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Becky O'Donohue


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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

'Idol' Singer Bared Most for Magazine

Becky O'Donohue posed with her twin for Maxim

February 22 2006


Becky O'DonohueLOS ANGELES --

Becky O'Donohue got her biggest TV exposure to date Tuesday night on "American Idol," where she performed as one of the 12 female semifinalists.

The key words there being "TV exposure," because O'Donohue has exposed some other things in the past.

O'Donohue and her twin sister, Jessie, posed for laddie mag Maxim back in 2004, long before people who weren't fans of Niagara University's women's basketball team (where the twins played from 1998-02) were familiar with them. For those whose local public libraries don't stock back issues of the magazine, Maxim has posted their pictures on its web site.

Voting on O'Donohue's Tuesday (Feb. 21) performance of the Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen song "Because the Night" has closed, so the pictures won't be of any help to her this week. If she sticks around, though, it's conceivable she could win some new fans (or lose them, depending on one's view of posing for lad mags).

The photo spread appeared in the magazine in 2004 for something called "Maxim Fallacy Baseball." The twins, who've also appeared on NBC's "Fear Factor," are pictured wearing abbreviated baseball attire and, you know, swimsuits.


OK, for all our Fear Factor fans out there....do you remember these twins?

I tried to find a pic of them on "Fear Factor" but couldn't. UMMMM the mag pics you're on your own. LOL :blink:

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