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Big Brother Season 20 Finale BY Interviews


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After the Season Finale (Congratulations Kaycee for winning Big Brother and Tyler for winning America's Favorite Houseguest), Facebook's Ross & Marissa's conducted Interviews of all the Houseguests.  Here is a recap.


Brett says it was a tough decision who to vote vote - 50/50 - but in the end, Tyler did the least likely thing he thought he'd do, have a F2 with Kaycee, and have to respect he got me out. But Kaycee did amazing and got to F2. I didn't. Brett says he played the game and can't be upset for someone else playing the game. I walked into the house playing the game so I can't blame anyone else for doing the same, and if I can't forgive them, then they won't forgive me.


Marissa reveals that Rachel, Winston and Kaitlyn have all moved in together in LA. Where will you end up? Brett says I'm having a vision and I'm seeing LA! I'll sleep on the couch, rotate beds, we've all slept together all summer. It would be exciting to hang out outside of the house. I wasn't surprised by any of the showmances. Trust me, I knew.


Brett says he's so happy for Swaggy and Bayleigh. I can barely take care of myself - if they can figure it out, I'm so happy for them. You'll have to ask Haleigh and Faysal if it's the real thing. In the jury house, they weren't were I was so you draw your own conclusions.


Rockstar reveals that her dress had been in her suitcase for finale night. She was finally on the right side of the vote on Finale night, but it was a hard decision. It was just a feeling of who to vote for and she wanted to see Kaycee win. She didn't know she was going to vote that way before coming in tonight. No one had a problem with Kaycee, she had a terrific social game.


Rockstar so misses her kids. She has no regrets and learned that she cries a lot. Rockstar says she knew JC was the swinging vote and that was very disappointing and knows Kaycee was the mysterious hacker. She feels vindicated. She says Tyler was the only one who called her out on her stuff each week. It made her feel like she was playing a good game.


Sam says her vote was not influenced by Tyler's actions in the game but her talking with Kaycee and sharing her story. She has a clear picture of Kaycee's family and made up her mind a long time ago. Kaycee and Tyler were her top picks but Kaycee was always on top. She had considered JC, and probably would have voted for JC over Tyler or Kaycee. He has a lot of depth, representing so many communities, smart, lots of social stuff. Sam says she recognized Kaycee's mom in the crowd.


Ross says you blocked everyone out of your HoH room. Sam says I don't care if it was good game pay, I already had my mind made up and just didn't want to the room to become a secret meeting hole - just one at a time. Marissa asks if volunteering to be the hacker was something she thought would work? Sam says I had no strategy, and any time I thought I would try, it didn't work.


Ross says you played with so much heart, did you consider a strategic game? I guessed wrong a lot, Sam says, paranoia causes you to guess 10 steps in the wrong direction. But I have no regrets and took from the experience that I won my own heart back and grown immensely and have a brand new perspective. It was about the experience and I am joyfully indebted to all these folks.


Bayleigh and Swaggy C
Congratulations to the newly engaged. Bayleigh says she's bursting with happiness. Swaggy says there's was no fear while outside the house that what they felt wasn't real. Bayleigh says she was sending him messages to not play with her emotions. Swaggy asked her father for permission and knew weeks ago. Bayleigh's sisters found out this morning. Nobody says it was crazy or too soon. Bayleigh says her parents met on a blind date, so she didn't hesitate.


Bayleigh says we will not comment on anything baby related but we want children. Bayleigh says both Tyler and Kaycee played a good game but Tyler messed up and had to escape his own messes. She would have voted for Tyler over JC. Swaggy C says he stopped watching after Bayleigh was evicted but would have voted for Tyler. He forgave Kaitlyn but hasn't forgiven her or talked to her. Bayleigh says we forgive.


Rachel says Winston and Kaitlyn are lifelong friends, pre-jury and really bitter. She would have voted for Kaycee because they were closer in the house and we played a similarly local, social game. She says of her GB message from Angela, after talking to her, Angela apologized while the confetti was dropping and they're still friends. She thought Tyler was trying to backdoor her which wasn't true. I cried but moved on. She's my friend. How you're treated afterwards is what matters.


Kaitlyn says she would have voted for Kaycee too. Both were super impressive but Kaycee's game was cleaner. She stayed loyal the whole time and I was betrayed by Tyler. He will always be a friend, we're onto the next thing. She wants to stay in LA. She's not in a relationship anymore - her heart went somewhere inside the house and she realized outside the house what was real. My heart is not OK yet but now she wants to meet the person she was meant to be forever.


It's no surprise I got the most hate when leaving the house, but that's good because I had thick enough skin to handle it, and that's what I can teach people about. I'm not healed but this experience will help me help people.


Winston says both finalists were deserving. Tyler played from the get go. Kaycee played different, was a competition beast and maybe better at jury management. The blindsides hurt Tyler as well as the Final 2s. I would have voted for Tyler because I saw more moves. More so I would have voted for Brett. Nobody had more fun than me and him in the house. I'd do everything again completely different but it's fine.


It was very different getting plucked out of the game and watching from home. It was an amazing experience. I'm all for love, Winston says, and congratulations to Bayleigh and Swaggy C.


Haleigh & Faysal
All anyone wants to talk about is her and Faysal being the real deal. We got to find out who each other were outside the BB House and everything just meshed. I think about the Scottie thing every night. Faysal is wearing a hat that says Daddy and Haleigh wonders where he got it. He doesn't have a kid, he assures her.


Haleigh says she knew the vote would be close, down to one vote, but my mind was set on Kaycee and then at the Round table, I saw Brett and Angela's perspective and that made me think. It came down to final speeches, how they represented their games. Faysal and Haleigh talked about their votes in Jury but didn't vote the same way. Faysal said they were both copies but it came down to Kaycee beating him in the squid veto. If she hadn't won veto and kept noms the same, I would have stayed in the house.


Faysal says he's heard how JC was the 2 flip votes, how he called him a dummy in DR, and was on TMZ a bunch of times. His game was social manipulation. From here, Faysal and Haleigh are going out drinking and then see where it goes from here. There's not another engagement tonight. Swaggy & Bayleigh have known each other their whole lives. No, first Haleigh will graduate from college then we'll figure it out. This is where you go to find love, Haleigh says.


Angela says she entered the house with her walls up, cold, no showmances, be an athlete. But your walls come down in that house and people see the real you whether you want it or not. I fell in love in the house. I think I could have a real future with Tyler. I'm a stronger person. After winning my first competition, I laid low, so low, too low. I never got picked to play in Veto - it was perfect.


Angela says Level 6 was so solid. I never thought Kaycee would evict me but we didn't get close until much later. I had a F2 with Rachel but we stopped trusting each other. I figured out my mistake too late and when I saw her after the show, the tension just went away and we were friends. I was solid about loyalty and anyone going rogue, I just went off.


Tyler's the first guy she said I Love You to first. We got close after that Veto thing and started to hang out. We started talking about Hilton Head and that was my escape, my happy place was being with Tyler. I thought it might be game from him but my gut said it was real.


Tyler and I targeted Sam over JC because Sam had won a hard HoH. And then JC came back and won HoH, and I was so unhappy. Angela says I did not mean to show a soft and vulnerable side but it all came out. And I got a boyfriend out of it. Tyler's going to move out to LA and I have an open home, so stay tuned!


Steve & Scottie
Steve has lost a lot of weight. He has been dieting and exercising since he left BB and lost 67lbs. Being the first evicted hurt, nobody wants to be first, but I didn't want to leave Scottie. Scottie says it hurt me big time. I had no friends and had no idea who to trust. I didn't want to trust anyone coming back into the house.


Scottie says, I'm a big fan of the show and appreciate the game, but I voted for loyalty and respect. Kaycee cleaned those comps out at the end. She put her game in her hands. I figured it would be Kaycee and Tyler, and was going to vote Tyler, but when Kaycee won the Final HoH, I said she earned it.

Steve says it was a great Top 2, I got to know them first then watch them on the feeds. It was weird, but the Top 3 ended up where they should have. Scottie asks if groomsmen will have to wear Swaggy C shirts at the wedding. Steve says Scottie will be at the wedding doing cartwheels down the aisle.


Kaycee says it feels so amazing. She didn't think her mom would be back from the Philippines and it was crazy to see them in the audience after 99 days. It feels so good to make my family proud. I'm always happy and just want to spread that. I get so passionate, even on the football field, I lose my voice the next moment, I'm so in the moment.


It wasn't purposeful that I didn't win early on. I don't do well on things like True and False competitions, but I didn't get chosen to play Veto until Day 46. I thought my name wasn't in the bag. And then I won the Hacker competition and towards the end there were more physical competitions and that's my thing. I had to win that last Veto because if Angela had won, I would have been evicted.


Plus I had a great alliance. I was very fortunate to link up with Level 6. I didn't think I would trust anyone in the house. I would not be here today if not for them. There was no part of me, never once, to bring JC instead of Tyler to F2. I made one F2 deal and was going to stick to it unless I felt something funny coming from Tyler and we stuck to it. I still felt I had a good chance against him and 100% think he would have taken me.


Tyler (and Angela)
I can't believe I'm America's Favorite, Tyler says. I don't even know why I was trending at the beginning of the game. Something in his head all season long was this negative doubt about how he was being perceived, but he just tried to play the best he could and finding out America was behind him was the greatest moment in his life.


Tyler says he was going to take Kaycee with him had he won Part III of the Final HoH. I went to KC on Day one - everyone else came to me. She's the same person as me, the same energy, good vibes. I knew I needed someone, and others came to me and I couldn't say no. I wanted to keep the other side of the house guessing, playing Swaggy's side at the beginning, and then Space Pecs used the Veto on me and I final felt comfortable.


I was most nervous to see Angela tonight because I didn't tell her about the F2 with Kaycee and I knew she would pick me in that Final HoH. Angela joins Tyler. I wasn't mad, she says, a little upset when I realized you weren't telling me everything, but your F2 with Kaycee was way before we were anything. It was actually nice not knowing on eviction night. That killed me the most, Tyler says, you'll see I was crying in the DR.


Marissa tells Tyler that Julie Chen Moonves picked him to win. He can't believe that. I got the girl, Tyler says, I got her vote, I got America's favorite. I feel like I've won. Am I moving in with you in Playa Vista? Would you like to? I would love to!


I am happy, JC says, my #1 strategy going in was being super loyal and also saying the right thing at the right time. The only reason I didn't make it to the end is I wasn't winning comps. I need my schedule so I can function and I just couldn't focus on the comps, I blame myself but I just felt negative. I had to depend on my social game.


The worst part of sitting in the chair for Final HoH Part III is that I lost Part II by just 38 seconds. I would have taken Tyler had I won Part II and Part III. I would have played my loyal game to the end. I had no opportunity with Kaycee - she was super liked with no blood on her hands. I think I would have had a 50-50 with Tyler.


I'm going to be friends with all of the HG. The hardest part for me was not having a schedule. I'm a schedule guy. I didn't even have pooping time. I would go into a competition - haven't slept, haven't eaten, haven't pooped. I don't know if I'm ready to face the outside world but the after party is happening right now!


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6 hours ago, Fuskie said:

Marissa reveals that Rachel, Winston and Kaitlyn have all moved in together in LA. Where will you end up? Brett says I'm having a vision and I'm seeing LA! I'll sleep on the couch, rotate beds, we've all slept together all summer. It would be exciting to hang out outside of the house. I wasn't surprised by any of the showmances. Trust me, I knew.


:blink: Seriously? LMAO! Good luck with the entertainment careers. 

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