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A Season to Remember


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Big Brother 20 has been a season to remember.  If I had to summarize it in one sentence that is the best way to describe a season filled with everything most fans love about this game.  In more recent years the seasons have left many fans feeling robbed of the good old days.  


Many of us longed for the days when the House was filled with players like Janelle, Howie, Evil Dick, Boogie, Will, Dan, Memphis, Danielle, Rachel,  and even Andy, Renny, Jerry, and Chicken George! Players  with big personalities who were  on a mission to play but also were motivated  to win!


I know I have always preferred players competitive natures who entertained us all season long. Long time fans miss the days when House guests genuinely want to ‘play’ the game and their agenda coming in wasn’t to gain Social media followers or motivated by a longing  to turn this rare opportunity into a platform to gain exposure, good or bad.


We all know the last few seasons has begun a descent into being stuck with players like the Jessica’s, Liz and Julia, Austin, Frankie, Whistle Nut, and even worse a Raven! These archetypes are more self interested and applied for different motivations than players in earlier seasons in Big Brother history. 


In more recent years, seasons have been filled with more and more players hoping this would be their shot at making a name for themselves. That’s not to say in earlier years people didn’t hope they might have some new opportunities after the game but their plans were based on that happening because they played the hell out of the game! From season 2 to season 15 the primary goals weren’t tied to hopes of using this BB  to thrust themselves into internet infamy alone.  This season regardless of which ‘team’ you rallied for I think most would agree we finally were gifted a season with 16 HG, good or bad players, who made their first priority playing Big Brother. 


That motivation across the field cultivated a completely different feeling we were able to enjoy week after week! From week one we had two very clear teams pitted against each other with one goal in mind. WIN! It was rare to hear someone say they just wanted to make it to jury. In fact we didn’t even hear that statement out of anyone until Angie’s feet were over the fire knowing she was in danger just before we were heading into that phase of the game and it was legitimately a strategy to pull on heartstrings as a mom of three who came to win to help her family. 


That shift alone motivated everyone to focus on the end game not the increase in stipend and continued exposure in jury segments. It was a breath of fresh air for this super fan who is a purist when it comes to Big Brother. It also lead us to where we are on the final day of season 20.  This is far and away the best F3 we’ve been fortunate to have since Dr. Will was cut at F4 leaving us with Ericka, Janelle, and Mike Boogie! 


Kaycee, JC, and Tyler all played very different types of games but they all PLAYED and played hard to earn the coveted spots. I would say that even the other 13 HG, Good or BAD players they all still seemed invested in playing the game. Yes we still had ‘recruits’ who new little to nothing about the game but they PLAYED.


Ok, well maybe with the exception of Sam but even in her case she came to play a very different game and I think she had no idea what she signed up for. Outside of Sam, you have to admit this season brought us all back to the foundation of the game. Play to win! Yes we still had over the top personalities and tons of conflict but those are the elements of the human experience in a social experiment.


The first 5 weeks of the season Flopte dominates the HOH wins and held the majority of the power. Despite that Level 6 played hard and managed to get the result they wanted week after week despite losing two team members along the way. Those were sacrificial pawns. What we, the fans got was week after week of flipped votes, blindsides, and people (Flopte) turning on each other versus seeing the truth! 


Tyker and JC made most of the moves in the game. They worked in tandem for a common goal with different agendas sometimes but their end goals aligned and this was a force to be reckoned with. In the end L6 stayed loyal to each other the entire season. They managed to make Flopte look within for traitors versus identitying the real source of all the angst. Blindsides. Flipped votes. Betrayals. Bonds. Fights. We got it all in addition to a cast made up of some of the best competitors we’ve witness in more than 4-5 seasons. 


That resulted in 3/4 remaining L6 making it to F4. JC winning a fluke F4 HOH and sending Angela home. Now, from my perspective I have my favorites (Tyler/Kaycee) in the F3 but in RealiTea every single player left tonight has done enough to deserve a win. Tyler won part 1 of the final HOH. Kaycee won part 2 and although JC is likely going to be sent out at 3 whoever wins this last competition and the two left sitting in those seats tonight deserve to be where they are regardless of how they got there.


It’s anyone’s game. No one is drawing dead. I can’t wait to see how this season ends. Either way, this has been an epic season that will go down as one of the best seasons in BB history. I believe it will be Tyler and Kaycee by the end but either could win the jury votes necessary to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 20! LET’S GO! 


I will be back one more time to report on the finale and do one final season recap! Thanks for sharing the experience with me. 



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