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Thursday, January 31, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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12:00AM BBT: The HGs are in the KT. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are eating, Dina is cleaning and Ricky is sitting at the table. Kandi is going through the refrigerator.

12:12AM BBT: Natalie and Tamar are in the HOBR. Natalie says "Tom's whole demeanor has shifted." Tamar disagrees. Natalie tells Tamar that Tom wants her to use the Veto so he can put Tamar or Ricky up. Natalie says she's not going to use it.

12:14AM BBT: Natalie says Tom is guilty of something and that's why he wants to save Dina so badly. Tamar agrees. Tamar tells Natalie that they looked crazy with Tom and Kato. 

12:16AM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar that she's "not a puppet," and Tom is using her like one. She talks about people turning "ugly and weird," and how it's "just a game." Tamar says they've always beeen "weird" and "crazy," from day one. 

12:17AM BBT: Natalie and Tamar agree it won't be good if Kato or Dina win HOH, because if Dina wins HOH it'll basically be Kato's HOH. Natalie says they need to win the next HOH.

12:24AM BBT: Ricky walks into the HOBR and gets into bed, he tells Tamar and Natalie that Dina and Kandi are playing cards. Lolo walks in. 

12:52AM BBT: Lolo is venting to Ricky in the HOBR about Tom and how she stuck up for him (Ricky) when they didn't want to include Ricky. Tamar walks into the HOBR. Lolo says Tom still thinks Natalie is going to use the Veto on Joey. 

1:08AM BBT: Natalie comes into the HOBR, saying BB asked her to hand in her swim suit because it's too skimpy. Natalie says she'll just not wear it, but they want her to turn it in just in case. Lolo says she's embarrassed for Natalie.

1:11AM BBT: Natalie is upset about her swim suit, she says the girls on BB20 walked around in swim suits all day and she doesn't understand why hers is getting taken away. Tamar tells her it's because her body is perfect and there's isn't. BB tells them not to talk about production. 

1:22AM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are outside. They talk about their conversations with Joey. Lolo says she doesn't have an ego in the game. They both agree they'd rather be "sniped" by Ricky than Tom.

1:35AM BBT: The lights are off in the 5BR and the HOBR. Natalie and Lolo are taking their make up off in the WA. Joey and Dina talk about germs and BB turns the lights back on in the 5BR. Joey gets into bed.

1:48AM BBT: Lights are off in the 5BR. Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo are in bed, BB turns off the lights. Tamar walks in and gets into bed. 

2:00AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and everyone is in bed.

3:11AM BBT: Lolo is up and tweeting in the LNG. 


3:41AM BBT: Lolo is standing in the dark in front of the photo wall, counting on her fingers.


3:47AM BBT: Lolo is back in bed.


4:00AM BBT: The lights are off and all is quiet in the BB House.

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8:58AM BBT Tom and Kato are talking in the HOH room about the veto comp last night. "Kandi made that weird move of picking me which i thought was a mistake because i had just went and had a practice run at it (he had just went against joey). but then again, i was tired.  so then i beat her. but then, what happened?"

kato: that was your two in a row.  then it was natalie... did you do 3 in a row?"

tom: lolo and dina played. lolo won. lolo goes and sits down. joey plays. i won.  then kandi and i play.

kato asks if he can go use the bathroom real quick and BB calls him to change the batteries in his mic. tom tells him he still wants to talk.  they agree to get back together soon to finish their conversation. 

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9:13 AM BBT Tom and Kato are back in the HOH room to finish their talk. 

Tom: I have a few thoughts.  call them crazy tom thoughts.  I'm with you that it doesn't matter what happens to honestly my thoughts are just food for thought-thoughts. they're some curve balls that we need to be prepared for. we need to have an out of the box shocking idea just to bounce around. because I'm probably going to be put on the spot up there. because they're gonna use the veto and then someone will say "i have the power and I'm going to use my power to save kandi".  i might have to put someone up even if the veto isn't used.

Kato: we know no matter what, they want joey off.

tom: let's talk about the veto for a second. it gets down to our team left. Natalie has to pick someone to pick.  she could have picked Lolo because i had just went.

Kato: well you know why she didn't pick Lolo right?

Tom: yeah because her "asthma".  the Olympian who can't spin around for 5 seconds without getting winded.. do you believe that? come on.

they agree that lolo was lying about asthma, which is correct because lolo told Natalie that last night. 

Tom: so that was my take on that. Lolo was bluffing. She threw that game so hard.  did you see her kicking that hard so hard the wrong way.

Kato: I'm playing devil's advocate.. it did come down to the last kick with 3 tries. they both had two.

Tom: so you really think that Lolo was trying her hardest?

Kato: Yeah her face... the only thing i see when i was watching was "my roommate did it, my roommate did it!"

Tom: so Natalie picks me. after i had just done it twice in a row. i'm clearly tired. clearly lolo and natalie really wanted to win that veto. now they're trying to beat me because the obvious choice.. ok tom just did it twice in a row. they whispered over there, "lets take out tom now because he's tired".  that's not a team move. i also think Lolo's performance was a bluff and that she threw it.  this is what's going on in my mind- she's talking up to the thing.  i totally know how to do this now, i had just won two in a row.  my mind is thinking, they really want to win the veto.  then i think, do i want to win the veto, what do i get if i win the veto? if i don't win the veto, i get to find out what Natalie and Lolo want to do with the veto.  if they don't use the veto, they means they're trying to save Ricky.  so when i lost it, i was glad i lost it. because i said to myself, "ok if they today come to us and say 'we thought about it, and we don't want to use the veto.' that means they want to take out Ricky. but it doesn't matter because we want to get out joey because he's pretty good.

kato: if they don't use it, it might not mean they're working for Ricky. they could think, 'well tom has been really erotic"

tom: wow you really trust them do you

kato: i trust us

tom: i don't trust them. i'm still willing to be a team but i think they're going to pick us off. i think if they win HOH, they'll put us up

kato: so you're still thinking about putting ricky up if they use the veto?

tom: here's the thing. this is crazy. i'll tell you and you can talk me out of it.  my idea is- it probably would be good to get joey off. because he's really good. but these comps aren't that hard. you and i can probably win all of them. Ricky isn't the biggest threat in the comps because it's not about being the biggest athlete.  so if we win these games a lot, that's something we have in our advantage. my thinking is, since we should probably get joey out of here anyway, since joey is probably the best player in this house other than us (kato and tom). i could have beat natalie yesterday.  i didn't concentrate that hard on my kicks because i was thikning about throwing. i'm not saying i threw it. i just didn't try as hard. ok, but it's the way that we decide to vote out joey. i feel like what we should do is talk to Lolo and Natalie today. i just want to see if that's what they thought of on their on without us suggesting it (not using the veto).  then we learn something from that.  so let me go one step further because this is what i think will happen. we go down to the veto ceromony. we'll have them tell us first what they're gonna do.  we'll say we agree.  but because i don't trust them anymore, i'm going to send false information through them. i'll say i feel really bad, i think i misread him, i think i'll bench press him today" so i'm going to get way into ricky mode. play chess.

kato: i still don't trust him. i'm playing the same way as your brain.

tom: it'll go back to ricky (Lolo and Natalie telling him).  we'll send those positive messages back which will be lies. i don't trust ricky. then what's gonna happen, we'll leave joey on the block.  then at that point, i think there's a greater than 50% chance that someone will stand up and say they have the power... that thing yesterday with joey was kind of a screw up, joey could have the power

kato: yeah but the way he says he doesn't have it, i think he doesn't have it

tom: yeah but he could have had his fingers crossed behind his back or he could have said he was gonna swear and not mean it.

kato: or Ricky has it but you only have 1 chance to use it.

tom: so lets say they use the power and pulls someone off the block. so i guess the safe thing to do is put Dina on the block. now let's talk crazy tom option. in the scenario where we really do think lolo and natalie are double crossing us to pick us off in a couple of weeks- if joey gets pulled off and it's just kandi there. what would be the most insane thing to do?

kato: put up lolo

tom laughs. tom: that would be the most insane thing. lolo vs kandi, lolo would get voted out.  the obvious crazy thing to do is putting ricky up. but image putting up lolo. she's yelled at everyone in the house. she'd be voted out. then Natalie would be all alone.  Ricky would have Natalie.  Everyone likes us in the house.  We just start an alliance with everyone out then knock ricky and natalie out.

kato: in your scenario, the power has been used?

tom: yeah. if Ricky has the power, then this scenario won't unfold because he won't use it. but if Natalie says decides not to use the POV and Tamar says, "i have the power and i'm taking kandi off." or kandi or joey has the power and they take themselves off, then that would work.

tom: i'm just saying, if we decide that we actually are leaning towards the fact that we don't trust Lolo and Natlaie, then that would be the move. if we decide that we really do trust Lolo and Natalie, then that would be the move.

kato: i have trust in them. that's my gut.

tom: then the other option, the safer option, is to put up ricky if someone comes off the block.


9:35AM BBT Tom: so you know, the safe route is someone gets pulled up off the block and we put up dina.  but at a certain point, if we don't trust them, we need to make a move. this might be our last chance.  if ricky, lolo or natalie has HOH next and put us up on the block, then we'll think shoot we should have put them up when we had the chance.

kato: but we've beat them in the comps

tom: they could be bluffing.

kato: i don't buy that. i think they were trying to win.

tom: here comes ricky. what do we do. what do we do. should i take a s**t and you walk out? oh he's going to the gym.  the other thing is, i definitely don't want to put tamar up.  this is my final analysis.  in some ways the best thing that can happen is natalie doesn't use the veto.  joey and kandi stay on the block.  no one uses any power. joey goes home. because that means, i've only put 2 people on the block so i have less blood on my hands. kandi actually likes us. we can kind of kiss and make up (figuratively speaking)

kato: but if tamar has the power, she's gonna use it on kandi.

tom: i think i can do something pretty smooth today. since tamar thinks im gonna put her up on the block, she's been staring at me with daggers.  but the reason i made her the announcer was a game move. being nice. she knows that i'm doing that too. but it's adding up- i let her listen to my music, i let her be the announcer, i don't put her up on the block, it adds up. then i tell her later today, "you know tamar, i think you're awesome. i'm not going to put you up." then we have a vote.

9:50AM BBT Tom: i think we should just play it cool now.  be reserved. let them call the shots. we could be really surprised. we don't know what's really going on. for all we know, the girls will say they want to back door ricky.


9:54AM BBT Tom tells Kato he's not even worried about being on the block anymore because he's good and he'll just keep winning vetos. he says no one is better than kato and himself with comps.



10:05AM BBT Tom: what's going on right here (pointing to the camera where lolo and natalie are talking to joey) is natalie and lolo are being nice to joey like i told them they should.  the only way i will trust natalie and lolo is if they say they want to put up ricky. although that could be a double cross too if they know ricky has the power. 

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10:55AM BBT While Kandi is doing her makeup in the hall, Dina asks Kandi  if she's able to do RHOA while she's on big brother (lol).  Kandi says no. Dina asks when the reunion is.  Kandi says March 7th.  Dina asks if Phaedra Parks is still a lawyer.  Kandi says she's doesn't know.  Dina asks Kandi if she's ever been on Andy Cohen's show (What What Happens Live). Kandi laughs and says yeah and that she's been a real housewife for 15 years.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Tom is laying on the couch area.  Joey's taking the 10 minutes it takes him to brush his teeth.  Tamar and Lolo are also in the bathroom putting their makeup on. 

10:58AM BBT Dina, Kandi and Tom are talking about relationships.  Kato says he's just noncommittal.  Dina says she doesn't know what her problem is.  Dina says she really likes this one person.  Kato is making up a broadway song about Dina.  Dina talks about how cool it is that they had their name put on the jersey from the veto comp last night.

11:01AM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in their bedroom alone. Lolo asks Natalie if she thinks it's weird that Kato and Tom hasn't tried to talk to her.  Natalie says it's weird but what are they gonna say.  Lolo says, "I think it's weird because they tried so hard to talk to us yesterday."

Natalie: they could basically be doing it as a test to see what i'm going to do


11:06AM BBT Tom quickly tells Kato that the girls didn't say anything to them.  Kato: what if they don't ever say anything?

Tom: then that means we have a problem

Dina comes back into the room so Kato starts singing his broadway song he made up about Dina.

11:07AM BBT:  Natalie says if tom or kato come in there to talk, she'll just tell them what she thinks. 

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11:30 AM BBT.  Kandi and Dina are in the KT.  Tamar and Natalie are in the WA.  Natalie says someone has it (the power) so what are u gonna do?  Tamar says leave it alone.  Natalie says who know they may never use it.  Tamar says Dina is allowing herself to be used.  

11:33 AM BBT.  Natalie tells Tamar they wanted to put u or Ricky up bcuz it weakens my numbers and Lolo’s.  She says the explanation was u have the power and that doesn’t work for me.  She says they are stuck on this power thing bad.  Kandi and Dina are in the KT talking and eating.  

11:40 AM BBT.  Tamar is alone in the WA now.  Kandi and Dina talking about their kids in the KT.  

11:42 AM BBT.  Kandi is called to the downstairs DR.  Ricky comes into the KT.  

11:44 AM BBT.  Dina says it is pouring rain and there’s thunder and lightening.  In the SR, Tamar tells Ricky his friends are weirdos.  She says the 2 boys.  He says I know.  Tamar says Tom was pretending to sleep in the WA.  She says when they closed the SR, I thought they’d put the lamb chops in here.  That’s what I felt in my soul.  

11:46 AM BBT.  Lolo is sleeping in the HOBR and Natalie is sitting in a bed.  In the KT, Ricky and Dina are talking about the different astrological signs and their traits.  Tamar comes into the HOBR.  

11:49 AM BBT.  We get WBRB.  

11:53 AM BBT.  Natalie is laying in bed.  Dina and Ricky are talking in the KT.  Ricky says Dina has to figure out who she is now that her kids are older.  They hug.  She says her kids told her to do the show, to just do something for her.  Dina says I know it’s a game but there’s ways to play games.   Dina says u guys should be doing endorsements and have clothing lines.  She says that’s what I do, maybe that’s why I’m here is to help u guys.  

11:57 AM BBT.  Dina says it was so great of Ryan to share his story.  She says he teared up.  

11:58 AM BBT.  Dina says her mom is 95 yrs old.  She says it’s been nice to just chill in the house bcuz life has been so busy.  

12:01 PM BBT.  Dina and Ricky chatting about life and family in the KT.  Tamar, Lolo and Natalie are lying in their beds.  

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12:08 PM BBT.  The house is pretty quiet.  No game talk.  No talking at all right now.  Ricky alone in the KT.  In the HOBR, Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are in bed.  

12:11 PM BBT.  In the HOBR, Natalie tells the girls she fell asleep for a minute and had a crazy dream.  Natalie says he is never right there that long.  Tamar says Tom pretended to be asleep in the WA.  Kandi and Ricky are going to play chess.  

12:14 PM BBT.  In the HOBR, Tamar asks Lolo if the book of revelations scared her when she was young she mumbles something.  Lolo gets call to DDR.  Natalie says since when do they play right there?  She says that is so weird.  

12:20 PM BBT.  Kandi and Ricky are playing chess.  In the HOBR, Natalie is telling Tamar what she wants to wear.  She tries on Tamar’s black hat with the veto necklace on as well.  

12:23 PM BBT.  Kato and Dina are in the SR.  Kato says we think we know the power thing.  He says she won’t be going up, she’s the last choice.  She says please don’t do that to me.  Kato says she should be good for another week. Kato says she has to win an HOH and he needs to win another one.  She doesn’t want to have to fly home and back bcuz she hates flying.  Kato says try to win HOH and I need to also.  He says win it, win it, it won’t be tough for u to win.  Dina says does Tamar have it?  Kato says we think so.  Kato says the power has a time limit and they may not get a chance to use it.  Dina goes skipping around.  

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12:47 PM BBT Tom has been in his HOH room for a while alone, talking to the cameras.  Tom says it's weird that Lolo and Natalie haven't come to him and Kato about what to do w/ the veto.  The girls have also said they think it's crazy that Tom and Kato haven't asked them what they're doing with the Veto but they're glad because they don't want to talk to Kato and Tom about it.  Tom says if they don't use the veto, it's fine because joey is a strong competitor and they'll vote him out (although he's unaware of the plan for the others-including Ricky, Natalie and Lolo- to vote to save Joey).  Tom says he's going to go walk around the house and see what everyone's doing.  he says he's going to find tamar and say some positive  stuff. Kandi and Ricky are playing chess.

Natalie and Tamar are in their bedroom talking about family.  Specifically now they're talking about the age difference between Tamar and her sisters.

Tom tells Kandi and Ricky that if they need to use the bathroom, his room is unlocked. 

Tamar and Natalie realize they have something in common- Tamar's dad lived a double life as a pastor, Natalie's father in law did the same thing.  Tamar said she didn't talk to her dad for 8 years.  Feeds cut.

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1:54PM BBT Joey and Tamar are in the kitchen talking about Tom.  Tamar says Tom's lost it. 

Joey: kato's a little more savvy when it comes to that

Tamar: he's mad


Tamar goes up to the HOH room looking through Tom's snacks after she just asked Kato and Natalie if Tom seriously ate all of his snacks by himself.  Tamar told Natalie she was going to get some of his snacks.

Tamar comes back downstairs.  She tells Kandi she's gonna go lay down.  Tamar talks to herself and says, "yeah you not just gonna eat everyone's snacks and keep yours to yourself" *talking about tom*.  Tamar tells Natalie that she just went up to the HOH room and took Tom's snacks.  She says her period is kicking her ass.

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4:42 PM BBT.  Feeds are back. Natalie did not use the POV.  Kandi and Joey remain on the block. 

4:43 PM BBT.  In the KT, Tom tells Tamar see I told u I wouldn’t do anything to u.  She says u said u were.  He says no, roll the tape back.  Tom says good job Natalie, I liked the delivery and everything.  She says thank u. 

4:45 PM BBT.  In the SR are Ricky, Natalie and Tamar. Tamar says so Tom says to me are we cool?  Ricky says this is what we want, they’re coming to us now.  They say good job Natalie.  Ricky says right where we want them, I’m about to hurt “em.  Natalie says they thought I was gonna be the puppet.  She thinks they wanted me to save Kandi.  Tamar says they wanted u to save Joe.   

4:46 PM BBT.  In the SR, Natalie tells Tamar that the guys (Tom and Kato) tried to stare her down.  She says I’m 5’7”, let’s go.  They leave the SR.  

4:48 PM BBT.  In the celebrity BR, Tom says to Kato well that’s awesome, that’s like the stupidest thing they could’ve done.  He says we are working with people who don’t know what they’re doing.  Kato says the power will happen at a dramatic moment, they won’t do it now.  They think it’ll get used at the eviction.  

4:49 PM BBT.  Tom says if it gets used he’ll put up Lolo and they’ll never see it.  Tom thinks the power won’t het used.  He thinks Tamar or Ricky has it.  He says Ricky is acting right now u think?  Kato says if they jump up at the live eviction then yes.  Tom thinks they should fake an argument to be less of a target.  Kato thinks they’ll see right thru that.  

4:51 PM BBT.  Kato thinks if the power isn’t used Saturday then it expires.  Tom thinks it’s a greater than 50% chance it won’t get used.  Kato says so if Tamar has it and saves Kandi what do u do?  Tom says put Lolo up.  He thinks people will be confused and not expecting it.  Tom says he wasn’t expecting that.  Kato says he kind of was.  Tom says Natalie said in her speech that she was gonna respect the HOH’s noms.  

4:53 PM BBT.  Tom says that Natalie didn’t tell him so that was passive agressive.  Kato thinks the 4 (Ricky, Natalie, Lolo and Tamar) are in on it.  Tom says should we openly break up the alliance right now?  Kato says no, that’s a knee jerk reaction, we gotta think about it.  Tom says Ricky was acting.  He says it was a pretty good performance.  

4:52 PM BBT.  Meanwhile in the HOBR, Natalie and Lolo talk.  Natalie says they didn’t search for me or anything.  She says she made herself visible.  Lolo says Kato came up right when they called us.  Natalie says they didn’t tell me what they wanted.  Lolo says for the next day we fotta keep the 5 and 4.  She says I’m not a good actress.  Lolo says me either. 

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4:54 PM BBT.  Ricky comes into the girls room.  They say they’re gonna go talk to Tom and Kato. Ricky says I’m gonna go in there and say did the plan change?  He says I gave a confused look at the meeting.  

4:55 PM BBT.  Ricky goes into the CelebrityBR and asks Tom and Kato did the plan change?  They say they don’t know what’s going on, the girls didn’t talk to us all day.  Tom says they hid all day.  Ricky says are u guys doing stuff behind my back?  Ricky says I think Tamar has the power.  Ricky asks the guys if they made an attempt to talk to the girls.  Ricky says what do we do now?  Tom says I gotta figure out what’s going on.  Tom says everyone is paranoid.  Tom says the girls were acting strange and still are.  

4:59 PM BBT.  Ricky says we gotta come together as a group.  He tells Tom he is the HOH and take control.  Meanwhile Natalie and Lolo are still talking.  Lolo thinks Tom, Kato and Dina are a F3.  She says they picked us up for our strength.  Natalie says we need to win HOH.  If Kato wins he puts us both up.  Nataalie says we gotta talk to them.  

5:04 PM BBT.  Tom and Kato are in the HOHR.  Tom says that wasn’t a smart move bcuz we don’t care if Joey or Kandi goes.  Tom says let them talk in this meeting, we won’t talk much.  Tom says Ricky is so acting. They agree to act like the girls have them fooled.  Lolo and Natalie go into the HOHR.  Natalie says u guys didn’t talk to me all day.  Lolo says I’ll take some blame, I was sick all day.  Tom says it’s ok, u guys did it without talking to us. They all say they were available and they all say none of them talked to each other.  

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5:09 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Tom says I didn’t wanna tell u what to do, u won the veto.  Natalie says we’re in an alliance that’s what u do.  Lolo says we needed u guys, u have the brains.  She says Tom u always think about all things.  Tom says I was a little surprised but u made a good decision.  Natalie says well that was our original decision so we’ll go with that.  The girls think Dina has the power.  Natalie says Dina told me it was a boss move.  She says how is that a boss move.  

5:12 PM BBT.  Ricky comes into the HOHR and says we gotta talk and be a team.  Tom says so what do we do?  Ricky says vote Kandi out bcuz Joey has nobody.  Lolo says it’s true Joey is alone.  Kato says but Joey is strong.   

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5:59PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talking about that Tamar has the power. Ricky is in the room as well. Lolo says that if CBS makes her look like a villain she is going to be upset. She says that the fact that America gave her the power means they felt bad for her after the fight.


6:09PM BBT Lolo and Natalie complaining about the other HG's cooking. She says that they bake the steaks and don't broil them. They talk about how they like their food.


 6:18PM BBT Dina and Tom talking about movie props that she has from Lindsey's movies. She loans them out to schools for productions and such. She likes that they get to enjoy them. They are playing cards and talking about movies.


6:22PM BBT Tamar has finally gotten her lamb chops she requested 2 days ago and Natalie got her chicken. They are starting to eat in the KT.


6:26PM BBT Natalie, Joey, Tamar and Kandi in the KT talking about how Tamar doesn't eat anything with eggs. She dislikes them. They are talking about the amount of food they throw out. Joey says it is disgusting what they throw out. Tamar says that she eats everything she asks for.


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6:30PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky are in the BR talking about the benefits of post BigBrother when they'll cherish the new friendships they've made.  Lolo said she was burned on 2 other reality shows.


6:32PM BBT: Dina is playing cards with Tom and Kato. 


6:36PM BBT:  Tamar and Natalie are chatting in the BR about who they think Tom and Kato want out.  Tamar thinks that it's her, but Nat reassures her that Ricky is their target.


6:38PM BBT: Tom tells the others about his real estate agent girlfriend that he's been dating for 6 months. She lives in Vegas, but tours with him when he's on the road. They don't live together, but that's probably in their future.


6:41PM BBT:  Kato tells the others at the KT table (Lolo/Tom/Ricky/Dina) that his name is from Switzerland and that he's named that because of Bruce Lee, who is his idol.


6:43PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar are in the BR talking through and laughing about last season of CBB.  They are quite knowledgeable. 


6:45PM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar that she isn't interested in getting to know Kandi because she might like her and her game would change.  Tamar tells her that Kandi is nice and she may regret it.


6:51PM BBT: Lolo tells Tom in the SR that they had a miscommunication today and they need to make sure that doesn't happen again.


6:58PM BBT: Lolo, Natalie and Tamar make fun of Tom wearing the HOH key around his neck all the time.  Natalie says if she wins HOH and they catch her doing that, that they need to check her.


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7:13PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo discuss strip clubs in Atlanta.  Lolo said she's never been to one where they were naked.  Tamar said that she needs to go and that Cheetah had 5 star food in theirs.


7:18PM BBT: Kato and Tom are back up in the HOHR.  Tom asks if everyone hates them.  They watch the KT camera.  Tom said that he told Lolo yesterday to get along with Joey more. He now wonders if that was a good move.


7:26PM BBT: Tom tells Kato that the worst case scenario is if the it's the house against him, Kato and Dina.  Kato shakes his head saying that he believes that that's the case.


7:48PM BBT: Tom decides to go out on the balcony and invite the houseguests to have a party in the HOHR, enticing them with a cheese plate.  There's no wine, so he heads to the DR to request some.  Kato said he'll watch their faces on the monitor.


7:56PM BBT: The girls discuss Married At First Sight at the KT table and walk through some of the couples.  Lolo said that more couples have remained together than with Bachelor/Bachelorette.


8:03PM BBT: All of the HG are in the KT now. There was no interest in a party in the HOHR.  Kandi tells the others about her show "Kandi Koated Nights", which is basically a talk show about sex.


8:06PM BBT: Tom heads to the lounge to post a tweet.


8:08PM BBT: Tom heads up to the HOHR and puts his headphones on, while getting all of the food out of his fridge. He leaves the music and brings the food downstairs.  The HG continue to answer various dating situation questions.


8:16PM BBT: Tom dropped off his laundry in the SR and found two bottles of Cabernet wine.  He brings it upstairs to the HOHR instead of to the KT table where they all are talking. He puts out his cheese tray.  Kato joins him.


8:22PM BBT: Natalie tells the others about her relationship with her husband and how he told her he was going to marry her withing 12 hours of meeting.  They were engaged 6 weeks later.  Kato goes upstairs to play the keyboard with the headphones on.


8:26PM BBT: Tom and Kato have cleaned up the HOHR and "made it nice", but nobody appears to be interested in leaving the sex talk in the KT.



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8:33PM BBT: The group decides to go upstairs, but only if they all go together. Tom is clearly excited to host and entertain.


8:37PM BBT: The HG are all upstairs, except for Joey.  They are toasting to Kandi making it through two evictions, and they tell her how nice it was getting to know her in the house.


8:41PM BBT: While Tom has the headphones on and dances by himself, the others chat about Oreos and how much they love them and can eat a whole row.  Dina goes downstairs to get the peach cobbler per their request.


8:49PM BBT: The topic in the HOHR was changed over to how McDonald's differs in other countries, such as how they still have fried apple pies and how they have better fries.


8:51PM BBT: There are multiple conversations going and lots of laughing as the wine continues to pour.  




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All the house guests are in the HOH, Tom has wine and is hosting them.


General conversation about movies and television series, music on I tunes and Amazon.


Tamar is called to the diary room downstairs.


The others are discussing Games of Thrones.


A few minutes later Lolo is called to the diary room, she passes Tamar on the way and says,

“Actually I am glad they called me, now I can go to bed. That was the part of the party where I said I wanna go.””


Tamar, “I know girl. Why did he want us all upstairs anyway.”


Lolo, “You will figure it out before me,” and she continues on towards the diary room by way of the bedroom to change.


Ricky is talking about being on The Apprentice, he has continued to learn business management.


Tom goes to the sky walk to see if Tamar is okay since she did not come back from her diary room session and a few minutes later she comes into the room with the others.


Tom opens a second bottle of wine and serves Tamar.


Tom and Kato are talking about Amazing Race, Kato tells CBS he would not do it after Tom tells him how it works.


General conversation in the r9oom is loud, no game talk.


Tom continues to host, he is very thoughtful, offering wine and refilling cups.


Ricky is talking about some sort of meeting or class or medical treatment, not sure what it is, but it makes you “purge” --vomit--. People share their experiences during and after they “purge”. Some sort of tea you drink begins your experience. He says most people have to do it four or five times, and it allows the mind to expand. He continues his comments until Tamar yells, “where does this root come from now....” Ricky says “Peru”.


Kato wonders if they can test people in the house, Tom yells for someone to bring buckets.


Ricky returns to his topic.


Lolo returns to the room, Ricky goes to check the time. 9:50pm


Ricky continues his talk about drinking the tea from Peru, he says if you are not mentally healthy or healthy in general you should never do it. He says everyone in the room but Tom could do it, then grins at him. He insists it helps you take control of your life.


[Please my darlings, look at this as a conversation, and not something you should ever do. Ever. Ever.-Grannysue1154]


The party breaks up, everyone thanks Tom for a great party. Tom leaves the room with the others.


Tom says it was a nerdy party since it ended before the patio opens.




Tom and Kato are in the lounge plotting about what to tell Kandi about the nomination. Tom wants Kato to tell Kandi that they did not want her to go home, but the girls hid all day and did not tell them what they were doing with the veto. They assume Kandi would tell Lolo and Ricky, and he looks forward to Lolo screaming at him. He plans to agree that he wanted Ricky out.


They are counting votes.

They think the vote will be 3/3 with Tom the tie breaker.

They are deciding who to to tell and who to not tell about the voting.


Natalie stops by to see if she can have the HoneyComb, earlier Lolo stopped to say goodnight.



Dina and Kato are in the lounge.


Kato tells Dina he is not telling her anything, he says he heard her hating in the HOH earlier. Dina defends herself, saying it is not a game if it is personal.


Kato tells Dina she was protected the whole time, she says “Those girls could have voted me out anytime.” She says the girls have never aligned with her. Kato tells Dina she is protected if he is HOH


Dina seems not to care if the others hear her, she is very upset that he might be telling the others the same thing he tells her.


Dina insists that he tell her now what it is he knows. Kato tells her that Tom told him not to tell Dina that she is protected. He tells her he is using his alliance, he tells her who it is. Kato tells Dina that Ricky is trying to play her, Dina tells him that she is just a mole in the game, that Kandi and Tamar told her that, and that all the girls are in an alliance.


Kato tells Dina that Tom breaks a tie vote, Dina tells Kato she thinks Tamar has the power.


Kato tells her to be careful with Ricky, he knows how to get inside her head, Dina laughs and says they think she is goofy. Kato says he knows she is very smart, he knows she is not stupid and knows when people are full of s^^t.


Kato checks the door, then tells Dina to put her microphone on her coat, but he doesn't want to talk to her about this more, and if she tells anyone what he told her he will not go find her a dude. Kato tells her that it will be impossible to find her a guy with that pink hat on.


Dina tells Kato the girls are going after her, and that he has left her out in the cold by having an alliance without does not make her happy. She says America will judge the players in this game.



Kato says he trusts Dina, Tom and Joey.


Kandi comes in the room and Dina tells her she is not interrupting.


Dina asks Kandi if she said she would vote her –Dina-- off. The ladies have a spirited conversation about Dina voting Kandi off. Dina insists that she told Kandi she was safe before the vote, Kandi is made because Dina voted for her anyway. Dina says “I told you not to pack your bag, you were safe.”


Kandi says if the vote had gone to Ryan, who would he have voted out. Kandi says “You voted against me.”


Conversation is getting loud.


Kandi, “Listen ma'am.”


Dina insists that Kandi is still here, even after the vote.


Conversation is getting louder. But same questions are being rehashed and ignored.


Kato is trying to slow this down, he is actually getting them to lower the volume. But in a few seconds Kato is rubbing his hair and gesturing.


Kato is trying to clarify this for them while they still squawk at one another about who will vote who out. --neither of them are on the block--


Now the girls are telling Kato he has been deceitful to both of them. He denies it, saying everyone here has to act. Dina interrupts, and Kato yells, “Give me ten seconds, that's all. Ten seconds.”


He gets them to move to “who has the power” Kandi say she thinks Dina has it, but does not believe Tamar has it, She wonders why anyone cares.


Kato tells her it is because it would be possible to prevent an eviction.


Both women yell that they love each other with all their hearts and claim to be cool in loud voices.


Dina thinks the girls are trying to butter them up, that the girls are together, then all of a sudden...


Kandi says that Dina, Joey and herself are sitting ducks that they can pick off one by one.


Dina says they should not sit back and let it happen, and she does not like phony people


Kato tells them he is leaving the room, Kandi says she does not have the power, she can't pull herself off the block. Kato tells Dina he cannot trust her, and not to put him on the spot, that everything has a plan. He tells Dina to come wth him, but Kandi says she is leaving. She does leave, but she leaves angry stomping.


Kato yells at Dina. He tells her that she cannot talk like that because it will foul this up. He tells her to forget everything he told her. Dina fusses, Kato tells her that she is protected, and begs her not to blow this.


Dina continues to fuss and Kato tells her she is in the safest spot in the house. Kato tells her that Tom knows he needs Dina to go to the final three with them. Kato tells her to go talk to Tom, Dina is just not a listener, she keeps questioning Kato.


Kato says she should be thankful. He tells the camera, I ask her not to talk and she doesn't listen.


Kato leaves the room and Dina follows.



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Kandi tells Dina in the bedroom that she should not let other people drive a wedge between them


Dina continues to talk while Kandi is talking to her. She refuses to listen, she says Kandi doesn't get it. Kandi says she does get it.


Kandi says they have already talked about this


Dina says these girls, --Lolo and Natalie-- were in an alliance with Joey and Ryan,s –they quickly deny--. Neither Dina or Kandi seems to hear them.


Dina insists that she knew.


Tamar is playing a little possum here, she acts like they woke her up.


Dina says Kato has a girlfriend, and she will be his friend outside, but the flirtation is not real, she respects her.


Kandi tells her not to let people put ideas in her head.


Natalie and Lolo pry a little, trying to get information.


Kandi says that is old news, a week ago.


Dina says she told the producers it should be girls against guys, but producers told her we did that last year.


Natalie questions Dina about why Kato would try to put stuff in her head. You can tell from her expression that she is on high alert. She asks more questions, “who has the power” questions. Tamar is silent.


Dina says she is a floater, just like in high school.


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Dina says if anyone tells any of you I said something, come and ask me.


Ricky walks in and looks around the room like a guy who just saw his ex-wife. He pauses, looks around, his expression is confused and hesitant. He makes no eye contact, but asks, “What's wrong”

He finds out it has nothing to do with him and his whole demeanor relaxes.


Dina and Kandi leave and the other girls start talking. Lolo says they gave us information and no information at the same time. Tamar insists she was asleep. They agree that Kato and Tom are losing it. Tamar gives a big loud yawn.--priceless--


Ricky tells them that Dina was upset earlier, and told him that Tom and Kato said Ricky was against her He compares her to an abused woman who is just stuck and twisted up. He says that Tom and Kato are not nice people.


Lolo and Natalie are trying to figure out why this is going on, and if Kato is trying to get Dina to vote out Kandi and she doesn't want to.


Ricky comes back into the room and tells them that Kato was listening at the door while Dina was in the room because he thought she was in there too long.


Conversation goes to the heat in the room.





Dina is not in the HOH.


Tom tells them that Lolo, Natalie and Ricky are together and working against them. He tells Dina she will not be a replacement nominee. He tells Dina whoever he puts up for a replacement is who she should vote for.


Dina tells them they need to tell her more, and they tell her it changes every hour and she does not need to know all the stuff not to stay.


Tom tells Dina that Ricky tried to join in with the four on Tom's end when he won HOH.


Kato tells Dina that her being safe the whole time, and that Ricky is sweet talking her. Kato tells her that Ricky mentioned evicting her. Kato is laughing at what happened in the lounge.


Dina thinks they should not tell Kandi about the attempt to back door Ricky, but Dina says she does not trust her yet.


They begin the “who has the power” talk for a short time, then conversation changes to the veto competition, and back to the “who has the power” talk.


Tom tells Dina that if the power is used he is putting Lolo up and taking Joey off the block.


Kato tells her if it is between Joey and Kandi, she has to vote Kandi off, with Tom as the tie breaker.


Tom tells her we want to keep Kandi and Joey and vote for whoever else is put up.


They tell her not to tell anyone, especially not Kandi because she can't vote anyway. Kato tells her her that the vote is not til Saturday night, and if she hears things it is him and Tom acting so she should ignore it.


Dina tells them they are stupid for believing that Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are on their side.



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