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Exile Island: Week 3


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Every night is miserable for the next Survivor sent to Exile Island. Can they withstand another horrendous night, fighting the cold winds, and torrential rain alone??

One Survivor proves to be an All-Star during a Reward Challenge, securing a major win for a starving tribe.

Bickering starts early for one tribe, and leaves some members wondering about forming premature alliances.

Call it superstition, or just plain coincidence, but one groups interesting dinner gives more than strength to a weak tribe.


Who 'can't handle' exile island?

Who might the Un-shined all-star be?

Looks like a snake is on the menu . . . .

Predictions, Theories, Hopes and Wishes. . . . . .

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Wasnt that the best immunity challenge!! I love the physical aspect of it. I really like Cirie, shes a fighter.

Ruth Marie should have gone. She is the Odd Man out, and the weakest member. She should have thrown the pillow to her mat while bobby was pulling her, and then jumped on it when he went for it!!! Noone else was around right then. Still i was happy that Bobby's tribe won. I dont want to see Cirie go home. Im not ready for that.

The teams seem pretty evenly stacked. But i am not rooting for Terry and Dan, and that side. They bore me. Weve seen guys like this win before. Every time i see Terry, i see Tom from Palau. This guy is probably gonna win, and join the old hansom guys winners club. How trite and boring.

I want, no, i need to see shane get 'exiled' from the skakiest and weakest alliance in a while. He is crazy. He doesnt seem to play well with others, and you never know where he is going. I thought i was gonna like him. But im still rooting for his team #1-Cirie is on it. #2 Terry and Dan Arent on it.

I hate how Terry and Dan play the Mans Honor game, ill never go back on my word, you can trust me, blah blahblah. OK, play that with each other, but dont try to use your 'honest intimidation' on Austin, when you plan will be not to let him get past #3 or 4. If i were Austin and Nick, id have went with Misty and Sally. At Least they arent boring and Trite.

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