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Did he make it?


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Hey all. How does everyone think AI is giong so far? I think it is doing pretty good. Although I have a question. Does anyone know if the guy that was a funeral director made it through? I cant remember his name right now, I know they talked to him when he was touring Hollywood, but I couldn't tell if he made it to the next day or not. I hope he did he was one of the ones I liked. Also do you all agree the 2 or 3 sixteen (one maybe 17) all have BIG voices to be so young. I know one of the girls is Paris, the other girl I am thinking of had on a blue shirt tonight and was told in auditions she was the best they have ever seen, and the last one I am thinking of is a boy who is kinda bald with glass and he seems the type that would blend in with the background if it wasn't for his voice. Anyway I think those three are pretty strong although they are some more I like. Who is everyone else pulling for

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