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The Masked Singer - Episode IV


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Welcome back to The Masked Singer! We're going to skip the explanation of the show. Last week, the Deer was revealed to be Terry Bradshaw, joining Pineapple (Tommy Chong) and Hippo (Antonio Brown) as your unmasked celebrities. 

Tonight, celebrity expert Joel McHale joins your panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeoung and Nicole Scherzinger as Raven, Rabbit, Alien, Poodle and Bee take the stage to win the favor of the audience and keep their masks on.  Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon!

Between them, our masked singers have 65 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy nominations and 4 have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At the end of the show, another singer will be unmasked and leave the the show.

First up is Rabbit, who bounced to new heights in last performance and knocked it out of the amusement park. Flashback back to the playground where he worked as a little bunny (Cony Island like). As a young cotton tail, everyone wanted a piece of his fame, but life not all carrots and cream. Found safety in a group, but not being yourself can lead to feeling boxed in. Every week, cook up something new. Tonight will wake you up and show I can be the main attraction!

Singing Wake Me Up by Avicci featuring Aloe Blacc, Rabbits performance has a theatrical flare, his costume looking like a straight jacket. His voice is strong, solid and confident with some great acrobatics. Robin says he seems like a seasoned performer, a little country twang in his voice. Nicole says you were so fully in it, strong vocals. Rabbit shows a neck twitch as the panel tries to guess his identity. Rabbit says he's seen many performances in his past and too many for him to remember.  He tells us he fooled them all and next time might be a poet because he likes to rhyme and rap.

Making a return engagement on the planet is Alien. She could barely see last time and the comments from the panel were hurtful. But the anonymity reminded her of being a young child before the world knew her or her family's name. Flash to her bedroom with plushes, including a snake, lion, penguin, etc. You may think I'm out of fashion (she disappears with the toys still floating in the room) but I'm here rise above all that (she's now floating over her bed). And tonight, I'm going to push myself to the limit and show you all what I'm capable of.

Singing Lovefool by The Cardigans, the music almost drowns out her vocal. Her movements are fluid, and she struts the stage like a runway. The panel thinks she's a petite size. Nicole says she worked the stage and her tone was sweet like someone from the Jackson family. John said levitation and snake. Jenny thinks it had something to do with Taylor Swift. Alien says she's a quadruple threat. Nicole guesses singer, dancer, actress, model. Alien says she's recorded many things. She tells us she finally proved to the panel she's the real deal and not just a cute body. It's not my beauty that will get me through to the next show.

Raven flies in next. This journey has taken her into places she never thought she'd have the courage to revisit. She confronted the loss of her beloved in her last performance and the clouds started to part, a long awaited transformation began. I was once the loneliest bird among all others (in a small rural town) and no one recognized my beauty (outside a bird cage). Until years ago when a man came to town, took me away from my flock, (TVs with 1968 on screen). I cried tears of love into the Hudson River. I couldn't believe someone finally saw my gifts. Now my wings are unclipped and tonight is about her newfound freedom to just be me.

SInging Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, her vocal has the requisite edge, decent dynamics. Nicole thinks not a professional singer but maybe Broadway experience. She's not a dancer though, barely moving on stage. Ken says one of the most sincere performances of the series, cathartic, more than a competition. Nicole says when you sang I believed it, so free up there. Jenny says that song spoke 1000 words for what you went through. Jenny says she hosted her own show.  Raven ruffles Nick's bum with her tail feathers. Raven says only in her dreams has she been in a movie with Dr. Ken. Raven tells us the panelists were def thrown off this week and the experience has been therapeutic.

Poodle says being on stage was cathartic; she loves being anonymous, someone you've known for years and you have no idea. Has to be flawless to do Poodle role justice. Turns to best friends to practice material: Why did the apple turn red? It saw the salad dressing! So what's the verdict? Tonight will soar to new heights despite it being her biggest fear, so catch her if she falls. 

Poodle is sitting on a swing suspended above the stage as she sings Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper). She swings out towards the audience during the chorus, then sings a solid but not extraordinary vocal. She leaves the swing to stand in front of the audience. Not much stage management. Joel says it all made sense to him. Nicole says interesting song choice and she loved the half naked man. Not a professional singer but good tone in voice. Robin said loved the swinging, maybe a provider or protector of people around you. Poodle says she has been fired multiple times, just like Nick. Poodle tells us the panelists are hot on her tail, close with their guesses and she's trying to not freak out.

Bee tries to sting the panel next. She is having lots of fun, a challenge, because she usually watches face and they lift me up. But actually doing the mask part, I can't see people and it's kind of scary because I'm singing to music of today (peaches drop juicily in the background) and I'm not always on what's happening in the world today musically. But it doesn't matter how many awards you have, you have to be willing to flip the script.  Going to sing another modern song tonight. 

Singing Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars, Bee is standing on a platform, tapping her foot to the beat.  She's got pipes, Ken says. A professional singer, Nicole says. Robin and Jenny say they recognize the vibrato. Nicole says a rich, soulfulness. Jennifer thinks she's from Georgia. Bee tells the panel to take her to court. Ken thinks she's from a band involved in a naming rights lawsuit, maybe a Supreme. Bee tells us she had loads of fun being something else, not somebody else. Who am I? None of your beeswax!

It's time for the audience and panel vote.  Who was the most favorite singer?  Was it Poodle? Rabbit? Alien? Raven? Or Bee?

The votes are in. We love you all but this is how the game is played. Tonight our masked singer who must take it off is...   Poodle!

Alien, Raven, Bee and Rabbit head off to prepare for the next show. Robin thinks Poodle is Judge Judy. Nicole says Jillian Michaels. Joel agrees. Jenny says Kathy Griffin. Ken says Melissa Rivers.  Who do you think Poodle is?

It's time to find out who is behind the Poodle mask!  Show us who is behind the Poodle mask!  The Poodle is...   Comedian Margaret Cho!

Margaret cannot believe Ken didn't know her voice. She used to be a Hello Kitty in her first job.  "I'm here for your honor" referred to her lawyer character on Drop Dead Diva. 


Did you correctly guess the identity of Poodle, or were you completely fooled like Jenny and the rest of the panel?  Who do you think are the other masked characters?  

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