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America's Got Talent The Champions Episode 4

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Tonight, ten more acts from talent shows around the world are ready to perform to make the finals. The golden buzzer tonight belongs to Simon. Two acts will move on and we’re ready to get started!


The first act to take the stage is Issy Simpson and she’s from Britain’s Got Talent. She didn’t win the first time, but being on Champions, she gets another chance. She was runner-up before but she wants to win this time. She was 8 when she was on Britain’s Got Talent, she is now 10. She begins her performance by bringing a box down to the judge’s table. She has three books, and she hands one to Mel B, one to Heidi, and one to Simon and asks them to make sure each page is different.


Issy then asks Howie to pick up her box and put it on the floor behind him, but the box is too heavy. She asks Mel B to help Howie and neither of them can move the box. She comes back and takes out a deck of playing cards and then puts the box to the side. She shows Howie her cards and she turns them face down and asks him to touch the back of any card. She gives him the card and asks him to remember it and she tells him to choose one book and he chooses the book Simon has.


Issy says the book has 674 and asks Howie to pick a number between 1-674 and he picks 126. She has Simon turn to page 126 and say a word and he says Excellent. She has a chalkboard on stage and she turns it to reveal the word Excellent. She then asks Howie to reveal the card he selected and he shows the three of diamonds. Issy turns around and removes her coat and she has a shirt on of Howie with three of diamonds.


Howie says Issy just proved she is talented and Britain does have talent. Mel B says she is adorable and the way she presented everything was so seamless and her magic was mind blowing. Heidi says she thought it was excellent and she has a special something that you need as an entertainer. Simon says every time he sees her she has incredible magic powers. He has a feeling the states might put her through to the final after that.


Next we have the Texas Tenors from AGT Season 4. They are excited to perform for Simon. They recall the judges being tough on them throughout the competition and they’ve worked really hard to make the finals and they finished in fourth place. They started touring after the show and they are back for a second chance to win the show.


The Texas Tenors take the stage and they perform Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. They get an ovation from all the judges and the audience. Heidi thought it was really pretty and she thinks the audience enjoyed it too. Mel B liked it when they were all singing at once and she liked it. Howie says they are champions and deserve to be there and they set the bar high, he loved it. Simon really, really wanted them to come back and do the show. He thinks they got better with age and there is an amazing chemistry about them.


Next up is Drew Lynch and he’s back for a rematch. He was the runner-up in Season 10. He’s a comedian and he has a stutter. He was the recipient of Howie’s golden buzzer on his season and he talks about the final and it being down to him and Paul Zerdin. He says he wanted to win so badly and he was devastated when he came in second. Drew says he was so excited to come back and this is an opportunity to prove himself and this time he wants the title.


Drew begins his set on stage. As he finishes his set Mel B says she wants more. He gets a standing ovation. Mel B says she’s really angry because that was too short and she wanted more and more. She says he’s so funny and she loves him. She loves everything about him. Heidi says there are only a few comedian’s she really, really loves and he is one of them. She says that was hilarious. Simon says it wasn’t the best performance they’ve seen him do but he’s inspired so many people and he respects him. Howie says he is so proud of him. He’s a great entertainer and a great spokesperson and he is truly a professional and truly a champion and he deserves to be in the final.


Paul Zerdin is up next and he won Season 10 of AGT. Paul says he gets another opportunity, not just to be the best in America, but the best in the world. Paul says he has his eye on the prize and he has a reputation to uphold and he wants that champion title.


Paul takes the stage and he says he is going to do something tonight he doesn’t think has ever been done by a ventriloquist before. He begins his act and he invites Sam to come out and join him. He beat boxes while Sam hums a ditty. He gets an ovation all around. Howie says ventriloquists have done very well and he takes the art of ventriloquism and plays with that art form. Heidi says his act is absolutely seamless and she wonders if he’s a ventriloquist or a magician. Simon says he wasn’t on the show when he won. He doesn’t think this was a progression up from where he was and Mel B says she does. Mel B says she was completely entertained. She loved it.


The next act is the Moonlight Brothers and they won Denmark’s Got Talent this last season. They are here to take home the title! They begin their act. They do some current trend dances and some acrobatics. Mel B says she expected more the but the audience enjoyed it. Howie says he personally didn’t love that. Heidi says she enjoyed it because they brought the energy up a little and she thought it was fun. She liked it. Simon says it was really fun, different, but based on what he’s seen tonight, he’s talking to a previous winner who isn’t going to win tonight.


Next we have Tapeface taking a look back at his pervious performances and judge comments from Season 11. He keeps replaying a part where Simon says he thinks he should come back. He takes the stage for his performance. Tapeface has Howie join him on stage and gives him a cutting board and a spoon and demonstrates scraping the spoon against the board. He then hands Howie a hat that says Stay Weird and he has an album with a picture of Simon with tape over his mouth. The “album” plays and Tapeface has Howie acting like a DJ while he scrapes the spoon against the cutting board.


Tapeface then has Howie return to his seat and he has Terry join him on stage. He has Terry put on some overalls and a Hawaiian shirt as well as a yellow safety jacket and a hard hat. Tapeface then joins the judges at the judges table and pulls out a buzzer and waits. Terry looks confused and then some stripper music plays and Terry takes the clothes Tapeface gave him off and Tapeface runs on stage and hits a golden buzzer.


Tapeface gets an ovation. Howie says he’s one of the most memorable acts that’s been on the show and he has his own Vegas show. Mel B loves that everyone else joins in his act and he’s just funny and she could watch all day long. Heidi says he’s clever, he’s funny, he’s original, and her kids are still talking about him. Simon says that was so silly and so funny and he brought so many happy memories back for him. He was brilliant.


Kechi is next and she’s a singer and she’s from Season 12. She feels like she owes it to those who died in the plane crash she survived to live her life and follow her dreams. She didn’t win last time and she feels like she found her voice and this is her chance to prove she is a champion.


Kechi comes out and she’s prepared to perform. She has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. She gets an ovation as she finishes. Howie says she is so much more than her songs and her sound, she’s a champion of life. Mel B says she can see how hard she’s been working and she loves and adores her. Heidi says she was so excited to see and hear her again. It’s always a joy seeing her on the stage. Simon says he remembers her being very shy, but based on what he seen tonight, he didn’t really like it that much…he actually loved it and he hits his golden buzzer.


Next we have The Regurgitator. Heidi says this is her absolute most favorite. He discovered his talent when he was in a children’s home in Glasgow. He finished in fourth place on AGT on Season 10 and has appeared on seven other talent shows. He begins with a screw and a bolt. He swallows the bolt first and then follows with the screw and he’s going to put the bolt onto the screw in the middle of the screw. He says it’s going to take a few seconds. He coughs it back up and the bolt is on the center of the screw.


Next, The Regurgitator swallows a plum tomato and he’s going to swallow a razor blad and slice the tomato in half. Simon hits his X. Simon says he can’t watch this. He pulls the razor out first and then coughs up the tomato and it’s been sliced in half. Heidi wants to know why Simon buzzed because that’s crazy. Simon says because it was making him want to throw up. Howie says he’s a huge fan and he’s polarizing and he’s a consummate professional. Mel B says it was the last part of the act that had her wondering how he did it. Heidi thinks he’s incredible and amazing and there is no one like him and he’s really special.


Brian Justin Crum is next and he’s a singer from Season 11. He had an outpouring of love and messages from people all over the world. When he got fourth place he was surprised. He is back and he feels like he knows who he is and he found his own voice and he thinks he has the right song this time. He wants to see how far he can go this time.


Brian is greeted by the judges and Simon wishes him luck. Brian prepares to perform and he is singing Your Song by Elton John. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he is a brilliant singer, performer, and he is a champion and he is a winner. Mel B says that is how you put on a killer performance. He just smashed it. Heidi says he can sing. He can sing so beautifully and he commands the stage like no one else. Simon says so much has happened since they saw him and there’s a shift in music and this is where he should be. He has an amazing voice and this was in a different league than anything he did before.


Our final act is Kenichi Ebina and he’s a dancer and the winner of Season 8 of AGT. He says is recognized when he travels and he wants to keep performing as much as possible. He says the dancers are getting better and better and he’s 44 and getting older. He has to use his brain to compete, but it’s going to be tough.


Kenichi takes the stage for his performance. His act is based on a dancing video game and he has graphics. He has a small robotic dog in his act to help him as he “plays” the video game. He “beats” the game, and he gets an ovation. Heid would love to be in his brain to see how he figures it all out. She’s a huge fan. Mel B says it isn’t easy and he’s already a winner, but she has to be honest and she’s already being booed. Mel B thought the production was too big. Simon says he’s always loved him and that was original and to have him back was fantastic. Well done. Simon wants the dogs name and wants to know where to buy them. Kenichi says Amazon.


Time to find out who made it into the Top 3. The first act is…Brian Justin Crum!


The second act in the Top 3 is…Paul Zerdin!


The final act making it into the Top 3 is…wait, wait, wait…This has never happened before. Two of them have tied for the final spot in the Top 3. The acts going into the Top 3 are…Tapeface and Drew Lynch!


Brian won Hawaii, Texas, and California. Tapeface did the best with male voters and Drew did his best with voters age 18-34. Paul Zerdin did the best in the south and with female voters.


The act finishing in third place is…Tapeface and Drew Lynch.


The act moving on to the finals is…Brian Justin Crum!         

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