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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

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1:10AM BBT: The HGs are still gathered around in the KT. Tom is talking about music. 

1:11AM BBT: Dina is talking about having mud in her hair. She says she had to throw her sneakers away. Tom says he wasn't scared, but he "thought it was kinda fun." Joey agrees the comp was scary, but he wasn't fearful.

1:11AM BBT: Tom wants to see his HOHR but it isn't ready yet. Kato pours champagne for everyone. Natalie is in the WA, cleaning her face. The HGs are singing and having a good time. 

1:13AM BBT: Tom makes a toast to Jonathan, Ryan, and Anthony. Tom and Joey are talking about all of their competitions so far and which they liked the most. They both agree they never want to do the first HOH Comp ever again.

1:15AM BBT: It sounds like the comp had something to do with a car, the HGs are debating what kind of car it was they were in. They talk about how funny the comp will be to watch back, even though it was kind of scary at the time.

1:20AM BBT: HGs are still in the KT. Tamar is cooking and everyone is talking all at once. No one goes into too many details about the HOH Comp, just that it was scary and they weren't allowed to hit anyone. Tom says "they were all neck and neck." Joey says they "were all within a minute" of each other.

1:21AM BBT: Dina talks about going through rooms and trashing them. Tamar says she had tried to take the wallpaper off. Dina and Kandi talk about going under the floor. Kandi starts to talk about the rules for the game and BB cuts the feeds.

1:23AM BBT: Feeds are back. Tom and Natalie are talking about watching BB20 in the hotel. Dina says she's bleeding. Tamar continues to cook, Natalie says she talked through the entire competition. She says "everything was scary," and she was screaming. She says she thanked her brothers for making her watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

1:26AM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the LNG, Lolo is asking Natalie how she spells her name while she tweets. Natalie and Lolo think it's good Tom won. They both agree this way they won't get blood on their hands. Lolo talks about her tweet. 

1:29AM BBT: Kato comes into the LNG and invites Natalie and Lolo to join everyone in the BY. Natalie and Lolo agree they need to win the next few comps. "We're good," Natalie says. Lolo is frustrated that whoever wins veto goes on to win HOH. "It's the same people getting safety," she says.

1:33AM BBT: Lolo tells Natalie they have to start going over days. She says Ricky is "spot on" when it comes to days. The girls leave the LNG to go outside. Tamar is cooking in the KT with Joey and Dina. Lolo, Tom, Ricky, Kato, and Natalie are in the BY. 

1:35AM BBT: Tom asks everyone in the BY who he should nominate and asks if they're going to backdoor someone. Kato starts to throw around ideas, but Lolo tells them not to talk about that while "people are up," and the "door is open." Everyone agrees, they want to just enjoy the night.

1:40AM BBT: In the KT, Tamar tells Joey she's sad he didn't win because now she can't see photos of his family. Joey tells Tamar he's still "learning sh*t," and it's "all good." Kandi is doing the dishes.

1:42AM BBT: Tom and Joey are talking in the Hall. Joey is saying something was "hurtful and mean." He tells Tom he's not "taking the bait" and that behavior "can't be rewarded." Joey says he's glad Tom won. 

1:44AM BBT: Joey wants everyone to come up with a list of food they need. He says they need vegetables. Tamar tells Joey she needed him to win. Joey said he tried.

1:49AM BBT: Joey, Lolo, Kandi, Tamar, and Tom are in the KT, trying to figure out when their next live show is. Dina, Natalie, Ricky, and Kato are in the BY chatting. They talk about showering after the comp and how cold the water was.

2:01AM BBT: Lolo, Dina, Natalie, Ricky, Kato, Joey, and Tom are in the BY telling stories and talking about movies. Tamar and Kandi are in the KT eating.

2:10AM BBT: Ricky joins Kandi in the KT, she asks him how he's doing. Ricky said he was so close to getting a letter. Kandi agrees that she wanted photos from her family too. Ricky says he thinks they'll get videos from their family this week. 

2:16AM BBT: Tamar talks about having to find a key to the car in the house. She says she did not want to search a house while a "crazy family" was in there. Kandi says there were chainsaw noises when she went crawl around the floor. Tamar talks about it being a haunted house competition. BB cuts the feeds.

2:20AM BBT: Feeds are back and Tom and Kandi are in the KT. Tom asks Kandi what he should do. Tom then says he's going to have one on ones with everyone in the house. He says he wants to hear what everyone has to say. Tom calls it, "Coffee Talks with Tom."

2:21AM BBT: Tom decides to have "Coffee Talks with Tom" with everyone in the house privately. He says he wants to hear what everyone thinks. 

2:24AM BBT: Tamar wants to know when BB is going to open up the HOHR. She says she's about to start sleep walking and would like to go to bed.

2:25AM BBT: Tom is in the CBBR, he quotes Spider man and tells the camera he has some "big decisions to make." He says he's going to talk to everyone because he doesn't know what to do yet. "That's going to surprise some people," he says, "I'm going to do a lot of listening first."

2:30AM BBT: The HGs are in the KT eating pizza now, general conversation. Kato says it's taking too long to get the HOHR and he's going to bed. He says good night to everyone. 

2:35AM BBT: In the CBBR, Kandi tells Kato about Tom wanting to talk to everyone in the house before he makes a decision. She says she felt like she and Kato and Tom clicked from the beginning, but she feels like something changed and something turned. Kato assures her that nothing turned on her and they never thought to get rid of her.

2:36AM BBT: Kato tells Kandi that she wasn't ever a target. Kandi says it still feels like things are different. Kato says they'll talk tomorrow after he talks to Tom.

2:39AM BBT: Tom walks in and says he and Kato are "Ernie and Burt." They leave the CBBR. Tamar is in the KT, the HGs are waiting for the HOHR to be ready. Tamar goes to lay down, she asks Dina to get her when the room is ready. Kato and Tom go play pool. 

2:41AM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are in the WA, Lolo is washing her face. BB calls Tom into the DR. Joey and Tamar are whispering in the HOBR. Joey says people in the house are really good at being sneaky. 

2:52AM BBT: Tamar and Joey are in the KT. Kandi is in the CBBR, Kato, Dina, Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are in the WA. Kato is joking around. Tom is still in the DR. Joey jokes that BB is repainting the HOHR and that's why it's taking so long.

3:01AM BBT: Tom exits the DR and yells out, "who wants to see my HOH Room?" Everyone starts yelling back, Tom leads the way up to the HOHR. 









3:03AM BBT: Tom has photos of his parents, brother and his girlfriend, he has beer, hats, canned soup, a bath bomb, and candy. He opens his letter. 

3:05AM BBT: Tom's letter is from his Mom and Dad, it says: "Hi Tom, congratulations, we're very proud of you. All of us are sending up positive vibes into the atmosphere to support you. Your brother Joe is also cheering you on in Ottawa. Miss you and look forward to seeing you, but hopefully not too soon. Play nice, be strong, go get 'em. Love Mom and Dad."

3:06AM BBT: Tom tells his parents and his girlfriend he loves them. He says he wants to have a great few days and wants to keep the positive energy up. Everyone cheers. 

3:08AM BBT: Most everyone leaves the HOHR. Kato and Ricky stay in the room and Tom goes downstairs to get the bottle opener. He returns and tells Ricky and Kato he's going to do one on one meetings with everyone. 

3:21AM BBT: Tom says he's open to discussing who Ricky and Kato think should be the target. Tom says he really likes Joey. Ricky thinks it's smart to keep Joey. Kato and Ricky agree to put the girls up. Kato says the odds are good that the girls "won't win the veto."

3:24AM BBT: Tom talks with Kato and Ricky in the HOHR about putting up Tamar and Kandi and if the veto is used he'll put up Joey. 

3:34AM BBT: Kato thinks it's smart they've planned out the next two weeks. Tom says Joey, Dina, and Tamar will be the next three to go, but not necessarily in that order.

3:36AM BBT: Kato and Ricky leave the HOHR. Tom turns on the fan and listens to music. 

4:07AM BBT: All of the HGs have gone to sleep. Tom is still up in the HOHR, listening to music and eating. 



4:28AM BBT: Tom is the only one awake, he's dancing in the HOHR while listening to music. 




4:36AM BBT: Tom starts to talk to the camera. He says he's listening to Juice WRLD and he's celebrating. "Things are looking up around here," Tom says. He rereads his letter and shows the camera his photos. He gives a tour of the HOHR. 








4:50AM BBT: Tom is finally in bed, the lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.




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9:23 AM BBT Natalie and Lolo are in the Hotel BR discussing skateboarding and making beds.

Kato is in front of HOH room waiting for Tom to wake up. 


Kato goes to KT for coffee

Tom is up and Joins Lolo in the SR

Lolo goes to the KT with Natalie and Kato they discuss merchandise 


Tom is up and Joins Lolo in the SR

Lolo goes to the KT with Natalie and Kato they discuss merchandise 

they discuss requests then WBRB 

they are talking about food sugar

BB calls Natalie to DR

BB Calls Tom to DR

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10:00 AM BBT

Kandi is putting makeup on the the hallway

Dana is putting makeup on in 5th ave BR

Natalie and Lolo are in WA 

Tamar just headed to WC

11:11 Am Joey goes to HOH room and asks Tom if he can use the Bathroom 


In Lounge Tom and Kato discuss Ricky and Stategy 


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10:20AM BBT Tom and Kato are in the LNG where Tom tells Kato he's going to start talking crazy, just thoughts that he has about the others to see what Kato thinks and that Kato can't tell anyone his thoughts.  Tom says how he's caught onto how Ricky is all of a sudden about team fun, asking about tweeting about team fun.  Tom says Ricky is being manipulative because Tom knows that Ricky isn't all of a sudden just excited about team fun.  Kato thinks Ricky honors the final 5.

Kato says it wouldn't make any sense for them to have the unified 5 and then him knock one of them (Tom or Kato) out. 

Kato: my gut says Ricky will honor the final 5 but it's good that you thought about this.

Tom:  He knows that i'm thinking this. i can tell by the way he's looking at me

Kato: yeah, and hanging out.

Tom: because honestly we can have a final 5 with anyone we want.  my final 5 isn't official yet.  i know ricky has said it but it's not final to me until we do the final 5 fist bump.  if we hadn't won HOH two times in a row, Ricky would have been in a final 5 with Ryan.

Kato:  i believe Ricky is the right guy.  i really do. i know you like joey a lot.

tom:  you and i are final 2.  i like everyone. is there a way we can have a conversation with ricky now? i want to think about the conversation because i don't want to anger him.  is there a way we can get an official something from here?  what can he give US?  so when it gets to 5, there's no more HOHs after that?

kato says he will have to ask the girls how it works.  tom says maybe they should ask in the diary room because he doesn't want the others to think about the end as much as they are.


10:29AM BBT:  Tom says to Kato that it's important that Ricky understands that this is a final 5 for real. 

Kato says that Ricky told him he wants Tamar, Kandi and Dina out.

Tom: yeah but he could just be telling us that.  how do we get a guarantee from him?

Kato:  be up front with him

Tom: but i don't want it to sound like a threat.  i want it to sound like a strategical conversation.  it wouldn't be good for me to sound threatening.

kato: the way you talk doesn't sound like a threat.  i think he would say that you have a good point.

tom: so what would happen if ricky screwed us? let's say they have a secret alliance with lolo and Natalie.. any time I've ever said anything about Ricky to Natalie, Ricky gets really nice to me. 

Kato:  i haven't told him anything. 

Kato says 100% Natalie and Lolo are with them (Tom and Kato).  They talk about how BB works to get to the final 2 (competition wise).

Tom says they need to practice memory stuff in secret.

10:43 AM BBT Ricky joins Tom and Kato in the lounge.  Ricky asks Tom what he's thinking,

Tom: if i were to put joey and kandi on the block, but then as a way of maintaining sort of a level of dignity with them, said to them, 'i'm letting you both know right now, but joey i think you're a very strong player. kandi, i think you're a very strong player as well.  and if we win veto, we're not going to use it."

ricky: that's fair.

tom: at least they know they're not being back doored.

ricky: yeah that's honorable

kato: i'm telling you, joey will understand it but kandi will be upset

ricky: i don't think so. i think neither of them will like it but will respect it. go with what you feel and trust it.

tom: yeah that's what i feel

ricky: yeah that's solid

10:46AM BBT: Tom, ok i think that's the move then.

ricky: just a side note that'll be helpful for the group- not so much Natalie but Lolo is feeling left out of the group.  maybe share with her what you're thinking.

tom: good to know.  i'll do that right now. 

ricky: i'm not sure, she might be in the DR.  i haven't seen her.

tom: ok i'll find her and talk to her first.

tom: who do you guys think we do next?  kandi or joey go.. either one. so lets say joey wins veto -

ricky: who would you put up if joey wins and takes himself off


10:48 AM BBT tamar and joey are talking in the bathroom.

Tamar: so what do we do, just wait for everyone to get picked off?

joey: dude if were outside of this box, that dude.. let me tell you something, i aint scared of him at all. i don't know what his problem is (Ricky). here's the deal, i hope something is wrong with him because if nothing's wrong with him, then WHOA he's doing it to be mean.  he says he doesn't care about --

tamar: he's lying. he said he came on here to be on tv.

joey: that's the thing, it's fine but he's here pretending to be here for a different reason that when he's here for. he's here because he's launching a business.

ryan is such a genuine person. 

Tamar:  talks about how she went back at ricky when he started with her the other day.

joey: i chose to let it die with Lolo. i don't know if they know how to function without conflict. some people desire conflict. it's sad.

tamar: his wife (ricky) is miserable.  i feel it.  this is how she is at home.  he said when he came in here, they wasn't speaking.  who does that?

joey: emotional abuse is right there with physical abuse because it eats you from within. 

tamar: natalie got smart with kandi last night.

kandi walks into the bathroom and asks Joey and Tamar what Dina's movie name was in the comp yesterday.



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11:01 AM BBT.  Tom and Lolo are talking in the HOHR.  They are discussing the alliance name & handshake and who came up with what.  They say they need a dance.  Tom doesn’t want to be the lame season of CelebBB with no dance.  They laugh that this is more important than talking about Tom’s HOH plans.  Tom says nobody outside of team fun five can win HOH.  Tom plans to put up Joey and Kandi and tell them both his plan is not to have the veto used so they need to win it themselves if they wanna stay safe.  Tom doesn’t wanna BD Joey.  He thinks Kandi is as big a threat.  Lolo says Kandi has all the dates mixed up but she does study.  

11:06 AM BBT.  Lolo says Tamar is a threat with her social game.  Tom thinks Tamar should be the last to go.  Lolo says room with her and then tell me that.  He tells her to change rooms.  She tells Tom not to dismiss her bcuz he doesn’t know what it’s like to room with her and the stress they go thru every day.  

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10:59 AM BBT:  Tom and Lolo go up to the HOH room to tell Lolo what he's thinking as far as who to put up on the block goes.  Tom explains how they're told not to say what you're officially doing but they can say "what they're thinking".  feeds cut for a few seconds.

Tom and Lolo talk about the name fun five VS team five.  Ricky  changed team fun to fun five.

Lolo says they need to figure out a dance. 

Tom: if tamar or joey wins HOH next week, they'll put one of us on the block.  we can't let anyone out of fun five win HOH or they will chip away at us.

Lolo: ok so what are you thinking

tom: i was thinking about putting up joey and kandi... and saying.. in fairness .. i'm putting them up because they're athletic.  if we win the veto, we're not using it.  if you win the veto, them save yourself.  if neither of them win the veto, we vote of whichever one of them we decide. i don't really think i want to back door joey. i honeslty think kandi is just as big of a threat as joey.

Lolo:  kandi is definitely trying to practice but she and Tamar has all their days mixed up.  i like that you don't want to backdoor anyone.  it's very similar to the way i was thinking.  i also think that tamar isn't a threat to the game, she tries to learn.. but she's a threat to the social side. she literally said before this, dina said this and that and then kato had to go confront..she's very good at planting seeds.

tom: it'll be hard for that to work because it's less people

Lolo: room with her and then see how hard  it is to live with her

tom: switch rooms

lolo: don't dismiss me, tom.  every day when you go to your room, you get peace. every day when you get a chance to think about your game, you gotta think about us.

tom: can you guys switch rooms?

lolo: uh, idk

tom: if kandi leaves, there's room

lolo; how do i do that without tamar knowing something's going around.

tom: she'll know something's going on.

lolo: i'm just asking you to have an honest conversation w/ Natalie and ricky about Tamar. it's not just me, Ricky doesn't even speak to tamar anymore. i know you want to play the game but your teammates are having to play another game (dealing w/ tamar) on top of this game. 

tom: ricky is outside of the room

lolo: let's bring him in and talk about this with him. 

lolo says to remember if they don't backdoor joey, it'll be harder for him to get out.  but she also understands why tom would want to be upfront about putting joey up on the block up front instead of back dooring him. 

tom says joey hasn't won a comp yet.  lolo says joey is capable.  he threw the giggyup comp.  tom asks how she knows.  she says because she hosted him and watched him.

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11:08 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Lolo and Tom say they should bring Ricky in to discuss stuff.  Lolo says she likes that Tom wants to give Joey a shot and not BD him but will they regret that next week if Joey wins?  Lolo says if Ryan played the veto he probably would’ve got a 100 and he wouldn’t have left.  

11:10 AM BBT.  Lolo says Joey threw the giddy-up veto.  She says and the only reason Joey didn’t last longer in the HOH comp is bcuz he’s had shoulder surgery like she has and it makes it so much harder.  Lolo says Tom thinks about all possibilities.  Tom says he bounced the idea off Kato and Ricky just now and then he immediately grabbed her to talk.    

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11:11AM BBT Lolo:  we agreed earlier that we would all agree on who goes up but at the end of the day, you are HOH and you should have slightly more of a call.  it's weighing your odds and trying to predict the unpredictable.  Lolo i'm curious as to what the others say

tom:  yeah i bounced the idea off on Ricky and kato just a few mins ago. 

Lolo: and they're good with it?

tom: yeah Ricky kind of liked the up front aspect of putting joey straight up and not back dooring him.  you're not gonna win if you;re gonna screw ppl over

Lolo: well that sucks for kato because he back doored Ryan

tom: yeah but he had to there. but we don't necessarily have to here.

Lolo: i don't think that there's a wrong move to be honest. i do like that he has a fair chance to stay in the game. although i don't think that he's been fair in the game. he says he doesn't want to be in an alliance but then he approached the guys about an alliance (Ryan and Jonathan).

tom: i'm a little offended that those guys didn't approach me to be in their alliance

Lolo:  Natalie and i were equally offended.

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11:14 AM BBT.  Tom says you need to be careful at how many people u BD and piss off bcuz if u get to the end, they won’t vote for u.  

11:16 AM BBT.  Tom says wveryone was thinking guys vs girls bcuz they do that every year.  In the WA, Joey and Tamar are talking.  Tamar says they should be honest with Tom and tell him what they saw happening.  They are whispering softly.  Tamar says any time u do that to a girl, Joey says I have girls and that’s not ok.  He says I have girls.  Joey says men and women are beautifully different.  Joey says if a man ever does (makes a motion of stepping to a woman) he says that’s done, not ok.  We get WBRB briefly.  

11:20 AM BBT.  Ricky has joined Lolo and Tom in the HOHR.  Lolo says she understands not wanting to BD Joey for his long game but it may bite the whole group next week and he can’t play for HOH.  Lolo says talk to Natalie bcuz she thinks u were putting up Kandi and Tay and then BD Joey.  

11:22 AM BBT.  Ricky says they have too much power to operate from fear.  Ricky says Joey’s back is all the way against the wall.  Ricky says they have too much power to be afraid of anyone.  He says feel the authority bcuz u can use that to get more.  He says go to Joey right now & tell him he’s probably going up.  Tom thinks Kandi or Joey going this week is equal and they can get Joey next week too.  Ricky says if we don’t vote Joey out he’ll be ingratiated to us, especially u Tom.  

11:27 AM BBT.  Lolo is telling Tom how dealing with Tamar is wearing them down.  She says if u want us to fight for u next week, then realize how much Tamar wears us down.  Ricky says if we get rid of Tamar and Kandi wins HOH, she’ll put up Dina bcuz Dina voted Kandi out.  Ricky says we can put up Tamar and Joey then?  Lolo says Tamar will go crazy.  She says don’t put Tamar up unless u want Tamar to go.  Tom says then we do that and get Joey next week.  Lolo says Kandi is the bigger threat game wise.   

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11:18AM BBT Tamar and Joey are still in the bathroom talking about Ricky.  Tamar says the other day when Ricky walked in up on Tamar, they had to call him to the DR.  Joey gets upset and says he has daughters and it bothers him that Ricky did that to Tamar.  (i watched this and ricky calmly came into the room Friday afternoon and sat on his bed and asked Tamar if she had trust issues).

11:20 AM BBT:  Back in the HOH room, Ricky has joined Tom and Lolo. 

Lolo:  i appreciate that tom isn't thinking about back dooring Joey. but i'm also worried that if you don't back door Joey, he has a chance to stay.  i get it tom, you're playing long game because you want his vote.  but if he wins and then gets HOH next week, then it can bite the group next week.  then you'll be most vulnerable because you won't be able to play in the HOH comp next week. you'll have no protection.

tom: but i can play for veto.

lolo:  you need to have a talk with Natalie because she thought you were going to put up tamar and kandi and then back door joey.

*Lolo realizes Joey's at the door so she talks loudly and changes the subject to talk about medicine.  then they see on the camera that joey leaves.  they wonder how long he was at the HOH door listening (it wasn't long at all).  Joey has gone into the gym where Kato is.  Joey's telling Kato he doesn't understand why Ricky's all over the place and moody.  Joey says it's unacceptable. 

At the same time, in the HOH room Ricky says he has to respect joey but they can't function out of fear of joey.

back in the gym, Joey says, "i just don't want to see ricky win"


11:24AM BBT Ricky says they can go tell Joey now that they're thinking about putting him on the block.  if he wins the veto, then he deserves to stay.

ricky: even if we put him up, we don't have to vote him off. and if we don't vote him off, he'll be appreciative. 

Lolo:  i was also talking about the tamar stuff.

ricky: what is she tripping again?

lolo:  you're not talking to her so you're not having to take the heat.  you just walk away.  but natalie and i are catching the heat and it's very hard.

ricky: that's why i'm not talking to her. because if i did, it would be on me.

lolo:  but tom if you want your team to fight next week, you have to realize she's wearing us down. she's not a game threat but she is a threat about planting seeds.  but tom says we're strong enough to know better than to believe tamar. 

ricky: if you put up tamar and joey, and we vote on of them off.. if kandi then won HOH, she's going to put up Dina.

tom: so she has no awareness of the strenth of our alliance?

ricky: exactly. and you can talk to kandi and say, "if we don't put you up, then will you put up dina if you win HOH?"

tamar: wait, if we put up tamar, tamar is gonna go nuts. 

tom: then we put up joey and tamar. tell them we're not using the veto for them.  if they stay on the block, we vote tamar out.  then next week we get joey.

Lolo then back tracks and says they should put kandi up and joey.

tom: i never had an alliance with kandi but in the early days, she came into my room crying about tamar.  it was never game talk.  she never said we had an alliance or anything like that. but now lately, now that we have power, she's asking if i'm putting her up on the block. she's making me feel like i'd be dishonorable if i put her on the block. last night she asked if i was in alliance with others.

Lolo: that's what tamar does to us times 100.

tom: but since i've had some of that with kandi, should i not put kandi up so that she doesn't think i broke a bond that isn't there?

ricky: we can give you ideas but youre the boss

tom:  my thing is, whatever i decide, i want to make sure you guys are good with me.

ricky: i'm cool with it.

lolo: i've been happy with this group and how everyone plays. tom, i have total confidence that you will figure this decision out.  i don't want to steer you in any way.

tom: but i didn't know about the situation with tamar (being so hard to live with for Lolo and Natalie)

lolo: but we can make it work. we're strong.

ricky: i think you should go in there with joey and tell him what you're thinking. even ask him if he would rather go up now or be back doored.


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11:34 AM BBT Natalie joins Tom, Ricky and Lolo  in the HOH room.  Tom says he's not going to give Joey a heads up about going on the block because he's rather it be good tv and wait until nominations.

Tom: let's fill natalie in.

lolo: he's going to put joey up on the block and not back door him. is it going to be kandi or tamar for the other one?

tom: i'm leaning more towards Tamar.  i'm telling them straight up that i'm not going to use the veto if i win it.

ricky: if we do this, i think kandi should go up instead of tamar.  she's more of a competition for joey.

natalie says she likes the idea of not backdooring joey and just putting him straight up.

tom says he's going to eat a sandwich.  he doesn't want to go workout now while joey's in the gym with kato because he doesn't want to talk about it.

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11:32 AM BBT.  Ricky says he is cool with whatever as long as they have the 5.  Lolo enjoys how they all play and has total confidence that Tom will think about all things and figure it out.  In the gym, Kato and Joey are talking.  Joey says he didn’t know the game play.  He says u keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  He tells Kato I understand now when u said u had a plan.  Kato says he thinks at the beginning people thought he was the village idiot.  Joey says and I don’t know the game but I’m learning.  

11:36AM BBT.  Natalie had joined the HOHR crew.  Joey and Kato talking in the gym.  Tom says I am leaning towards Tamar and Joey now and tell them I won’t use the veto and I am advising the house not to use it so this is your chance to save yourselves.  Then they say if that’s the case, put Kandi up.  Lolo says u are giving them a chance instead of BDing them and that has to garner some respect.   

11:39 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Lolo tells Natalie that Joey was eavesdropping and they didn’t notice.  They laughed that they can watch on the screen and didn’t even pay attention. Tom goes outside that room to test and see if u can hear.  He comes back in and says it’s pretty hard to hear unless your ear is right on the door.  We go to reels of CelebBB season 1.  

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12:44PM BBT The feeds are back.  They were down because the power of the publicist was announced. Tom and Kato are talking about the power.  Tom: if you think Kandi has it and i think joey has it, we should put joey and kandi up on the block and see if one of them uses the power. 

Tom says the power is the same every time- whoever gets it will be able to save themselves from the block.

Ricky joins Tom and Kato.  Kato says he knows Kandi got the power.  he can tell because she was crying last night and now she's fine. 

Tom: if we think someone has the power, we should put them on the block.  then we'll know who has the power and it'll be done with.

Ricky and Tom decide to go lift weights.  Tom says Joey still doesn't want to talk to him.

Kato tells Tom to go look at Kandi first to basically see if he can tell by the way Kandi acts that Kandi has won the power of the publicist.  they go fist bump kandi who is in the bathroom.


Lolo has finally agreed to let Tamar brush out all of Lolo's knots in her hair.

12:52PM BBT Kandi, Natalie and Lolo are talking about flying.  The feeds cut off just as Kandi talked about what Bravo won't pay for the housewives.  We were able to hear that Bravo will pay for the wives to be in first class but wouldn't pay for their spouse to be in first class.

12:56PM BBT:  Tom, Natalie and Ricky are in the weight room.  Tom says since they're all discouraged about the twist, they should all tell each other if they have the power. Natalie says duh.  They say they don't have it.  Natalie says Kato thinks Kandi has it.  Tom and Ricky think Joey has it. 

12:58PM BBT:  Tamar and Lolo are still in the bathroom working on Lolo's hair.  Lolo tells Tamar that earlier tom was saying it looked like kandi and joey were going up on the block.  Lolo tells Tamar to go talk to tom sometime and tell him that she's (Tamar) isn't a threat.  Joey comes into the bathroom so the game talk stops.

Back in the weight room, Ricky says Kandi couldn't keep quiet if she won the power of the publicist.  They notice how Joey is hiding from everyone now and that means if you're hiding, you don't need any one to save you, so they still think Joey won the POP.


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1:24 PM BBT in the weight room, Lolo asks Natalie if she still feels strong w/ going to the end with Tom and Kato.  Natalie whispers something and Lolo says, "naw naw i'm not saying that."

Lolo: i'm not trying to change up anything.  we just need to study.  they're very good players.  people thought they could count tom out on the physical and he just showed people he's good at physical.  kato just showed that he's good at physical.

natalie: but

Lolo: i know, i know... marissa didn't win anything...

Dina, Kato and Kandi are in the kitchen playing cards.  Joey is either cooking or washing dishes.

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1:25 bbt 

Kato is playing cards with Dina and Kandi asking who got pop


Gym : Lolo and Natalie are working out 

Lolo whispers something ( I missed it) 


Camera goes to Tamar in lounge tweeting 

1:31pm bbt 

Tamar returns to Kitchen 

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1:08PM BBT  Kato having HG pick a card from a deck. He says the highest card will have a great day. Ricky won't pick a card. They move on to play rummy.


1:19PM BBT Lolo and Natalie working out. Tamar sitting quietly in the lounge.


 1:26PM BBT BB tells Natalie to put on her microphone. She complains and says she took it off to work out. She continues to talk to Lolo without it. Lolo says that America hates her since she sent Ryan home. 


1:34PM BBT We have reels.

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1:43PM BBT Tamar and Kandi are in the storage room.  Tamar says people shouldn't stick their chest out and act crazy.  Tamar tells Kandi that Lolo was snappy at Tamar when she was trying to help her take her hair out.  Tamar says they're gonna love Lolo "through it" meaning through being crazy.  They leave the storage room.

Lolo and Natalie are still in the gym. 

Back in the kitchen, Tamar says maybe Tom has the power because he's been in the DR for a long time. 

Kandi says she needs a good nap and was woke up too early today.  Tamar says they went to sleep too late.

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1:45 pm BBt 

at the KT they mention someone has been in the DR for 2hrs


Ricky joins the group in the KT

They start talking about Keisha and Bb1 then 

Camera goes to Tamar in SR

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