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Big Brother

rtvc_jamesrhine.jpg James Rhine

rtvc_sarahhrejsa.jpg Sarah Hrejsa

rtvc_danavarela.jpg Dana Varela

rtvc_rachelplencner.jpg Rachel Plencner

rtvc_junsong.jpg Jun Song

The Biggest Loser

rtvc_lisaandreone.jpg Lisa Andreone

rtvc_danadesilvio.jpg Dana Desilvio

rtvc_matthewkamont.jpg Matthew Kamont

rtvc_kellyminner.jpg Kelly Minner

rtvc_mauricewalker.jpg Maurice "Moe" Walker

rtvc_andrea_overstreet.jpg Andrea Overstreet

The Contender

rtvc_brentcooper.jpg Brent Cooper

rtvc_jonathanreid.jpg Jonathan Reid

Fear Factor

rtvc_craigmaria.jpgCraig Querrey, Maria Hoidas

Forever Eden

rtvc_kassiemiller.jpg Kassie Miller

rtvc_shawnafrazier.jpg Shawna Frazier

rtvc_wallaceluyten.jpg Wallace Luyten

rtvc_davebierstein.jpg Dave Bierstein


rtvc_jonbenarroch.jpg Jon The Blazer Benarroch

rtvc_devronicjohnson.jpg Devonric Johnson

rtvc_mikepiloto.jpg Mike Piloto

rtvc_jasonfrommer1.jpg Jason Fromer

Real World

rtvc_mjgarrett.jpg M.J. Garrett

rtvc_dannyjamieson.jpg Danny Jamieson

rtvc_melindastolp.jpg Melinda Stolp

Road Rules

rtvc_katiedoyle.jpg Katie Doyle

rtvc_tinabarta.jpg Tina Barta

The Real Gilligan

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Courtesy of:FOXREALITY


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American Idol 4 Finalists To Appear At World's First Reality TV Convention And Headline Reality TV Concert


American Idol 4 finalists Jessica Sierra, Scott Savol, & Lindsey Cardinale will take the stage together again for the first time since competing on American Idol 4. The three are performing together with special guests from Nashville Star as part of an Reality TV Stars Concert at City Hall in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, June 3. The concert will be an official after party to the world

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

12PM To 12:45PM

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I haven't heard anything about it being televised. :( If any one is going and can get us pics......Thanks!! I will check the web site on Sunday June 4 and post what they have. (I will be at Cedar Point in Ohio with 200 8th graders on Saturday so I can't do it then.) If someone wants to post from the website before Sunday please feel free to do so.

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Second Annual Reality TV Convention Announced


The Second Annual Reality TV Convention will take place in Nashville, Tennessee on June 30 and July 1, 2007. The current sponsors of the 2007 Reality TV Convention include several of the largest reality TV websites in the United States, such as Reality TV Magazine, TVGrapevine, JokersUpdates, RealityWanted, and RealitySpeaking.

The 2007 Reality TV Convention is a reality TV fan-focused event that includes a meet and greet with reality TV stars, panel discussions on reality TV shows, information on auditioning for reality TV shows, and after parties with reality TV stars.

Last year's 2006 Reality TV Convention featured around eighty reality stars from shows such as American Idol, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Nashville Star, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, and more. The 2006 Reality TV Convention received extensive media coverage, including a segment on Fox Reality

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CMT To Participate In Reality TV Convention


The Reality TV Convention announced today that CMT will be taking part in the 2007 Reality TV Convention. CMT is the home of several popular reality TV shows like Trick My Truck, 2007 Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search, America

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Here are some quotes from James' site...

James: All intentions of being at their booth for the Reality Convention are done, let them get their favorite HG to appear and prove her loyalty to them.

Anne: P.S. It sucks that you won't be at the convention, James. But I'm glad that you're telling us in advance so no one will expect you to be there!

Laura: I thought James was just saying he will not be at Jokers' Booth, not that he wouldn't be at the convention.

James: TVGrapevine won't have a booth and I probably don't want to wander around aimlessly begging Howie for an autograph.
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2007 Reality TV Convention News


The second annual Reality TV Convention occurred on June 30 and July 1, 2007 at the Radisson at Opryland in Nashville Tennessee. Reality TV stars in attendance included Rupert Boneham, Howie Gordon, Kaysar Ridha, Chicken George, Jonny Fairplay, Scott Savol, Jon Peter Lewis, Tonya Cooley, Krista Stegall, Billy Garcia, Flica Flame, Tana Goertz, and many more.

At the convention, the reality stars chatted with fans, signed autographs, and posed for pictures. Reality fans also got information and tips on applying for reality TV shows, and the convention featured casting calls for Supernanny and a new reality show called The Alaska Experiment.

On Saturday night, JokersUpdates.com held a party at the Nashville Palace that included a reality awards show hosted by Big Brother

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