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Big Brother Thailand could get pulled OFF the AIR!!!

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Just in from Bangkok Thailand News

Producers of "Big Brother-Thailand" have been called on to explain behaviour deemed improper by the country's culture watchdogs after two contestants were seen holding hands, touching and lying together under bedding.

The House of Representatives' committee on religion, arts and culture, warned that the show, launched in April, would be scrapped next week if they could not provide adequate rationale for keeping it on the air.

"The improper behaviour by contestants, including hugging, kissing and touching each other, is one of the reasons" for the concern, committee chairman Kuthep Saikrajang told AFP.

"I have no idea how this program is good for society," he said.

Seems you can go the Thailand and have sex on any downtown street and in any strip bar or massage parlor but you can't show it on TV!!!

Here is the link to the article:


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hanklee you're awesome at finding out these "other" BB show stuff.

It's unimaginable to me to have to live like I wasn't a human being and didn't need physical contact even innocent as holding hands.

But, then again... living in a society that doesn't have limits promotes shows like Chaotic and Fear Factor... LOL (Just kidding and only my opinon of course)

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Very interesting article Hanklee can't imagine how boring the show would be to have to watch for any physical contact.  Glad BB US is not like that then again the extreme is the Australian BB. Guess we are never happy no matter what they do lol.

From all the hype about the new BB UK, it looks like they are intentionally selecting houseguests who "will" get it on in the house. It is supposed to premier on May 27th.

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