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Episode 40-Big Brother finale

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Tonight, the 20th season of Big Brother comes to an end and one HG will walk out the door with a half million-dollar grand prize. Welcome to the finale of Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother, after Kaycee sent Angela to jury, Tyler promised to throw Kaycee part one of the HOH setting the stage for the final three-part HOH competitions. Now, after a summer of twists, romance, and epic confrontations, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HOH? And who will ultimately be crowned the winner of Big Brother?


Kaycee, Tyler, and JC. She’s a veto queen, he’s the king of final two deals, and he’s a self-proclaimed puppet master. And they all have one thing in mind…winning over the jury. But first, last we seen they were flying high in part one of the HOH.


Tyler says part one is simple, whoever holds on to their jet pack the longest will win part 1. He promised Kaycee he’d throw part one, but he has to decide if it’s a good idea to throw anything right now. JC says he has to win this because if it wasn’t for him winning that previous HOH, he wouldn’t have even been there. Kaycee says Tyler is supposed to throw part 1 and he can win part 2 and they can meet up in F3.


We see the HG hanging on in the various positions the jet pack is putting them in including facing them directly down. JC says his body is in pain, he’s struggling. He’s hating this ride and he wants his money back. JC’s feet slip off and he’s hanging on, but then he drops. He fell at 54 minutes and 53 seconds and he’s upset because he wanted to win this.


Kaycee says JC finally drops so now all she has to do is wait for Tyler to drop so she can win this and he can win part two. Kaycee is saying her arms are tired and she’s about to drop. Tyler tells us he just wants to hold on so he can go to part 3 and have his fate in his own hands. Kaycee fell at 56 minutes and 53 seconds. Tyler says that’s what he’s talking about. He has his fate in his hands and he can still meet his life goal. He hopes Kaycee isn’t mad. Kaycee is a little annoyed, but right now she has to stay focused and win part 2. JC says he’s here to play and he is going to focus and go against Kaycee and win part 2.


Tyler has already won part one of the final HOH competition. Now Kaycee and JC must face off in part 2. We see a mountain and Kaycee is reading the rules and directions. They are going to carve faces into Mount Evictus. They’ll be given clues to four different HG and they must grab their names, climb the mountain and put their names on it, and then hit their button for the laser to work. If they are wrong the laser won’t work and they will have to try again and adjust the names until they are correct and the laser works. The competitions is three rounds, so they must do this three times.


Kaycee’s first clue is 4 HG who survived an eviction and begins with Rockstar, Winston, Brett, and Sam and she gets them correct on the first try.


Kaycee’s second clue is 4 HG who were evicted by unanimous vote. Kaycee struggles with this one and has to try a few times.


Kaycee knows she needs to make up time in the final round. The clue was the first 4 HG who fell off on “Out on a Limb” competition. Kaycee tries Rockstar, Faysal, Brett, and Bayleigh and she is correct.


JC is up now and he gets the first one on the first try, but is a bit slower. He gets the second clue correct on the first try as well. He’s now on the third clue and he can’t remember who the first four were to fall, but he is incorrect and he has to try again. He has no clue and starts guessing and he can’t believe his fate comes down to him guessing.


Time to find out who won. Kaycee finished with a time of 18:55. JC finished with a time of 19:34. Kaycee is so excited and she says she’s come such a long way and she can’t. She’s so close she can feel it and she’s going to make it. Tyler is super-stoked for Kaycee. As confident as he is that Kaycee will take him to F2, he can’t take any chances. He needs to win part 3. JC is disappointed, but he has to stay positive and his only hope is whoever wins this last HOH will take him to F2 with them.


Soon, Kaycee and Tyler will go head to head live for part 3 of the final HOH. Time for the jury round table and Dr. Will is leading the discussion again. Dr. Will asks who will be joining them and everyone thinks it will JC and Sam and Scottie think it will be Angela. Bayleigh says it would be nice to see the princess get kicked off her pedestal. Dr. Will asks if anyone thinks it will be Tyler and no one thinks so though Bayleigh says it would be nice. They bring out Angela and she tells them how she’s there.


Angela tells them Tyler and Kaycee made a F2 on day 2. Sam says they made a F2 since day 3. Angela lays out Level 6 for the jury. Dr. Will asks who’s here because of Level 6 and they all raise their hands. Angela thinks Tyler is the leader and she says Kaycee rode his coattails. Haleigh thinks Kaycee won the best social game. Haleigh says she won 5 vetoes, 1 HOH, and 1 hacker. Dr. Will asks what she did with those vetoes and Haleigh says nothing.


Angela thinks the person who made the moves and not the person who hid behind them should win. Haleigh says she just said that because she’s in a secret showmance with Tyler. Angela denies it. Haleigh says Kaycee didn’t have to use the vetoes because her alliance was in power and the moves they made benefitted them both.


Rockstar says for her she wants to vote who played the best game and that’s JC. Scottie says JC was the one who got his alliance member to put him on the block and vote him out. Dr. Will asks Faysal if he feels played by JC and Faysal says yeah, but it’s a game. Angela says JC had no physical game. Bayleigh doesn’t think JC played the best game.


Dr. Will asks if Brett feels betrayed by Tyler? Brett says yes, he didn’t think he had the cajones to pull off the game move to take him out. Haleigh says Tyler played a very good game. Dr. Will asks who came into the jury with a bad taste in their mouth because of Tyler? Sam and Scottie did along with Brett. Bayleigh says some of the best winners were evil, but they still won.


It’s time to crown the final HOH of the summer. We have a new set-up for the final HOH and it’s called Jury Oddcasts. Winning will depend on how well they remember the season. They will watch a video and then answer a question about statements made in each. The HG with the most points after all 8 videos are played will become the final HOH.


We see the first oddcast and it’s Rockstar’s. She says she was only on the block two times and survived eviction night on day 37. She was evicted 5-1. Question 1-Was Rockstar’s oddcast totally right or not quite? Both answer Not Quite and they are both correct.


The next oddcast is Brett. Brett was first put on the block on day 24. He’s the only HG who used the power of veto on themselves. Question 2-Was Brett’s oddcast totally right or not quite? They both answer totally right and they are both correct.


The next oddcast is Bayleigh. Bayleigh was in the house for over 50 days and she was nominated on day 48 and she only played in one veto. Was her oddcast totally right or not quite? They both answer totally right and they are both correct.


The fourth oddcast is Haleigh. Haleigh was nominated on day 31 and she was also nominated on day 66 but wasn’t evicted until day 86. Was her oddcast totally right or not quite? The both answer totally right and the answer is totally right and they  are both correct.


The next oddcast is Scottie. Scottie got to meet Jess and Cody, Nicole and Victor, and even got zinged by zingbot. Was his oddcast totally right or not quite? They both answer not quite and they are correct.


The next oddcast is Faysal. Faysal’s first HOH was “Land a Job” and he wasn’t on the block until day 66 and he won more vetoes than HOH. They both answer totally right and they are both correct. They are both tied with 6 points.


The next oddcast is Sam. Sam says she won HOH on day 30 and she last longer than 90 days in the house and she played in 8 veto competitions. Was her oddcast totally right or not quite? They both answer not quite and they are both wrong and they are both still tied at 6 points.


The last oddcast is Angela. Angela never nominated the same HG twice and every time she had the power of veto she used it and she won the “sweet shot” competition with a score of 38. They both answer totally right and they are both wrong.


Time for a tie breaker question. Whoever is closest without going over wins. IF they both go over, whoever is closest wins. In seconds, how long was the jet pack attack competition from the official start to when Kaycee made contact with the ground?


Kaycee answer 3400 and Tyler answer 2002. The correct answer 3413. Kaycee has won the final HOH!


Just minutes ago Kaycee became the final HOH of the summer and now she must choose between JC and Tyler. Time to find out her decision. JC allright Kaycee, you know how much I love you and he appreciates her not blindsiding him. He has as much dirt as she does and when she goes out there, she will most likely win. He knows she’s a F2 and Angela was probably out there campaigning for him. He loves her no matter what, just do the right thing.


Tyler tells them both he has nothing but positive things and loved and he knows JC is heartbroken, but he is too. They made an alliance on day 2 with Coast to Coast and he’s proud of Kaycee turning it on the second half and winning everything. Julie interrupts and says thank you Tyler and it’s time for Kaycee to decide who to evict. Kaycee says this is a crappy position to be in and she loves them both so much and JC has been a huge team player and she loves him so much and he’s an amazing human being but she has to evict him from the house.


They gives hugs as JC heads to meet Julie. Tyler and Kaycee are inside hugging and celebrating. Julie asks JC what happened back there. JC says he came to play the game and he knew he had to lie a lot and he played a dirty game and he was loyal and that’s what screwed him. He was loyal and defending Tyler and no one touched him.


Julie asks JC if Kaycee just made a half-million dollar mistake? JC says he doesn’t know but he needs to calm down because he drank too much coffee. JC says loyalty over everything, that’s for sure. The F2 will be revealed to the jury and they’ll get to ask their questions. Plus, you’ve been voting all week for America’s favorite houseguest.


The jury is on the stage and we’re ready to reveal the final juror member. JC joins them and Angela gives a hug. Julie explains how JC got evicted.


Haleigh asks Tyler aside from winning competition, what were the biggest strategic moves he made to get to the F2. Tyler says he made a couple of moves right off the bat. He was in Level 6 and he made a close alliance with Sam and he had Kaycee within Level 6 and JC was his shield and Sam was his wildcard. He won the second power app, and that’s the first time Kaycee knew about it. He had to talk himself into being backdoored so he could keep himself safe.


Brett asks Kaycee her physical game was clearly strong, but besides comp wins what strategic moves did she make? Kaycee says she had a strategy coming in and her priority was her social game from day one. She needed 2 weeks to genuinely create relationships. It wasn’t the competitions, it was her social game she knew she had to focus on.


Bayleigh asks Tyler why they shouldn’t have a sour taste in their mouth because of their evictions. Tyler apologizes to Bayleigh specifically and he felt like he had such good relationships with everyone and he had to make an enemy on the jury and it was her. He never had anything to personally attack her with but he had to make everyone think he had an enemy.


Angela’s question is for peanut. She says Level 6 was a powerful alliance and Kaycee didn’t need to use veto, but what was another layer of her game? Kaycee says it was her relationships with the other side of the house even though it was divided.


Sam asks Tyler why he thinks he deserves to win over Kaycee? Tyler deserves to win because not only did he have good relationships, but every week he knew what was going to happen. If he didn’t know what was going to happen, he had another plan with someone else. He says they all saw the long hair and he’s a super fan and this game means so much to him.


Scottie asks Kaycee why she deserves to win over Tyler? Kaycee says no one knew she watched the show since the beginning. She made sure she built relationships because they were still human beings and she genuinely cared about them. They’ll get their final pleas in just a moment.


Kaycee says this has been a dream come true and she’s been watching since the beginning. Her goal before coming in was to use her social game and she wouldn’t be there without Level 6 plus JC. This was the best experience and at the end of the day she played a very loyal game and didn’t make promises she couldn’t keep and this little peanut would love their vote because she’s totally nuts about this game. Let’s go!


Tyler says coming in he knew he was going to be a target and he knew he could win comps and he knew keeping his superfandom a secret. He wanted them to think he was confused. Early in the game he gained Sam’s trust and thought she might use his power on him if he was evicted and then he got his power app on 17 and it didn’t expire until day 69 and he played like he didn’t have it because he didn’t want someone else to go up. That’s why he told Bayleigh was Scottie was his number. He made big moves, he knew he had to get Brett out when Brett came to him get Angela out.


Time to vote. Bayleigh says this is harder than she thought it was and says good luck. Rockstar congratulates both of them and she says they are both winners as far as she’s concerned. Faysal says 2 comp beasts right there.


Scottie says he has nothing cool to say and it’s all about loyalty and respect for him. Haleigh loves them both and this decision was not made until she heard both of their speeches. She loves this game and she loves them both. Brett is proud that two people there are Level 6, even though he’s not there. Brett says Tyler, I think you have something in your teeth.


Sam is proud of both of them and she loves them just the same. Angela says the separation anxiety has been unreal, she has missed them so much and she loves them. JC says quality over quantity.


It’s time to visit with the pre-jury evictees, Steve, Swaggy C, Winston, Kaitlyn, and Rachel. Julie wants to clear the air. Julie clears up the questions over Tyler and Angela and she tells everyone they professed their love for each other. Tyler apologizes for not telling Angela about her F2 and he hopes they have a lot of time. Angela agrees, she’s very hopeful and very excited.


Haleigh and Faysal are next and Haleigh says Fessy, what’s the status and he says it’s the real deal. Julie goes back to Haleigh and she says it is indeed. Swaggy and Bayleigh, they spent 23 days together and they’ve been apart 76 days. Bayleigh says it’s beautiful to see Swaggy and she’s obsessed. Swaggy C says he’s still very much in love with her and there’s a lot of stuff going on that she doesn’t know and he says he’s visited her family and played golf with her dad every week. He gets up to talk with her.


Swaggy goes across the stage and he realized girlfriend wasn’t enough and he proposes to her. Bayleigh can’t believe it and is shocked. Swaggy says he doesn’t care about any girl in the world and he wants her and only her and he doesn’t know what his future holds, but he wants her in it. Will she marry him? Bayleigh says yes and they kiss.


Tyler is shocked and so is everyone else. This 99 day battle is about to come to an end. Julie is about to reveal the jury votes. She’ll pull the keys one at a time from the box. They need at least five votes to win.


JC has voted for Tyler.

Angela has voted for Tyler

Sam has voted for Kaycee.

Brett has voted for Tyler.

Haleigh has voted for Tyler.

Scottie has voted for Kaycee.

Faysal has voted for Kaycee.

Rockstar has voted for Kaycee.

It comes down to Bayleigh’s.

Bayleigh voted for Kaycee.

Kaycee has won Big Brother by a vote of 5-4.


It’s time to reveal America’s favorite Houseguest. The top three vote getters were Tyler, Brett, and Haleigh. And Tyler won America’s favorite. Tyler get $75,000. He’s emotional. Kaycee is going home with a half million dollars and Julie asks what she’s going to do with the money and Kaycee says help her family. Julie says this has been an amazing summer. Julie thanks them for an incredible season and if they want to be a part of Big Brother next year, go and apply now.

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