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The Masked Singer - Episode I


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TV's wildest singing show is here. Can you recognize your favorite celebrity just from their voice?  You're about to find out.  This is The Masked Singer!

12 Celebrities are about to compete with one big twist - they are all disguised from head to to in costumes, their identity hidden in all times on and off stage, their voices distorted in interviews.  It'll be TV's Best Kept Secret.  Who is behind the mask?

Each week, the celebrities will sing to impress the panel and studio audience. The weakest performer each night is eliminated and unmasked before your eyes.  Tonight, 6 singers face off: Peacock vs. Hippo, Monster vs. Unicorn, and Deer vs. Lion.  At the end of the night, the first famous face is revealed.  

Get ready to play the wildest guessing game on TV with Morty's TV!

Host Nick Cannon welcomes us to our new roles as detectives in a musical mystery.  It's not a whodunnit but a whosungit.  Welcome to our celebrity panel with Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger!  

Time for our first ever face off - enter the Peacock with their plumes!  And the hungry, hungry Hippo!  Peacock struts across the stage as Hippo shows off some hip-hop dance moves.

Peacock opens with some clues from their childhood - card tricks, piano, took the stage at age 5, good friends with Michael Jackson.  It's never too late for this showman to make a comeback, it says.  When the performance begins, it's a male voice, deep and dramatic.  The judges think they know the voice, singing The Greatest Show (The Greatest Showman).

The judges address the Peacock. Nicole says his voice was like butter. Robin thinks he's a trained performer. Ken says it's definitely a woman and he loves her plumes.  Jenny guesses the obvious, Hugh Jackman. They seem to think a comedian or magician from Vegas. Peacock says he's never been mauled by a tiger but has been part of a magic act.

Next up is Hippo, who calls itself a competitor, has performed before thousands of fans, has game and dances after wins.  Singing My Perrogotive (Bobby Brown), the judges quickly say he's not a professional singer. Robin says he moves his legs like he's under 30.

Nicole says Hippo worked the audience well. Robin says he was singing over the other vocals. Ken says he's a charismatic athlete. Nicole says he was a baller, maybe someone whose made an album before.  Hippo says his favorite pasttime is Bowling.

The audience now gets to vote on in-house devices, with the winner moving on to the next round and the loser possibly being revealed at the end of the show.

Team Hippo or Team Peacock?  The results are in and the winner of our first face-off is...   Peacock!  Next up is Monster vs. Unicorn.

Monster says that's what the world labeled it, mentioning mix tape, was at the top of its game but the game turned on it and it retreated from the public light. Performing Don't Stop Me Now (Queen), he's got a deep, strong vocal.  Jenny thinks he sounds like Chris Brown.  

Ken thinks he's a professional singer. Robin says his voice was full, mature. Nicole wants to squeeze Monster and says he has range and soul. Monster says not everyone thinks he's a professional singer.

Unicorn says it's childhood should have been magical, growing up in a rich neighborhood, dreaming of singing. But a mentor said they were tone deaf and all its life, it's been told it wasn't worthy. Unicorn isn't listening to them any longer to show the next generation of unicorns the truth comes from within.

Singing Fight Song (Rachel Platten), her voice is light and airy, confident. Robin does not think she's a trained singer. Robin thinks maybe someone famous for being famous. Nicole says she's spiritual and one of a kind. Unicorn says they call her bird and she giggles when compared to Larry Bird.

The audience is voting and the results are in.  Unicorn wins the face-off, placing Monster in the Bottom 3. The final face-off tonight is Deer vs. Lion.

Deer is incredibly competitive, always wanted to be a singer but people couldn't get over who he was. Been knocked down many times but in the wild wild west, you get back in the saddle.  With antlers taped up and a face laced up, Deer warns ravens to beware, it's here to win.

Singing Thunder (Imagine Dragons), McCarthy thinks Deer sounds familiar and Nicole says he's not a singer. He doesn't move around the stage much. Nicole says he gives off warrior vibes. Robin says an athlete or wrestler. Deer says he loves horses, so Nicole guesses jockey. Ken says maybe a team with a horse. Robin guesses Denver Bronco.

It's Lion's time to roar without any preconceived notions of who they are. Hollywood royalty now standing on their own, stepping away from their pride to sing their heart out. True strength comes from embracing your vulnerabilities, showing their true self for the first time from behind the mask.

Singing A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Fergie Featuring Q-Tip, Goonrock), Lion's voice is big and full of attitude. She struts the stage like it's her pride land and Ken thinks it's the most famous contestant they've had. That's all right to me, Robin says, her posture was perfect, she shook her hips in time with the music, that's a well trained professional.

Jenny says she's unmistakably a professional musical artist. Robin he's intrigued by the Hollywood Royalty - she could be a model first. Jenny thinks a girl group.  Lion says in her pride, there are lots of women.  Jenny says Pussycat Dolls but Nicole says she'd know if someone in her group. Robin thinks 5th Harmony but no way Destiny's Child.

The audience votes between Deer and Lion and the winner of the face-off is... Lion!  That means either Deer, Monster or Hippo will be unmasked, with the other two remaining in the contest.  Who do you it will be?

Hippo, Deer and Monster have lost their face-offs and the won with the least vote from the panel will be unmasked.  The first unmasked singer is...

The first singer to be unmasked is...  Hippo!  That means Deer and Monster are still in the competition.

Now it's time to solve our first who-sung-it mystery. Nicole thinks he's Alan Iverson. Ken says Neon Deion Sanders. Jenny agrees with Ken. Robin says no way - it's Odell Beckham Jr. The panel has made their guesses, now it's time for you to make yours.  Who is the Hippo?

The time has come to find out the identity of our first ever masked singer. Show us who's behind the mask?  It's NFL Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown!  

Did you guess that the $10,000 bill in the clue was for the $10,000 fine that Antonio Brown received for dancing with the end zone?  His favorite pasttime being bowling was a play on having been in the Superbowl and 5 Pro Bowls.  Brown is also known for eating large breakfasts, hence the plate of pancakes.

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