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America's Got Talent-The Champions Episode 1

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Tonight, and for the next seven weeks contestants from America and across the globe gather for the ultimate showdown…to see who will be crowned the greatest talent in the world!


Terry Crews is the host and we have Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Simon Cowell as our judges. Ten acts will perform and two will go through to the semi-finals. The first will go through with the golden buzzer, and the second will go through by a panel of 50 superfans representing each state.


Simon says previous winners and people who deserve a second chance are who were brought back. Mel B gets the golden buzzer tonight to put through whoever she wants.


Our first act is Bianca Ryan and she was the winner of the first season of AGT. Her life was a total whirlwind after the show and then she realized her voice wasn’t the same. She had to have surgery on one of her vocal chords because it was paralyzed and she had to go to speech therapists and learn how to speak. She’s been working a lot just to make this comeback and she’s ready to see the light again.


Bianca takes the stage and she performs Say Something by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. Simon thinks without Bianca they wouldn’t be sitting there and he’s genuinely thrilled she’s back. Howie says he watched her on her season and she truly is a champion for overcoming her barriers. Mel B says that was just amazing and she delivered and it was just magnificent. Heidi says she is really happy for her and it was amazing. Simon says that was what they call a moment and he is fascinated to see how America will vote for these competitors.


Next up we have The Clairvoyants, Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass. Since their season, they have spent time working on their performance and they are here to win. There is a lot of pressure but they put all their heart and soul into it. They are here to show not just the judge, but America they are ready for first place.


The Clairvoyants take the stage and invite all of the judges up onto the stage with them. Thommy asks Simon to pick a postcard representing a city and Heidi to pick a candle from several different scents. He then asks Howie to write down a gift to take on a dream date and he gives a box to Mel B to hold. Amelie is off to the side with a blindfold on.


Amelie wants to start with Heidi and she wants to guess that Heidi selected the campfire candle and Heidi shows that’s correct. Amelie is going to guess Simon’s city and she says he picked Shanghai, China and he reveals he originally picked something else, but changed at the last moment to Shanghai. Amelia is moving on to Howie and she thinks Howie will bring pants to his dream date and he reveals that she is correct.


Thommy asks Mel B to open the box and let everyone know what’s inside. There’s a remote control and he asks her to press play. Thommy has been recorded before the show started and Amelie is on a roof with the words campfire spelled out, then Shanghai, and pants.


Mel B says that was absolutely brilliant. Heidi says they were one of her favorites and they wowed her again and it was so great. Simon says this has just blown his mind and they set the standard. Simon says that will be tough to follow.


Sara and Hero are back and they now have a house and have settled down. Sara reminisces how it felt to almost be cut after the audition, but then how much work they put in to each performance after that. They take the stage to perform their routine to the music You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates. The act is them pulling off a bank heist.


Mel B says Sara and Hero just make her smile and her and her dog are adorable and they just make her happy. Howie says he remembers that her family didn’t support her but she made a life from this act and it’s up to the 50 states to allow her to go further. Simon says it’s fantastic that she’s back and he thinks she deserves a place in the finals, but it’s stiff competition and they’ll have to see what happens.


Uzeyer Novruzov, Ladder man, is up next. He discusses he thought he could win, but then he had the accident where he fell. He recovered and he came back for a chance to redeem himself. He’s been waiting for this moment and he cannot fail. He tells the judges he hasn’t touched a ladder since his previous season, but he wanted this chance.


Uzeyer takes the stage for his performance. He does a few tricks with one ladder and then goes to get a larger ladder. The judges and audience look nervous as he begins his next trick. He climbs the ladder and balances himself at the top and holds and then slides down.


Mel B says she is so relieved for him. Well done. Heidi says he is a mixture of Charlie Chaplin and Evil Knievel. Simon says he has balls and he’s so happy he came back. Howie says he has the spirit of a champion and he thanks him for being there.


Vicki Barbolak is a comedian and she’s done stand-up for 20 years. Vicki says this has always been a dream come true for her and she felt so good and she wishes everyone can feel like that. When she found out she would be on champions she couldn’t believe it. She’s here to prove that she is a champion and she is going for the gold.


Vicki takes the stage to perform her set. Mel B says she just loves Vicki. Heidi says her sets are too short and she wants to see her for longer and longer. Heidi says only 2 can go through every night and he thinks she has a real good shot because she’s relatable. Simon says he can see her confidence and her owning the stage and he can tell she’s different.


Next is Alex Magala and he’s a sword swallower and he’s originally from Moldova. Everyone around him, including his parents thought he was insane. Alex won Russia’s Got Talent and his life hasn’t been the same since. He performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi.


Heidi greets Alex and congratulates him on winning Russia’s Got Talent. Alex has never done the act he’s about to perform. Simon wants to go on record that they didn’t ask him to do this, he made the decision to do this act and he reminds people not to try this at home.


Alex begins his act by going to stand in front of the judges and he has a very narrow, point sword and he begins by putting it down his throat and he takes his shirt off. He bends over and motions for Simon to pull the sword out. Alex returns to the stage and swallows the sword again and does a flip with the sword in his mouth. He has another sword suspended from a rope and he puts it in his mouth and he holds on to some straps as he’s raised into the air. He then lets go and is only suspended using his teeth. He then slides off the sword and falls to the ground.


Alex then has a wider sword with some spikes on the end of it and he climbs a pole and balances on the pole using only his legs and then slides to hang upside down and then slides down the pole and we go to commercial…


We’re back from commercial and Alex is on a pole upside down and he does a death drop and he stops just in time to avoid the sword hitting the floor. Mel B says he’s bloody crazy. She says she feels sick. Howie says everyone he sees is worthy of going on to the finals and he just made the decision so much tougher. Simon says it’s like watching the Olympics of got talent. Simon says he was millimeters away from killing himself and he loved it. It was extraordinary.


We move on to Justice Crew, the winners of Australia’s Got Talent. They were street performers before they auditioned. After the show they made some music videos and they really want to crack into the U.S. They need to go out and prove they deserve to be called champions.


Justice Crew takes the stage and performs to a song called Boom Boom. Howie says there is a lot of competition, but they are very good. Mel B says the song was really catchy and she thought their acrobatic stuff was flashy, but she expected more from the dance. Simon says they won and had the guts to come back and compete again and he’s really proud of them because they invited some other winners come back and they were too afraid of losing.


Susan Boyle is next and she discusses her experience at her audition. She had no idea she’d have so much success, but she’s glad she stepped on that stage. She says Britain’s Got Talent absolutely changed her life and the show helped her fulfill the dream she had since she was 5. She says she couldn’t possibly walk away from a second chance and she’s excited to show Simon how much she’s grown and this time she has something to prove and she’d love to win.


Simon asks Susan what she’s going to sing and she says Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. She says she’s happy to be here and it’s great to be in America. She’s ready to perform. Simon says he can’t think of any other contestant who has defined this show better than her and she’s made a huge difference in other people’s lives and he’s thrilled she’s there. Howie says she is what the show is about and he always asks for that Susan Boyle moment. Mel B says it’s an honor to sit there and she wants to be the woman who gives her something she deserves and she hits her golden buzzer.


Mel B goes to the stage to give her a hug and Simon also goes to give her a hug and he says he’s proud of her. Terry asks how she feels to get that golden buzzer and she says very happy and very humbled.


Sofie Dossi is up next and she’s a contortionist. She says when Reba hit the golden buzzer it was one of the best moments of her life. She knows she has to bring out her best and she wants to win this time. She begins on her balancing poles. She then goes to the stage and she is on a hoop that is suspended. She begins by spinning it around as it rises into the air and then does several tricks in the air and ends with the hoop coming down and her spinning very quickly.


Heidi says they get dizzy just from watching Sofie. Mel B wasn’t sure at the beginning but she gave them an act that was even better and more exciting than she expected. Heidi thinks she is absolutely amazing and she’s so poised and she really brought her A game. Simon says that was incredible, and he means incredible. Simon says they chose her because they thought there was more and this was by far her best performance.


Preacher Lawson is a comedian and he’s next. Preacher says he thought he was about to win because the judges loved him but he ran into a 12-year old ventriloquist. Since being on AGT, he’s sold out every comedy club he’s performed at. After AGT, his brothers moved out to L.A. with him. Preacher says AGT changed his life and it allowed him to create a better life for his family. He definitely wants to prove he’s gotten better and it’s a second chance to win. 

Preacher is ready to perform his set. Howie gives an ovation before he finishes his set and the audience joins with all the judges. Mel B says if he hadn’t hit that golden buzzer it would have been his. Heidi says she was on fire today and he really, really brought everything and he was fantastic. Howie says there aren’t words to describe how good he is and this is a champion right here. Simon says Preacher was great before and tonight he was fantastic. 


We started with 10 of the best acts from around the world. Susan Boyle got Mel B’s golden buzzer and there is one spot left to the finals. We’re going to find out who is in tonight’s Top 3. The first act is…Bianca Ryan.


The next act in the Top 3 is Preacher Lawson. And the final spot in the Top 3 is…Sofie Dossi.


The act that finished in third place is…Sofie Dossi.


It’s down to Bianca Ryan and Preacher Dawson. Bianca’s biggest success were in the west and half of Preacher’s votes were from women under 34. The act going into the finals is…Preacher Lawson.

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