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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Big Brother 20 Finale!


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You guys have done great this season!  I hope you'll all come back for Celebrity Big Brother coming this winter and Big Brother Canada which usually starts the first week of March. Big Brother Canada is just like Big Brother USA  and the feeds are free. 


Thank you!

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9:43 AM BBT  Feeds went to FoTH again.  Must have been a second wake up call.  HGs are in bed, but talking and laughing.  Tyler tells JC to go make some breakfast.  Tyler said it is the last time JC can make them breakfast.  He asks if they want eggs.  JC asks what are they going to do today?  Tyler said the same thing as yesterday probably.  JC is excited to be able to sing.  Tyler is still in bed, JC is looking over the wall and Kaycee is sitting on the side of the bed.

Kaycee said they get out of here today.  They are happy about it.  They are talking about this morning's songs.  One was Final Countdown.  JC was singing Tiny Dancer earlier, possibly another song.  They are talking about how relevant the lyrics were this morning. 


9:48 AM BBT  They are talking about BB Celebrity.  Kaycee said Rhianna can have her bed.  Tyler says Justin Bieber for his.  JC is just laughing.  HGs are up.  Kaycee asks if people are even on at this time of day?  She said they are at work on a Wednesday. (not all of us!)

Kaycee hopes they can get the clippers before the final lockdown. Kaycee and JC in the WA, Kaycee doing her hair and saying her shoulder is still messed up.  JC is running water and digging in his nose.  Tyler went to the SR to get a new battery.  Tyler goes to WA and tells JC to just stay in his boxers one more time.  Feed 4 shows Orwell sitting on the couch on the gay pride flag. 

JC goes into the KT, Kaycee says something about making coffee.  She is brushing her teeth.  Every time they do something, they say it is the last time.  Tyler laughs, says last time he will put ice in his cup.  Kaycee said last day, today.  Tyler said they made it 99 days. 

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9:45AM BBT The final 3 wake up and JC throws a pillow at Tyler.  Tyler tells JC to go make him breakfast.  JC asks if they want eggs.  They said the wakeup song was "Closing Time".  They talk about how it was there last time waking up in the BB house. 

9:55AM BBT Kaycee tells the livefeeds she loves us all and they're ready to get out of here. JC says he hopes we're happy with the top 3.  Kaycee asks us to be nice to them.  JC tells us to follow them on instagram.  Jc says thanks for following their craziness and they all say it was their best summer of their lives.

Tyler:  live feeders- we know that you guys are the real MVPs.  Tyler says we're a part of their lives. 

Kaycee says they love all the lovers and the haters. 

JC:  Thank you so much for supporting my relationship with Tyler.

Kaycee tells us to keep watching BB.

JC:  we'll be watching BB21 with all of you.

Tyler: try out for BB. it'll be the best summer of your life.

Kaycee:  we're actually out of here today, guys!

JC: in less than 10 hours!

Tyler: and you guys have been here the whole time and you're still here for like 2 more minutes.

they talk about the live feeds are going down at 10am.

they give more thanks to the live feeders.

Tyler: hamster watch- deuces


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9:54 AM BBT  All HGs are in the KT.  Kaycee says they only have 5 minutes.  Kaycee talks to the live feeders, thanking them and POP, but they are ready to get out.  JC's turn is next.  He jokes about seeing his teeky teeky.  Tyler wants a count.  JC thanks live feeders.  Tyler says he appreciates the live feeders.  They are the true fans.  Tyler said live feeders make them feel loved.  If they love this final three, good.  If they hate the final three, then too bad.  Kaycee said to say hi if they see them out of the street, and continue to watch BB, it is a great game.  Tyler said to apply!  Tyler and Kaycee said this has been a ride, they get out today.  They are shouting out to live feeders, and thanking us for watching.  They said the live feeds will cut at 10:00.  Kaycee said we can run into JC at Wendy's, Tyler at McDonald's, Kaycee said she is a peanut.  Tyler asks if we are still watching, why? 




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 9:12am BBT: Lights on in the house now and Hg are still snuggled in their beds.

9:45am BBT: HG are getting up out of bed talking about being excited. JC says and just like that we woke up for the last time in the BB house. Kaycee says we get out of here today guys.

9:47am BBT: Tyler gets out of bed and says i leave my bed to the BB21 HG, JC says or celebrity. Kaycee heads to the WA and washes her face. JC goes to the WA and watched Kaycee while the water warms up in the sink.

 9:50am BBT: Tyler in the STR changing batteries, Kaycee and JC doing ADL's in the WA, Tyler  goes to the KT and puts his cup on the counter then goes to the WC.

 9:53am BBT: Kaycee says last day we made it , Tyler says we made it live feeders have like 15 more minutes left.

9:54am BBT: Tyler and Kaycee goes to the KT and says  5 minutes to lockdown. kaycee says to live feeders we appreciate you its been fun and crazy but we made it and thank you we appreciate you. JC says thank you for supporting us it was a wild and crazy summer and we had fun. Tyler says live feeders we love you and we know you been watching all summer long even though we tried to ignore it but we had fun. Jc cuts in saying thank you so much for supporting my relationship with Tyler and they Laugh as Tyler says yeah thank you for ruining my life. They say continue to watch BB Bye guys.

9:58am BBT: JC asking if that is it is it done? He says thank you live feeders for making my life miserable and not letting me sing. KC making coffee and JC saying he is cold, Tyler says are yall still here why are you still here? Feeds go down for the final time for the season.

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