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Published: February 28, 2006


Partnership Includes Exclusive Local Ad Sales Promotion with Time Warner Cable Media Sales for 'Top Chef Wine & Dine' Sweepstakes

NEW YORK -- February 28, 2006 -- Bravo, the premier arts and entertainment network, launches its first ever 1-screen interactive television application with Time Warner Cable for Bravo's newest original series, "Top Chef," a reality competition series offering a fascinating window into the passionate, pressure-filled environment of world-class cookery and the restaurant business.

Beginning with the series debut of "Top Chef" on Wednesday, March 8 at 11:00pm/ET and continuing throughout the season during its regular time at 10:00pm/ET, Time Warner Cable, through its use of Navic Networks' interactive television application, will allow viewers to respond with their remote control to a series of topical questions and voice their opinions about the contestants. The polling will appear as pop up screens generated by viewer's set-top boxes that will be synchronized to occur at precise moments during the one-hour show. Navic Network's technology will record and compile the votes and display the results to viewers in real time in each of their local markets.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to partner with Time Warner Cable and provide customers with a more exciting way to watch TV," commented Jean-Briac Perrette, Senior Vice President, New Media and CFO, NBC Universal Cable. "With the growing trend in alternative ways for viewers to consume entertainment, NBC Universal continues to be in the forefront by providing them with as many options available."

"This application with 'Top Chef' provides our digital customers a truly interactive television experience and gives them the ability to actively participate in what they watch," said Joan Gillman Vice President of Interactive Television for Time Warner Cable. "Time Warner Cable continues to deliver to its customers the innovative products and services they want."

"Bravo's mission is to present arts entertainment that is both influential and aspirational, and Top Chef is our newest series that celebrates creativity...this time in the kitchen," said Lauren Zalaznick, President, Bravo. "Our viewers connect with the personalities on screen and this is a great opportunity for them to reflect on what they see and interact with the show and each other."

In conjunction with the interactive TV application for "Top Chef," NBC Universal Cable will provide Time Warner Cable Media Sales with an exclusive local ad sales promotion with a "Top Chef Wine & Dine" sweepstakes hosted by www.Bravotv.com/napatrip.com. The sweepstakes runs March 1 - 21, where one local winner is guaranteed in all participating markets and will receive roundtrip tickets and accommodations for a 4-day/3-night trip for two to America's culinary mecca, San Francisco & Napa Valley.

"Top Chef" features twelve aspiring chefs who head to San Francisco for their shot at culinary stardom and the chance to earn the prestigious title, $100,000 cash prize and a feature in Food & Wine magazine. Gourmet foodie Katie Lee Joel will host the series. Tom Colicchio, one of the culinary world's most celebrated figures and co-owner of Gramercy Tavern and Craft Restaurants, serves as lead judge and mentor to the competing chefs. Food expert Gail Simmons of Food & Wine magazine will serve as a regular judge for the series.

Each episode holds two challenges for the chefs. The first is a quickfire test of their basic abilities and the second is a more involved elimination challenge designed to test the versatility and invention of the chefs as they take on unique culinary trials such as working with unusual and exotic foods or catering for a range of demanding clients.

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Courtesy of: BRAVO, TOP CHEF

About the show:

Bravo feeds the senses this March with "Top Chef," a new reality competition series celebrating the culinary arts with a fascinating window into the competitive, pressurized environment of world-class cookery and the restaurant business at the highest level. The ten-episode, one-hour series will feature twelve aspiring chefs who will put their culinary skills to the test for the chance to earn the prestigious title of "Top Chef."

Showcasing some of the brightest up-and-coming talent in the culinary world, the competing chefs hail from varied backgrounds including culinary graduates and students, personal celebrity chefs, a Sous Chef, a line cook, a nutritionist, a Tournant Chef, and a self-taught mother of three. But what they all share is a passion for the culture, preparation and service of gourmet cuisine.

Katie Lee Joel will host this inside look at the inspired and fiercely competitive world of the culinary arts. Married to music icon Billy Joel, Katie's lifelong passion for cuisine began at an early age when she first learned to cook from her grandmother while growing up in West Virginia. Tom Colicchio, one of the culinary world's most celebrated figures and owner of New York City's Gramercy Tavern and Craft Restaurants, serves as chief chef and guides the contestants through the stringent challenges that will not only test their skills in the kitchen, but also uncover if they have the customer service, management and teamwork abilities required of a "Top Chef." Throughout the series, Tom will be assessing their performance and driving them to achieve only their best. Food expert Gail Simmons of Food & Wine magazine will also serve as a regular judge for the series.

The competing chefs will intensely peel, whisk, grate, and mince their way through a series of challenges ranging from preparing elaborate parties and gourmet dinners to working with exotic delicacies including de-inking, trimming, cutting and preparing an octopus. Each episode will hold two challenges. The first is a quickfire test of their basic skills. With minimal time they will have to take whatever is thrown at them and create something spectacular. At stake for the chefs will be safety from elimination in the second challenge, which will be more involved and test the versatility and invention of the chefs such as their ability to cater for a range of demanding clients. The food will be tasted and evaluated by the host and judges, but will also be served to the customers at whom the challenge is aimed, whether it be patrons at a five star restaurant or a room full of hungry kids. Food has to appeal to the diner as well as the critics if the chef is to survive.

The challenges will also reveal if they have the fundamental skills required of a "Top Chef," including their ability to work with people in the hierarchical environment of a professional kitchen and their understanding of how food feeds the visual senses through attractive presentation of their dishes. The winner must have the complete package and show excellence in each stage of the process, from the shopping for the ingredients to the cooking of the meal to the service from the kitchen. It will take a unique mix of both discipline and creativity to compete at the level of a "Top Chef."

Chef bios




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Not too bad of a show ...Tiffani is gonna be a real bitch, Cynthia would be a buddy of mine I can just tell..HA!..they got rid of Ken already the only real cutie of the bunch and he was mouthy I liked that...its no Hells Kitchen but it will do for now since Runway is over!
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Not too bad of a show ...Tiffani is gonna be a real bitch, Cynthia would be a buddy of mine I can just tell..HA!..they got rid of Ken already the only real cutie of the bunch and he was mouthy I liked that...its no Hells Kitchen but it will do for now since Runway is over!

I agree QW

And I would also have liked Ken to stay for a while. I liked him as soon as I saw him.

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Sorry this took so long, I had to really hunt for it.

Episode 1

Ken Lee eliminated

Episode 2

Andrea Beaman Eliminated

Episode 3

Cynthia Sisteto Left for family reasons

Brian Hill Eliminated

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This is areally a good show...and you can get the winning recipes online after the episode.

This show has a great smattering of forgettable contestants while having the best villian, pretty/ tough girl and complete underdog.

Stephen Asprinio (stress the "ass") is one of the most perfect villian characters I've seen on reality TV in a LONG time. This guy is a grade A A-hole. Holy Cripes, this guy makes me scream. But what makes him an awesome villlian is his talent. He's got MAD culinery skills to back up his cocky attitude...which makes you hate him even more. :angry2:

Candice is great, not only is she very attractive, but she actually called someone (Stephen) a "tool" and "douchebag". I don't know why that places someone higher in my rankings but it does.

Miquel even LOOKS like an underdog. He's got skill and passion (although I hate to use that word).

This is a fun, fun show. If you like cooking or have ever worked with jack-ass kitchen monkeys (a.k.a. "chefs"), check it out!!

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Published: April 6, 2006



NEW YORK -- April 6, 2006 -- Bravo will be among the first entertainment companies to offer PayPal Mobile, the new text message-based service which will allow viewers to purchase products anytime, from anywhere, using their mobile telephones. This landmark new Text to Buy service will launch on Bravo on Wednesday, April 12 with the channel's new original competitive reality series, "Top Chef". This new feature will coincide with the launch of the "Top Chef" online store on BravoTV.com. The announcement was made today by Lauren Zalaznick, President, Bravo.

"Bravo continues to be a pioneer and leader during these shifting times by teaming up with PayPal on this exciting initiative," said Zalaznick. "We saw record viewer response from all of our other interactive text messaging initiatives, from the voting during Project Runway's finale, to getting text messaged from Top Chef characters during the show. We strongly believe this new feature will be equally embraced by our savvy audience."

"Text To Buy gives our passionate viewers yet another way to connect to their favorite Bravo shows," said Jason Klarman, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy. "We continue to look for new ways to engage, activate and serve their insatiable appetite for being on the forefront of what's next."

Viewers will be prompted on-screen during the show to what products are available for purchase, and will be able to buy these items utilizing the text message feature on their cell phones. To use PayPal Mobile, viewers must have an active PayPal account and can then register their mobile telephone numbers at . After registering their cell number and choosing a Personal Identification Number (PIN), they are ready to use the Text to Buy service to purchase items. The following merchandise will be available for purchase on Top Chef on April 12, with new merchandise being offered throughout the run of the series.

TOP CHEF APRON Text: TCA to 63336 $36.00

TOP CHEF KITCHEN TOWELS Text: TCT to 63336 $29.00

The Text to Buy service launches in conjunction with the grand opening of BravoTV.com's Top Chef Online store, which provides viewers with the opportunity to buy products seen on the series online.

PayPal Mobile users make payments by sending an item's product code to PayPal. PayPal sends a text message back to the user to confirm the mobile payment, and then sends the money to the merchant. In the case of a Text to Buy purchase, after the merchant receives the payment, the item is shipped to the address already saved in the user's PayPal account.

Every PayPal Mobile payment is PIN-protected and backed by PayPal's state-of-the-art fraud prevention system. With PayPal Mobile, financial information is never shared with the recipient. Each user's financial information is stored on PayPal's secure servers, not on the mobile telephone, so even if the telephone is lost or stolen, the user's PayPal account remains secure. PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address to send and receive payments online and via mobile phone securely and easily using a bank account, credit card or stored balance.

Bravo will promote the PayPal Mobile Text to Buy service via on-air spots during "Top Chef" and on BravoTV.com. The price of all items will include tax and shipping to ensure viewers will have a one-stop and simplified process for this new feature.

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I really like this show best of all cooking shows. The contestants all know how to cook and are really chefs. A lot of the dishes just look down right mouth watering. To make this show even more fun is the producers got the right mix of neurotic people, bitchy people, kiss butts and lazy people to make it fun to watch. I'm hoping that Tifanni or Lee Anne win because their dishes always seems to always finish in the top. After all the judge said "it's about the food". I always feel bad for Dave from Long Beach it always looks like he's about to have a mjor panic attack or nervous breakdown during every challenge.

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I'm hoping that Tifanni or Lee Anne win because their dishes always seems to always finish in the top. After all the judge said "it's about the food".

Leanne all the way. No way for Tifanni, she is such a...... well ya know.

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Leanne all the way. No way for Tifanni, she is such a...... well ya know.

I agree ... I also want Leeanne to win. I started disliking Tifanni when she had such a bad attitude towards those children.

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I agree with this being the best "chef" show out there. So many of the contestants seem to be great chefs and this show is finding the best of the best up-and-comers.

I think Harold, Tiffani, Leanne and Stephen are the top four. However, I didn't care for Tiffani at the beginning and then totally disliked her since the "kids" challenge. Also, Stephen is good but, I don't know if he can take his understanding of fine food/wine to the next level of being a Chef in the kitchen.

I would love to see Leanne and Harold in the final two.

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Although my favorite, Chunk, just got the boot, I'm still watching this show. I guess I'm really watching to see some of these people fail. Why? Because I swear I know each and everyone of them. They all seem familiar in their own way. During my various jobs through college to me career now, I have woeked along side of these personalities. I agree with Ceci that LeeAnn and Harold would make great winners.

If Stephen or Tifanni ruled their own kitchen, the turn-over rate would be outrageous!! If I had to be there, I could guarantee someone would be leaving in handcuffs and someone else would be on the floor.

I can't say anything about Dave bacause...I'm like Dave!!! I feel so marshmellowey!! :(

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Goodbye Stephen and very deservedly so. Geez what a waste of space that guy was tonight. The wedding was overambitious and they could have been a lot more organized but I've been to wedding receptions that seemed a lot worse for a whole a lot more money. Most weddings I've been to the food is always cold so it didn't surprise me. When most wedding cakes go for over $1000 and days to make what did they expect. I kinda thought Scott andd Scott were a little ungrateful.

I hoping to see Leeanne, Harold and Dave as the final three that make the final cookoff in Las Vegas.

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Holy Moly Check out the Canoles on Stephen!!!

"Raise the bar in the industry to a level never attained before here (meaning US)"? Did he really say that during his exit interview? This guy is awesome for reality TV, he gets under your skin and stays there. What a piece of work! For someone who has never worked outside of the US, he sure wants everyone to believe is worldly.

I thought when one of the judges said certain people believe in the dogma of being a chef I think he was talking about Stephan and Tiffany. Just from the constant looks on their faces, it's obvious they enjoy the smell of themselves. Pee-You!

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Stephen reminded me of a very slow moving unanimated piece of snot.

:blush: I just spit tea on my screen!!!

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Bravo Serves Seconds for 'Top Chef'

by Denise Martin


'Top Chef'

Bravo has ordered up another helping of their hit reality show, "Top Chef." Bravo has ordered a second 10-episode season of the culinary competition, while adding a reunion special to the current run and expanding the season finale to two separate one-hour episodes.

The reunion special airs on Wednesday, May 10. The two-part finale is slated for Wednesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 24. "Top Chef" has built its viewership consistently week to week, peaking at 1.3 million total viewers (901,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demographic) for the April 26 episode.

An interactive component available to Time Warner Cable subscribers, in which viewers respond to culinary questions during the show via remote control, has also scored big with audiences since the March premiere.


'Top Chef' Dave Martin

Bravo senior vice president Frances Berwick said the network's "unscripted dramas, competition or not, seem to really have taken off with our audience." She added, "This show is something our viewers are passionate about, as evidenced in the ratings and the levels of interactive responses we get from Time Warner."

Casting for the new season of "Top Chef" will begin this month in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas. "Top Chef" is from executive producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves, which is the same creative team behind Bravo's top-rated franchise, "Project Runway."

"Top Chef" will join a roster of returning franchises including "Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List," "Queer Eye" and "Celebrity Poker Showdown." A decision on a renewal for the Orange County docusoap "Real Housewives" will be made shortly, according to Berwick.

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Courtesy of: TV.COM

Watch Top Chef, then be on it

By Colin Mahan - TV.com

May 2, 2006 at 01:04:00 PM

Chef's special: Bravo announces auditions for season two of cable cooking competition as finale draws near.


Even Top Chefs love cake mix.

Top Chef withstood the heat, and will remain in the kitchen. Bravo has ordered a second season of the reality cooking competition.

The first season has been a ratings winner for the network, with an average 1.3 million viewers tuning in. The high ratings have prompted the network to greenlight another season of the show, starting with a new search for contestants in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Bravo is also extending the May 17 finale to two hours. The finale takes place in Las Vegas, and will feature special guest judge Lorraine Bracco of The Sopranos. After piecing through Tony Soprano's damaged brain, you can bet she'll be glad to piece through a novice chef's creations.

Bravo is also adding an additional episode to Top Chef's schedule, featuring a reunion of the entire season's cast. In it, the former hopefuls grab their last chance at reality TV fame and wax philosophical about what the show has meant to them.

Similar to Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef pits hopeful chefs against each other in a weekly battle of culinary skills. Unlike Hell's Kitchen, the Top players all come from various food-related backgrounds, and aren't yelled at by Gordon Ramsay.

The Top Chef winner receives $100,000 in seed money to help open their own restaurant, and they'll be featured in Food & Wine magazine, appear at the "Food & Wine Classic" in Aspen in June 2006, and earn the completely made-up title of Top Chef. Even better, they'll receive real-world goodies like a complete gourmet kitchen courtesy of Sears Kenmore.

Hopefuls should log on to Bravo's Web site for complete information about the new round of auditions. Open calls will be held in these cities:

May 11-12: Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hilton

May 16 and 18: New York, Prey Lounge & Bar

May 24: Chicago, Rock Bottom Brewery

June 4: San Francisco, TBD

TBD: Los Angeles, TBD

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I wonder why they aren't doing a casting call in Atlanta or Miami...or even St Louis, for that matter. We can cook, too!!

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I'm so glad that Harold and Dave are going to Vegas for the finale. I was really sweating it out before they made their last selection. I really thought they were gonna pick Leanne but they picked Tifianni instead. Thanks producers...you guys suck. But I guess Tifianni has performed consistantly and Leanne has seemed to strugle towards the end.

Next weeks reunion looks like it's gonna be good. Sounds like they were really picking on Stephen and he gets mad. Tiffianni also gets an earful and looks like she' trys to run off the set. Should be funny.

I hope Harold pulls off the victory in the end!

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