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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #5

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, HOH Ryan was in an alliance with Jonathan, Tamar, Lolo, Natalie, and Kandi, but with Jonathan on the block next to Tom and the Mooch, the ladies considered turning against the Cake Wars host. And after Lolo got jealous of Ryan and Jonathan’s friendship, she made it clear she was no longer loyal to the boys.


A new twist was unleashed revealing the mooch was not a real HG, and Ryan was forced to name a new nominee. With Mooch’s veto up for grabs, Kato made headlines. Kato promised to save Tom, while Ryan was hoping to backdoor Lolo. But after the team USA members hashed things out, Ryan considered putting his backdoor plan on the back burner.


Kato kept his promise at the veto meeting, and Ryan decided to put up a pawn. At the live eviction, Dina, Joey, Jonathan, and Ryan were blindsided. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned and two new celebs will go on the chopping block and emotions will reach a boiling point right now on Celebrity Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 10 after the first eviction and Ryan is shocked and kind of sad. Jonathan was his boy and his ride or die and the girls all lied. Now he has to rethink his game and strategy and he has to go after them. Dina says she was completely out of the loop and it seems there is an alliance and there is a way to play the game without that.


Lolo tells Ricky and Natalie that Ryan is upset and they are discussing Ryan’s reaction. Lolo is trying to decide if it was Tamar or Dina who voted for Kandi to leave. Tamar comes in and they are discussing how the votes went. Tamar says she voted for Jonathan and she tells us she doesn’t know why they are asking. Tamar wants to know why it matters. Ricky says it does matter because it’s not smart for Dina.


Tamar says Jonathan was in Mean Girls, Lindsey was in Mean Girls, they’ve been friends forever. Of course Dina is going to vote to keep him in the house. Dina, Ryan, and Joey are talking about the votes and they can’t believe it was 6-1. Ryan says he has to rethink his whole strategy and his only hope is for Joey to win this HOH. They begin discussing votes and Ryan says they will come after him next and he can’t play in the HOH tonight.


Joey thinks Ryan and Dina are counting on him to win. Ryan just activated the Joey symbol up in the sky and Gotham needs him. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are in the SR talking still talking about the votes. Tamar wants to know why it matters and Natalie says she wants to know how the votes went. Tamar says Dina is 52 years old, she doesn’t know anything. Natalie says Dina voted to keep Jonathan and it’s suspicious she’s now working with the boys.


Tamar leaves the SR and Dina comes in and Natalie tries to hug Dina and she pushes her away. Lolo says emotions are running high in the house right now and people are defensive and they have to compete to win in this next HOH.


Ryan comes out of the DR and says hey rockers! It’s time for the HOH competition, so get glammed up and get ready to rock ‘n roll out in the yard! Natalie says she walks out into the backyard and into a heavy metal concert. This reminds her of her WWE days. They are all on a wall with their arms up holding onto handles. They are ready to rock until they drop.


Lolo says this HOH is huge because she knows Ryan tried to backdoor her last week and she doesn’t want to go through that again. Kato says he or Tom have to win so they can stay another week. Dina wants to win this HOH competition for Jonathan and she knows he’d be happy for her and be rooting for her.


The HG then get sugar poured on them. Kato says sugar hit his lips and he got the sudden urge to jump off the rock wall, run into the house, and start cleaning things. Wait, that was sugar, right? Ryan says this would have been the perfect competition for him because he loves heavy “medals”. Get it? Medals? He’s just hoping Joey or Dina win.


Joey says winning HOH puts an X on your back, but he needs to win this. Natalie says as long as Joey or Dina don’t win, they are ok. Time for jelly shots! Tamar likes jello shots, but not these and she doesn’t like this concert. She’s not coming back. Tom is starting to struggle and he says it should be easy but it’s not. His feet leave the foothold and he swings and he’s the first one out at 24:45. Now he just wants Kato to win.


Kandi says this competition is not good for people with big booties because if you can’t lay back against the wall, you’re going to be hurting. Kandi dropped at 24:51.


The HG get hit next with beer cups. Tom wants a beer. Lolo says carbs go straight to your gut and her coach is going to be mad about those calories. Ricky is struggling. He says with all that muscle mass and his big butt, he’s struggling. He took himself to a different place but then he falls at 46:41.


Next, the HG get creamed with Whip Cream. Tom doesn’t want to know what that is. Joey is not a fan of wet and slimy and you think can it get any worse? But then you realize it’s Big Brother and it’s going to get a lot worse. Tamar is in pain and she’s afraid to be up there and she’s afraid to choke. Tamar says she’s about to have an anxiety attack and she’s saying she can’t jump. She’s crying and Kandi tells her to keep holding on and lower herself by her arms. Natalie tells her to bend her knees and she’ll be closer.


Kandi says Tamar is so dramatic. She’s like two steps off the ground. She says it’s like people who think they’re drowning but they’re really in shallow water and could have stood up the whole time. Tamar says she feels like she’s about to jump to her death and she swings, screams, and drops at 59:37.


They are discussing who might fall next. Dina says she started out strong but it’s so cold and she’s shaking. She drops at 1:13:45. Natalie is excited, all they need is Joey to fall and the girls should be safe this week.


This crowd is on fire and they are going to cool them off! The road crew comes out and sprays them with fire extinguishers. Tom is cheering for the four remaining, Kato, Joey, Natalie, and Lolo. Kato says you have a wrestler, an Olympian, and Joey Lawrence who does one armed push-ups and then himself. Lolo says everyone is complaining about how cold they are, but she’s a winter Olympian. The problem she’s having is her shoulder is about to pop and she’s trying not to let that happen. Lolo drops at 1:33:20.


Lolo is rooting for her girl Natalie. Natalie asks Joey how cold he is and he says so cold! Kato tells Joey to drop and he’ll help protect him. Dina tells them all to stay. Kato says Dina is rooting against him and it broke his heart. Tamar says Joey, Natalie, and Kato and she hears talking going on and she’s like omg! Shenanigans are going on.


Joey says his should is on fire and it’s the point of no return. He drops at 1:36:49. Natalie says as soon as Joey drops, she thinks they are in the clear and everything is going to be fantastic. She says ok Kato, let’s make a deal and Kato says Natalie is good. Natalie feels like she can trust Kato and she’ll be safe this week and can still fight for HOH next week. Natalie drops and Kato has won HOH!


Tamar says he hasn’t talked game with Kato and she could definitely be a target. Ryan says he doesn’t know where Kato’s heads out. He could be going from I Want To Rock to I’m on the block…


This yard is messy! The HG are heading back inside from the HOH competition and Kato says he’s the HOH winner! He’s safe and he’s pumped. He says this is going to be a big week and he has huge decisions to make. Natalie says she’s safe because of her deal and she hopes he doesn’t come after her girls because that would be a dumb move.


Ryan says he’s sure he is going on the block. He’s an athlete and a target, but he’s going to do what he has to do to stay in the game. Ryan Lochte is not out of this house, not yet. Tom and Kato are talking and Kato says he has a plan. Tom says he’s glad he made the right alliance. Tom tells Kato that was impressive.


Ryan goes to talk to Kato and he makes his pitch to stay. He says if Kato keeps him he’ll be a good ally for him. Ryan says the girls have an alliance and he is going to try and win every competition. He wants to stay as long as he can. Kato says ok, he’ll consider it. Kato says Ryan made a tempting offer, but he is a big target and if he can take him out here, he might just do it.


Natalie whispers to Tamar she thought it was smarter for their alliance to drop so she can compete next week. Tamar says Kato just told Joey he was safe and she thinks she’s going up. Natalie says he wouldn’t put you up. Tamar says she hasn’t talked game with Kato at all. Natalie tries to reassure Tamar.


Several HG are upstairs playing pool and chatting. Kato is having some intestinal problems. Kato says Ricky is the healer and he’s a little weird, but he’s so clogged up he’s willing to try anything. Ricky says being a healer is important and he’s studied these things for a reason. He goes and puts his hands on Kato’s stomach and Kato is rambling.


Kato says he never thought Ricky Williams would be massaging his colon. He says he feels like he swallowed the Heisman Trophy and we get some music and Ricky says one of his strategies to make himself useful so maybe they’ll think twice about evicting him. Kato says he loved it and Ricky says we’ll see if it works. Kato thought it was gonna work, but…he runs out of the DR and heads to WC. He’s in there and we hear him say the train is moving again, Choo-Choo!


Several HG are in the KT and they are cooking. Kato says he’s had roommates and he hates when they are messy and Tamar is messy. He wants to do something about it and he’s HOH so he can. Kato is talking to Ricky and he says he’s not sold on Ryan yet. Ricky is asking who else he might put up and he’s suggesting Dina because she attacked him and maybe Tamar. Kato says she’s messy and causes a lot of drama in the house. Kato says Ryan is the biggest threat in the house and he has a big decision to make.


Lolo and Dina are talking and Lolo is saying Dina was beast mode and she was intimidated at one point. Dina says at the last minute before eviction she asked Kato who he was voting for and he says he didn’t know. Dina was more upset that he wasn’t honest with her. Dina tells Lolo she’s not mad, she’s just disappointed.


It’s 3:40 am and Lolo and Natalie go into the BR with Tamar and she asks what they were doing and Lolo says talking in the parlor. Tamar asks if everyone else is asleep and Lolo says they just went to bed. Tamar says it’s like 3:30 in the morning and Lolo and Natalie come in giggling and they aren’t playing an honest game. Lolo is trying to lay down and she says she’ll talk to Tamar in the morning. Lolo says she’s annoyed that Tamar can’t trust them. Tamar acts like Lolo is cheating on her, but they aren’t even dating yet.


Tamar and Lolo are talking in the morning and Tamar wants to know what everyone is talking about. Lolo says it was just her and Dina in the parlor talking and she recaps her conversation. Tamar says Dina is lying and Lolo says she doesn’t think so. Lolo says she’s tired of Tamar asking what’s going on and she tells her and then Tamar pops off at her. Lolo loses it and starts yelling and she says she’s had growing frustration with Tamar getting mad with someone in the room.


We see flashbacks of Tamar and her arguments and Lolo is starting to feel like a punching bag and it’s exhausting. Natalie asks Lolo what’s going on and Lolo starts telling her and Tamar comes back and tells Lolo she needs to calm down and Tamar tells Lolo she needs to get out the room then. They are yelling and Ricky and Kandi come in. Lolo calls Tamar a name and Tamar gets upset. Kandi pulls Tamar out of the room to break up the fight.


Tom goes in to talk to Tamar and wants to know if Tamar is calm. Tom asks if she’s changing rooms because Tamar is packing. Tamar says she’s not changing room, she’s moving out. Tom says you’re quitting? Tamar says it was nice meeting you and it was fun while it lasted.


Lolo comes in and Tamar is still packing and she asks so are we still doing this? Lolo apologizes and says she approached that wrong and she doesn’t want Tamar to leave. Tamar says it’s ok and she accepts her apology and they hug it out and Tamar says she’s not leaving.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kato calls them all into the DR and comes in with the Nomination key box. The first HG Kato has nominated is…Tamar. The second HG he nominated is…Dina. Kato nominated Dina because she rooted against him and wanted Joey to win and it shocked him. Kato says Tamar said she wanted to go home so many times to her son and Tamar interrupts and says she never said that. Kato continues that she’s messy and that was the decision he had to come up with.


Tamar says she doesn’t have anything to say to him and her resume is longer than his. Dina says Kato’s speech was a little plain and she’s a tough little cookie and she’s going to go after that veto. Kato says he nominated Tamar and Dina, but there’s still a backdoor. It’s not Lochte yet. Find out live tomorrow who won the POV and who will be evicted!

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