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The Masked Singer - Episode V


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Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just by their voice? You're about to find out. This is The Masked Singer!

Tonight, 4 celebrities compete to remain anonymous: Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien and Lion. Who will live to sing again and who will be unmasked before your eyes? Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon, and your panelists, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicol Scherzinger!

Before we get started with tonight's performances, one of the worst inventions in reality talent shows, it's a Group Song! Performing On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons is Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien and Lion.

Jenny says what's amazing is the performers don't even know who each other are and they just performed as a group!  But The Masked Singer is not a team sport so let's get down to the competition.

Let's hop onto some clues for Rabbit. Rabbit has a country aceent in this video. Showing off his range is part of his master plan to throw you off. Latin pop, country, and tonight, some R&B. He's a trickster. Hops here and there and is gone.  In a landscape, he appears and disappears from his companions. Then appears in a counter service restaurant: Brooklyn Piza Available, reads a sign. He's busting out the old school moves but hopes he won't pass out. If you're confused now, just wait!

Singing Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe, Rabbit and his Rabbettes go hip hop on the panel. Jenny says that's mix tape 80's. Nicole says he's such a performer. Rabbit breaks out the moves, confirming for Jenny he's a professional dancer. Ken says the Rabbit does the Roger Rabbit. Nicole says he needs some air. Rabbit fake feints. 

Ken says he delivered the best performance so far on the series. Rabbit is twitching again as Jenny predicts boy band. Rabbit brings a show-and-tell item. Security reveals the item: A toy magician's kit. Rabbit says it's another way he likes to impress an audience. Rabbit continues twitching. Jenny thinks hobby - too talented musically. 

Next check out the clues to the mysterious Unicorn. Sitting in front of a TV, Unicorn says she performing in front of people was her biggest fear, and the audience reaction makes her feel in heaven. She's crafted a new identity. For years she lived behind a different mask of low self esteem. Unicorn on a white piano. Now she can do cartwheels. She loves loves who she is and is proud of the hills from where she comes.

Singing I Love It by Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX, she maintains of a psychedelic stage while Thingette 1 and Thingette t2 dace around her. The song is presented as multiple voices so it's hard to determine which is hers and which is background. Jenny says she's growing into her alter ego, growing more confident. Ken says this is the happiest she's performed, this show is therapy and you had a breakthrough.

Now it is time for Secrity to bring out Unicorn's revealing item: A typewriter. For the millennials, the paper in the typewriter says TYPEWRITER. This typewriter has created lots of magic, Unicorn says. Ken says maybe she's old and Unicorn gets offended. Jennifer thinks Unicorn makes crafts. Robin thinks she's athletic. I think I now know who Unicorn is and the panelists totally missed the clue.

Alien reveals that she spent her entire life under the microscope, poked and prodded, and this is the first time she's unknown. No one talks to her or sees her, giving her peace and quiet (Alien cutting green shrubbery). At a picnic, Alien says she enjoyed the simple life growing up (she takes a hot baked potato), but it seems being born into a famous family, (now watering her plants) she was destined for the limelight. After all, I'm only human, even with this mask on. There's a plastic snake in the garden. Tonight's performance is how I'm feeling inside: Happy.

Singing Happy by Pharrell Williams, Alien is moving and grooving and Robin and Jennifer think they have figured out who she is. Nick disagrees - says listen to her voice. Nicole strains to hear what it is that Nick is hearing. She's singing this week, Nicole exclaims, she has soul and sweetness to her voice.

Ken says he has no idea who he is let alone who she is. Nick thinks he knows. Nicole was happy and thrown off by the performance, she came out singing tonight, she's been holding back. Jenny now thinks she's a real singer. Alien reveals her revealing item: A police badge.  Now the panel and the judges are really confused. Alien says the badge is not a prop - she's sworn to protect and serve. A close-up of the badge reveals it's for a Patrolman, Police, Muncie, Indiana.

Last to lead us down a false path is Lion who is here to prove being on stage is her destiny. On stage, she can open her whole heart and be a model of courage and vulnerability. Just like the lion in The Wizard of Oz (tornado takes the house out behind her). They say there's no place like home, and I feel at home on the stage. I want all the panel to feel that too so it's time to stop be all sugar and spice. Tic Toc, the twister is coming. You don't think I'm a professional singer? Then it's time for me to let out my roar!

Singing California Dreamin' by Sia, Nicole says Lion stands like a dancer as she waits for the music to start. A milky, mysterious voice rings out and Nicole admits she's a singer. She walks confidently up stage, delivering power vocals with heavy bass and drums. She still doesn't have much choreography but there is no question she can sing. Nicole thinks she knows the voice. You say that every week, Ken jokes. 

Nick says that was fierce. Nicole is shocked - she can sang. Her vibrato sounds familiar. Robin says she knows how to sing the small, detailed subtleties a professional knows. Jenny thinks she collaborated with Kesha at some point. Lion brings out her revealing item from her den: It's a white scrunchie. Lion says it's a family heirloom. Nicole's got nothing. Jenny thinks it means she's got a lot of hair. Ken gets upset that it takes 2 bodyguards to bring out a scrunchie.

Now it is time for the big vote as Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien join Lion back on stage. Time for the panel and audience to get their vote on. Who do you think will be picked to be unmasked tonight?

The votes are in. Tonight's unmasked singer is...   Unicorn!  Who do you think the Unicorn is?

We saw your journey, we saw your performances, and now we're going to get to see your face. Who is Unicorn?  Robin takes a look at her heals and says it's Gabby Douglas. Jennifer says Lauren Conrad. Nicole thinks it is Denise Richards. And Ken says it is Tori Spelling. For the record, that's my guess too. 

Now let's see who was right. The moment has come. Unicorn, show us who is behind the mask! Take It Off!  The Unicorn is...   Tori Spelling!  Ken (and I) got it right! 

Redemption for Ken Jeong! Tori says she did this show to face her biggest fear in life. She always wanted to sing but was told as a child she was tone deaf and it stuck with her her whole life. She did this for her kids to know they could face their fears too. The typewriter is actually her dad's typewriter (which is what I guessed) from which he started every television series script.

For the first time singing as herself, Tori Spelling performs on stage. The repeated "Hills" clue in Unicorn's packages referred to her staring role on Beverly Hills, 90210. The craft imagery was a nod to the show "Craft Wars" which she hosted. The five little unicorns referred to her 5 children. 

So did you correctly guess who Unicorn was? Who do you think the remaining masked singers are? Who do you think will win and be the last Masked Singer to be unmasked?  And who is going to be the first to come post about tonight's episode here on the Morty's TV Fan Forums? 

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