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Dan (Miami, Fla.) Clothing Company Owner

Dan, 31, is the founder of Brody Sport, a designer brand of active-wear currently sold in prominent boutique shops and popular department stores. Dan has successfully launched several businesses during his entrepreneurial career beginning with a college venture, NYC Cafe "Grandma's Cookie Jar." This wholesale retail bakery boutique served as one of the earliest bakery suppliers for the city's Starbucks stores. Dan also owned YoCookie, a ready-to-bake cookie-dough brand shelved in more than 30 grocery stores even before "Grandma's Cookie Jar" was successfully sold. Dan's next venture was Swan Hat, one of the only

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

Apprentice's Dan Cruises on Home

by Angel Cohn


Dan Brody, The Apprentice

The Donald decided to oust team leader Dan Brody on this week's Apprentice. Mr. Trump was unhappy that Dan didn't bring Lenny into the boardroom even though his castaway idea sunk their commercial for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Before Dan set sail back into the real world, TVGuide.com caught up with him to find out how he feels about being thrown overboard.

TVGuide.com: How do you feel about getting fired by Donald. You don't sound too upset.

Dan Brody: You know what, as you saw after I got fired, I'm not really a downer personality. I'm not really bitter. It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed it

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