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Shane Powers

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I'm gonna have to third that. This was the first episode that I really started to like him. I'm stoked that Terry chose him for the overnight and let him see his son. I was sad to see him go. He finally acted human.

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Yeah, Cartoon character all the way up to the end. So great. I can only imagine what he is going to say in the jury

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CBS) Good thing Shane Powers spent so much time strutting around with no clothes on while competing on "Survivor: Panama-Exile Island." Because if that was the thrill he needed, he got it. The million dollars, well, that's someone else's big smile.

Shane, the 35-year-old owner of an entertainment marketing company, was stunned as the castaways he thought were his alliance

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Yup I'll admit it too, he was gettting better, at least with this episode I really felt for him, I was glad that he got to spend time with his son! Im glad hes gone because he would be easy for Terry to win against, but I really didnt mind him too much near the end.

And he made me laugh just before Jeff put out his torch, he leaned back and told them all he was going to have a chocloate ice cream bar in about 1 minute, at least he could look on the bright side!!

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Shane Power's Early Show Interview

(Transcript by James Barber for SurvivorFever.net 5.05.06)

Harry Smith: Well, we're down to the Final Four on Survivor: Exile Island. In last night's episode Terry won his fifth straight Immunity Challenge, leaving Shane, the man viewers love to hate, holding the torch.

HARRY : Shane, the look on your face last night was absolutely priceless. You had no idea.

SHANE : I had no idea. I know the game and I knew there was a possibility, but I had made my bed, I had boxed myself in with Aras and Cirie, obviously. I thought we'd hold firm.

(Harry cackles)

HARRY : Really? Are you kidding me? Cirie's really pulling some strings out there.

SHANE : It's been amazing for me to watch Cirie's journey on the show, because when she got there she had no chance of winning, and it actually exuded out of her. She laid low, she worked hard, Aras and I sort of looked out for her. A couple weeks ago you could really tell something switched in her, and she was like, "I can win this." It's been really amazing to watch her journey.

HARRY : Yeah, really phenomenal. You know what, I looked back on the last week and you were surprised last week too.

SHANE : I was surprised because Danielle was supposed to go, and then...

HARRY : Yeah, Danielle is always supposed to go, and she's still standing.

SHANE : There was a bit of a flip-flop. I had created sort of a house away from everyone else called the Summer House, up on the ridge, that was allowed to go to.

HARRY : Did it have your make-believe Blackberry up there?

SHANE : It had everything up there, and no one was allowed to go up there, actually. I came down late and was not really in the loop, which was better for them, because I wasn't around that last 5 days much.

HARRY : One of the great moments maybe in the history of Survivor is the challenge last night where you got the opportunity to spend time with your son. And you know what, we have a Secret Scene that was not on the show last night. I'm gonna go ahead and show that now because you and your son, it's beautiful, it's really beautiful to watch

SHANE (solo; choked up): Watching the sun come up this morning, drinking my espresso, but then knowing my son was near, ready to wake up, come to me. It was unbelievable. It was like I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else on the planet at all. I wanted to be right there.

Boston and Shane lay on the couch)

BOSTON : I'm so proud of you.

SHANE : I'm going to try so hard.

BOSTON (solo): The biggest flaw that would go wrong is that he has an alliance with three other people; if they turn on him, he's gone.]

HARRY : Your son was prophetic. What a thing, to have your son's name tattooed on your chest, to watch you through this whole thing. That was the only thing other than cigarettes it seemed to me that you really yearned for, that you really missed. What did it mean for you last night to be able to have that reunion when you were out there?

SHANE : Well, you know, going through the depletion and having the 30 days of whatever, and then just feeling so wrecked, and having him show up and actually getting to be with him, it was sort of an experience that I would not have had on any other terms, on any other level. The love that I felt and the togetherness we had was really amazing.

HARRY : Now that you're back home and life is sort of back to normal, have the dynamics of your relationship changed, or you just value him that much more?

SHANE : I think you get an amazing amount of perspective from being on the show. It's like you're civilized and then they turn you into a caveman, and you learn how to deal with that, and then suddenly everything that's important to you is right in front of you. It just reinforced the way that me and -- the one thing I do want to say is me and Boston have this amazing relationship, but if it wasn't for his mother, Bird (?), allowing us to play -- she's been a real cornerstone of both our relationships and I can't thank God enough for her.

HARRY : Going back to the beginning of the show, you were flipped out from the second you got there. How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day?

SHANE : I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. I had never tried to quit.

HARRY : So you went cold turkey, you were out there on the show, and the people were literally begging you to stay. I don't remember ever seeing that on the show, where somebody who wanted to leave, people were begging you to stay. I thought that was counterintuitive, but you ended up being such a great asset.

SHANE : Well, I think that when we first got on an island, the four of us we connected immediately, they were very - they wanted me to stay badly because we had had a safe, the four of us were gonna stay safe at least up until the merge, so it was very important for them that I stayed. I was schizophrenic at that point, I had not had a cigarette in six days, no water - the one thing you need to come off cigarettes is water - and I was literally going out of my mind.

HARRY : Well, for us as an audience and fans of Survivor, we really loved watching you go crazy.

SHANE : I'm sure you did.

HARRY : Every single second of it

SHANE : I'm sure you did.

HARRY : Got any cigarettes in there now?

SHANE : I have plenty of cigarettes. Would you like one now?

HARRY (laughs): No, no, we gotta go. Thanks buddy.

SHANE : Pleasure.

HARRY : Great to be with you.

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Shane Power's Early Show Interview...

...HARRY : Got any cigarettes in there now?

SHANE : I have plenty of cigarettes. Would you like one now?...

Sad to hear he's smoking again.

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im gonna miss shane and his fights with danielle but he needed to go i wonder how the others are holding up having to listen to his bs alot well good luck guys haha

another thing i love is how he tries to get out of situations with excuses and then he always regrets them thats hillarity. Also i think what due him in was his lack of ability to shut up he said some stuff he shouldnt of said at the wrong times danielle even told him that. I always used to think that shanes son was really a cigarette named boston lol.

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Good bye, and good riddance! I'll give you this much, you rank in the Survivor Top Five of delusional tribe members that think you're the master of strategy but who are really nothing but a schmuck...

Didn't even see it coming!!!!! :P

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SL with Shane: (Transcript by SF.net)

Segment 1

DR: Get the chocolate ice cream bars out cuz Shane is in the house. Today is the show to end all shows because my man Shane Powers is sitting right over there.

Shane: Today we love Shane.

DR: Well, I think it's been an interesting journey.

JM: It's been a ride.

DR: Interesting journey Shane, in terms of we saw as you said yourself, you were going a little bonkers there at first. Not to insinuate that you didn't continue to go a little bonkers. As the weeks went on we saw more strategizing.

JM: And you were just entertaining to watch. When we realize when you're not there, we're kind of like, "oh, okay." You add a level of fun to the show. You can't deny that.

Shane: Okay.

JM: Love it or hate it, you can't deny it.

Shane: Love it or hate it.

DR: A little bit of both.

Shane: I would imagine a little bit of both.

DR: Take us through...now let's talk about last night. Because, you think you're good, you're not good. We hear Aras say that you lost his trust because he heard word that you were going to bring Courtney to the final two.

Shane: Aras...the four of us, Courtney, Danielle, me and Aras had the original four alliance.

JM: From the beginning.

Shane: From the beginning. And then I needed to get my son's name back because I was very, very unsure about Courtney's mental state. Where she was going to head with that. I had locked myself into those three with my son's name and they hadn't locked in. And I was like, "I gotta get out of this." I did. The second I got out of there I kept with Aras and just said, "we're into the four." That's pretty much how we played the game until we got a little deeper after the merge and then we brought Cirie in. Little to everyone's, obviously since I've watched the show, little to my knowledge that Cirie had brought everybody in.

JM: She's got lots of plans.

Shane: She's been amazing. Watching the show and seeing her on it and seeing how she had no chance of winning at the beginning of the show and everybody knew she was next, after Melinda and watching her just put her head down and go to work. Then me and Aras sort of felt bad for her in the sense that...it wasn't that we felt bad for her but we just really liked her. You know, we're going to tuck her in and we're going to keep her safe and she became our third more so than anybody else. It's really interesting because at some point Cirie starts to realize that she could win. And she is not a dumb broad. She is a smart woman. She has done a masterful job of getting what she...

JM: She's in game mode. You could see it last night when her husband left. She wasn't all weepy. She was like...alright. She just seems really focused.

DR: She pulled it all off. There's nothing that I like more than bewildered facial expressions at Tribal Council and great send off lines. Check out what happened at Tribal Council.

<video clip>

DR: Jeff Probst is trying everything in his power not to lose it.

JM: Not to laugh.

DR: We did our top five exit lines last season. Morasca, where does this come in?

JM: Definitely in the top five.

Shane: Ever? No chance.

JM: Yeah, cause no one usually ever says anything because they're shocked.

Shane: There was so much going on. People talk about getting blindsided or having time to know whether they're going to go. I really enjoyed the blindsided part because you literally have so much going on. You're like, "oh my God, I get to eat and smoke." And then you're also like, "wait a minute how is this possible that I got sold out?"

JM: And you're back on the jury. You've got that to think about, too.

Shane: I'm on the jury which is obviously going to be real fun.

JM: Huge decision you're making, too.

Shane: It's going to be real fun when it gets down to the final two...for me.

JM: We expect that.

Shane: Yeah, I would imagine that you would expect greatness.

JM: I hope so. I love that stuff.

DR: First question, they don't show Terry's vote. Are you assuming, "everyone voted against me." Do you think Terry voted Danielle. Terry ended up voting Aras. What did you think was going on with Terry's vote?

Shane: For me at the time, at the RC in the morning, Terry had said, "Listen, let's make a pact." And I said, "Here's the deal, when we get to the four, me and Cirie are going to take out Aras and we obviously would like you to be a part of that." And he was like, "Absolutely." He was like, "But what about flopping now?" There was another moment where Boston and me were having a flap jack and a snausage, God that was good, and I looked at Terry and I said, "I'm not flopping on these people." I gave them my word on my son's life and I feel confidant that Cirie...you know I think Cirie is overplaying the game at this point. She's gotten so into the inertia of who and chatting and this and playing. I gave her the correct path which was, we knock out Danielle then we knock out Aras at the four. Then it's me, her and Terry at the three. She can beat either one of us. At some point she's going to have to have won an Immunity Challenge. So, I offered her I think the best route. She's not... I don't think she can beat Aras. I don't think anybody can beat Aras. Aras is the...

JM: In the Final Two or in challenges?

Shane: In the Final Two. I don't think that anyone at this point...

JM: He's the Gold...cause you did say he's going to levitate home.

Shane: He's the Golden Boy. And it's like I was the alcoholic, drunken, abusive father.

JM: So why not keep you around then and get rid of someone who you think is a bigger threat? Why you?

Shane: Because Cirie is the linchpin in the whole deal and I think that her and Aras were very, very close.

JM: But she can't beat him, though.

Shane: How about this: she's been smart all the way up until now and maybe the emotions pulled and she stayed with Aras. Who knows. I felt like I was in a good spot and for being so maniacal and out of my loop to get to this point, where if I get past tonight I'm in a real good spot. The house of cards caved in and obviously I was extremely delusional and I really did think that I was in a good spot. Obviously everyone was...

JM: I think it was a bad move on their part, strategy wise.

DR: Like you said, blindsided is always the way to go. Especially from a viewer's perspective.

Caller: Is this the Shaniac I'm talking to? This is the Elainiac. I'm from South Carolina, Shane.

Shane: The Elainiac.

Caller: Hey, I quit smoking seven years ago and dude, you did something I couldn't have done. I never thought you were mean or crazy. At the RC, when Cirie answered "who thought they were playing the game and they weren't" and she answered you. Then she took Danielle and Aras on the RC, then they blindsided Courtney. Didn't that kind of give you a clue that maybe something was going on with those three?

Shane: It did give me a clue but at that point I was already married to Cirie. I had given her my word. And I had given my word to Aras. As crazy and insane as I seemed out there, and I was, there's a big moral fortitude to when I say something, I mean it. My integrity wasn't really... a million dollars is not THAT much money. Especially, I have an example to set for a thirteen year old kid. I was not going to go out in the way that I did. They didn't actually show it but about eight days before that I created my own little house up on the ridge away from everybody. I had made my bed with my alliances and I wanted to say out of everyone's hair because I was afraid I would blow up again. So I had the summer house up on the ridge. I was pretty much out of everyone's hair. It was very conceivable that at the last second there had been some kind of a flop. When I came back I looked them in the eye and I asked them what was going on. Cirie lied profusely and so did Aras. I was married to them anyway. At this point I believed them and I'm here now in New York City and I'm talking to the Elainiac.

Caller: I think you are one of the more entertaining people on Survivor. I hope you and Courtney have a show from her apartment, on location...film...and you guys can talk. Cause you guys are very funny.

Shane: Thank you.

Caller: And, the Glenn Close line, all that very funny. Did you guys realize that the Final Four are representing each of the original four tribes?

Shane: I didn't think about that. It's sort of interesting that it happened that way and I think it's purely coincidence.

Caller: Do you miss your thinking stool?

Shane: I miss the thinking rock. I actually would have tried to get it on a plane but it was about 900 pounds.

JM: What we had to say about your alliance is that as crazy as it may have been, it stuck together for a long time. If it wasn't for Terry continuing to win, you guys would have just carried ourselves all the way to the Final Four, plus Cirie, Final Five.

Shane: The thing about what happened with us, pre-merge, is that we were out of our minds and we were crazy but we felt very safe, the four of us. It's so personal out there. You have your thing, you have your minute and you have your explosion and then you kind of relax and you reconnect with everybody. I would look at everybody and say, "here's the deal, I'm out of my mind. I'm sorry. I can't edit myself. I have a feeling and I have an emotion and I freak out." The cigarette thing, I have no idea what it was going to do to me mentally.

JM: Do you think that contributed most to the outburst?

Shane: That was the single most hardest thing I had. Physical withdrawal from the cigarettes mirrored with the starvation and not having the water. But the mental psychosis that you go through, I had no idea it was going to be that difficult. I had dug myself a 15 or 20 foot hole when we got to the merge. Whether I was endearing or whether I was clever or whether I made them laugh a lot, at the end of the day I was unstable in their eyes. I'm sure that probably led to my demise when it came down to Cirie wondering if she's going to go with Aras or she's going to go with me. When it was time to choose up sides, Aras was the most stable. I would have done the same thing that she did. My thing is that Cirie swore on her three kids lives and she didn't have to. Like I would have believed her anyway.

JM: She's very convincing.

Shane: She's extremely convincing and her laugh was infectious. I really have enjoyed watching her play the game.

DR: Who would be the one person who you'd just assume never cross paths with again?

Shane: Cirie. I had a really enjoyable experience out there with her for sure but I have nothing to say to her. And I'm not mad at her. It's been amazing to watch her journey. I just...what are we gonna talk about? I put all of my eggs in one basket. My strategy going into the game was, align with an alpha male and get a single mother's word on her children. Single mothers have a huge connection, like I am a single father to my son and it was, I felt like if I got that I was going to be okay. Especially a woman coming from an urban neighborhood with three kids. I felt like I was going to be in a really good spot.

DR: Single mothers also have a big connection to a big wad of cash.

Shane: It wasn't like I offered her something that was going to put her in a bad spot. I offered her the best option on top of the fact that I wanted her word.

JM: You would have kept him right?

DR: I would have kept him for the same reason I would have kept Courtney. This guy has been all over the map.

Shane: If I would have gotten to the Final Two I think I'm articulate enough to... I think you have about 36 hours to spin your web and think about how you're going to lead the jury. I would have had a real shot to win.

JM: Everybody who has come on the show has said that no matter what they think of you or how you act, they always know where they stand with you.

DR: Where do you stand with him.

Shane: Let's talk about all the hate.

DR: We gotta do a time capsule first.

Shane's Time Capsule: Dear Shane, I want to tell you first of all that what you do within the confines of this game does not represent who you are. At times you are going to fight because you are a human being. There's going to be a lot of different things that you're not going to want to do because you're going to look into the eyes of real people that have real feelings. You're going to have to make a decision to probably hurt those feelings. I just want you to know that I forgive you now. This is a very special circumstance. Hopefully you will be able to get to a place where even though you have had these experiences you'll be able to get to a place where you can forgive yourself. Understand that you were in a position where you had priorities and the priorities were making a million dollars for your son. Within that, there were things that you were willing to do that you would never normally do in a real scenario. That's all.

Shane: Where's that guy? Can I have that guy back? That's the guy who smokes.

JM: That guy might be one.

Shane: That guy is history.

DR: I spoke to Shane that day and you were smoking and having coffee and it was a different Shane. You're already apologizing in advance for what you're going to do. I almost took that to mean strategically backstabbing. You didn't do any of that.

Shane: I backstabbed no one and I was at the five and I was like, am I gonna actually be able to get through this game and not have screwed over one person. I don't know if that's ever...I'm not an aficionado on the show, I've watched four seasons and I think the show is amazing but I don't know, has anyone ever gotten through...

JM: Maybe Tom and Ethan.

DR: Tom and Ethan would tell you that they...

Shane: Is that because they were physically dominant?

JM: I don't know, I think they were just nice guys. Ethan never got a vote at all until All Stars. I don't know how he pulled that off.

Shane: That's why you want to marry him.

JM: We'll ask him that question.

DR: Someone is sweating in the control room right now, his initials are E.Z.

JM: He just ran out of the building.

DR: We're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back.

Segment 2:

DR: We got some family on the line. Uncle Ray what's up?

Caller: Hey Shane, what's up?

Shane: Uncle Ray, what's up you freak?

Caller: First one off, last one off, we still love you. Who were you the closest to on the island? Or maybe bonded with the most?

Shane: At this point I think I probably bonded with Aras. But at this point my favorite is Terry. Terry is a beast. The guy never had any help. He was like 6-1, 7-1, 8-1 and the guy has looked everyone in the eye and said, "I'm not leaving and there's nothing you can do about it." At some point you have to respect the man. For (a) getting inside seven other people's heads and (B) us kind of realizing like "right, you are gonna win every challenge." That is really eye opening. The guy is um... I know he rubs Jenna the wrong way.Terry will have his time to defend [himself to] her. You've been completely unfair.

DR: I agree.

JM: I've said that athletic-wise, he's amazing. I just don't like the arrogance.

DR: Don't hate the player.

JM: I don't hate the player. There's a different way to go about things. He could just be nice. I feel like he knows that he's on the low end and doesn't care if he rubs people the wrong way. It may be editing.

Shane: It is. It's hard for...and I know that you've been on the show...I think that you actually, you won?...right?...which is shocking.


Shane: You don't know what the guy is going through. You don't know the relationship that we all had with him.

JM: Right, we only know what we see.

Shane: We all really respected the guy. The guy was a lone wolf and he looked us all in the eye and he said, "I'm staying here and there's nothing you can do about it."

JM: I think it's now to the point that Terry has just gotten into your head.

Shane: He was completely in our heads at the merge when there was 10 of us left. It was always about Terry. What are we going to do to get him off? How do we get him off. We've got to get Terry off. The guy has had the target on his back since the merge and has not gone down. To have that type of mental fortitude out there with no one really, I mean he had the other tribe members from La Mina but the six of us wasn't flopping because I wasn't going to let anybody flop. And the guy has been on his own for like 30 days, 21 days, how ever long the merge is. It's impressive. The guy is an impressive man. I have not a bad word to say about him.

DR: It's interesting because the vibe we got at first was that you guys didn't like him. But recently we saw Courtney, Courtney had good things to say about him.

JM: It's a mix.

Shane: Well, who didn't like him?

JM: They didn't say they didn't like him, they just said they felt like he was arrogant. That's what we're getting as viewers.

Shane: Because he like cheers after he wins?

JM: Some of the comments we've seen at the challenges. Last night about Danielle's mom.

Shane: Just to defend him one more time. This guy is a guy who has an iron will. He lives in suburbia. He's a throwback. He's the guy that is gonna hold the door open for his wife. He's the guy that's gonna be up at 5:30 mowing the lawn. He's the guy that's gonna show up for his kids no matter what. He may not have a ton of experience with people outside his element but this man is a real good man. He's a good man.

JM: Very similar to Tom Westman.

DR: When I interviewed him before the game started, he watches Survivor Live every week. So there's going to be a T.D./Morasca throwdown.

JM: I am more than willing to get to know him personally outside the show. But I'm saying as a viewer that's all I've got.

Shane: Here's the deal, you have been hating so when he gets here you need to hate.

JM: I'm definitely going to tell him that I thought he was arrogant.

Shane: You can't hate people and then when they come on the show like suck it up.

JM: I tell people I hated to their face. But I never really actually hated any Survivors.

Shane: I mean hate in the figurative sense. Both of you guys were bombing on me for like seven weeks!

DR: The first seven weeks. You were a maniac. You said you were a maniac.

Shane: I was a maniac but it seemed like I was used most of the time, like, well, we have dead air, neither one of us know what to say, so...that Shane guy is a creep.

JM: We never said you were a creep. We did say you were crazy.

Shane: Oh, you absolutely have called me a creep.

JM: I don't think so.

Shane: It's been fun. It's been a great experience. I've been pretty self aware and there's been a lot of darts thrown at me. I've given you guys a ton of reasons to hack it up. It's been an amazing experience.

JM: If anyone knows what it's like to get crap for 13 weeks, Dalton Ross, it's me.

Caller: A short comment and a question for Shane. The comment is from my uncle who is a prisoner of war. He wanted to say 'good for you Shane', because when you were playing with your blackberry and you had your own special place and your own special seat, those are the exact same things that they did to get through the hunger and the confinement and the solitude. They pretended they were reading messages from home and they had their own little locations where they sat everyday. But my uncle just wanted to say, "good for you, Shane." The second question that I had was...are you there?

Shane: Yo! You're dropping some heavy stuff on us. I'm absorbing it and it's great.

Caller: Ok, my question is, you know that one day that you had with your son? Would you have traded that for being in the final two?

Shane: Don, you're deep. I wanna address the first part. I obviously would never on any level begin to understand what it's like to be a prisoner of war. But I do understand the "Lord of the Flies" mentality. It's like survival of the fittest. You adapt and adjust or you get erased. I adapted and adjusted and I could have been out there for five more years alone. I had literally gotten into a zone where I was comfortable and I was happy. Some of the editing made me seem like I really thought I was blackberrying people. Which I know I wasn't. I was definitely sending messages off to people. I was writing messages in my head. It was keeping me very sane. It was fascinating to have that comment, Don. The second question...

DR: Do it, trade it...

Shane: Of course, 100%. You go through so much and you're dragged through a hedge backwards and they turn you into a caveman. I was playing with the TiVo and the next thing I know it's four hours to get a pot of water. You go through so much and you've exhausted so much emotionally and physically and then he shows up. He comes around that corner. And that night we spent together, it's worth the Final Two. And I'm not saying that because I'm bummed I'm not in the Final Two. It's absolutely the case. It was worth every second. Every dollar. Look at that <video of Shane seeing his son for first time during RC> that man is a broken man.

JM: That's the best episode.

Shane: Another thing that was very good about that, and I don't mean to get deep again, it was the first time that Boston had ever seen his dad not immortal. You know, like your dad is your hero and he's invincible. Nothing can hurt him. There was a lot going on for him. He looked at me and I was beaten. I was done. Physically, mentally, emotionally. He, at 13 got to realize, wow my dad is a mortal person. That's been really beautiful, too.

DR: Did you have a talk with him before the show went on the air. And say, "Look, you're going to see some things. You're going to see me in a place where I haven't been in twenty years because I'm not having cigarettes and coffee."

Shane: First of all, you have no idea what you're about to go through, they say this is going to be the hardest thing you've ever done.

DR: But once you go through it and knew it was going up on the air...

Shane: When I got home we had a very good talk about it. I'm the vivid, emotionally passionate one of the duo of parenting. Mom is extremely centered and really spiritual and really focused. We've kind of tag teamed in a beautiful way. He gets the best of both worlds. I also want to say that without Bird, Boston's mom, none of this would be really possible. She's the anchor to our family unit. She's the strength and she's the harbor. She really is the reason why my kid is such an amazing kid. I love you a lot, Bird. It was a great experience. We talked about everything at length. I just said, "Your pop is basically at a schizophrenic mode because he's got nicotine sticking to the fatty cells of his brain and he has no water to flush it all out. He's gone bananas." Because I was. I'd gone nuts. It was interesting.

DR: Let's see what did you in, Cirie and her movement and what she had going on in the game, turning the tide here. Shane thought Danielle was going home.

<video clip of Shane and Cirie discussing boot order - ends with Shane telling the others to let him know if he's gone tonight>

Shane: Just let me know.

DR: But you never can let someone know. Too risky.

Shane: I was teasing, I was actually being silly because I really thought we were good. I thought Danielle was going home.

DR: We haven't really spoken about Danielle and your thoughts. You had a very sort of relationship, like you and Courtney. Butting heads a lot early. Didn't really see you guys in the last few weeks even talk.

Shane: Danielle...the second I got out of that thing it was over. Danielle is sort of like a dude.

JM: She doesn't look like a dude.

Shane: She's a beautiful girl but she's like a guy. She's real competitive. She really wants to compete with men. She's the kind of girl that for me...and again...this is 16 exceptional people that were picked to be on the thing. They are all highly motivated, highly successful. These are all people that deserve to be here for one reason or another. Danielle and I would not, I don't think we would vibe very well. I'm not real into non-maternal women. She's not a very maternal woman. She still, I think, has a lot to prove to herself and to the people around her. I think she's very ambitious. When we got out of our thing, that was it. Me and her were done. I think Danielle and I were the same pawn for Aras and Cirie and they ended up going with her. We'll see how it all plays out. I don't know, you know what I mean, it's interesting to me. I don't feel like she deserved to get further than me and again life isn't fair and that's another thing that me and Boston talk about.

JM: You felt she was just kind of being tugged along?

Shane: She wasn't even really being tugged along. She didn't do a lot. She bonded a lot with Cirie. She definitely didn't work. She ate more than everyone else. Like she would sort of steal food. Not steal it or like take it and hoard it, she would eat more than everyone else. It was apparent and I watched it. I actually called her out on it once. Which was probably, again, not the smartest thing to do. She is an ambitious, non-maternal woman. And there's plenty of women out there like that. I don't vibe with them very well but I also know that she's a tough competitor and you know, we'll see what happens.

Caller: I loved you Shane. I was wondering how hard it was for you being basically like the outsider in there. You were backstabbed. How hard was it to actually see that?

Shane: I told Cirie, "We're going to take out Aras at the final four and then Cirie immediately went to Aras and told him that. And so Aras and Cirie were locked in. You know Aras...the one thing I don't like about Aras is that he gave me his word on like his yoga whatever, which is important to him. I really didn't hold...I mean...you know.

DR: Yeah.

Shane: There's a lot of onus in...you know what I mean... <laughs>

JM: You don't do a lot of yoga.

Shane: Yeah and there's a lot of big fruity words that Aras is gonna throw at you.

DR: The best thing was when he did the stack of the hands.

Shane: Yeah, that worked out well. I wasn't anywhere near that. If he would have brought any of that while I was around I would have laughed hysterically in his grill. He should have come to me and said, "what's going on? I hear that you and Cirie..." He never did that.

JM: He didn't give you a chance to defend yourself?

Shane: He didn't give me a chance to defend myself. I think he wanted me out of there. I think it was his route...his way of saying "If I don't want to hear about him I can just clip him and he doesn't have any say so in the matter." Aras, again, is a highly motivated, ambitious kid and he really wants to be grown up. He wants to be looked upon as grown up so he uses a lot of big words and he talks about all these things that he's read about but then again, you've gotta have experience in those areas in order to be taken seriously.

DR: I'm gonna have him give me a faux-hawk when he's here. It's a little 2002.

JM: I like the faux-hawk.

DR: We've got to take a quick break.

Segment 3:

DR: Before the game started I remember talking to you and you said how your will, if you made it down to that final three, almost always an endurance challenge, you said, "I'm not getting off." We don't know if it's going to be an endurance challenge but if it is and Terry Deitz is sitting there, do you still maintain that?

Shane: No, I would have been done. Done in a second.

JM: I don't think it's going to be endurance. I think they're going to flip it up and do something crazy like a question and answer.

Shane: If it is an endurance challenge then it's a lock that he's in the final two. No one's beating him on any type of endurance or mental...no chance.

JM: I think it's going to be a Q and A like one other season they did question and answer at Final Three...

DR: Australia I think.

JM: They've had a couple of endurance challenges already. The one where you were holding your own weight. I consider that endurance.

Shane: That was brutal.

<Top 10 Toughest Survivor Challenges Video = #2 "Hot Pursuit" from Survivor: Palau>

Caller: This was the first season of Survivor I've seen and it was a great first season to catch. Great job on hanging in there for so long. Off screen, was there a romance between you and Courtney?

DR: That's what Cirie was calling out.

Shane: Oh, I am going to catch so much for that one. No.

JM: Not gonna happen?

Shane: It's not going to happen.

DR: You said you wanted to go to her apartment and kill her.

Shane: I wanted to go to her apartment and at some point I wanted to kill her. Can you believe I made a death threat on national television? Could I go to jail for that?

JM: Yes!

Shane: Even thought it's six months ago in another country? What's the statute of limitations?

JM: I think the other country thing would get you off the hook.

Shane: Courtney was...Courtney was like going to the Courtney zone. There's a whole nother parallel universe that she's living in and we all obviously at times on the island enjoyed that and didn't enjoy it. It sort of reminds me of that phantom zone thing. Courtney means no harm and I was really hard on Courtney, that's for sure. I probably owe her an apology. Was there an attraction to Courtney and I? Not from my side.

Caller: We called you Insane Shane here. It's fun to watch. We are seeing a whole new side to you and I find you the most articulate guest. I'm really impressed with you, Shane.

Shane: Thank you so much.

Caller: My question is...your tattoos were so difficult for me to see. I wanna know what they were and what they mean. I know the one on your chest was Boston.

Shane: I have twelve of them. I got a new one.

JM: Was it a big Survivor logo like Bruce got?

Shane: I didn't get the Survivor: Exile Island logo on the small of my back but I really am impressed that Bruce did. I got one on the inside of my lip. Which is something that I have always wanted.

JM: Did that hurt?

Shane: It hurt like a...I mean it hurt so bad but it was over in five minutes. And I'd always wanted to have the experience...so...

DR: What is it?

Shane: "ADJ". That was interesting, that tattoo. ADJ is a very, very special person in my life as we speak. I've been in four committed relationships in my life. All four of those women are on my body, in some way. I have my best friend who's on here. I have a poem that I wrote for myself on the back. This right here was something that was a psychologist asked a bunch of kids the definition of love and this four year old answered "you know that someone loves you by the way they say your name, it just feels safe in their mouth." That was a four year old kid's definition. I was so devastated by it that I actually wanted to have it on me. Here [side] I have a thing that says, "I grow from and through you." Which is where Adam broke the rib and it's for my mother. And on the back, just different stuff, they all hold some depth and weight. I'm not the guy that would put the eagle talon or the fire dragon

DR: Let's take a look at this Immunity Challenge, Shane's last challenge.

<video clip of IC>

DR: It's a good thing you had that shirt on because that skin on the water in the flip [belly flop off the IC perch] could have been a little ouchy.

Shane: That actually hurt really bad and when I surfaced, I looked up at Probst and I was like, "That wasn't a good idea."

JM: Cirie's like, "I'm just gonna climb down."

Shane: Did she climb down?

DR: Nice flip by Danielle, though.

Shane: Danielle on an athletic level was no joke.

JM: I read her bio on CBS. She's played high level soccer, lots of sports, Lacrosse, I think, she's a very accomplished athlete.

Shane: She was serious. Pre-merge she was like having an Austin or a Nick. She was physically really gifted on the one level she was absolutely unbelievable. Physically, she was gifted, for sure.

JM: The challenge is almost like, anyone could have won. Terry's still got the four leaf clover.

DR: No strength involved.

JM: He won anyway. He's got the luck.

Shane: And when that happens, we're just like, man are we snakebit. There is there some kind of weird curse this dude has put on us. Terry was just formidable. That might have been a challenge where it was just relevant that he was up in our head. We didn't feel like we could beat him. Because I know that's how we all felt.

JM: Also, as an audience, we don't, I don't think he's going to lose anymore. He's up in my head. I wouldn't want to go against him. I'm no challenge expert.

Caller: If Terry had not picked you last night to go on the RC, what would your emotional state have been? And if you didn't get voted off last night would you have really torn into Terry?

DR: If he sends you to Exile and you get no hug or nothing.

Shane: There's no way to answer that question. I hadn't been on one reward since the feast at the merge. Everyone had gone. It was sort of like the running joke that I was the one guy that hadn't gotten a reward. It was the family and the kid. If Terry would have sent me to Exile Island I probably would have cheated and just run over and hugged my kid anyway. What are they gonna do? Are they gonna throw me off the island? I'm the most interesting guy on the show. I'm selling the most trucks, for CBS. I don't know what they would have done.

JM: Is that a plug for a car?

DR: Viewers are voting online for someone to get a car. You may win a GMC Yukon.

Shane: Terry is gonna win two cars. There's no way Terry's not gonna win the car.

JM: The viewers are gonna give it to someone else because they know he already won a car. Maybe Cirie.

Shane: It isn't going to be me!

DR: Would Terry give his reward away to the other players for just a hug?

Shane: Terry was already in an individual game from 9 people ago. He wasn't having any alliances. He wasn't trying to hold anything together. It's like the guy was on his own from go. There's no way he was going to give himself a hug or exile.

DR: He has been trying to make alliances. We saw him do it with Danielle, with Courtney, with Cirie.

Shane: He's definitely tried really, really hard but again he's always been...there's no reason for us to go and I was very adamant to my tribe...here's the deal...anyone flops and you're going to have the wrath of Shane. The bottom line is that I will make sure on my dying breath that nobody from Casaya gets voted for.

DR: I wish they'd flopped. Imagine him at TC if they'd flopped.

JM: I think TC is going to be good. We've got Courtney, we don't know what she's going to do. I don't think it's going to be malicious. I think it's going to be a tough question.

Shane: No, my jury thing is going to be quite memorable.

Probst's Thoughts: Shane will go down as one of my favorite Survivors to be on the show because of the bravery it took to try to quit smoking after 20 years and three packs a day and just do it cold turkey on day one. He was hysterical to watch. Every time he opens his mouth it's something you want to hear. I enjoy having guys like Shane on the show. I would love to have someone like him on the show every single season.

Shane: That was very nice of him. Before I came on the show I had an opinion about Jeff that I thought he was smug and egocentric. The guy is really passionate about what he does and he's such a nice soul. Incredible perceptive at Tribal Council. He absolutely believes that he's the keeper of the integrity of that game and is gonna defend the game at all costs. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him.

DR: That's what we call Shane's thoughts, a little reverse.

Shane: The show wouldn't be as good without him. And that's why CBS gave him the big dough.

Caller: I thought that was pretty kewl you stood up to Jenna about Terry because she seems to be pretty anti-Terry.

JM: I don't hate Terry. I really don't hate Terry.

Caller: You were like pretty hardcore to your teammates, yell at them. How did you keep them with your word?

Shane: When you get used to me, it's sort of like, oh it's Shane and he's having his moment. I was always very apologetic after what happened. I was like, you can't take this personally, I can't control myself. There was always a lot of healing that went on. It doesn't make my behavior anymore right. I should have treated these people better. When you go through the type of cigarette withdrawal I went thought, it doesn't excuse my behavior but it definitely explains it.

DR: We saw that from the tribe. You adapted to them, they adapted to you. To the viewers you were a crazy man in the beginning...

JM: Then we were sad to see you leave.

DR: It started at the merge. We saw you doing a lot of good strategy. And having more fun, being loose.

Shane: You gotta get comfortable with always being uncomfortable. You hit that plateau at like day 15. Then the merge came and I really knew I had to be on my p's and q's because I couldn't be a maniac with these new people coming in because I would inevitably need their vote in a jury situation. I really tried to chill out as best I could. There were blowups and a lot of those were at Courtney because to be honest with you, everyone was a little bummed out by Courtney. I don't say that to rub in the wound. Courtney is a really creative and artistic human being and I absolutely could learn a bunch from her. She's traveled the world but in the game of Survivor she was a lot to be around. I think I directed a lot of that to her because that's how people felt.

Jenna Morasca's Question of the week: So, Shane, what are you going to do now?

Shane: I have a football coming up. It's our last season. I'm the head coach with one other guy, Manny. It's in a very underprivileged area of Los Angeles, Deep Valley. We have one more season before everybody goes to high school. I left in the middle of the season to go do the show. I'll probably be out in malls across the San Fernando Valley scouting for talent. We need a running back because he graduated. And my company is really good. We're very busy and we have lots of stuff coming down the pike.

DR: Take a look at the promo for next week's episode of Survivor: Exile Island.

<video clip>

DR: I don't get those two [Terry and Danielle]. Are they working together or against each other.

JM: They've tired like three times to come together and it hasn't worked.

DR: Four people left, only two episodes.

Shane: I need to give one shout. I need to give a shout out to Pencake. Pencake is the boss. Pencake is the ruler. Super inside joke with all the hardcore fans of Survivor.

DR: Shane, we knew this was going to be a good show, that you would bring the goods.

JM: Yeah.

DR: It was a lot of fun. Callers loved it, jammed up. I think that you were a polarizing figure, love him, hate him, love to hate him, hate to love him. But I can safely say that everyone is bummed that you're not there to be on the show to liven things up.

JM: Definitely.

DR: At the same time I'm psyched you're on the jury.

JM: Bring him back next season like Stephenie and Bobby Jon.

DR: Thanks for being here.

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IMHO, Shane cat his vote to give Cerie the 1 million. Cercie is likely\smartly to talk about her family in her jury comments, Shane will connect with her at that level. Terry will talk all about he efforts in the game, and little about his family.

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Hmm -- well, I wanted to see this guy go. But since we've put up with him so long already, I kinda wish he'd stuck around for the final 2. Then we would get to see everyone ask him questions. This way, we only get to see him ask. It should still be entertaining, but not as fun as watching him try and handle everone's questions towards him.

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I'm not really sure that questioning him would be that interesting. He was an open book. He was a post nicotine addiciton mess, he had no qualms about flaunting his team solidarity in anyone's face, his quirks like the Blackberry were there for the world to see, he really didn't backstab or connive.........nothing exciting to come out in final questioning. Hearing his questions might even be boring. Wow, who would have ever thought to use the word boring to describe Shane.

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After watching him explode & implode (whether it be a ruse or real), I think it's funny that he said his plan was to stay under the radar. If that's what his intention was, what a horrid player. But I guess with his and Courtney's attempt to prove their value as a Final 2 partner this early, doesn't work.

I will say one thing, his final question should be interesting.

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I will say one thing, his final question should be interesting.

If Cerie or Aras are in the final 2 I actually think his final question is gonna be pridictable. He's just gonna rant and rave how he was betrayed because he had asked them to let him know if he was gonna be voted off and not blind side him. Positive he'll whine about it during the Q&A..I hope either Cerie/Aras say "Shane sit down and shut up you nut!"

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One thing that wasn't mentioned about Shane's appearance on The Early Show. . . the guy cleans up really well. I was shocked at how good looking he was.

Another interesting thing was that they were flashing facts about Shane across the bottom of the screen during the interview and one, particularly, caught my eye. He has appeared on an episode of the sitcom "Third Rock From The Sun". Can these reality shows stop casting people with SAG cards and actually cast real people anymore?

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That wasn't the only show he has appeared on... I think another one was 2 1/2 men and I know he played in a gay friendly film...

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That wasn't the only show he has appeared on... I think another one was 2 1/2 men and I know he played in a gay friendly film...

He played a charecter very close to himself .. . . . crazy!!! He killedhimelf in the end of the movie cause he was in love with his best friend

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Hmmm, Shane's imdb page was interesting, who woulda thought!

HA HA HA, just re-read the imdb page and looked basically at the roles themselves....very diverse (insert sarcastic snort)....man, mugger, guy #1, cop #2, videopirate.........that's our Shane, he's everyman!

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Just out of curiousity does any one know for sure that is the same guy? Are pictures available for us to see him on that site? :unsure:

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You can look up the film and you will know it's the same guy... I don't know about the rest of it though...

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Guest StarBaby

I can't wait to see who Shane votes for, and I hope he gives us a show during the final tribal when the jury addresses the two finalists.

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

Survivor's Shane Smoked by Betrayal

by Allison Corneau


Shane Powers, Survivor: Panama

Every reality show has a contestant fans love to hate, and for CBS' Survivor: Panama

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