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Bryce (Kansas City, Mo.) Home Builder

Bryce, 28, born and raised in Kansas City, MO, attended the University of Kansas. While in school, his real estate ambitions were born when he and his parents purchased two town homes and renovated them. After the completion of the projects, he realized he had no intention of ever using his Journalism degree. Bryce began working for Pulte homes in Kansas City, a fortune 500 residential builder, shortly following his graduation. It wasn

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

The Apprentice's Bryce Cries Fowl

by Matt Webb Mitovich


Bryce Gahagan, The Apprentice

It was jingle all the way... off of NBC's The Apprentice (airing double episodes tonight, starting at 9 pm/ET) for Bryce Gahagan last week, when the 28-year-old custom-home builder got deconstructed by the Donald for, among other things, blaming the wrong teammates for Gold Rush's flunking the Arby's Chicken Naturals task. Does Bryce feel he made a bad call? And does he, like anyone, really believe Trump goes wild for fast-food roast beef? Here's what he had to tell TVGuide.com:

TVGuide.com: The dominant theme for this season

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