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Saturday, January 26, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

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12:04 AM BBT Lolo is in bed. Tamar is laying in the bed eating a snack. Lolo is called to the downstairs DR. Tamar "Be nice Lolo. Lolo, Lolo, be nice." Lolo says it is not fair because she took a cold shower and her hair is wet and she was sick. "Be nice, Be nice Lolo." Meanwhile Kato is teasing Dina in the KT. He jokes that he had her a key made so she had better not sneak into to his HoH room after he goes bed to massage his itchy feet or his lower lumbar. He jokes he will go crazy, he will not allow it. He is not going to allow her to do it. Dina is walking around with her fingers in her ears and Kandi is cracking up.


12:09 AM BBT Natalie, Kandi and Dina are talking about how Joey hasn't taken a shower yet. He was such a gentlemen. Meanwhile Tom and Ricky are talking about how athletes ignore sports injuries. Many athletes from the 50s can barely move anymore because of concussions. Ricky has a non-profit to make things available to athletes that they did not have access to. Example: they fly in retired football players for an entire week of body work. 


12:13 PM BBT Natalie comes into the bedroom and asks why she has all these popcorn and Cheetos on her bed. Tamar says that was because that is the skinny side of the room, she don't want nothing to with that. Natalie "Uh uh, No." Natalie gets called to the DR downstairs just a second after she sat down on the bed. "No. Do you see this face?" Tamar is cracking up. 


12:17 PM BBT Ricky and Tom continue to talk about sports, football and hockey, in the upstairs lounge. Meanwhile Kato is teaching Ryan and Kandi some poker tricks at the DR table for when playing 7 card stud. His favorite game is called Omaha. It is complicated to learn but it is 10x more fun.  


12:23 AM BBT Kato and Dina are goofing in the KT. He tells her not to be mad at him and she says she doesn't get mad, or get even. He mentions that he is 59 and Ryan is not believing him. Kato says he doesn't tell anyone that, but it is true. Ryan "you told the world now". Dina continues to pretend like she won't talk to him. Kato says "There was this beautiful woman at a bar and she wouldn't talk to me and walked away. I remember making love to my first girlfriend and she cried and cried. But, pepper spray will do that." Kandi laughs loudly. Kandi asks Kato how old his girlfriend is. He says 29. Kandi "Figures". Kato says she is Chinese and it is different. There is little emphasis on age. Kandi "I am not talking about her part. I am talking about your part. Guys always want someone way longer." 


12:32 AM BBT Joey has finally had a shower. Kandi, Kato, Ryan and Ricky are at the DR table playing cards. 


12:45 AM BBT Lolo and Tamar are talking about people outside the house and the famous people that live around them. Kandi, Ryan, Kato and Ricky are still playing poke


 12:50 AM BBT Tamar is talking about how walking the red carpet cost about 7-10 grand each time. Hair, make up, wardrobe, car service and security. Lolo says she can do it for like 3 grand. Cause she is going to drive up in an Uber. Her hair would be about 500. Make up 250-500. Tamar is shocked by her hair and makeup being so cheap that she wants to meet Lolo's stylist. 


12:58 AM BBT Kato goes up to the HoH and tries to get inside. He still can't get in. Dina is beginning to wonder if Kato just doesn't know how to do the key. Dina tries to open it and gets the same result. Dina and Kandi start playing pool. 

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9:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:15 AM BBT The feeds return. Tom is awake in the celebrity building bedroom but is still in bed. Joey is talking to Natalie in the KT. He would like it if just one time they would get to sleep until 10. Everyone in the hotel bedroom appears to still be asleep. 


9:20 AM BBT Tom, Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, Dina, Joey, Kato and Kandi are all up doing ADL's. Kato, while wearing a face mask, is in the SR with Natalie. He says that his gut is going very much towards Tamar for sure. Maybe Kandi too if she wants. He wants to discuss it with her and Lolo later. 


Kato Face Mask.jpg


9:27 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT Lolo and Tamar are whispering about Dina in the hotel bedroom. Lolo says Dina was complaining about Kato that no one told her everyone was voting for Jonathan. Tamar says that Dina is lying. Lolo says "If she is lying". Tamar "If she is lying, here we go, ya'll funny, ya'll real funny." Lolo gets very upset. She screams loudly. "You ask me to tell you what happens, then you pop off." Tamar tells her not to start. Lolo screams very loudly "I am going to fu** start, you ask me to tell you what the f**k, and then you fu**ing pop off, so why the f**k would I not get mad because you do this every fu** day, like don't fu**ing start with me." WBRB


Lolo Angry.jpg


9:34 AM BBT Feeds return. Natalie asks Lolo what happened between her and Tamar. Lolo "Who is not having a blow out with her every fu**ing day?" Lolo says she didn't even to get to say everything because Tamar immediately pops off. Meanwhile Tamar is the WA where Dina, Joey and Ryan are trying to figure out what caused Lolo to lose her temper. 


9:36 AM BBT Lolo is venting to Natalie in the 5th Ave bedroom how Tamar pops off every day. Tamar opens the door. "Excuse me, what?." Lolo says that she is going to let her know right now that she is cool and then she pops off on everybody. Tamar tells her that she needs to calm down. Lolo "You need to fu**ing calm down because you are popping off on everybody" WBRB. 


Lolo Tamar 2.jpg

9:45 AM BBT The feeds return and Lolo is coming out of the DR and goes into the SR. Kato, Ryan and Tom are upstairs discussing noms. Kato says that these two in the room, he hopes he won't have to put on the block. But, don't hate if he has to. Tom and Ryan laugh because while having this deep conversation, his face mask is calling off. Lolo is called back into the DR. She passes by Tamar who is telling Kandi that the next time someone calls her a bi**h she is going to start yanking. Lolo "Then do it." Tamar "Then say it?" Lolo "I said then do it." Tamar "I said then say it." WBRB



Tamar Lolo 1.jpg

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10:15 AM BBT Feeds went down after 3 separate rounds of Tamar versus Lolo at 9:47 AM BBT. Feeds are still down. 


10:30 AM BBT Feeds have been down now for 45 minutes after morning fireworks between Lolo and Tamar.


10:47 AM BBT Feeds have now been down for an hour. To flashback the morning fireworks: Visit 9:27 AM cameras 1/2, 9:36 AM cameras 3/4 and 9:46 AM cameras 3/4. Or just put the cameras on Quad at 9:27 AM BBT and then watch it unfold that way. 


11:44 AM BBT WBRB switches to CBB1 highlight reels.


12:45 PM BBT Feeds have been down for 3 hours now. 

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9:45am Lolo was in storage room, Tam was in hall at mirror talking to Kandi, Lolo got to DR, as she got to DR door Tam made a comment snatching Lolo's hair, a few more words were exchange in just a matter of seconds and feeds went down  at 9:47am and have been for over 2 hours

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2 hours ago, TampaJ said:

9:45am Lolo was in storage room, Tam was in hall at mirror talking to Kandi, Lolo got to DR, as she got to DR door Tam made a comment snatching Lolo's hair, a few more words were exchange in just a matter of seconds and feeds went down  at 9:47am and have been for over 2 hours

Nowhere on the feeds did it show anyone snatching anyone's hair, which is what this update suggests. 

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7:05PM BBT: Ricky is sitting in the KT with Ryan and Joey and Kandi cooking/cleaning.  Lolo and Natalie are in the gym working out.  Lolo is reading a piece of loose paper - possibly her workout routine?


7:07PM BBT: Lolo looks through the fake books in the gym, wishing that they were real and she could read.


7:09PM BBT: Dina visits Tamar, who is laying in bed and gives her a hug. Tamar tells her it's all good, and that at least Dina wasn't mistaken for the maid.  Dina tells her that she supported everyone in the comp and didn't single anyone out. 


7:11PM BBT: Dina said that Kato was a little too friendly and that his girlfriend may be unhappy.  Tay said that someone told her that she should go home and be with her son instead of fighting with another black woman on national television.


7:13PM BBT: Ricky and Kato play cards at the KT table discussing the game of poker.


7:15PM BBT: Joey, Ricky Dina are in the SR looking through the products.  Dina mentions that the cleaning supplies are Jessica Alba's stuff.


7:17PM BBT: While Tamar mouths words to the camera that would take lipreading experts, Ryan and Joey are in the LR talk about a wooden splinter that Ryan can't get out of his thumb.  Joey complains about the heat in the house. 


7:21PM BBT: Ryan explains to Joey how he feels he is going to be backdoored, and that he wants to make sure he's able to play in the veto comp.


7:24PM BBT: Ryan and Joey can't believe how Tamar went off today and Joey said he felt bad to her reaction, but that there has to be some restraint.  Feeds go to WBRB for minute and the topic has changed when they come back.


7:26PM BBT: Dina says she needs to start packing. Joey said Monday is a 2 hour show and that they'll have the veto comp, ceremony, and a live eviction on the live show. 


7:29PM BBT: Ricky joined Lolo and Natalie in the gym where they talk about Joey's sports background and how he played in high school.


7:32PM BBT: Natalie tells Lolo that she's a gansta b**tch.  She says she has to be as a competitor.

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7:30PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky are off tomorrow, so may stay up late.  They were up til 4am this morning.  They went in to some activity at 1pm today.


7:31PM BBT: Lolo asks Ricky if trusts Kato and Tom.  He says yes, but he needs to keep checking on them.  They both are going to try to win the veto, and then the next HOH.  She wants a win.


7:33PM BBT: Lolo asks why it wasn't an option to backdoor Joey.  Ricky said you don't need to BD him, you can frontdoor him.



7:36PM BBT: Joey said it's too quiet, eerily quiet. Tay walked through and said she can only be someone's mother or maid to her massa.


7:39PM BBT: Kandi and Dina are cooking in the KT talking about what a crazy show it is, wondering what Jonathan is doing now, giving him a shoutout - telling him that Kato put him up on the block.


7:46PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie study the days up in the gym. Tamar is trying to help Ryan get the splinter out of his thumb in the LR.


7:52PM BBT: Tom and Dina are in the parlor talking about their ailments and how the Monster drinks will keep them going. She says that you're not supposed to mix crablegs with French wine, which blew up her face at Gladstone's. She found out then that's she's allergic to shellfish. 


8:00PM BBT: Dina said that she feels stupid to not know about Mooch because they were getting close.


8:03PM BBT: Tamar is playing table cornhole on the KT table while Kato and Ricky continue to play cards.  Lolo and Kandi are cooking.

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8:17PM BBT: Tom and Dina talk about napping.  He has to fit them into her schedule and she said she can't sleep during the day.


8:28PM BBT: Ryan is reading the bible in the BR while Joey exercises and Dina digs through her drawers.  In the other BR, Lolo gives herself a pedicure while chatting some small talk with Tamar.


8:29PM BBT: Backyard is now open.


8:31PM BBT: Joey tells Lolo how to deal with her ingrown toenail. In the other room, Kandi is kneeling on her bed praying.


8:34PM BBT: Ryan begins swimming laps in the BY.  In the BR, Tamar reinforces with Lolo that talking about her son is off limits, but that she'll continue playing.  She said she'll never talk to Kato or Ricky outside of the house.


8:36PM BBT: Tamar tells Lolo that she has not once said she wanted to go home.  Lolo tells her that it was probably inferred from her actions.  Joey and Tom chat over the BY firepit.


8:42PM BBT: Lolo explains to Joey and Tom that her hair gets tangled easily.  Joey asks her what her nationality is, she answers mixed - that she's black and white.  Her dad is black and Native American and her mom is white with green eyes.


8:50PM BBT: Natalie is discussing her career in the KT with Ricky and how she got to where she was/creating her brand.

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Cameras are on the house guests in the back yard. Lolo is talking about her green hair, she has had to wash it repeatedly to restore her color.


Lolo tells Joey she is mixed race, and Joey says he is Italian, when Joey tells Tom he is just Canadian Tom corrects him, says he is Irish.


Talk is just general, Tom asks Lolo about her training, Joey asks how she is paid for training. Lolo says her sponsors assist her financially, but that is up in the air right now.


The camera leaves and comes back,

They are talking about some sort of fruit carbonated drink..


Lolo tells the guys she is also paid to run races if she chooses to do that, she receives bonuses based on performance, she says she pays her air fare and if she does not perform well she can lose money. Lolo also worked on television during injuries, and is working on a show now. She would be the host, but is not able to say specifically what that show will be. Lolo seems to work extremely hard to maintain her career and her image, what she is telling Tom and Joey is an impressive resume.


Joey and Tom are talking about social media, and how their promoters demand them to publicize their shows and appearances.


Talk moves to other stars, Tom Cruz and the Rock, and how they use social media to make money.

Joey seems to know quite a bit about the Rock and his promotions, when Tom asks who else he follows he tells him he follows History Photograph because it has very interesting information.


Tom follows Tony Hawk and a few skateboard sites, Kevin Hart, and a few other comedians that are based in Las Vegas. Tom talks about the Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian show that is self created and produced.


Joey goes into the house to get water and Tamar comes out to join Lolo and Tom.


Kato comes out to ask Tom if he can come and make a turkey burger, he agrees to come and do it soon.


Tom is happy the girls are getting along, Tamar says God is good, and she wonders why she is not able to get along with Kandi. She says it is not because of her son. Tamar offers to help Lolo with her hair, Lolo declines the offer again—she declined earlier too


Tom goes back into the house leaving the girls outside alone. Both girls say their bodies are sore from the competition. They yell to ask Ryan if he is done, he is not. He has done 30 minutes and has to wait for an hour before going again.


General chit chat on all the cameras.

Tom and Tamar are alone outside, other house guests are in the kitchen.

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9:09 pm


Tom and Tamar are talking, Tom says he is happy to not be on the block. Tamar says she has had a unique stay because of her history with Kandi. She says she has not had enough time to get to know people in the house. She says she feels like her argument with Lolo came out of thin air, they were talking and then they were yelling. Tom says everyone is a little on edge, and tries to avoid confrontation. Tamar says she is upset about what was said when she was put on the block because her story is still fresh.


She isn't sure what she will do when she leaves the house, she is happy with the album she put out last year. Tom says he likes drums as a hobby, he feels like the nerdy guy with the beats.


More general chit chat.



Joey and Ryan are in the bedroom, just general chit chat while Ryan puts his shorts on. They talk about working out tomorrow. Joey tells Ryan to put a towel on the floor because they are dirty from people's feet. He is concerned about the face being in contact with the floor. They begin doing burpees for a few minutes, then while they take a break Joey is talking about his shoes. Ryan says he will wear them at the Olympics if they send them. Break is over and Ryan begins his burpees again.



Kato goes to the HOH room, Tamar follows him to the room. She goes in and he tells her to wait while he is in the loo. Tamar finds Kato's letter and begins reading it while he is in the loo. She is looking at his photos.


Kato tells her he is never mad and doesn't judge. He feels like he is easy to talk to, he tells her to never assume anything. He tells her she can win veto and anything can happen and she is great. He adds that it is a show, and he thinks of it like that.


Tamar says she was sad, not because she is on the block, but because of his reasoning, she says it felt personal. She says that she felt it was because he said she didn't clean up and about her son.


Kato says he thought it was why she was crying, she tells him it was because she was not happy about the situation with Kandi. Tamar says her and Kandi have made peace.


Kato says he misunderstood about her son, and thought she was unhappy about being in the house.


Tamar says she said that because she did not want to be portrayed on TV fighting with another woman.


The camera leaves the HOH and goes to the back yard. All four cameras are on the house guests in the back yard now.


General chatter about what they plan to do after the show.


After a few minutes Kato and Tamar come outside.


Kato yells, “Guess what....we're friends. We're friends.”

He hugs Tamar and everyone laughs.




Cameras move to kitchen


Natalie, Tamar and Kandi are talking about how they use their names. Kandi and Tamar are talking in general about marriages, work and how their partners support them.




Cameras return to back yard.


Tom, Dina and Kato—general chit chat


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Kandi and Ricky have moved to the sky walk to play chess. Their is very little conversation between them. No game talk. House guests downstairs can be heard laughing and entertaining each other.


Tom, Kato and Dina are still in the back yard, still no game talk. Tom gives a shout to POP TV, tels them they are watching fireside chats. Tom starts asking Dina questions, Kato is trying to decide if he will sleep in the HOH room or downstairs with the others.


Bob says they are not allowed to talk about production and the cameras move to the chess players. Bob repeats his line. Bob says Tom, Kato, Dina and repeats his lines. After a few seconds cameras ove back to the back yard. They were talking about Monday's show being a live veto and eviction.


Tom says the cast can come to his house for a BBQ, they can have chicken, play billiards and sit around the fire pit. “We can recreate this.”


cameras move back to the chess players.


The cameras are moving around the house often, but no one is talking game.


Joey and Ryan are laughing about Lolo's energy. She has been called to the diary room and tells them she has to change her bra and Ryan rolls his eyes. Both boys giggle. Ryan tells Joey about Kato and Tamar coming out of the HOH room hugging.


Joey is walking around the house using his Batman voice. He insists he is going to be playing Batman in the next movie. Ryan and Joey are in the storage room now digging through the food. Joey is complaining that everything in the fridge smells like fish.


Natalie is relaxing on the living room sofa, Ricky and Kandi are still playing chess, and in the background we can hear people in the kitchen. Ryan has joined Natalie in the living room, Joey comes in with pita chips.


Bob tells the house guests they are not allowed to talk about diary room sessions.

Joey looks up and around the room and windows and says, “I will find you”


Cameras move back to the chess players who are still not talking.


Dina is called out again for talking about diary room sessions by Bob.


Dina and Kato are in the kitchen, Dina says it is bad that Kato cannot vote. She plans to forget about it until Monday. Dina thinks that Jonathan can come back to the house, her thought keeps getting interrupted—finally she says it has happened before. Dina finds gifts from Kato in her bed, I think one item was a potato. The other was a bag of some time.


Joey is going to the HOH for a shower, Kato says he will be in bed by 1130, but Joey should not worry about it. He should not rush.


Ryan and Kato decide to play with the table top bean bag toss. -i wonder if this is in the house to allow them to practice for the veto--.

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11:05 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Kandi and Ricky looking over the railing from the upstairs lounge down at Katy, Ryan, Dina and Tom who are playing table top cornhole on Feeds 3 and 4. 


11:17 PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are talking about Tamar in the KT. Natalie tells her that she came out this evening and looked towards Lolo and she looked mad. Lolo says she doesn't know what her problem is now. Lolo thinks that after the day that she had, she might be annoyed that she wants to go to bed but everyone wants to hang out. After her blow up, she probably doesn't want to feel isolated. 


11:25 PM BBT Half the house continues to play table top cornhole together in the dining room. Natalie is trying to nap in the hotel bedroom. Not much going on at the moment. 


11:29 PM BBT Ryan, Kato, Tom, Lolo and Natalie are hanging out in the KT. Tamar and Dina are in the 5th Ave bedroom. Tamar says it is way too krunk out there for her. Dina says she isn't going to try to beg for votes. People either like her or not. Tamar seems to think Kato is justifying putting her on the block because she is miserable without her kid. She stayed in bed all day because she was upset because she wasn't able to clear things up with Kandi, not because of her kid.


11:34 PM BBT Kato is lured into the BY by Natalie and Lolo. Tom joins them. Kato says that if they backdoor Ryan, he is going to end up the most hated person ever. He says it is a done deal, and he is going to do it, but America is going to hate him over it. Kato says the perfect scenario is for Ryan to be on the block and understand what is happening to him. Natalie tells Kato that Ryan already knows. Kato seems to find some relief in that. 


11:37 PM BBT In the BY, Tom asks Natalie, Lolo, and Kato who they think is most likely to win the whole thing. Their consensus is Ryan, then Joey or Kandi. Not Ricky. Ricky gives off weird vibes. Lolo tells Kato that he is playing the game, but playing it respectfully. Tom tells them that the 4 of them need to stick it out together. He says that the most strategic person in the house is the one that figures them out and splits them up. Lolo reminds him that the most strategic person who played last year didn't win. Ross didn't win. Marissa did. 


11:42 PM BBT Kato, Lolo, Tom and Natalie discuss the need to keep their alliance quiet. They caution that cheering too loudly during comps has given away alliances before. They need to keep their emotions in check. They discuss scenarios if Ryan ends up playing and winning the veto. Tom says that maybe they can convince him to use the veto to save Dina and backdoor him that way. Natalie tells Toms that if Ryan uses the veto, Ryan can't be the replacement nom. Tom didn't know that. 


11:45 PM BBT Tom wants them to try to come up with scenarios for everyone in case the veto is won by someone not in their 4. Tom gives an example of Joey. If Joey wins the veto and doesn't use it, that is a problem. Natalie says it isn't a problem. Whether Ryan goes up or not, it is a win/win. Tom asks wouldn't it best if they try to steer them tomorrow. Natalie cautions about doing that. There is no reason to draw that much attention. They can let people play the game at their will. If the veto is used, Ryan is backdoored. If not, Dina goes. 


11:51 PM BBT Kato, Lolo, Natalie and Tom agree that they need to not meet like this too frequently. Tom says that they shouldn't be meeting like this right now. They decide to break it up to keep their alliance quietly. Kato goes inside first. Lolo, Natalie and Tom discuss a Plan B of backdooring Joey if they can't backdoor Ryan. Kato promised Joey safety from nominations, but he did not promise him safety from a backdoor. Ryan is more dangerous than Joey, but it is something to consider.


11:55 PM BBT Tom, Lolo and Natalie agree Plan A is backdoor Ryan. Plan B is backdoor Joey. If the veto is not used, Dina goes and Tamar stays. They agree not to meet again as a team of 4 tomorrow in order to keep their alliance quiet. 

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