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Summer (Huntington Beach, California) Restaurant Owner

Summer, 30, raised in Orange County, California, experienced her family's financial ruin during her teens. Led by her father's example, Summer's work ethic and determination were molded during this trying time. Regardless of her title, Summer vowed to be the best at any occupation. With no education, and often-earning minimum wage, Summer continuously gained the respect of her co-workers and superiors alike. Summer now owns Sunny's Restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. Located on one of the most traveled streets in the county, the restaurant serves hundreds of locals and tourists daily. Summer thrives on the quality and efficiency of her business and is surrounded by employees who want the restaurant to succeed.

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

Apprentice: Summer Leavin' Happened So Fast

by Matt Webb Mitovich


Summer Zervos, The Apprentice

Here we are but one week into a new round of NBC's The Apprentice, and already people are doing silly things like interrupting the Donald just as he's about to fire someone else. In this instance, a teed-off Trump instead made the call to can Summer Zervos, the gal who seemingly refused to make the calls. Did DT and "genius" project manager Tarek get Summer's number wrong? She of the luscious curls rang TVGuide.com to share her side.

TVGuide.com: Help us understand exactly what you were supposed to be doing in your role for the Sam's Club task. They kept saying you were supposed to call restaurants

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