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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #7

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with the K-train full speed ahead, he put Dina and Tamar on the block, but his real target was a gold medalist. Kato and Tom wanted to expand their ranks, so they solidified a fearsome foursome with Lolo and Natalie.


With the veto on the line, Green got the gold and the comedian set up Kato to have the last laugh on the Olympian. At the live eviction, the swimmer’s game took a dive. Tonight, who will ascend to power and which HG will be nominated? Plus, find out who America voted to receive the Publicist’s power.


We pick up after Ryan’s eviction and Tamar says she feels absolutely amazing. She didn’t get evicted and she was on pins and needles thinking it was her time to go and she’s still here! Kato says his HOH reign was a success, but he can’t compete in the next HOH so someone in their alliance HAS to win.


Joey says Ryan is gone and he’s super bummed about that. Best case scenario for him now is to win HOH and if that doesn’t happen then he has to ingratiate himself to some people. Tom says they pulled it off, they backdoored Ryan! All his alliance needs to do now is win HOH. Hopefully it’s him. He wants to win HOH.


Lolo and Natalie are in the WC and Lolo is upset over Ryan’s eviction. Natalie and Tamar are comforting her and Lolo is saying she feels like a traitor. She says she’ll be fine, she just needs to get it out. She says Ryan was someone who supported her when she was crushed and Natalie says they had to get him out. Lolo tells us she is heart broken she had to vote him out, but she’s part of a team in the house. Natalie tells Lolo he was just too good.


Joey, Ricky, and Dina are talking in the KT and Joey feels like he is next. Joey says Natalie and Lolo are very secure. Ricky says he’s working with Natalie and Lolo and he’s secure in that. Joey should be worrying about himself. Tamar asks Joey if he’s ok and Joey is telling Tamar, Dina, and Kandi that Tom, Kato, Natalie, and Lolo are like this and he crosses his fingers.


Tamar says Joey wants an alliance with Dina, Kandi, herself, and him against the bootleg superheroes? No way! She’s getting ready to win this HOH for herself. Lolo and Natalie are in the lounge talking and they think they are a target. Lolo says they all probably think we’re behind everything.


Kandi and Ricky come in to the lounge with Lolo and Natalie to do their tweets. Lolo says that was emotion. Ricky says it gets real in the house. Ricky then tells Lolo and Natalie that Joey has told everyone they are walking around real confident. Ricky says by giving them more information, it will make them trust him even more. Natalie says all that does is fuel her fire to send him hop packing.


Hey everyone, it’s time for the HOH competition! Natalie is first and they are going to perform in a horror themed competition. They have to enter a pitch black house and find keys to a car and then they should start the car. Fastest person to complete the task will win HOH. It’s time to play Slaughter House.


Natalie is first and there is a person in a bunny mask lying on a couch and she is petrified. But she has to win this HOH and she keeps moving. She moves a rug and finds a staircase leading down into a crawl space. She’s scared to go in it and tries to go back up but there is someone with a chain saw. She goes back down and crawls through the crawl space and she’s screaming and grossed out.


Natalie makes her way through a small door into a kitchen and she is looking in the fridge and sink and stove. She found a door with no door knob. She finally finds the door knob in the garbage disposal and moves down a hallway with two more people to scare her. She is in a bathroom and there is a body in the tub. She opens a door to a dining room and she says finding these car keys impossible. She goes back to the bathroom and finds the key and snatches it and she’s out of there. Then someone pops up from the backseat and she has completed the task.


Kandi says she’s not in a guaranteed safe position so she needs to win. She loves scary movies and haunted houses so she feels like this could be something she could win. She slowly, but calmly makes her way through the various rooms. She seems to be moving fairly quickly through the house and she finds the keys and heads out to the car.


Tamar is next and she’s freaking out before entering the house. She says she was on the block last week and she knows she needs to win this HOH more than ever. But let me tell you something…she doesn’t do haunted houses, Halloween, clowns, or anything that’s going to scare her. She’s still outside the door freaking out and she finally opens the door and steps. She sees the bunny on the couch and asks them if they have the keys. She’s screaming and freaking out in the first room and the chainsaw guy comes in and she says she’s done. She says ok bye, she’s out. It was fun. Tamar has quit.


Tom is next and he says he’s more scared of not winning HOH than anything in the house. If there’s one thing he can’t stand it’s being around deranged people. And this family is so deranged, that’s their name. The Deranged Family. Tom says the hardest part of the competition is not getting freaked out. This is a freaky place, but you just have to ignore it. He found the key! The dead guy has the key! Sorry, dead guy, he needs this! He grabs the key and heads out to the car.


Dina is up next and she is moving very slowly. She says she’s not a fan of scary movies but she wants to win this HOH because she hasn’t won anything yet. She makes her way to the kitchen and finds the door knob. She crawls through the hall and freaks out. She snatches the dead guy out of the tub to grab the keys and she runs out and completes the task.


Lolo is next and she says she’s feeling very emotional seeing Ryan leave, but she needs to funnel those feelings. She needs to win this HOH competition. She says they have to make sure Joey doesn’t win or he’s definitely coming after the alliance. She seems to be moving fairly quickly through the house. She says once you get past the guy with the chain saw, seeing a dead guy is like seeing your grandma with apple pie. She grabs the keys and darts out of the house and she has completed the competition.


Ricky is up next. Ricky says Joey cannot win, but he wants to win so he can send Joey out the door. Ricky says he’s a big buy, but it’s dark in here. He’s really jumpy and gets scared easily, but he’s able to focus. He moves past the guys easily and finds the keys and makes his way out of the house. He dives out of the window with they keys and he has completed the task.


Joey is next to go in and he says with Ryan being backdoored, he thinks he’s next. He’s going to do the best he can and see if he can win it. It would be nice to win this HOH and take back a little of the power. He likes haunted houses, but he’s never been in one like this. He’s all for it and he’s up for a good scare. He makes his way through and he finds the key in the tub and makes his way out of the house and into the car to complete the competition.


Let’s see how everyone did at the Slaughter House competition. Joey thinks he did well and it would be good to win because he’s on his own. If he doesn’t win, who knows what will happen. Dina had a time of 14:24. Natalie had a time of 9:07. Natalie is now in the lead. Joey’s time is 4:19. Joey is now in the lead and he says he did better than people right before him and hopefully that’s enough for the win. Natalie says Joey’s time is off the chain! Come on Lolo or Tom, you guys have to win this!


Natalie says Joey’s time comes up and he killed it. This could be bad for their alliance. Tom has a time of 3:07. Kandi had a time of 8:43. Tom is in the lead for HOH. Lolo’s time is 3:48. She gives Tom a high five. Tamar’s time is…30:00. She says she walked in and walked out, she don’t do haunted houses. It’s down to Tom and Ricky. Tom says if anyone can beat his time, it’s Ricky. He doesn’t know where Ricky’s head is out. Ricky’s team is…3:44. Tom is the new HOH!


Tamar says there was no way she was going to go in that house, but now she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block again. She don’t like being scared, she can’t come back from that. Joey says his score didn’t hold up and he has a sneaking suspicion that he’ll be next to go on the block.


Kato says Tom won HOH, can they do a victory dance? He celebrates in the DR. Kandi talks to Tom and she wants to know if Tom is in an alliance with everybody else. Tom seems a little confused and he says what are you doing? Do you talk about stuff with people? Kandi says she listens to what people say. Kandi says in the DR do you have an alliance? That’s not an answer Tom. Kandi wants to know of Tom is interested in what people have to say or is his mind already made up. Tom says no he’s willing to listen.


Kato and Tom are trying to come up with an alliance name. Lolo comes in. Tom says he has an alliance with Kato, Lolo, and Natalie and they really don’t need any help. Ricky comes in and they are discussing a possible alliance and Ricky tells us he’s not sure yet, but he’ll say yes for now. Tom says if you don’t want to be in our alliance, then maybe we don’t want you to be in our alliance. So there Ricky Williams.


Kato, Tom, and Ricky are talking in the HOH room and Ricky wants to know who the target is. Tom thinks for a moment and says he hasn’t come to a conclusion what the move was. He says Joey is strong, so maybe put Joey and TayTay up. Kato says they need to split up Kandi and TayTay. Kato says that would make the most sense. Ricky says they won’t vote for each other.


Tom says Ricky is part of his alliance now, but really he’s the biggest threat in the house. What about you Ricky? Tom goes into the lounge and the camera is following him and he’s talking to the camera. He’s showing things that are in the lounge. He picks up a large saucer and he says you can put it on your head and pretend you’re a UFO. And then he “transports” to the hall.


Kato and Tom are now talking in the lounge. Tom says he wants to have one of his crazy talks and goes over their alliance. Tom says now it’s all about Ricky. Kato believes he is the right guy and that gives them guaranteed numbers. Tom says unless Ricky double crosses us. Kato tells us Tom, stay the course. Tom knows they’re working with Ricky, but he’s not sure he trusts him and he doesn’t know if he could beat him at the end. Kato does not look like he’s on board with Tom’s thought process. Tom says don’t we want to keep the weakest and get rid of the strongest?


The HG hear some music and Tamar starts screaming and saying a twist! They all head to the LR and the news guy tells them a good publicist can get them out of any sticky situation. And America is the publicist and can vote for someone to have a power that can get them out of a sticky situation. Tom says he finally has some power and they get this news! Is it going to mess up his power? Expect the unexpected.


Tamar says she knows she’s in trouble this week. Please, America, please give it to her. Joey says he’s in a sticky situation. Maybe he’ll get the power. He says it’s like rolling the dice and hopefully his number will come up.


Tamar comes into the DR and the Publicist Power envelope is on the couch. She says she never wins anything in her life. She reads the card and it says if she’s nominated at the ceremony at veto, she can pull herself off the block. She can only use the power once and it expires after the veto meeting on February 4th. She says thank you, thank you, thank you America!


Ricky is back in the HOH with Tom and Kato. Tom thinks Kandi or Tamar has it. Ricky says the person in the stickiest situation is Joey. Tom says if he puts them on the block, they’ll immediately stand up and take themselves off. Ricky says but if you do that, then you flush it out. Tom says this power is messing with his HOH! Does he go with a house target or a bigger threat…who might also have the power?


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Everyone gathers at the dining room table and Tom enters with the nomination key block. The first HG Tom has nominated is…Joey. The second nominee is…Kandi. Tom says he likes them both very much, but when the celebrity breaking news and his gut told him it was one of him so he put them up for nomination to see if he was right.


Tom says he nominated Kandi and Joey because he thought they had the power. But maybe they didn’t have the power. They still have veto and if the stars align, Ricky is still on his radar. Joey says Tom is almost too predictable and he needs to win the veto or he’ll be following Ryan out the door. Kandi says Tom put her on the block because he thinks she has the power. What a stupid reason to put someone on the block. She’s over this power and she’s over Tom.


Ricky says Tom put Kandi and Joey on the block and everything is going as planned. Hopefully, they can get Joey out of the house. Tamar says she has the power and didn’t even have to use it! She will put it to good use and thank you America!


Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save someone from the chopping block? And who will be the next celebrity evicted? Find out Saturday, live on Celebrity Big Brother!

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