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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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1:50pm KT 

Someone asks what time it is.


They mention something is happening at 2pm

Ricky corrects them and says 3 


3:10pm BBT 

Back from a break

KT :  Ricky and Kandi are talking 

Gym : Tamar and Lolo are talking 

Lolo is working out

5th Ave BR

Lolo and Joey are talking

Nominations today and Veto tomorrow 

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2:01PM BBT Feeds are back. Natalie still working out. Tamar lying in bed. 


2:05PM BBT Back to reels.


 2:08PM BBT Feeds are back. Joey, Kato, and Dina chatting in the LR. Kandi and Ricky chatting n the KT.


2:15PM BBT Kandi and Ricky having a conversation. She is telling him that it is how he says things. He says he is fine with how t came out. He does tell her he appreciates that she said somthing and made him more aware.


2:21PM BBT Joey, Lolo and Natalie talking about Ricky and his negativity. Joey says that t's ether Ricky's way or he gets upset.

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Lolo, Natalie and Joey

Are talking about dealing with the stress 


KT Kandi talks to Ricky how she deals with stresses 

Ricky talks about how he picks up on things 


2:27 pm Lounge

Kato is napping, Joey stops in to read then heads to Sr

Ricky talks about dealing with sensitive people

Back to Lounge 

Dina and Kato.wake up 


Ricky starts talking about Astrological signs and suns

Kato starts talking about his digestive problems

2:35 pm CBB #1 recaps

2:42pm BBT. 

Gym. Tom and Ricky are Talking about who has pop 


Tamar stops at the WA and then heads to 5th Ave br 


Tom and Rickt are talking schedule in the Gym

Lolp and Tamar start Bible study 


Natalie enters the Gym,  they start talking about who has pop and trying to. Draw the person out 

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2:34PM BBT Reels are back



2:41PM BBT Feeds are back. Natalie is telling Lolo that she regrets not taking a shower. She doesn't like when her body feels this way. She has a headache and no Advil.


 2:42PM BBT Tom, Ricky and Tamar working out. Tamar asks Tom if he knows what he is doing. Tom tells her that he is still working on it. Tamar leaves. Tom asks Ricky who he thinks has the power. Ricky says Joey. He says Joey is acting differently.


2:51PM BBT Natalie comes into the work out room. Tom asks her about the power. She thinks Kandi or Joey. She thinks putting them up will cause them to have to play the card.  Tom agrees and says that is most likely what will happen.

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2:51pm bbt 

Lolo starts asking Tamar about her habits 

(coffee) they also talk about stress

KT Tom, Natalie and Dina are hanging out 

Natalie asks Tom where he lives, he says not far from bb house and She says she is going to visit him when they are out.  He says sure him and his girlfriend,  will make her and her husband dinner.

We get cbb 1 recaps 

Then tom In Hoh room 

Tom and Kato are in Hoh 

Kato starts talking about Lolo and  Joey reconciling 

Tom discusses his frustration that it wasn't run by them. 

Tom and Kato start discussing what the pop is. 

Kato starts talking about a conversation that him and Joey had about putting him and Tom on the block

Kato asks Tom if he still has a feeling about Ricky

Tom says he thinks it is Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are together 

hotel BR Natalie, Ricky and Lolo are discussing the games they have played. 


Lolo says she saw Dina, Tom and Kato are whispering about something


Lolo says Tom is the 1st one to get off the track

 HoH room br they talk about backdooring Ricky


Natalie starts talking about possible putting the guys up next.  Ricky and Lolo stop her. 


Lolo says that Joey said he had plans this weekend.  Kato starts talking about the Bible study.  

Tom starts talking about changing the block 

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3:06PM BBT Kato and Tom are in the HOH BR talking about Ricky. He is figuring things out. He says that Ricky, Lolo and Natalie will get to F5 and then turn on them. He knows that is what is gong to happen.


3:11PM BBT Tom thinks they have to BD Ricky this week. Tom says they have to decide if Ricky is worth losing BB over. 


  3:15PM BBT Kato and Tom go around and round. Trying to figure out different scenarios. They are leaning towards getting Ricky out. Kato tells him that it is the move to make. Tom says they can not tell Lolo or Natalie.


3:23PM BBT Tom asks Kato if he should tell Lolo, Ricky and Natalie before the noms that his plan is to nom Kandi and Tamar. He wants to see if they tell him not to do that. He says then he will do that.


3:27PM BBT Tom says that he will nom Tamar and Kandi with the intention to BD Ricky or Joey. Tom says they will watch Ricky's behavior..



3:35PM BBT Ricky comes into the HOH and talks to Kato and Tom. He tells them how the power was voted for. He says that the majority of the votes came from BB fans. He says that it will go to whoever is in the stickiest situation in the house and that would be Joey.


3:39PM BBT Tom, Ricky, and Kato going round and round. Trying to figure out who to put up and what the power does.


3:48PM BBT In the SR, Natalie and Tamar are putting away food. She asks Tamar if she has the power. Tamar says she has asked her 13 times today. She hesitates if she would tell her the truth. Natalie says that's reassuring.


3:56PM BBT Tom talking to himself and the feeds. He says he doesn't have this all worked out yet. He knows noms are soon. 



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3:58PM BBT Kato comes back into HOH. He tells Tom that he is 95% sure the power went to Kandi. They discuss if they would tell Lolo and Natalie that they know about the alliance.


 4:03PM BBT In the SR, Lolo, Natalie and Tamar continue to clean. Tamar tells the girls that she doesn't even think about who has the power.


 4:10PM BBT Joey in the SR, tells the girls they did a great job. Natalie leaves the SR. and Tamar tells Joey that Tom isn't talking to anyone. Joey says he is playing it close to the vest. Tamar says he isn't playing smart. In the HOH BR, Tom and Kato still going round and round.


4:19PM BBT Natalie goes to the HOH BR. Tom is called to the DR. Natalie telling them about Ricky poking Joey yesterday. Tom gets up to go to the DR. 


4:24PM BBT We have reels.

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5:27 PM BBT Feeds Return. Everyone but Joey is gathered around the KT island. Joey is in the SR. Tom mentions that he had no choice but to put up two people and they always have the veto. Joey goes and puts up a couple wine glasses. He mentions to Natalie and Kato that it is a game and he can't take it personally. It is possible that Joey is a nominee. Tamar also has a very sour look on her face. She may be the second nominee. 


5:33 PM BBT Tamar, Natalie and Lolo are in the hotel bedroom. Tom and Kato are in the lounge. Tamar is upset about something that Dina did. They discuss that Kandi is very mad. They think that Kandi is too upset to have the power. Kato says that Joey swore on his daughter that he doesn't have the power. 


5:38 PM BBT Joey has been walking around the house telling the other HGs that he isn't taking it personal and it's just a game. Meanwhile Lolo, Tamar and Natalie are talking about how mad Kandi is. It is likely that Kandi and Joey are nominated.


5:40 PM BBT Tom and Kato are talking in the lounge. Kato tells him that he needs to talk to Kandi. Tom "She won't talk to me, I put her up." Kato and Tom discuss that they feel pretty comfortable with their 5 (Kato, Tom, Ricky, Lolo and Natalie) because the votes went exactly as they were supposed to go. There is no reason to question them.


5:44 PM BBT Tamar tells Kandi that people need to come up with better reasons to nominate someone. Last week nominees were based on shrimp on the floor and today it is supposedly to force the power to be used. 


5:52 PM BBT Joey, Tamar and Kandi are in the SR. Joey and Tamar are straightening out the cabinets. Tamar tells him that she is tired of the bullying. She is over it. He tells her that he appreciates that. Joey walks out to make pasta. Tamar "I am about over it." Kandi "Why are you mad, you ain't the one the block?" Tamar "That don't matter, it is the reasoning behind it." 


Kandi and Joey are nominated for eviction.

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6:05PM BBT: Joey joins Tom and Kato in the HOHR.  Joey is trying to figure out who has the power based on the others either overacting or keeping too quiet. He thinks that that it's someone in the middle.  Joey mentions that Lolo thanked him for his composure yesterday.


6:06PM BBT: Joey agrees to work with Tom to figure out who has the power, even though Tom put him on the block.


6:07PM BBT: Ricky joins the other guys in the HOHR and they tell him that Joey does not have the power. Ricky said he believes him.  Joey's learning the social aspect of the game, although says he still hates it.


6:13PM BBT: Now Tom and Kato are alone with Ricky.  Ricky asks what-if questions, like what if Tamar has it - what would he do? Would they still put her up as a veto replacement? They will continue to think about that question, and Ricky recommends that they do it quietly so as to not stir anything up.


6:17PM BBT: Dina goes into the HOHR trying to figure out whose slacks are that she found.  They're short, so they assume they're Mooch's.  She then heads back downstairs.


6:35PM BBT: Joey alludes to Kandi and Tamar in the KT that one of them has the power.  Tamar gets defensive and he says who knows, they'll find out soon enough.


6:37PM BBT: Kato, Tom, Lolo and Natalie play doubles up at the pool table while Dina and Ricky sit and watch.

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6:49PM BBT: The HG playing pool are getting very tired, so it will most likely be an early to bed evening.


7:00PM BBT: Tom and Kato are in the HOHR talking through scenarios.  They think that putting Ricky on the block will out him just in case he faking his alliance with them.


7:09PM BBT: Kandi and Ricky are playing cards at the KT table.  Upstairs, Kato and Tom decide to announce to the house that they know someone is lying and that it is a mistake because Tom and Kato are winning comps and it could come back to haunt them, and that they should speak up.

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7:19PM BBT: Tom and Kato have joined Dina in the lounge where she was tweeting, looking her in the eye and asking if she has the power.  She promises them she doesn't and they feel her out for who she thinks has it.  She seems oblivious to anyone lying.


7:22PM BBT: Tom goes into the BR to talk to Tamar, but she told him no because he hasn't wanted to talk to her all day.  She said "I don't have the damn thing".


7:24PM BBT: Natalie visits Lolo while she is working out in the gym, full of energy from her Monster.   They agree that Tom's overthinking the power thing and then they also talk about who they think has it.  They think Tay has it because she's acting normal and isn't worried about being backdoored.


7:29PM BBT: Tom ended up staying in the room talking with Tamar after all. Tom doesn't believe that fans actually watch, that most of the viewers don't know who they are.  This is how he feels the power voters are swaying, not from the number of Instagram followers they have.


7:32PM BBT: Tamar is telling Tom that he is threatening her and he is shocked.  He handles it well and said that she's hilarious. 


7:41PM BBT: Tamar is with Joey in the SR telling him how Tom threatened her.  Joey replies that the other side feels like they have power because they've done well so far.


7:43PM BBT: Tom and Kato joined Lolo and Kato in the gym.  More talk about the power.


7:44PM BBT: Kandi joins Tamar and Joey, and Tamar rehashes Tom's "threat" to put her up if she didn't talk with Kandi and find out if she has the power.

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7:52PM BBT: After fist bumping the F4 in the gym (Tom, Kato, Lolo, Natalie), Tom continues to quiz them about them having a F4 or F5.  Lolo explodes and tells him she's had enough of him overthinking and questioning their loyalty. After Tom and Kato leave, Lolo talks about taking Tom out next week when he has no power.


7:58PM BBT: Tom, Kato, Lolo and Natalie are now playing nice and come to an agreement that they think Ricky has the power.  He could then choose sides later in the game if he plays neutral now.


8:20PM BBT: Dina and Kandi play pool upstairs.  Tamar poked her head in the gym and saw Tom/Kato/Lolo/Natalie in the gym and then turns around, puffing on her way back downstairs.  Joey goes to the gym and they grill him again about the power. He says he can't lie because he twitches.

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8:34PM BBT: Tom and Kato now feel for sure that Ricky has the power. Ricky had come into the gym and got upset with Tom for trying to get information from the other HG. Tom and Kato are discussing options in the HOHR now. 


8:36PM BBT: Joey and Lolo are in the BR and both wish they had the power so that they could tell everyone to calm down and stop stressing.


8:40PM BBT: Ricky joins Kato/Tom in the HOHR and the conversation changes to sports while Kato rummages through the candy in the basket.


8:49PM BBT: Lolo, Natalie and Tamar are in the BR discuss how production has taken away Tom's power, which is why he's acting a little neurotic and paranoid.


8:51PM BBT: Kato and Ricky are playing pool upstairs.


8:53PM BBT: Tom and Joey are in the lounge continuing their talk about the power.

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In the exercise room Kato, Tom, Joey, Natalie and Lolo are discussing who has the power. All of them deny having the power. And are trying to decide who might have it. Tamar's name comes up and so does Ricky's name.


Joey tells Tom that Tamar came into the storage room and was very upset about something Tom said to her. He says everyone heard it.


Ricky comes into the room, ask if Tom talked to Tamar. Tom says he did and it was awesome and they had a fun sparring match on TV.


Kato and Joey leave the room and Ricky starts his routine


Ricky asks Tom what happened with Tamar.


Tom tells him that he asked Tamar to ask Kandi if she has the power and Tamar asked him if it was a threat.


Ricky questions Tom's desire to know about the power, would he have put Kandi up if she had the power. Tom says all information is good.


Ricky says Tom is obsessed with who has the power, and Tom says he has nothing else to do he may has well figure it out.


Ricky says Tom will know if she uses it that she has it.


Tom and Kato leave the room and head to the HOH room.


Tom tells Kato that Ricky got mad at him and questioned him about it. Tom believes Ricky has it.


Kato says he has the perfect plan.


Tom interrupts him to say why did Ricky leave the diary room and come straight to the gym.


Kato says now they will see what Ricky will do, and Tom says Ricky will become even more aggressive with him. Tom mentions putting Ricky up if someone wins the veto. Tom also says he will go home if Ricky wins HOH. Kato disagrees, he says no one will vote either one of them out. Tom says if they are both up there, someone has to vote for someone.


Ricky comes into the room, Kato goes to the lavatory in the HOH. Tom tells Ricky to help himself to the candy.


They talk about Tim Horton, --America knows him for coffee, Canada for sports--. Tom says Tim Horton was quite successful.


They start talking about Canadian Hockey players and a few American athletes.



In the bedroom Joey and Lolo are talking about Tom not believing anyone who says they do not have the power.


Joey says people need to have a reason to disbelieve other people. He says when people say eye to eye that they do not have the power, it is probably true. Joey says someone would have to be an excellent liar to get away with that.


Joey calls the power a genius twist.


The two of them continue to trash Tom.


In the hotel bedroom Tamar is talking to Natalie. She is talking about the cameras telling the real story no matter what anyone says is true.


Tamar says she is not engaging anymore, she made it past the last eviction.


Joey stops by and the girls send him to have the hot tub temperature set and the propane is filled and he is off to do his errand.


Lolo is explaining why Tom is concerned about who has the power.


Tamara asks what the power is.


Lolo says Tom is grilling everyone. She is mocking Tom, she says she knows Tamar has the power. Tamara does not answer.


Tamar says she will not allow anyone to threaten her.


Lolo tells her that Tom said his conversation with Tamar was fun, and he enjoyed it. It was good TV.


Tamar says, “Not for him.” Tamar says Tom told her that he needed her to ask Kandi if she had the power. He also wanted to know why Kandi thinks she is on the block. Tamar says what does that do for me and Tom told her someone has to win the veto and someone comes down and someone goes up. Tamar says she perceived it as a threat, and she told Tom to put her up and get his face cracked.


Joey and Tom are in the lounge talking about nominations.


Joey says he believes the five best energies will be in the house at the end. He also says that mindless battles have no place in the game. Joey tells Tom that Kato believes Ricky has the power. Joey says if it is Ricky, he is very good at keeping things close to the vest.


Tom says everyone says that they do not have the power and Joey tells Tom that someone is very very good at it then. Tom says he is pretending he is playing a murder mystery dinner game in his mind.


Joey says if he goes home he will watch the Super Bowl with his family, there are no hard feelings, he says it is that simple for him.


Meanwhile back in the bedroom the girls are mocking Tom's attitude and the conversation in the gym. Natalie is especially energized in her demonstration.


Tom is telling Joey that Lolo snapped at him earlier, but all of this is a good experience he is spending time with all these people in the house. He plans to have fun figuring the power owner out.


Tom says if he nominates the person he will know, and if he does not he will still not know.


Joey leaves and Tom is on the I-Pad doing twitter.


Ricky comes into the bedroom and is saying he does not understand why Tom needs to know who has the power. He says Tom can't give him a reason, Tom is obsessed. He seems very irritated. He says acting crazy is just going to make you a bigger target.


Tom comes in and shows off his HOH glasses, he did not overhear the conversation, and he lets Ricky check the glasses out.


Tom says he has been tweeting, but nothing special, just greetings from the house.


In the other bedroom Joey is leading the girls in aerobic exercises.


Tom and Ricky are talking about film editing and cameras. Tom recently filmed a documentary, but doesn't know how it is going. It was about his show tour and the towns he visited as well as some visits with other comedy nerds. Tom says he is a comedy nerd so they are people like him. Tom says he loves his fans and in this film he got to spend time with them. He wants to distribute it, and is hoping it goes to Hulu or Netflix. He tells Ricky it was just a decision that came together and happened.





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Kato and Lolo are in the lounge.


Lolo continues to complain about Tom, she also says she believes Ricky has the power but it could be Tamar. She tells Kato to give her more time to find out.


Kato says he trusts Lolo and Natalie, and he confirms the final five.--Tom did not know the final five, he knew only the four and that is why he asked Lolo earlier if it was final four or five.--


Lolo tells Kato they are good, but she is sure Tamar will carry what was said to Kandi.


Kato says he can tell Tom about Tamar, but Lolo says not to say anything because they may need Tamar later. Kato agrees. He says with Joey and Kandi up and the veto coming they will figure out what to do.


Lolo says she is determined to find out who has the power.


The two of them continue to plot.


In the bedroom Tom is talking to Ricky about the power, and he tells Ricky he thinks Kandi possibly has it. He says he asked Tamar to find out.


Ricky asks him if he believes Kandi would tell Tamar or if Tamar would tell him the truth.


Tom says he is winding his investigation of the power down, and he feels no closer to the truth. He is worried about making a catastrophic decision.


Ricky says “what would a catastrophic decision look like”


Tom says he is worried about what the power is.


Cameras move to Dina, Kandi and Tamar are on the sky walk talking about maybe getting in the hot tub. Dina is not sure the bathing suit Lindsey packed for her fits. Tamar and Dina go downstairs, Tamar yells for Kandi to follow.


Cameras move to the kitchen. House guests are in several groups around the room and conversation is muffled.


Kato and Tom go to the lounge.


Kato tells Tom that Lolo wanted to know why Tom came in and threatened me. He tells Tom he will not veer from the four and not to let people put stuff in his head. --Kato is telling fibs and keeps saying that Tom should not tell anyone Kato has told him-- Kato also does not think Ricky has the power. He says if it is Tamar or Kandi....he wonders why Kandi is acting like she has no concerns after the nomination.


Tom says if they put Ricky up and he does not have the power, they can say sorry, we thought you had the power. He gets upset with me.

Kato suggests Tamar and Kandi after the veto


Tom says they should continue to act as if they trust Ricky.


Kato thinks the play is Kandi and Tamar, they have to get one of them out anyway


Tom says Lolo might think he needs to slow down a little, but he is in control and has created chaos in the house. He feels like he is sticking his neck out, and it may cause him to get kicked out next week and it will be funny. Tom says he has fun doing this as the HOH. He says Kato will still be here. Tom says if he does not go home they will go the whole way.


Kato says he thinks they can do this.


Tom says he has launched missiles and is waiting for pieces to fall, he has laid the eggs and waits for the to hatch. He is searching for a metaphor.


Kato tells Tom to tell Lolo “I have talked to Kato.” but not to say more. --maybe because Kato does not want him to hear more----


Strategic talk continues. They discuss the final five with Ricky in and how they can avoid Natalie and Lolo teaming up with Ricky to get them out.


Kato talks loud while Kato checks the door. He tells Tom he needs to check the door for eavesdroppers. Tom laughs at the strategy.


Kato says he was eavesdropping at the storage room and pretending he was trying to get in the diary room.


Tom says he wonders if Tamar has the power. He repeats the accusation of him threatening her. He says it makes sense that she does it.


Kato agrees it makes sense that she has it, either way they nominate her and she uses it, in any event they can send Kandi home instead.


Tom says he will not tell Ricky what he is doing until the last minute, then wonders if he should. He thinks Ricky has a good poker face so he won't.


Kato says Tom should tell Ricky that they have been doing checking and they think Tamar has the power. Tom wonders how they move the conversation along, and Kato tells him to wait until tomorrow and just chill tonight.







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