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The teams?


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Hey all. I was hoping you all can help me out. I am doing a college project on Survior, and I want to get other peoples opinions of the show. So I was hoping you all would be able ot help me out. If you chose to answer me if you could please included your age/gender/race it would be great. The reason I amasking for all three is my class is a gender and society class, and these are three of the main things we conprare (as in how people are treated) if it offends anyone to put race you don't have to put it but it would be appriciated. But the other two I really need at least. If you don't feel comortable telling this information on here you can e-mail at JeffsGirl1129@yahoo.com with that information and your answer (just so I want get to wrong answer with a different age). Anyway if there are more question you can ask on here or e-mail me and I will do my best to answer.

These are for the 1st episode only! (in case anyone reads after thrusday)

1) What do you think of how the teams are divided?

2) Is one team going to be better advantage than another?

3) Was it stupid for the older women to vote out Tina?

4) What was the most suprising moment so far?

These are the only ones I can think of as of now. If anyone wants to included anyother info they think of about the show that would be great too. Again thank ou to anyone who helps me out. Also my e-mail again if you chose to answer that way is JeffsGirl1129@yahoo.com

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