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Friday, January 18 2019, Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Sneak Peak


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2:00pm BBT Welcome to Morty's TV's coverage to another Sneak Peak to Live Feeds or Celebrity Big Brother Season 2.  Upstairs, it's a matt workout program led by Ryan with Ricky, Mooch, Tamar and Lola. In the KT, Joey, Kato, Kandi and Dina are avoiding exercise.

2:10pm BBT There are six total upstairs where Ryan is leading the workout like a drill instructor. Tom is also at the KT counter noshing on something. Joey heads up to the HoH.  Ryan is a real motivator as he concludes the workout with Bicycles. Jonathan is also with the workout gang and I'm guessing Natalie is too.  

2:13pm BBT Kato is wearing a t-shirt with a target on the front. Maybe not the best fashion choice for CBB. Dina heads to beige/green bedroom.  There appears to be some large oil paintings above the beds, opposite the mirrors. Kato, Kandi and Tom head upstairs in time for the workout to be over. Jonathan was dripping with sweat. 

2:15pm BBT There's an additional workout room upstairs, and Joey, Lola, Natalie and Jonathan are continuing their workouts with weights. Tom, Tamar, Kandi, Kato, Ryan, and Mooch are lounging on the balcony discussing Justin Beiber. 

And that's it for today's CBB Live Feed Sneak Peak! Subscribe to CBS All Access to get the Live Feeds at mortystv.com/to/feeds. Get your free CBB2 HG Reference Guide from Morty's TV at http://bit.ly/BBFiles, as well as contest rules for the Morty's TV CBB Live Feed Meme Contest and Fantasy CBB Contest for Season 2!

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