would get put up,  this was before the power was talked about, tom said he was going to put up you (kandi) and joey. then later he decided he wanted to back door all the people in the house. they named tamar, they named ricky.

Dina says they can't yell at a woman

Tamar: well they've been doing it all week (they haven't)

lolo: the problem is, they had the power.  and it got to their house. and now we're all sitting ducks

kandi: well i'm the only true sitting duck. and all i ask is that yall don't vote me out. and Dina i dont want us to argue again.

Dina: we didn't. it was kato. 

10:59AM BBT The girls leave the bedroom.  Dina says oh man now they're coming after me now

tamar and dina are in the storage room. tamar: i got you dina

dina: i'm not gonna play. i have a voice

tamar: yes you do

tom walks around kandi, dina and tamar singing a good morning song

tamar walks off. dina says she doesn't want anyone to talk to her besides kandi.

tom says ok

11:02AM BTT Off camera, you can hear the girls yelling at tom.  we can hear the f word a lot and we hear, "AND GUESS WHAT?! YOU CANT PLAY!" and then we hear "AND GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE A TERRIBLE UNBEARABLE PERSON" I can't hear what all was said but Lolo (or natalie but it sounds like Lolo) screamed F*** YOU

Tom goes up to the gym where kato is working out. he says he hopes the girls just win. he says he's bowing out and his only hope is HOH.  if it doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen.

kato says he'll either go down in flames with tom or they'll rise above it

tom says that lolo is saying they're sexiest.

kato says he's sorry for yelling at lolo and ask was he horrible

tom says no.

Downstairs, Natalie, Joey, Dina, Tamar and Lolo are in the kitchen.  Natalie says they can't bounce back from this. ricky is on the balcony and says they have an HOH room and wonders why tom and kato are hogging up the gym

natalie says yeah the two people who don't work out

tamar talks about how she's upset for how they treated dina

joey says stuff was inexcusable

they talk about kato banging the table.  dina said she got scared.

11:11AM BBT Ricky goes into the gym and is raising his voice to tom saying he was trying to do his yoga but tom is stepping all over his mat with his dirty ass shoes. he asks tom to please go into his HOH room. tom was about to go and kato tells him to stay.

ricky: stay for what? it's disrespectful

kato: but we're talking

tom: im having out with kato.

ricky: please! just go in the hoh room. you're not his friend! you're just kato's pawn.

tom: kato can you come out then

kato: no

ricky: see he's not your friend

kato: if you're really what you are, you can block anything out. just let me say this.

ricky: you're a fake ass dude. i called you out from day 2. it's just lies and it's sad that you don't realize it

ricky leaves.  kato says ricky has anger issues. tom rolls up ricky's mat so that he doesn't step on it.





11:13AM BBT Tom and Kato are in the gym by himself and tells kato that kato is a fake ass dude and they laugh.

ricky is back on the balcony talking to the others.  ricky says he's tried of them threatening people.

back in the gym, tom tells kato just not to raise his voice any to the others.

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11:59AM BBT Lolo, Tamar, Natalie and Ricky talk in their bedroom.  Natalie says she's not going to talk to tom and kato at all.  Lolo says none of them should because it's an athelete thing- if you don't talk to them, it will ruin them (Tom and Kato). 

Ricky says he just wants to say one thing to Kato and that's to ask him how Kato's new years resolution is going because Kato said his new years resolution was to be happy every day and as of last night, that was still going for him. 

Meanwhile, in the washroom, Joey, Tom and Kato are in there.  Joey's just doing his beauty routine.  Tom says, well the only people who are mad at us is Ricky, Lolo and Natalie (not true, others are mad but those 3 are the maddest).

Tom and Kato talk alone.  Tom says Dina's a nice lady and he doesn't want her being caught up in anything.  They think Joey is solid. 

12:06PM BBT Tamar and Natalie are in the gym by themselves.  Tamar asks her what made her want to stop working w/ Tom and Kato.  Natalie says because it wasn't good for her game and why would she screw over her roommates.  Lolo and Ricky have been alone in their bedroom talking.


12:25 AM BBT Ricky asks Kandi what has she been doing to keep herself safe

kandi: no offense but you aint playing a good game either

ricky: how

kandi: you proved to me that alliances aren't a good idea

ricky how so

kandi: because you were in an alliance and they turned against you

ricky: who was i in an alliance with

kandi: those 4

ricky: i wasn't in an alliance. i can't be in an alliance if a plan was to back door me

kandi says it's because they were going against him behind his back but he's smart and figured it out

ricky: ok so what are you doing to keep yourself in the game because you can't except anything to fall into place

kandi: well no, the only thing that can happen at this point is if i have the right amount of votes

feeds cut for a second.  then kandi says to ask for votes

ricky: that's all??? that's all you're gonna do?

kandi: i can't force someone to do anything

ricky: i think any advice i gave you has been good

kandi: what is your advice

dina: he's giving it to you

kandi: i'm not asking dina

dina: hey be nice

ricky asks kandi if she wants to play chess later

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12:30PM BBT Tom and Kato are alone in the kitchen.  Kato talks about the DR and says to Tom, "The only thing I'm going to say is they're good people" (Talking about production).  Kato says he's going to win the next HOH. Kato:" If you see anything out of my frame, tell me." while pointing to his glasses, meaning if he can't see anything well in the HOH comp, for Tom to help him by talking to him about what he needs to do. [I could be totally wrong here, but if the next comp is something where they're doing something that requires them to look for something, I can't help but wonder if someone in production tipped Kato off about what kind of HOH comp it would be and that's why Kato knew he might need help seeing stuff... I mean he just said twice that production people are good people referring to his recent DR session].

12:43PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are hoping they won't show the fight from this morning on the show.  Tamar says no one wants to see that.  We get WBRB.


12:50PM BBT Dina's laying down in her room.  Joey complains to her about Tom playing pool at 4:15 this morning and how selfish it was of Tom.

In the gym, Natalie tells Tamar that Tom and Kato are going to try to talk to her (Tamar). Tamar tells Natalie they need  to keep their eye on Dina to make sure she doesn't get sucked back in by Tom and Kato.  Tom and Kato are in the kitchen talking about breakfast foods and about what's unhealthy to eat.

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12:59 PM BBT.  Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are working out in the gym.  Tom and Kato are in the KT starting a card game (crazy 8s).  Kato is explaining to Tom how to play.  

1:01 PM BBT.  Tamar asks how Lolo got a line in the middle of her 6 pack.  She says I draw that on.  Natalie says Lolo had no body fat.  Lolo says yes I do, what are u talking about?  She says there are track people who would say I’m a little bit overweight.  She says we get ripped yo!  Lolo says she has no thighs.  Lolo says sprinters have butts and thighs, she thinks pole vaulters have the most balanced bodies men and women.  She says distance runners are small, like 100 lbs.  She says hurdlers don’t have butts bcuz we have to get over a hurdle.  Lolo asks Tamar if she was gonna sate an athlete what sport/body type would she go for?  

1:05 PM BBT.  In the gym, Lolo tells Tamar and Natalie that she’s happy for them being married and having a good boyfriend.  She says it gives her hope. Natalie says she kissed a lot of frogs before she got her prince. Natalie says she thanks god bcuz she is so proud of her husband and the man he is.  Natalie says I had nothing to offer him, I wasn’t in WWE, I didn’t have the show.  She says god put him in my life for a reason.  She says I was fresh out of rehab and sharing a bed with somebody.  Tamar says there is nothing like coming up together. 

1:09 PM BBT.  In the gym, Lolo says if she got a video message from her coach it would be short and sweet.  She says I know what he’ll be wearing too, it’ll be a white polo with LSU on it.  Tamar asks if he is black or white?  She says my coach looks like Richard Gere from Pretty Woman.  Natalie yells stop! and Tamar asks if he’s married.  She says trust, I had, we the whole track team had the biggest crush on him.  She says he is always polished with a nice tan, salt and pepper hair.  Lolo says trust, I already tried and I tried to holla at my coach’s son too!  He said I like u as an athlete but I’m not about to have Taz as my daughter-in-law.  

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1:11 PM BBT.  Lolo says well now my coach is getting older so he now looks like Richard Gere and Tim Allen.  Tamar says she needs a haircut.  Lolo says can I try?  Tamar says no.  Natalie says I could definitely do it if u knew the right number.  Lolo says she is calling it for working out.  Natalie says yeah bcuz we have a major comp tomorrow.  Natalie says they (Tom/Kato) tried to talk to ricky and he just got up and left.  Natalie says they went up to Ricky and said we know that u know that we’ve been trying to backdoor u for 2 weeks.  

1:15 PM BBT.  Tamar says so they thought if they came clean to Ricky then he would be on their side?  Lolo says they’re desperate. Natalie says it was bold of Kato to say he’s gonna win HOH.  She says if he does my a** is on the block.  Tamar says I just really gotta think about Joe.  Natalie says he is the least of our worries.  Lolo says Kandi got caught in the crossfire.  They wished it was Dina.  

1:17 pm BBT.  Lolo says Tom at forst said that Kandi and Joey were the biggest competitors and he was gonna give them a chance to play veto and didn’t wanna backdoor anyone.  Then they say the power came into play and he lost his marbles and he was gonna backdoor everyone.  Natalie says he should have left it as is.  Tamar really wants to know if they really act like this or is it the game?  Then she says well Kato was an a**hole from hello.  Lolo says your gift is being able to read people and call them out.   

1:21 PM BBT.  Natalie says I’ve never really like Tom.  Lolo says I thought he was ok but was lying about how he didn’t know anything about the game.  Tamar says he’s lying.  She says he told me him and his girlfriend watched all the seasons on vacation in Costa Rica.  Lolo says well that’s not a vacation then.  Tamar says I am not gonna fight, beef and be a horrible person for a quarter million dollars.  She says that’s selling your soul.  Lolo says I said I’ve never seen so many celebrities so desperate for $250,000.  Lolo says she the poorest in the house.  Tamar says I ain’t steppin’ on nobody’s neck or cut nobody’s throat or be a bad person for it.  She trusts he (God) will make a way out of no way bcuz he’s done it b4.  She says what they (Tom/Kato) are doin’ devilish stuff.  Natalie can’t believe they made Dina fight with Kandi.  

1:45 PM BBT.  Lolo and Natalie are getting teady to play pool.  Ricky and Kandi are playing chess.  Joey is up there watching.  

1:56 PM BBT.  Lolo says now I know u need to watch the live feeds.  She wonders how much it costs to watch them.  She wonders if they were on BB if u get a lifetime of feeds for free.  She says she wouldn’t mind having a job helping to build the sets but would not want to have to go buy the grocery lists.  

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2:38PM BBT Kato tells Dina that he and Tom know their game is over but they are going to support her. They are voting out Joey and know Dina wants to do the same. He asks Kandi to work on Tamar because Joey is too much a physical threat in the next HoH. It's his and Tom's only hope. He suggests Kandi play on her friendship with Tamar in her eviction plea.

2:45PM BBT Kandi asks Kato to warn her next time he or Tom wants to put her on the block. No more surprises. Tom wants to talk to Tamar directly but Kato say no, let Kandi do it. Tom just doesn't want to talk to Ricky or Lolo anymore. 

3:00PM BBT Natalie tells Lolo there's not an apology or anything they (Tom/Kato) can say to make it better. We'll be civil, they say, but otherwise there's no reason to speak with them. Lolo says if they had just honored the 5, we would have honored the 4. They only wanted to partner with us because they thought they could beat us. -- The only reason they wanted the 5 is because then they could beat them. -- Morty

3:05PM BBT Lolo says she's disgusted she partnered with guys who do not believe in the strength of women. Natalie says they told me to do whatever I wanted to do and I chose not to use the Veto. We weren't actually working with Ricky but he had our back. Lolo says she got to see a side of Joey she hadn't seen before. 

3:10PM BBT sitting around the DT, Tamar confirms to Kandi that she won't vote her out. It's you, Dina and Kato, Kandi says, and Tom will break the tie. Elsewhere, Ricky tells Lolo he doesn't care who goes, they just need to be on the same page. Natalie points out Joey has a better chance of winning HoH over Kato.

3:15PM BBT Ricky says if they want to get rid of Tom and Kato, they need Joey. Tamar is going to have to realize that. Tamar says that she just promised Kandi to vote out Joey. You already made a promise, Lolo reminds her. We were all here. Joey was willing to hang onto the Veto if he won to protect you. 

3:30pm BBT Randy, Lolo and Tamar count the votes and Tamar realizes Kandi needs her to stay and realize Kato was working Kandi as the only chance they had to get Joey out. Tamar says that settles it, no more discussion. She's worried how she's going to look outside of the house. This was supposed to be her chance at public redemption. She and Kandi were enemies, made up, and now that's going right back to shit.

3:45PM BBT Ricky says that Kandi made a deal with the devil. Natalie agrees, Kandi is on Tom and Kato's side. Tamar says she won't support that decision. Ricky says at least Joey tried to save himself. Kandi just didn't do anything. Natalie tells Tamar this is a game and she'll be able to fix things with Kandi afterwards. 

5:00pm BBT The house has been relatively quiet for the last hour. Tom and Kato are playing pool outside HoH. Kato says their only hope is to win HoH and Veto through the rest of the game. Kato wants to review the game rules to make sure they can use them to their advantage. Tom says he has to drink less coffee. He was up to 4am last night.

5:30pm BBT In the WA, Joey leads Tamar, Dina, Natalie and Kandi practicing their "days". Dina advises Kandi to count things in the house in case it's used in a comp. They move into the KT to continue count but soon get bored. Natalie tells Lolo and Ricky she's emotionally drained from the morning fights. 

5:45pm BBT Tom gets called to the DR and Lolo shouts from the BR he should repent for his sins. No sign that Tom heard her. 

6:00pm BBT Tamar confirms to Kandi that she's voting to keep her in the house and that Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are just going to have to deal with it. She asks Dina who she would have nom if she had been HoH but Dina dithers and won't say. Tamar says she's going to have to make a decision. Dina says she would never nominate Tamar or Kandi - they are a team.

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6:00PM BBT: Joey, Tamar and Lolo are in the SR talking through the food in there and Tamar looks for her tea in the drawer to help per poop.  They all then return to the KT with Dina and Kandi.


6:02PM BBT: Tom and Kato are up in the HOHR talking through if Kato wins next HOH, and how he'd go crazy knowing that one of the girls was go, hoping Lolo first.


6:06PM BBT: In the KT, Kandi is joking that Brandi Glanville told her that her experience was horrible, and to befriend the most athletic person and work with them.  Also that she did it for the money since she's divorced with kids.


6:08PM BBT: Also in the KT, Joey is sharing all of his organic snacks that he "ordered" from BB and they're surprised at how good everything is.  Dina and Kandi are teaching a game of 5 Card Stud to Lolo, Tamar and Natalie at the KT table.


6:18PM BBT: Tom tells Kato that if/when he wins the HOH comp, it'll be the biggest upset in the history of reality television.  Kato agrees and says he feels strong.


6:19PM BBT: Kato tells Tom in the HOHR that how amazing it is that they have no idea downstairs that they're watching them play cards.



6:24PM BBT: Tom and Kato are discussing how they didn't know who any of the other HG were when they first met them and wondered if they were on a regular season of BB and not Celebrity. 


6:36PM BBT: Joey joins the 5 girls playing cards at the KT table. They move over to the LR table because it's smaller and easier to use.


6:38PM BBT: Tom and Kato are laughing upstairs at how they went from Team Fun to Team Outcast, but how they'll all be their best friends again when Kato wins HOH. 

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6:53PM BBT: Ricky has joined the girls and Joey playing cards in the LR.  They talk about playing BS next.


6:55PM BBT:  Tom makes fun of the bag of gummy bears that POP TV gave him for winning HOH.  Then he tries them and realizes how good they are.  He would rather have had an Orwell the Owl to take home.


7:00PM BBT:  Lolo and Tamar are telling the others about the POV comp from last summer where they trashed the house hiding their POV cards and how upset Sam was when she saw the mess.


7:02PM BBT: Joey tells the others that in the regular season, the HG are sequestered for 6 weeks PRIOR to the season starting.  The others said it was just a month.  They don't think they could handle that version of the show.


7:07PM BBT: The mood downstairs is jovial with lots of laughing between the 7 of them.  Meanwhile upstairs, Tom and Kato watch them on monitor.


7:11 BBT: Tom and Kato turn out the lights in the HOH room, thinking that it's around 10pm BBT.  Tom thought it was early afternoon.  


7:24PM BBT: Tom reflects back on Mooch and said he started to feel like Anthony was trying to make an alliance with someone else on the show, but said his gut was telling him something was off.  He realizes in retrospect that it's because he was never really a HG.


7:29PM BBT: The girls talk through various reality shows that they watch and how you don't make much money the first season of a show. Kandi talks about how Atlanta Housewives are the #1 show in the franchise.


7:45PM BBT: The HG in the LR are under the impression that tomorrow night is a 2 hour live show. 


7:53PM BBT: Joey brings up with the others the fact that Tom and Kato have been holed up in the HOHR for so long. They talk about uncomfortable the situation is.


8:09PM BBT: Tom and Kato finally emerge from the HOHR to play pool.


8:28PM BBT: Kandi is keeping Lolo company in the lounge while she tweets, saying that she really misses social media the most.  She posts on IG a few times a day, but mostly likes to look through other peoples' posts that she follows.

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8:30PM BBT: Tamar and Joey whisper in the pink BR.  Tamar said that this is a game and we're not selling girl scout cookies here.  She makes a deal with Joey that if she keeps him, that they can be allies to the F2.  The shake on it.


8:34PM BBT: In the BR, Natalie, Ricky and Lolo are studying the days in the house.


8:35PM BBT: Joey and Tamar chit chat as they are the last two in the KT.  They count down "only 12 more days".  She jokes that she can lose 12 lbs in 12 days.


8:48PM BBT: In the lounge, Kandi tells Dina that she feels that Tamar is going to vote to keep her because they've been building their relationship back up.   "But who knows....they could all be lying"


8:52PM BBT: Lolo reminds Natalie that she needs to go tweet and Nat says she's not sure what to say.  Lolo walks her through topics she's got to discuss and Nat asks for her help. Nat goes to the lounge, where Tamar and Kandi are talking about Kato pounding on the KT table to get her attention.


8:57PM BBT: Kandi tunes the ukelele in the lounge while Tamar tweets.


8:59PM BBT: In the KT, Tom invites Kato to sleep up in his bed tonight so he can get some sleep.  Tom thinks it'll be comedic for the show.

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Natalie, Lolo, Dina and Tamar are in the lounge and the conversation is about Kato slapping the table earlier.


Dina leaves and goes into the bedroom with Joey. She says something about “they tried that last week.”


She is mumbling so it is hard to hear what she is saying, but she mentions four mean girls and “me”.


Joey says Kandi will team with Natalie and Lolo, Dina says also Ricky.


Dina says the girls don't involve her, so she is not sitting in there with them to be used as a pawn.


The girls asked Dina who she would vote for at the final and she told them she has no idea what will happen tomorrow.


Joey says she should never answer that question, it was his mistake to do that earlier. Joey says they could all turn against each other anyway-everyone in alliances in the house--. Joey says their -Tom and Kato—tried to back stab their alliance and it didn't work.


In the lounge the girls are still together, Lolo tells Tamar that when Tamar was in an argument she tried to level it out and did not tell them to put Tamar out—she says it in a way that makes one assume that Lolo assumes she has that kind of power in the house--


Ricky goes into the room with Dina and Joey. Dina is telling Ricky that she has been alerted and has decided to play the game. Ricky tells Dina that sometimes doing things out of character is part of the game, and the rules change as the game change. Ricky says in this game you can improve your weaknesses by refusing to be manipulated.


Joey says with all the twists and turns there are complicated thinking s^^t thrown at them.


Joey and Ricky agree that they have had to find specific ways to talk with others in the house.


Joey and Ricky try to convince Dina that she has been burned several times, she says she was not.


Joey says “the behavior of those two gentlemen is not acceptable.” and that Dina should not feel as if she need to knock on doors to enter rooms.


Camera moves to sky walk.


Kato and Tom are playing pool, seemingly unconcerned about the talk in the house. While the others are spending time in rooms rehashing, these two are having fun in the house. They are talking about One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Nurse Rachett. Other characters are mentioned from the movie.


Kato is called to the diary room downstairs, and Tom goes to the HOH room while he is gone.


Kato goes downstairs humming a happy ditty, yelling for Dina as he approaches the door. He goes in before she appears.

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All cameras are on the bedroo with Dina, Kandi, and Ricky.


Dina and Kandi are talking, Ricky is listening. Tamar and Joey come into the room and the camera moves to the kitchen area.


Lolo and Natalie have moved from the lounge to the kitchen area.






Joey, Ricky, Kandi and Tamar are in the bedroom still talking, other cameras show Tom and Kato on the sky walk resuming their billiard game.


Several house guests are in bedroom,, Natalie is talking but cameras move back to the sky walk where Tom and Kato continue their game.




Cameras move to other parts of the house, Natalie and Ricky are in the living room, we can hear Tamar but cannot hear her until she yells, “You should be ashamed, Matter of fact I am shamed for you.” During this time the cameras are on Joey, who is alone in the bathroom area and the living room


Dina comes into the bathroom area with Joey, Joey mentions his beard as Dina leaves the room.


Cameras move to Tom alone on the sky walk. He is sitting alone. He has his head in his hands, and it is possible he is in tears or at the very least, his position indicates he is really upset. He is twisting his hair with one hand while the other elbow is resting on his knees. He looks at the camera for a few seconds and then keeps his face lifted with his hand on his chin. Eventually he leans back, but does not communicate with the cameras.


We can hear sounds coming up from the kitchen, Joey and Lolo's voices carry, they seem to be talking about the pool temperature and eating, and possibly sealing food.


Tom lets out a huge sigh, but still does not talk to the camera.

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9:15PM BBT Natalie tells Lolo that Tamar asked Kato why he hit the table. She says he said he hit the table once to get Tamar's attention. They agreed that Tamar's attention was already there. Tamar says she was in the WA when he banged on the table. Tamar says Kato said all they (Lolo and Natalie) had to do was say they were in another alliance. It was a betrayal.

9:20PM BBT Lolo tells Tamar that even when Kato was coming after her, she still protected her. Lolo says she never threw Tamar under the bus, never suggested backdooring her. Lolo admits to saying they didn't get along. She was truthful. They think at the end of the game, Tom and Kato wouldn't get any jury votes (a good reason to take one of them to the end. -- Morty)

9:30PM BBT Natalie tells Tamar that the only betrayal was Kato telling Tamar that she was safe then putting her on the block. Lolo was hoping CBB would teach her something about herself and she's learned a lot. Tamar agrees it's been good for her. They agree to turn their Twitter comments off when they get out of the house. 

10:00PM BBT Lolo tells Tamar that Kato wanted to compare Tamar to the Miss Cleo commercials in his nomination speech. Tamar thinks he's a borderline racist. Tamar is really upset and Lolo now regrets telling her. She goes and repeats to Dina what Lola claimed Kato said.

10:24PM BBT Tamar goes into the DR to cool down. Kato and Tom are playing pool by themselves. The other HG are staying far away. They say Joey has been two-faced and they really wanted him out all along. Joey is doing his ADLs in the WA.

10:30PM BBT Kato goes downstairs and Tamar lights into him, accusing him of saying derogatory things towards her. Kato denies it. Tamar says derogatory and unacceptable. Kato apologizes meekly. Tamar says you're beyond apologies. You cannot speak to me and about me like that. 

10:35PM BBT All feeds are on Joey in the WA but you can hear that Tamar is not done. Off camera, she tells Kato he's a pompous, racist, sexist a$$hole. Based on the disgusting things that have come out of your mouth, you should be ashamed for yourself. I'm ashamed for you. Tom is sitting up on the balcony alone. He can hear what's going on downstairs.


11:00PM BBT The feeds have been on Joey taking a shower for a while. They switch for a moment to Natalie, Dina and Lolo were in the BY pool hashing through everything but the feeds cut back to Joey. The girls come inside. Joey is still in the shower. No sign of Kandi, Ricky, Kato or Tom. Presumably, Tamar is back in the DR.

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Tom hears Kato coming upstairs and he meets him at the HOH room doors. They enter.


Cameras move to other parts of the house, following Joey, who is alone. He seems to be ready to take a shower and begins removing his outer clothing. The shower takes over all the other sounds in the house and Joey steps into the shower stall. --he does not use the HOH shower tonght.


Cameras remain in the bathroom area, even though it is empty.


Joey starts talking to Lolo about making a point when you confront someone, a few seconds into it the Cameras move again, this time to Ricky sitting alone in the hot tub/pool thing outside.


Whatever has happened is going to be difficult to put together. So far I have heard Tamar yelling, someone saying “he” was rubbing his jaw, I have seen Tom alone and visibly upset, and Joey mentioned confrontation. Clear as mud.

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11:02 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Joey in the left shower and Lolo in the right. Joey is discussing how he is just now starting to get his voice back which is good because his producers are waiting on him for when he gets out of the house. He is scheduled to record four new songs.


11:13 PM BBT Joey has been taking a long shower. Feeds switch to Ricky who is alone in the pool.Things are pretty quiet in the house. 


11:28 PM BBT All feeds remain on Ricky who is alone in the endless pool. 


11:31 PM BBT Ricky is still in the pool. He calls out to Natalie and asks her what is going on. She says she just put some hydrocortisone on her bump. She tells him that she is such a hypochondriac and with all these fake mirrors around her, she is having to fight to not complain all day long. Ricky asks her what the others are doing and all four cameras switch to Joey who is putting creme on his face with a q tip in the WA.


11:41 PM BBT Now Dina is about to take a shower. She complains to Joey that the water is cold (he just took a rather long shower) and then she walks out of the WA to go and get her shower supplies while leaving the water continuously running in the shower. 


11:54 PM BBT Dina has picked up the hair dryer that has been running nonstop and uses it on her hair very briefly. The hair dryer has been on and running continuously for well over an hour. She walks away leaving the hair dryer to run in the WA with no one remaining in there. 


11:59 PM BBT Ricky hops in the shower. Joey finally turns the hair dryer off which has been running for a solid hour. Dina immediately turns it back on to dry her hair. 

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