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Thursday, January 17 2019, Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Sneak Peak


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2:00pm BBT The feeds are up for a preview.  The guys are playing pool on the bridge outside HoH.  Tom is grilling in the KT.  The CBB House has experienced a makeover since summer, heavy in blacks and greys and fine china on a large square DT.  Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother!

2:10pm BBT Tuna Stake is what is on Tom's menu.  Ricky, Kato and Ryan, Jonathan and Joey are playing pool.  Everyone else in the KT with light banter. Kato takes a mental selfie.  Not sure if the HG know the feeds are on since they aren't hamming for the camera.

2:15pm BBT The smell of food (tuna and salmon) is drawing the guys away form the pool game but they hold fast. Don't forget, if you want to watch these feeds live, go to mortystv.com/to/feeds to sign up for CBS All Access!

2:17pm BBT The Memory Wall has been redone from a panel to two rows of pictures. The KT has copper cookware and sconce lighting. There is also a b&w chess board set up on the upstairs bridge. Anthony gets out of the DR and says he can't talk about it. The pool game is over and the guys give in to hunger.

2:18pm BBT Anthony offers to help in the KT. If you like the idea of over 50,000 readers hanging on to your every update, join the Morty's TV TFU Team today! mortystv.com/to/volunteer!

That's it for today's sneak peak.  Stay tuned to Morty's TV for future peaks and be sure to join us in Morty's TV Chat Monday night at 8pm ET for the season premier of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2! tvfanforums.net

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