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America's Got Talent-The Champions Episode 2

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Tonight, the battle continues…for a spot in the finals. Tonight, we have 10 of the best acts from around the world and only 2 will make it. One will go through with the golden buzzer and the other will go through by a vote of 50 representatives from each state.


Simon says whoever wins Champions can call themselves the best of the best and it’s been amazing so far. Heidi gets the golden buzzer tonight.


Darci Lynn is up first and she was the winner of Season 12 and she’s hoping she’s one of the two acts to go through. She’s greeted by Mel B and she asks why Darci wanted to come back and she says she loves competition and she missed being on AGT.


Darci has Oscar with her and they begin their performance and they sing Nutbush City Limits and Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner. Howie says she is a different Darci than the one that one. Mel hopes the superfans vote for her tonight and they thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Heidi says she is so special and a unique talent. Simon was blown away by that and she has an incredible singing voice. Simon says there are only 2 spaces in the finals and he thinks she deserves to be a world champion.


Next, we have a winner from Britain’s Got Talent named Ashley and she had Pudsey who was a dog act. Pudsey got sick at one point and the vet said he had cancer and they had to say good-bye. Ashley says she’s nervous because her new dog, Sully, has never performed before. She didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent with Sully, but maybe she can win Champions him.  


Simon greets Ashley and Sully and they begin their performance, which is a boxing match theme set to the music Maniac by Michael Sembello. Sully performs his tricks and they get a standing ovation. Howie says he has never seen a dog more happy to be there and he imagines the superfans might vote for her. Mel B says this from start to end made her smile so big. She loved it. Heidi says he is so cute and that was so fun to watch. That was a lot of fun. Simon says who would have believed seven years ago they would be doing this again.


Light Balance is back. They are from Ukraine and they were performers in season 12 and they were third place. They say it’s going to be difficult to compete against Darci Lynn again, but they want to win this time. They begin their performance to a rock song, then switch to pop, with different effects.


Light Balance gets a standing ovation and Mel B says she loved it, start the party! It was great! Heidi says what they do is so innovative and so fresh and they are so good at what they do and she loves them. Simon says they define why they did this show because that was sensational. Simon says this is going to be one heck of a competition tonight.


Taylor Williamson was the runner-up on Season 8. He says he lost to a dancer and he’s really happy with him. When he got the invitation to come back, he was so happy, but he’s up against the best of the best. He says this competition is a really big deal for him. He can’t do second favorite again.


Taylor takes the stage and is greeted by Heidi and Simon. Simon asks what he’s going to do different to win and Taylor says he has new jokes. Heidi turns the stage over to Taylor and he begins his set. Heidi says he’s very hilarious. Simon says he thinks Taylor is very talented and he thinks the nerves got to him tonight and he didn’t think it was the wow factor. Heidi says that’s who Taylor is. Mel B says she agrees with Simon and she wasn’t laughing as much as she could laugh. Howie says he laughs with Taylor and he thinks he rose to the challenge and comedy is subjective.


Next is Cristina Ramos and she’s Spain’s Got Talent winner and this is her first time in America. She says things have changed a lot for her because suddenly her dreams come true. She’s so excited because she wants to win America’s Got Talent Champions.


Cristina performs Bohemian Rhapsody as a opera/rock performance. She begins solo in opera style and then switches to rock with a band. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says that was brilliant! She loved it. Howie loved it and says it was very original and different. He thinks people will be talking about her tomorrow. Heidi loved it because it was so much fun. Simon says it was spectacular. Her voice was off the charts and this was unbelievable.


DDF Crew is up next and they were the winner of Holland’s Got Talent. They are a jump rope crew. They’ve performed in Vegas and they’ve learned from other jump rope crews and now here they are and it’s important to be even better than any other performance and it has to be perfect.


DDF Crew is greeted by Simon and he wishes them luck. They perform their act to Pump It by Black Eyed Peas. Howie says as a judge on AGT, that wouldn’t have ranked and he thinks they’ve seen a lot better. It didn’t blow him away. Mel B says she enjoyed it, it was exciting and they made it look easy. Heidi liked it. She says it was perfectly timed and there were a lot of tricks in there. Simon says context is everything and this was really fun, but it has to be more than that.


Viktor Kee is returning and he was a finalist on Season 11 of AGT. He says making the finals he really wanted to win. Performing tonight is more than just about him. Since his season, he’s gotten married and has a son. He’s grateful for this opportunity to come back and try again. He wants the title of Champion.


Viktor takes the stage and he has a light show behind him and is starting with one lit ball. Three balls drop from the ceiling after he puts the one ball down in front of him and he juggles though. He then juggles four balls using his hands and his feet. A couple of more balls drops from the ceiling and he discards those and then he has five balls. He juggles those and then has his finish.


Viktor gets an ovation from the audience and the judges. Heidi says it was so amazing and there was much elegance to his act. Howie says he’s a juggler, a dancer, and a contortionist. Mel B says what he just did wasn’t possible for anyone else and he’s so graceful and he was so great tonight. Simon thinks Viktor got better and he’s seeing great talent and everyone has upped their game. Simon says he has a shot.


Courtney Hadwin is up next and she gets a standing ovation as she takes the stage. She’s always been shy and has trouble talking to people, but when she sings she turns into someone else. She really wants to show people something a little bit different and she wants to make one of those two spots in the finals. Simon says he was shocked she didn’t win and he wants to know how she feels now? Courtney says it’s an honor to be here.


Courtney is ready to perform and she performs an original and she gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Simon says that was bloody fantastic. Simon says this has been his favorite performance. Mel B says she’s only 14 and she’s figured out her style and her performance style. Heidi says she loves when she comes on to the stage and when she starts singing she turns into this lioness and she’s so cool. She loves watching her. Howie didn’t recognize the song and she tells him it was an original.


Deadly Games is next and he throws knives at his wife. His sister is an aerialist and she had an accident and fell 30 feet with no nets. What they do is dangerous. They stepped up their game each round last time, but they didn’t win. They knew when they came back they had to come back with the most dangerous act they’ve ever done. She says they are here to win this time.


Deadly Games takes the stage and he begins by throwing knives and she catches them in a block. She then gets into a spinning column that looks like a door frame. He throws knives at the edges of the door frame and is successful in landing them all safely. He then runs down in front of the judges and grabs a cross bow while she holds a martini glass and he shoots at it and shatters it. He then stands with his back to the stage and asks Heidi for her phone and he uses it to look over his shoulder to shoot the crossbow at his wife who is standing there holding a handkerchief. He hits the handkerchief and Simon looks shocked and the crowd is on their feet.


Howie says Deadly Game was not only dangerous, but 50 shades of dangerous. Simon almost doesn’t want them to go through because he doesn’t know if his heart can stand it. Heidi says they are really pushing themselves to the limit. She was having a panic attack and her heart was pounding out of her chest and something is happening…Heidi hits her golden buzzer.


Piff the Magic Dragon is ready to close out the show. After losing Season 10, he went and got his own show with Mr Piffles in Vegas. He says this competition means everything. He’s not here for the gold or the princesses, he’s here to make it rain. He has to cheer up Mr. Piffles.


Piff invites Heidi on the stage for his act and begins his magic act. He completes his act and gives a picture of Mr. Piffles to all the judges and says it’s Piff Swag. Howie says he’s truly brilliant. Heidi says she loves him and she loves that he didn’t become all Hollywood on them. Simon says his story is the reason he wanted to start the show.


It’s time to find out who the top three are and which act will be moving on to the finals with Deadly Games.


The votes are in and the first act in tonight’s Top 3 is…Courtney Hadwin.


The next act going into the top three is…Cristina Ramos!


The final act in the top three is…Darci Lynne.


Only one act will go into the finals. It’s all down to how 50 states voted. Darci Lynne won the south and Cristina won the Midwest and Courtney’s votes came from the 18-34 age demographic.


The third place act is…Courtney Hadwin.


Terry says the vote was incredibly close and the act going onto the finals is…Cristina Ramos!

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