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America's Got Talent The Champions Episode 3

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Tonight, 10 more acts will perform for a spot in the finals to see who is the best of the best! Only the best will survive…Howie has the golden buzzer tonight! Terry Crews introduces our judges.


Our first act is DJArchJnr and he’s a DJ from South Africa’s Got Talent. He says it was so fun when he won and he’s the youngest person to ever win a Got Talent show. He takes the stage with his equipment and begins his performance. Simon says he didn’t want it to stop. Mel B says he has impeccable rhythm and timing. Heidi says he was incredible and she wishes him good luck. Heidi says he loved what he did and he hopes he’s one of the two America votes through. Simon says they need to talk after the show because he has some plans for him.


Darcy Oake is the next act and he’s a magician and was on Britain’s Got Talent. He came in fifth place and when he got the invitation he wanted to come back and be better. He has an audience member and Howie join him on stage. He has them lay down on benches and hold a piece of wood above them and then he has Heidi join him on stage. He replaces the wood with Heidi and then he goes around and pulls Howie’s hands down until the audience member is holding her with one hand and then he puts the audience member’s hand down until Heidi is levitating.


Darcy replaces the wood with Heidi and then he goes around and pulls Howie’s hands down until the audience member is holding her with one hand and then he puts the audience member’s hand down until Heidi is levitating. The audience and the judges are impressed. Howie says he thought that was amazing. Heidi says she felt weightless. Simon says he is immensely talented and we’ll have to see what happens.


The next act is Angelica Hale and she was the runner-up on Season 12. She feels like she’s grown up and a better singer and performer. She performs Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Heidi says she came here to win and she can feel that. Mel B says she can see her hunger to see this competition. Mel B says her vocals were so perfect she can take a risk. Howie says she is amongst champions and she ripped the ceiling off the theater and he’s going to help her win this season. Howie hits his golden buzzer and Angelica moves on to the finals.


Next up is Tom Cotter and he was the runner-up on Season 7 of AGT. Tom takes the stage for his performance and he talks about being a runner-up to a dog act. Simon hits his button and X’s Tom and everyone is shocked. Tom continues on. He finishes and he gets an ovation. Howie says that’s the yin and the yang of comedy. Heidi says she disagrees with Simon and she loved his jokes and his comedy. Howie says comedy is subjective and he thought Tom was great.


Prince Poppycock is ready to perform next. He’s an opera singer from Season 5. He talks about some of the self-doubt he had until he went on AGT and it was the most thrilling journey in his life. He went back to his normal life after AGT and he’s back to give the best performance of his life and he’s here to prove himself again.


Prince Poppycock begins his performance and sings Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. Terry says that was 100% showmanship. Howie says he is so creative and he is someone who is going to be remembered. Mel B says it was too short and she wanted more. Mel B says she could see this in Vegas in a heartbeat. Howie says AGT superfans loved him before and they may love him again and vote for him.


Next, we have the danger act of Ryan and Amberlynn and they are Comedy Daredevil’s from Season 11. They are going to perform the act they performed that everyone remembers because it went wrong and they made a mistake. When they got the call to perform on the champions, they knew they had to do it again. They go into it with the full knowledge the danger is still there, but they take calculated risks.


Simon wishes them luck and Howie is dumbfounded. Ryan and Amberlynn take the stage for their performance. He snaps a mousetrap on his tongue. He then bites down on a cinderblock and Amberlynn puts a cinder block on his neck and smashes it. They then kiss and she’s going to do the flaming arrow trick.  She climbs the ladder and lights the arrow and he puts a funnel in his mouth. She fires and we go to commercial…


We’re back from commercial and Amber has the arrow lit and aimed and Ryan has the funnel in his mouth. Amber fires and she hits the target. Mel B says she couldn’t watch but she commends them based on the audience’s reaction. Heidi is so happy that it worked out this time and they are so crazy. Simon says he is really, really happy that it went right this time.


Samuel J. Comroe is next and he was on Season 13 of AGT and he is a comedian. Since the show he’s been booked out on tour for the next two years and he thanks the fans and the judges. He says getting fourth place left him hungry so that’s why he’s back, round 2. He really respects Tom Cotter and he definitely has to step it up. He wants this more than anything in the world.


Mel B asks Samuel why he wanted to come back and he says it was his goal to win and this is his second chance. Samuel is ready to begin his set. Samuel gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says he has the perfect material, he’s respectful, he’s funny, and he has swagger. He’s brilliant. Howie says what a change from his first appearance, he’s a champion. Simon says he’s always been a fan, but he felt an extra glow around him. He’s a great guy, really funny, and he still had the guts to come back and compete again. He’s so happy he’s back.  


Paul Potts is next up and he’s a singer from Britain’s Got Talent. Since he won he’s done a lot of concerts and what makes him thankful for Got Talent is he walked on the stage a nobody and left a somebody. Paul is ready to perform and Simon is on his feet before the performance ends. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says that was mind blowingly beautiful. Howie says he’s not a fan of opera, but he’s the biggest fan of his talent and his singing and he deserves to win. Simon says Paul actually defines what the show is meant to be is ordinary people with extraordinary talent who weren’t really given a chance.


Jon Dorenbos is a magician from Season 11. Simon asks what’s happened since then. Jon says after the show he was traded from the Eagles to the Saints and he went through a physical and he found out he had to have emergency heart surgery. This is another chance for him to stand out and win.


Jon comes down in front of the judges and he has a box with thousands of pieces of paper and he asks Simon to pick one and asks him not to look at it. He then has Heidi, and Mel B do the same. Jon takes a bunch out of the box to show they have different words and different colors. Jon asks Howie to join him for a game of tic-tac-toe. Jon says him and Howie tied. He asks Simon what he got and Simon’s word is courage in blue. Heidi’s is hard work red and Mel B’s is heart in black. Jon printed a picture on the back of the X’s and O’s. On the back are the predictions of the words and colors he made and they are all correct.


Simon says he wishes he had a golden buzzer right now. Howie says it is truly worthy of a golden buzzer. Howie says this is exactly what is worthy of moving on to the finals. Mel B says what he did right before their eyes is pure magic and he is brilliant. Heidi says when he talks he commands the stage. Well done and amazing. Simon says this is the best they’ve seen of him on any performance he’s done and he deserves to go through to the finals.

Billy and Emily England are the final act to perform and they are a danger act on roller skates. They are from Britain’s Got Talent and Season 12 of AGT. They’ve been working at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas since the show and they didn’t get as far as they wanted on AGT. They want to show everyone why they deserve to win champions.


Billy and Emily take their places and they perform to Natural by Imagine Dragons. Heidi says she can watch them over and over again because they are so good. Simon thinks these guys define the word Champions. Mel B says they do everything so gracefully and she absolutely loved it. She thinks they’re brilliant. Howie says the superfans can only vote one more through and he hopes they consider how dangerous and amazing the act is.


The superfans have spoken and the votes are locked. We’re about to find out who made it into tonight’s top 3. The first act in the top 3 is…Billy and Emily England.


The second act in the top 3 is…John Dorenbos!


The last act making it into the top 3 is…Paul Potts!


Billy and Emily did the best in the southern stages, John Dorenbos did best in the North East and Paul Potts dominated the Midwest.


The act in third is…John Dorenbos.


The act going into the finals is…Paul Potts!

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