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The Masked Singer - Episode II


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TV's wildest singing show is back!  Can you recognize your favorite celebrity by just their voice? You're about to find out.  This is The Masked Singer!

12 singers will complete in costumes with their identities completely secret.  Who is behind the mask? Last week, Hippo was the first to be eliminated. Tonight, 3 more face-offs: Rabbit vs. Alien.  Raven vs. Pineapple.  And Poodle vs. Bee.  And at the end of the night, another identity is revealed.

Please welcome your host, Nick Cannon!  And your panel of pop culture detectives: Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy!

Let's get to our first face-off. Release the Rabbit!  And the Alien comes in peace!  The rabbit has spent most of his life on stage, but never alone. Now it pops up here and there. Synchronized singing is its forte and it's been training for this its entire life. Performed on stage, Check. Performed in a mask, Check. Have a voice? Check, Check.

The Rabbit twitches then begins singing Livin' La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin). His voice is dramatic and theatrical, Nicole thinks she knows that voice as Rabbit kicks it into gear, firing up the stage, shaking his fur and getting everyone on their feet.

Robin tells Rabbit he made the song his own and has a sense of humor, someone used to being on stage. Jenny says Pop group, boy band member, he had soul. Nicole says the merry-go-round a bit dark, maybe a magician. Ken says a Donnie Darko vibe, he's still twitching like a method actor. Rabbit says he's in a band.

Landing on stage is Alien. Anonymity is a completely alien concept. Growing up in the public eye, its life was never its own. I let others define me but no one will ever control me again. For the first time ever, the world gets to hear its voice on its terms.

Singing Feel It Still (Portugal. The Man), her voice is energetic in a flighty, pop music kind of way. Jennifer thinks she's a model because of the way she struts across the stage. Ken invites her to iHop for breakfast. Nicole says she's not a professional singer. The red latex makes her think Oops, I did it again. Jenny thinks she left a girl group or a model. Alien says she has many sisters.

Time for the studio audience to vote for who they want to see sing a gain, Rabbit or Alien.  The votes are in! The winner of the first face off tonight who gets to keep their mask on is...   Rabbit!

Next, enter the Pineapple, with a prickly head and sweet abs. And flying onto the stage, the Raven wearing its cage on its head.

#MaskedSingerRaven has listened to other people's stories all its life and now can share its story. Always been a sunny person, never had trouble attaining an audience. No one talks more than me. But recently I suffered a tragic loss so this show gives me the opportunity to honor my beloved. Becoming the Raven is like finding beauty in darkness; like a phoenix from the ashes will rise up to find a light. So don't cry, baby, this one's for you.

Singing Rainbow (Kesha), Raven's voice is not high pitched, maybe a woman or a man (probably a girl). Jennifer thinks its a Broadway voice.  Ken says it was a sincere performance. Robin says not a cage fighter. Raven says its a lover, not a fighter but has hosted a talk show.

Facing off against Raven is Pineapple, who greets us with Aloha, dudes. Pineapples are fun, tropical and go well with ham. Gone through some dark times, beating a life threatening disease, this old G is taking things as they come and never wipe the smile off its face. Been in the public eye for decades, always dreamed of being a singer. Pineapple's pink car has Michigan plates. Seize the day before your dreams go up in smoke.

Singing I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), his voice is a bit gruff and he's not a dancer, walking across the stage. Behind him the beach scene turns into a hurricane. Robin says he's not experienced anything like this since Burning Man. He didn't go for the big note. Ken says lovable, likable vibe. Alright, Alright, Alright, Pineapple teaess when compared to Matthew McCaunahey. Maybe comedian or stoner, Jenny says, older in age.

Time again for the audience to vote for either Pineapple or Raven.  And the singer keeping their identity secret for another week is...   Raven!

Next up is the Poodle against the Bee. Poodle has loved taking on characters on stage since a little girl, and the Poodle is sassy, smart and best in show. The video shows San Francisco. She comes from a musical family and is known for a different kind of talent, where I stand up. Whole career has been about exercising her right to free speech, but it's time to return to musical roots to show world a side never seen before.  To figure me out, you're going to have to work!

Singing Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar), her voice is refined, sultry stage presence, but not a dancer. Ken says everything matched and clicked, everything on point. Nicole says strong energy, feeling rainbow pride vibe. Robin thought fitness person from the 80's. Poodle says she's here for our honor.

Bee flies to the stage next, having flown to soaring hights and never wanting to stop doing what it loves. Being a worker bee keeps it young. You can call it Queen Bee but it'll accept Empress, looking forward to singing to a new generation, to see for itself it still has what it takes to create a buzz.

Singing Chandelier (Sia), her voice is practiced and dynamic, creamy and royal, but stationary on stage. Robin recognizes the voice with vocal training, pitch perfect vibrato. Nicole says mature, seasoned singer with soul, grace and beauty. Jenny says she works alone. Bee says she began singing in the 50's, bringing the audience to their feet.

It's time for the audience to vote. Are you team Bee or Team Poodle? The singer with the least votes will join Pineapple and Alien in the Bottom 3. And the winning singer is...   Bee!

So Poodle, Pineapple and Alien are in the bottom three.  Who do you want to find out who is behind the mask?

The panel deliberates and decides the singer they most want to unmask between Pineapple, Poodle and Alien is...   Pineapple!

So now the question is who do you think the Pineapple is?  Robin says Sugar Ray Leonard. Jenny says Cheech Marin.  But maybe Tommy Chong.  Ken says Jimmy Buffet.  And Nicole says Kid Rock.  Who do you think?

It's time to unmask Pineapple.  Let's see if any of you were right.  Behind the Pineapple mask is...   Comedic legend Tommy Chong!

Give a point to Jenny McCarthy for guessing Tommy Chong, who says he'll do anything to get on stage. Did you guess Tommy Chong?  Who do you think will be the last mask standing? 

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